Female Humanoid Robots: A New Addition to Your Family in 2024 – Video

Female Humanoid Robots: A New Addition to Your Family in 2024 – Video

In 2024, the world of robotics is set to take a huge leap forward with the introduction of female humanoid robots that can be a part of your family. These robots, such as the Actroid F and Actroid S, are designed to mimic human facial expressions and gestures, creating a more natural and engaging interaction. The Actroid F, for example, can blink, shift its eyes, bow, and even breathe, making it one of the most human-like telepresence robots ever created.

But it’s not just about looks – these robots are also equipped with advanced AI technology that allows them to interact autonomously with people. From making eye contact to gesturing towards a speaker, these robots are constantly improving their behavior to provide a more realistic and relatable experience.

Whether it’s for telepresence calls with loved ones or as a companion in public spaces, these female humanoid robots are revolutionizing the way we interact with AI technology. And as we continue to push the boundaries of robotics, the possibilities for these robots are endless. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of humanoid robotics!

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Video Transcript

Powerful I believe it’s important to build trust through transparency and communication between humans and machines Mr President of a humanoid robot number 10 actroid F when you speak with your family over a webcam they may be able to see your face but they don’t have a real body in the room with which

They can interact act why not give them a creepy robot to talk to instead Koro unveiled its actroid F telepresence robot a full-sized female humanoid with complex facial movements and realistic appearance though it can’t move from its chair it can blink shift its eyes and neck bow and even breathe a webcam on

Your end watches your face and head movements and has the robot mimic them for your family it’s one of the most complex and humanlike teller robots everever seen and it would really freak one out this thing is sort of the epitome of The Uncanny Valley it’s just real looking enough to trigger your

Something’s wrong with this person alarm actroid f is a modified version of the geminoid f female robot to talk through actroid F you need three cameras one aimed at the speaker to pick up facial expressions and movements another camera showing the actroid face so the user can

See how the robot is conveying her emotions and a final camera that shows a panoramic view of the robot interacting with people in the room a little more complex than your standard Sky portal but that’s to be expected when you are speaking through a robotic Avatar no matter how artificial actroid F has

Definitely revolutionized calling Mom from another city number nine actroid set conversation just became more interesting with actroid sit a lifelike robot from Japanese FM Koro though she hasn’t received as much attention as her cousin geminoid F which happens to be a copy of a real woman while geminoid f is

A teleoperated robot actroid set can function autonomously talking and gesturing while interacting with people actroid set has an edge over her big sister you see researchers have recently demonstrated how improvements to aroids behavior can make it look smarter and more expressive than your average Android actroid set now makes eye

Contact and gestures in the direction of a person trying to speak to her allowing it to adeptly handle crowds of people to develop the new Behavior researchers from Nara Institute of Science and Technology studied how individuals and groups interacted with a robot based on their observations theyve focused on two

New features which they call interruptibility and motion parameterization ation hoping to improve human robot interaction this Brand’s spanking new version is much more related in her interactions with people who knows she might be sitting across the table at a date in the near future number eight Atlas and handle parkour is

Not for the weak-hearted luckily the two latest free running Champs don’t have a heart at all because you know they’re robots in a YouTube video Boston Dynamics the walam Massachusetts Bas robotics company known for its viral clips of machines performing surprisingly human activities showed off two humanoid robots both

Named Atlas performing the leaps bounds and back flips required to complete a parkour course the first robot hops across wooden ramps climbs stairs and jumps across several foot wide chasms between obstacles before a second robot picks up the routine running across a balanced beam Al Simone biles by the end

Of the video the robots have hopped over pieces of the course as you might leap over a fence perform back flips in sink and even dust it off their shoulders like it’s nothing it’s a side to behold and sure it’s a bit creepy if you think about it too hard

But the real question is why have expensive robots perform this kind ultimately pushing the limits on a humanoid robots like Atlas drives hardware and software Innovation that translates to all of our robots at Boston Dynamics the company said in an August 17 blog post in other words

Parkour is not the point it’s the means to an end number seven infos xr1 meet the infos xr1 an intelligent service robot with cloud-based intelligence that can move around to greet people at your place of business it comes with the three omnidirectional Wheels Qualcomm snapd dragon and Nvidia

Tx2 AI smart cameras and obstacle avoidance smoke and drop sensors the xr1 supports R it can hold and handle fragile items gently threading needle and do other complex tasks it definitely has a lot of potential to make life easier for Humanity number six kadid and aoid it’s official robots are indeed

Taking over the world Japanese scientists unveiled what they said was the world’s first news reading Android eily live like and possessing a sense of humor to match her perfect language skills the Adolescent looking kadid delivered news of an earthquake and an FBI raid to amaze reporters in Tokyo she

Even poked fun at her Creator telling leading robotics Professor hirashi ishiguro you are starting to look like a robot the Pitch Perfect kadid was flagged by a grown-up fellow robot Otona roid who caught stage fright and fluff her lines when asked to introduce herself both Androids will work at

Toyo’s National Museum of emerging science and Innovation interacting with visitors to collect data for ishiguro’s studies into human reactions to the machines the day is not far away when even the news caster audience will be made up of robots number five Amica a farrowed brow the refocused eyes a

Guarded pull back from an impending Boop on the nose this is is how Amica responds when someone invades their personal space does it look or feel like a human response footage of engineered Art’s most recent creation a gray skinn bot named Amica went viral last December with Clips showing an Android with an

Exposed metal torso and eerily realistic facial expressions interacting with researchers in one video Amica frowns as an offscreen employee reaches out to touch his nose before smoo smoothly reaching up to stop his arm in a wear of electric motors in an uncanny moment that sets off alarm bells for the viewer

The shock is that a robot would want to establish this boundary between it and us a desire that is ironically very human it’s these emotions curiosity fear excitement that are engineered Arts stock and trade the company makes its money selling its robots for entertainment and education they’re used

By academics for for research by marketing teams for publicity stunts and place in museums airports and malls to welcome visitors Jackson explained his company’s motivation in this wi video in detail number four pedia roid another day another freaky ass robot at CES 2022 the latest to hit our radar is pedia

Roid a truly terrifying entrance to The Uncanny Valley designed for use in training h healthare workers to treat children it’s got all the horror of a CPR dummy plus teeth it also simulates breathing in a heartbeat and can be jabbed with needles for those practicing drawing blood there is an undeniable

Benefit to having a robot like this at healthcare workers disposal of course however creepy it may be the more realistic a training scenario is the better prepared they’ll be when it comes time to put those skills to use on a real human being or more specific to

This case a child patient number three Q4 you might want to be sitting when you get this news Q is an AI basketball playing robot that scores 100 out of 100 shots the development team working on the project as real work scheduled until 2020 unveiled Q4 the fourth generation

At the end of 2019 they have showtime at alvar’s Tokyo home match on November 16 2019 Q3 which gained attention even outside of Japan for its long shoot from the center line had been revamped as the new model Q4 its Hallmarks are the abilities to grasp and shoot a

Basketball by itself and to run the robot which was still under development managed to move a few meters on that day number two robot stand at the UN conference a panel of AI enabled humanoid robots took the microphone at a United Nations conference with a message they could eventually Run the World

Better than humans these were some of the most advanced humanoid robots were at the United Nations AI for good Global Summit in Geneva I believe that humanoid robots have the potential to lead with a greater level of efficiency and Effectiveness how could we trust you as a machine as AI develops and becomes

More powerful powerful I believe it’s important to build trust through transparency and communication between humans and machine joining around 3,000 experts in the field to try to harness the power of AI and channel it into being used to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems such as climate

Change hunger and social care the social robots said they felt humans should proceed with caution when embracing the rapidly developing potential of artificial intelligence and admitted that they cannot yet get a proper grip on human emotions but the day is not far away when they would number one Asimo previous US

President Barack Obama toured Japan’s national museum of emerging science and Innovation where he came face to face with a tiny Honda built humanoid robot as Simo it’s nice to meet you the robot said in a metallic voice welcoming Obama to the facility stand I don’t want to block

President I’m Aral a humanoid robot go right here here I go it then proceeded to run around and kick his soccer ball at the commanderin-chief who defly stopped it but the experience left Obama spooked he later quipped I have to say that the RO Bots were a little scary they were too

Lifelike he said they were amazing that’s all we have for you folks join us next time

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