Exciting Updates in the World of Artificial Intelligence: Gemini Improvements, GPT Store Revelations, Live AI Call Technology, and much more! – Video

Exciting Updates in the World of Artificial Intelligence: Gemini Improvements, GPT Store Revelations, Live AI Call Technology, and much more! – Video

Major AI News #25 – Gemini Upgrades, GPT Store Leaks, Realtime AI Phonecalls and More

This week in AI brought some groundbreaking developments, including Rabbit’s new framework, the Large Action Model, which allows for the creation of AI agents that actually work. Through a demonstration, Rabbit showcased how the Large Action Model can be trained to perform tasks, such as booking Airbnb accommodations, in real-time. This innovative technology is set to revolutionize the way we interact with devices, offering a plug-and-play solution that does not require any coding knowledge.

Additionally, Figure, a company specializing in robots, presented their latest advancement in robotic technology. Within just 18 months, Figure has developed robots that can learn complex tasks, such as making coffee, through observation of human actions. This development signifies a significant step towards fully embodied AI in robots, with the potential to transform industries requiring manual labor.

Overall, the advancements presented in Major AI News #25 showcase the incredible potential of AI technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity in various sectors. It’s clear that the future of AI is rapidly evolving, and these latest innovations are just the beginning of what’s to come.

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Video Transcript

So this week in AI was absolutely incredible with a range of new generative AI Technologies being built on top of the new technologies coming to Market and trust me you’re going to want to pay attention because everything here is pretty much insane so one of the

First things I wanted to talk about was this okay now essentially this company is called rabbit and or the website is rabbit. Tech and this is by far one of the best things that I’ve seen this week in Ai and trust me when I say it’s absolutely incredible so ENT what we’re

Looking at here is their new framework which is a large action model so you know we have llms and multimodal models but they built something called the large action model and essentially I’m about to play the video but it talks about how they use this to develop their

Own operating system so they have their own operating system and then they use a large action model which they’ve created that works I’m pretty sure it works exclusively with their own operating system and then they use that to make AI agents that actually work now if you

Haven’t seen the demo you might not know what I’m talking about completely but essentially just watch this video and then I’ll talk more about why this is completely gamechanging is a New Foundation model that understands human intentions on computers through it we can teach rabbit OS how to use specific

Applications in this video I’m teaching a rabbit how to book an Airbnb while I’m operating normally as a human on the left screen watch closely on the right as the large action model is learning all my inputs and imitating my behavior in real time so I’m trying to plan a trip to

Barcelona with my wife and my daughter the first thing I’m going to do is navigate to the anywhere option and I’m going to type Barcelona in the search field the system suggesting Barcelona Spain which is exactly where we want to go using the website’s calendar tool I’m

Going to Mark our check-in on the 15th and check out on the 21st now I’ll click add guests and adjust the members accordingly now let’s hit the search button and see what pops up since we love the beach let’s make sure to select the beach front option and for more

Private experience I’m going to select entire home so we have the whole place for ourselves for the budget I’ll set a maximum at 400,000 W and a minimum of 100,000 so that all the options are within our price range we’re going to need at least two bedrooms to make sure

We all have our own space finally with all of our preferences set we’ve got plenty of options that fit the bill I’ll just start browsing for the perfect one each training only takes a few minutes and does not require access to an application programming interface also

Known as an API nor do you need anything installed on your device you only need to train each workflow once let’s try to use rabbit OS and instead book a room in London my extended family is going to London it’s going to be eight of us and four kids we’re thinking of December

30th to January 5th it’s not set in stone yet so I just want some general options can you look it up for me sure I can help you with that the first option is a home in PTO Bell M’s house priced at 1,348 3511 per night with a rating of

4.8 the large action model supports mobile apps web apps and professional desktop apps it learns directly on the user interfaces and acts on them we have already started the training process for the most popular apps as you’re watching this video rabbit OS is learning fast and adapting to hundreds of applications

The ultimate goal of rabbit is to define the first natural language operating system that replaces apps on your device it’s time for the machines to do some serious Homework so yeah hopefully you guys were able to see that demo hopefully they didn’t use any copyrighted music but essentially I’ll give you guys a quick overview of this video essentially they showed how you could essentially train large action model with a few quick steps so you basically essentially say

Look this is what I want you to do you essentially give it a demo and then it essentially learns exactly how to do that and why this is pretty much crazy is because they have a physical device that works on their rabbit OS system and it can pretty much do everything so this

Ladies and gentlemen is the very first AI agent that we’ve seen that pretty much Works we’ve known that AI agents kind of work the sort of work you know many people have tried to get GPT 4 to kind of work you know in some regards like 50% of tasks there was a recent

Paper recently that um talks about how gp4 grounded achieves 50% of web tasks um but this is something that does work on many different things and you’re able to train it easily which means that the ease of use here is going to be insane because you know it’s not like something

That has a high barrier to entry you don’t need to learn the software you don’t need to download any software you don’t need to learn any code um it’s just very simple Plug and Play So this right here ladies and gentlemen is really really the next step and if you

Don’t know this company I would recommend taking a look at this because this is of course their device um definitely watch the keynote you can either watch it on their Channel you can watch it on on the channel that we posted the video to I mean I made a

Video it is pretty long but I talk about all the extensive uses for this and before a lot of people think that this is just another gimmick I would say watch the entire demo because it is really really really good and the demo is like 25 minutes and you might be

Thinking I wish there was a 5 minute version just trust me it’s actually worth it because we are entering a new era of AI powered devices and this is something that you really don’t want to miss out on cuz I do think that whilst many different things are gimmicks and

Will not be useful I think this is going to be something that’s actually pretty useful because they’ve actually got a real working AI agent product then essentially we had something from figure so figure is a company that makes robots they actually only started 18 months ago and they have made astounding progress

On the ability to have robots do things that humans need them to do so essentially they said here Figure 1 has learned how to make coffee end to end AI system trained in just 10 hours just by watching humans make coffee our new networks are taking video in and

Trajectories are coming out join us to ship a fleet of air robots so take a look at this video because I find it to be absolutely fascinating it is something that they you know touted as a real breakthrough and I think what we’re seeing here is like I said before in

2024 will likely be the embodied AI in these robots and this robot here you know in just 18 months they managed to go from conception to product well not really product to something that works and you can see it’s able to grab this little thing that you need to put into a

Coffee machine sorry I don’t drink coffee but um it was able to do that pretty effectively and pretty quickly now I do want to say as well that this is pretty fast for a robot because if you’ve seen robots before one thing that people don’t forget one thing that

People do actually forget is that sometimes you’re seeing it in 10 times speed which means that you know faster robots that we’ve seen from Tesla’s Optimus generation 2 and robots like this show us that these robots are getting faster and faster and clearly these guys are learning learning how to

Make these robots more efficient and more effective now one thing that I did really find interesting about this as well was this part right here so it says figure one has learned how to self-correct mistakes so you can see on the left hand side it doesn’t get this

You know little thing inside the coffee machine straight away but when it does mess it up it does move it around until it eventually gets it right and then it decides to close that machine now I know that there was some discussions on Twitter stating that this isn’t impressive because there are other

Robots that can do this but do remember that this is not a specialized robot designed to do this one tasks other robot that are you know narrow AI that are specialized to do one task yes they’re going to perform vastly better at one specific task but this is a

General robot that watched humans do something and then manage to do this so you have to think about the broad applications that this you know puts us in because if this is something that can just you know imagin they develop a system where you can you know train just

Based on watching humans do something that is going to be something that is really scalable and more effective than a singular AI system built for one specific task and general purpose robots and general ai ai is definitely what we are are edging towards and it’s definitely something that we do need and

This puts us closer to that state so this is something that I will leave a link to and I think this company is going to have a lot more developments in 2024 because of just how fast they’ve been moving now with more in robotics um if you haven’t seen this video I’m

Pretty sure you have but um yeah so to just basically recap on this video it this is essentially the mobile Aloha which is of course the autonomous SL teleoperated system that manages to perform many different tasks from as little as 30 to 50 demos this is a highly highly effective robot at doing

Many general purpose tasks and although it isn’t like complete although you know it does mess up sometimes like we saw in a few videos it is something that shows us just how effective robots are going to be in the near future and I mean I mean honestly the autonomous mode that I

Did see and the ability to do a wide range of tasks really did shock me like I really didn’t expect to see a robot be able to do this kind of stuff um in such a general nature I know previously we did see Google’s palm e robot which did

Kind of shock everyone but this definitely was a shocker because it showed us that many tasks that we thought human hands are the only things that are really strong enough effective enough fast enough efficient enough to be able to do the task with the speed

That we need it to be done um isn’t actually true and we can see here that um you know this robot was able to do these tasks effectively as I was saying if we do manage to get these robots deployed and if we do manage to get these robots working effectively we will

Eventually get ourselves you know a suite of robots that are going to interact in the environment in a way that we do want because you know interacting with the environment in a way like this and of course this demo that you’re seeing right now is completely teleoperated which

Essentially means that there is a human controlling the robot but it does show that you know it’s not just hands that are very good at Interac acting with our environment it is these grippers that can you know in their claw-like way still interact in a very effective

Manner so we might be seeing robots with claw-like hands in the nearby future interacting with many different stuff and I got to be honest robotics is taking off quite a bit and although like I said this is teleoperated which I will show you in a moment what exactly that

Means I think that this you know if we do get autonomous mode to a really really high degree of accuracy that’s going to be something that is absolutely incredible so here we have the video of the Aloha teleoperation system and this was something that wasn’t included in the original video because this video

Only just came out now but like I said this is a behind the scenes video on how things can work and I think that maybe in the future we might get you know these as Jobs because you know a lot of robots are going to be deployed and I

Think we’re going to see large scale use of robots so you might actually see some people controlling a lot of robots virtually you know maybe from another place that actually interact with the physical environment and I do do think that that would be an interesting career as robot controller but I do think

Everything changes once these robots manage to somehow memorize you know what you’re doing with the environment and manag to do it effectively like that kind of uh reinforcement like that kind of AI explosion so that will be fascinating to see how it develops then we had Luma laabs AI introducing Genie

1.0 our first step into building multimodal AI Genie is a text to 3D model capable of creating any 3D object you can dream of in under 10 seconds with materials quad mesh red ology variable polyc count and all in standard formats and as someone that had did 3D

Work before I can honestly say that this is going to be gamechanging in terms of your workflow because having something that is literally text to 3D 3D modeling and 3D assets are one of the you know most timec consuming things that you can really do because not only do you need

To model the model to make sure the poly counts right you need to make sure it’s all smooth then you need to make sure that you texture it right you need to make sure the UV Maps right it is something that is going to save hours

And hours and hours of time so I can’t imagine how much you know how much value is being provided to those who work in the 3D space if I was definitely someone there that would be very effective and I know it might just be very basic stuff because with certain projects you

Require a certain theme or a certain style of images but like I said before every week we’re seeing small small improvements on this scale and overall I think in the next couple of years we’re definitely going to get full amazing you know text to 3D cities or you know text

To 3D working rigs so that’s definitely going to be something very effective and useful for those working in the CG industry and I can’t believe I didn’t see this before so this was a video that was actually quite a long time ago and like I said before sometimes you do miss

Things because the pace of AI development is so quick that some things just do get buried under the Avalanche of news but essentially this guy managed to jailbreak Google’s home device and essentially if you don’t know what Google’s home device is it’s basically Amazon Alexa which is you know just

Google’s version and if you don’t know what that is it’s basically like a speaker that you can talk to and it can say stuff and it can control your accounts it can play your music so you can be like Alexa play this Alexa turn off the lights if it’s connected to your

Home smart system um and this guy managed to jailbreak it so it was pretty cool um and I think you guys should take a look at this because I mean I don’t know why and I’m pretty sure the only reason that they’ve not done this is due to hallucinations and maybe false facts

But AI you know home devices are definitely going to get a huge upgrade in 2024 and if they aren’t I’d be very very surprised um because maybe maybe the only reason that they wouldn’t do it is because they’re working on something far more Ive so take a look at what is

Possible with current technology and this was literally in uh 2023 mid 2023 so this was you know relatively early on in the AI super cycle that we’re seeing now hey do I have any new messages today hey Justin you have three new messages there is one from your dad on WhatsApp

About some unexpected snow one from David from Twitter sharing a link to a research paper and Jenny is messaging the tennis group on Signal about playing this afternoon thanks and uh did John message a few days ago about an event when was it game yes John sent a message

On Friday on messenger about a birthday barbecue at Golden Gate Park this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. okay great can you reply and say that I’ll be there sure I replied to John saying that you’ll be there this Saturday or one more thing is alen there can I speak

With him sure one moment let me get Alan Watts for you hello Justin how may I help you today hey Alan I’m just working on a demo right now but I look forward to chatting more later all right good luck with the demo and let me know if I

Can help with anything else otherwise have a great day yeah in this video I know that the latency wasn’t that good but like I said it was someone that just jailbroke it um and previously in the video if you have watched the rabbit one the rabbit Tech video at that one they

Have 500 milliseconds which is absolutely incredible which is basically if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say milliseconds it’s basically the time that it takes for the AI system to respond and you know how when you’re talking with an real person in real life they respond absolutely immediately um

That’s closer and closer and closer to reality so this kind of stuff is really really fascinating because it shows us just how much is available with the current technology and if you know someone’s able to do this really quickly then it means that you know an entire

Company dedicated to doing this is going to be doing a lot like we did see previously another thing that is here is real time now we did see this before but this is real time genen from Leonardo and Leonardo is honestly pulling out all these stops in order to become the

Number one player in AI you know image and AI video like the Leonardo motion if you don’t know it’s you know text the video it’s really really good it allows you to move you know Imes and stuff like that and this is you know of course real

Time and essentially it just means that you’re able to generate your AI images in real time which I guess allows you to you know at first I was really confused and then I realized that you know the problem with mid journey is that you know you put in a prompt and then 5

Seconds later 10 seconds later you can see exactly what you’ve got but with this as you’re entering your prompts you’re able to see exactly how certain words manage to change the direction of the image which is going to allow you to dynamically adjust that so you can get

Exactly the output put that you want so this kind of you know thing you know this much much faster feedback that we can get from these systems is going to just give us a much much faster workflow and just honestly be much more effective then we had this video that kind of

Broke the internet and essentially it was an AI generated ccdv footage of arresting people for wearing huge boots um and this actually did take the entire internet by storm because this actually got 25.6 million views and this was something that like I said before managed to slip under the radar but the

Funny thing is is that AI generated videos aren’t really that good but for some reason in the context of CCTV what we’ve seen is that they do look kind of real in fact they don’t look kind of real they look really real as in you know if I was browsing through some you

Know content and I did see that I would kind of you know at first glance I would kind of believe that this is real which goes to show that technology isn’t always how you imagined it like when you imagined you know text a video being made you wouldn’t think that you know

The most effective use of it at the time would be fooling people with fake CCTV images but nevertheless it’s a hilarious clip that goes to show that you know AI generated videos um can have unexpected outcomes that everyone can enjoy then we had something called M mask and

Essentially this is where we had um something that’s really cool because like I talked about how the cg/ animation industry is getting affected by AI we had text to animations so essentially what I’m guessing that they’ve done here is they’ve managed to you know have text input and then get

Animations output and what’s cool about this is that this is essentially a skeletal system so you input the text and you get like a skeleton and then you can apply that skeletal rig to any character which means that you know for example you could put a person walking a

Person jumping and then you could get the animation output and then you can put that animation um into any software that you need um well it’s mainly blender and then you could animate any 3D model so it’s really cool and like I said it’s really effective because it’s

You know for beginners who are trying to animate this is something that’s just so easy to use and you know like I said gener AI is impacting everything even in ways you didn’t think in addition we also did have Samsung say Galaxy a AI is coming join us at Samsung unpacked on

January 17th 2024 so in around 7 days we should be getting a crazy announcement now I think I’m not entirely sure but I do think that this could be somewhat related to B because this is very very similar to The Bod icon logo this like B

Is uh these two logos right here so I’m pretty sure that it is going to be something about bod but um Google haven’t really said anything but there are some crazy crazy Google leaks but before we get into that Samsung also did have another trailer in which they

Talked about Ai and this is the trailer that they made um I and this is the trailer that they made now I will play this if it is copyrighted I will just show you the video after but do take a look phones were so different back in the day remember that’s crazy I’m

Calling you from the back of a taxi then came TV phones yep they got bigger and smarter stronger Even then they became more than bones yes I mean who would have thought the FP pone would make a Comeback so what’s next well who knows crazy so crazy so essentially in this trailer I’m not sure if I could play the entire thing cuz there was some music playing in there probably might be copyright I don’t want I don’t want the entire video to get taken down but essentially they

Talk about how um you know Samsung’s first mobile phone was in 199 1988 the world’s first TV phone was in 1999 and then we had uh immersive displays in 2011 then we had water resistant devices in 2014 and then we had the first ever Samsung pay in 2015 then we had you know

Foldable phones in 2020 and then of course get ready for a new era of mobile and I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the AI related announcement because Samsung like I said previously did say that on January 17th 2024 there’s going to be something that they

Do announce so is it going to be similar to Rabbit’s new announcement is it going to be better is it going to be you know worse I have no idea because rabbit did honestly like genuinely shock the entire industry with their product um and I want to see because I’m guessing that

They’ve managed to catch everyone of God is it going to be better than what Galaxy release or have Galaxy managed to you know figure out how to do air agent and embed that into a completely new phone then then we have something interesting Bland AI so introducing Bland turbo the world’s fastest

Conversational AI send or receive up to 500,000 phone calls simultaneously responds at human level speed in anyone’s voice and program it to do anything uh this is pretty crazy hi this is Sophie from Bland I saw you filled out our online form it’s now a good time

Yeah now works perfect perfect can you tell me a little more about your business yeah we’re trying to automate our politic iCal campaigns phone calls that’s a really interesting news case I’d love to get you set up with an appointment with one of our reps does

Next Thursday at 3 work yeah it works great great we’re looking forward to chatting with you all right bye now that is absolutely incredible previously like I said before in the previous videos we talked about as latency decreases we’re going to get increasingly more effective AI systems that we’re able to converse

With in real time and finally it’s here we talked about play HD before and Bland AI just comes out of the gate with shockingly fast AI system so I think that this is going to be a a major major great piece of technology for Effective

Use cases but you know in some you know cases where this is not used for the right cases in terms of you know Mass spam calling people this is going to have severe ramifications I mean how are we going to deal with someone who’s able to call 500,000 people simultaneously

Just using an AI system I mean uh how are privacy regulations going to affect this because um you know constantly calling people is there going to be you know spam calls is there going to be restrictions on you know using these AI systems to call over a certain number of

People I mean the entire you know internet and and and and Society is now changing because we have ai agents that can browse the internet and pretty much do anything you want then we have you know AI systems that can call you a million different times on a million

Different numbers and essentially you know call an entire city in many different voices and have conversations with people and change their opinions so I mean um technology is getting to a rather interesting point very very quickly so it’s important to pay attention um and I think in the future

This is going to be a future of how many companies do reach out to people do you have support do you help people um and I wonder if people are going to start to realize that you know you’re not talking to a real person you’re talking to an

Air system and I wonder if people are even going to care because you know if it sounds real and it’s effective and it does get the job done are people going to care if it is something that is such a chore I mean you know there’s many many different questions that are going

To be here so I would say this is going to be something that um it’s definitely going to be a real big player in the future then we had open interpreter 2.0 the new computer update essentially it’s an operating system thing that you can basically just type in and it just does

Anything you want to on your system so think about it like this it’s basically an AI agent that controls your entire operating system so something like this is going to be really effective for those of you who maybe want to change certain things but don’t know how to do

Them I’m sure that this is going to consistently get better and better but it was definitely something that I did want to highlight because it did get a lot of attention on Twitter and they did manage to update this and we did cover this before but like I said it is

Something that is pretty pretty effective and like I said and like Bill Gates said you know when I saw his um Gates notes about AI agents Bill Gates is usually quite right about the future um and it’s clear that 2024 and Beyond will definitely be about how AI agents

Impact pretty much everything like they are right here then of course we had Adam D’Angelo the CEO of quora and po raise $75 million and essentially they’re using that funding to accelerate the growth of Po and the majority of it is going to be used to pay bot creators through recently launched Creator

Monetization program um and essentially it’s basically very similar to the custom gpts and I would say that this is underrated because if they have $75 million to pay out to creators I would say that if you’re someone that wants to earn money from AI systems and you’re

Able to create a good bot I would say definitely create some on PO because it is a really effective platform that doesn’t have half the user base of chbt and in that it definitely means that you’re going to be able to get into a niche market and you’re going to be able

To definitely earn a lot more money from that and I got to be honest I do use poke quite a bit when sometimes other services are down because they actually do allow you to use pretty much all AI systems in one because you can use

Claude you can use gbt 4 you can use other AI llms as well so it’s actually a really good system that I would definitely check out and of course here we have nabla raising another 24 million for its AI assistant for doctors that automatically writes cck clinical note

So it says Paris based startup nabla just announced that it has raised 24 million in a series B funding round LED by Cath inovation and essentially they’re valued at $180 million so it says nabla has been working on an AI co-pilot for doctors and other medical

Staff and the best way to describe it is that it’s a silent work partner that sits in the corner of the room takes notes and writes medical reports for you so this like I said before if you remember previously in the certain videos where we discussed how AI will

Impact Healthcare we did discuss how nabla and other Technologies are going to be impacting the Healthcare in assisting doctors in you know note taking research diagnosis and right now we’re currently seeing the first stages of that so essentially what nabla does is nabla uses text to speak technology

To turn the conversation into a written transcript it works both in both and it works both in person consultations and tele Health appointments and after the patient has left the doctor hits the stop button NAA then uses a llm model refined with medical data and health related conversations to identify the

Important data points in in the consultation medical vitals drug names and pathologies then they generate a thorough medical report in a minute or two with a summary of the consultation prescriptions and follow-up appointment letters and these reports can be customized to the doctor’s needs with personalized formats for your notes so

Yeah this is going to be really effective and this is going to be able to save a lot of time and I really do hope that we are seeing a lot more Health stuff there was also something crazy in health related to AI so this guy Brian Romel made human thermal GPT

And he was able to do with this was absolutely incredible so he was able to get this AI Vision system to diagnose someone with a rare condition I’m not exactly sure who it was but he says the air output from this human thermal GPT was the right lymph gland in the neck is

Showing an abnormal higher heat range than would normally be expected it is recommended that you follow the recommended steps below to manually test the area and Report the results to your doctor and then you can see here he he tweeted that Justin doctor diagnosed this person with with a very very early

Detected strep throat and said I don’t know how you could have known this yet as there is no redness or swelling the SW verified it and they are now on an antibiotic round they never felt sick at all human thero GPT success and one thing that you know has been a

Discussion for quite some time now and that is more of a discussion on Twitter and even Greg Brockman which I will show you in another tweet is that you know these AI systems that we’re using do have really specialized knowledge and if we do get them to the point where

They’re really really effective at being able to identify patterns and to be able to identify you know what’s going on in your body they’re going to be more effective than a doctor because Greg Brookman I think it was Greg Brockman that recently talked about how he was

Only able to get a diagnosis for a certain illness for his wife because he was able to get one doctor in conjunction with another doctor to effectively communicate and when they were effectively communicating they managed to see that a combined with B produced C and you know many doctors

Specialize in certain fields and when they specialize in certain Fields they don’t really know sometimes how it you you know affects another you know area in a certain specialty um and it was something that you know he was able to use as an example to show why if we

Managed to get an AI system that’s able to combine everything you know draw patterns from a lot of data that doctors simply wouldn’t be able to do we’re going to be be able to get personalized Healthcare that’s much more effective than what we currently do have so you

Can see here that this is where he said a reason we need beneficial AGI after 5 years of pain across many systems in her body a broken foot from stepping off a curb the ability ating migraines fatigue joint pain and instability my wife was recently diagnosed with a genetic

Disorder called hypermobile elhers Danos syndrome and because the medical system is designed for individual specialities while heads affect every system in her body Orthopedics Cardiology neurology gastron gastroenterology Dermatology Etc we spent 5 years seeing more doctors and Specialists than in her whole life prior most doctor was only focused on what was

Relevant to their own speciality we were Lu lucky that her allergist put together the pieces after observing and hearing her full set of systems and issues as human medicine has progressed it seems like we increase doctor’s depth at the expense of breath we need better tools

To be able to deliver depth and breath simultaneously to patients this is one promise of AGI if built right reliable individualized Affordable Healthcare in your pocket like a panel of today’s top doctors across every speciality working together in concert to keep you healthy and without you needing to fax forms

Between them there’s still a long way to go on the technology and on learning how to deploy it beneficially along with the appropriate professional human oversight in high stakes areas like medicine but the promise is getting increasingly clear thoughtfully approached by technology developers Healthcare Providers governments and Society

There’s much hope for better care for every member of all of our families including our non-human furry ones and it couldn’t have been said better if we do manage to get this right the implications are going to be great for everyone then essentially we had another

AI Avatar demo from haen if you haven’t seen haen before it’s something that we did talk about but um it is now gaining a bit more attaction in the sense that people are starting to realize how realistic this stuff does look and it is kind of shocking um it is also kind of

Cool to see how far technology has come but um take a look quickly because it is a little bit concerning this is Justine’s AI avatar coming to you live it’s so good to meet you do I look and sound realistic enough or can you tell that I’m not the real Justine let me

Know what you think and I do think that if this technology gets any better to the point where we’re able to use just a picture of someone and I know deep fakes are a thing but you can only really get that from Simply being able to have

Multiple images of a person um I think once you’re able to do it from one image and you’re able to do it from like simply a second like you are with audio then this is going to become a real issue and then last but not least I

Can’t believe I nearly missed this but we had a GPT store leak so apparently this is what the GPT store is going to look like and I do think that this is real based on the user interface based on some of the gbts that are there and

Based on how it’s been organized now this hasn’t been confirmed I mean in a couple of days we’re going to really know if this is true or not but right now this is speculation but there has been some you know uh floating around ideas that this could be real so I would

Say take a look at this see what character see what categories they going to have because you can see that they’ve got writing research and Analysis programming education productivity lifestyle um you can see what gpts are already popular which is AI PDF I don’t know why GPT 5 is trending um they’ve

Got consensus formerly researched GPT grimore scholar AI so it will be fascinating to see how these gpts do work I think I might make one but I’m not entirely sure which route I want to go down but I definitely do use the custom gpts for a lot of personal

Applications and I do think that when it does release it’s going to be a huge huge deal so that will be fascinating to see how exactly you earn money and how exactly that all does work one of the last things I do want to show you just how crazy generated images are getting

Is the fact that mid Journey um and stable diff Fusion are able to generate images like this now um and previously we knew that things looked realistic and I can’t believe I nearly forgot this of course Google B does have some leaks so essentially they’re going to be doing a

Pay tier so it says try bod Advanced for 3 months on us and I’m pretty sure that’s how we’re going to be able to access Gemini Ultra through the paid subscription just like how we access gbt 4 through the chat gbt Plus subscription which is $20 a month so that should be

Coming soon and then of course we do have additional B leaks which is motco which will reportedly allow users to create custom bots similar to GPT store which would fascinating then powerups Gallery tasks sharing and more and honestly I have no idea what a to is um

Or what these powerups are going to be because Google is very secretive with their stuff but whatever it is we know that we’re going to find out soon because with the release of Gemini Ultra going to be coming in q1 which is what they did say early 2024 um we’re really

Really going to figure out exactly what this is soon and in addition something that I did want to add and I really hope this is true because if it isn’t Apple I honestly don’t even know what to say anymore but a new version of Siri with J

AI is rumored again for WWDC in 2024 which is essentially Apple’s big conference where they announce a lot of stuff and I really do hope they do this because if they really don’t they are going to be behind the eight ball and I know that Apple does like to delay

Things but I think AI is one of those things where delaying it just isn’t going to work but I guess we’ll have to see because other companies are moving very very fast with their applications and AI is really different to a lot of other Industries if you enjoyed this

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