Chinese Government SHOCKED by First Fully Robotic US Factory – Video

Chinese Government SHOCKED by First Fully Robotic US Factory – Video

The robotics industry is making significant advancements in the world of manufacturing, and the latest news from the sector is the deployment of humanoid robots in the factories of major automakers. The mass deployment of humanoid robots in major auto manufacturing plants has begun, and it’s making waves in the industry. For instance, BMW has signed a commercial agreement with the robotic startup, Figure, to bring their Android robots into their production facilities.

Another major development is the latest abilities of the Boston Dynamics robot, Atlas. The robot is now able to unpack and stack automotive shock absorbers, showcasing its potential for industrial applications. This is a significant milestone for humanoid robots and their application in the commercial sphere, marking a significant step in the development of robotics.

Billionaire Bill Gates has also revealed his top five ranking of the best robotics projects, including companies like Agile Robotics, Teel, Optronic, and more. On the other hand, Chinese military officials have publicly acknowledged the use of large language models like GPT for military purposes, marking a significant advancement in military artificial intelligence.

In addition to these advancements, the article also touches on the freezing temperatures in Chicago turning Tesla charging stations into electric car graveyards, and the Chinese aerospace company Ehang gearing up to launch sales of its unmanned electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, the eh216s. These developments are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, and it’s exciting to see the industry making such significant strides.

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The mass deployment of humanoid robots in the factories of major automakers has begun for instance BMW has signed a commercial agreement with the robotic startup figure while the well-known Boston Dynamics robot Atlas which can now unpack and stack Automotive shock absorbers will be able to demonstrate

All its skills and practice at one of Hyundai’s Automotive plants billionaire Bill Gates talked about the top five robots today according to his opinion the freezing temperatures in Chicago turned Tesla charging stations into electric car graveyards additionally China military who publicly acknowledged the use of large language models like

GPT and Military purposes for the first time these and other high-tech news in one video the moment has come when Boston Dynamics robots which we are accustomed to seeing in exciting dances and tricks are beginning to approach real world industrial applications the latest abilities of the atlas robot which can

Now unpack and move Auto Automotive shock absorbers could be a turning point in its career the automotive manufacturing sector where Precision reliability and the ability to handle heavy components are required seems like the ideal place for humanoid robots specialized industrial robots are already widely used here but complex and

Multifaceted tasks requiring a human touch have so far remained beyond their capabilities Elon Musk has already expressed his intention to use Tesla Optimus robots at Tesla factories while the startup figure plans to test its developments in BMW production now now Boston Dynamics owned by hyundi could make its contribution by offering its

Atlas robot for automotive manufacturing work although Atlas is still an experimental project it demonstrates tremendous potential among humanoid robots and its application in the commercial sphere could be a significant step in the development of Robotics justifying years of academic research let’s move on to BMW production facilities where the Germans have signed

A commercial agreement with the robotic startup figure as announced figure is fulfilling its promise to quickly deploy its Android robots to perform real useful work under the recently signed commercial agreement with BMW figure has begun identifying initial use cases at the Spartanburg plant and has started training the Bots for phase deployment

On site Brett Adcock the founder and CEO of figure says that automakers have accumulated significant experience in robotics and have worked extensively with humanoids for example Honda with Asimo Tesla with Optimus Hyundai owning Boston Dynamics and there is also the Toyota robotics Institute these companies have vast experience in

Robotics although it is focused on specific tasks rather than general purpose according to Adcock the BMW team has integrated a lot of Robotics at the Spartanburg plant however the automaker wanted to address further automation challenges with more agile and mobile robots training for the first tasks that

Figure will begin performing at BMW has already begun in figure’s Laboratories although both companies have not yet announced exactly what the Androids will be doing in the factory workshops figure will start deployment with a small number of robots it may take 12 to 24 months for their actual integration into BMW’s production

Processes amidst the constantly growing number of startup companies racing to create a universal Robot Bill Gates recently revealed the top five projects in this field that he considers the best taking the first place in the Billionaire’s personal ranking is the company agile robotics it has already

Sent its Bots for testing at Amazon and is now preparing to increase production capacity to 10,000 robots per year the second spot goes to the the Teel project these are non-humanoid robots and the concept might seem quite strange at first glance but it appears to be very

Viable operating in gardens in Italy the US Israel and other countries the third place goes to optronic and its humanoid robot Apollo which is set to become available for purchase this year this general purpose robot can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks from Logistics and Manufacturing to assisting

With household chores it’s worth noting that programming for each task is a very inconvenient way to implement a universal robot companies like figure and the Toyota Research Institute are currently working on teaching robots through demonstration which is much more effective but let’s get back to Bill Gates’s preferences the fourth promising

Project he mentioned is the Robotics and mechanisms laboratory at the University of California romela there not only humanoid robots but also various Alternative forms of robots are born and developed by the way it’s not a startup which doesn’t make its developments any less promising and finally in fifth

Place is field AI a company creating autonomy system sys for robots of any form factor allowing them to navigate the streets and move in any environment while being prepared for unpredictable conditions Chinese military officials have publicly acknowledged For the First Time The widespread use of large language models similar to GPT like

Chatbots for military purposes most modern artificial intelligence systems are based on traditional military board games while the digital format and computational capabilities of computers have allowed their systems to quickly become more complex they still lack the flexibility of human communication additionally a skilled and unpredictable human opponent can deceive a machine

Large language models having studied nearly all aspects of society are already helping Chinese military AI better understand people military artificial intelligence can convert vast amounts of data from sensors cameras and Frontline reports into descriptive language or images and pass them on to large language models after receiving and understanding the data large

Language models automatically generate concise messages for in-depth information Exchange regarding the combat situation the entire process occurs without human involvement according to project leaders their goal is to make military AI more humanlike so they can better understand the intentions of command at all levels and communicate more effectively with humans

This is the first instance of the Chinese military publicly acknowledging the use of commercial large language models for military purposes two chatbots Ernie and Spark developed by BYU and iFly Tech respectively were used in the experiment the freezing temperatures in Chicago turned Tesla charging stations into electric car graveyards many

Electric vehicles that came to recharge their batteries got stuck there with empty batteries after connecting the charging process simply does not start some Tesla owners had to call for a tow truck to take their cars to the local Tesla Service Center in the app most supercharger stations are marked as

Fully occupied different explanations are being discussed online including that affected car owners did not prepare their batteries for charging although the company recommends doing so ESP especially in cold weather however as noted battery preparation should occur automatically when entering the supercharger station at the command of the navigation system so either this

Function did not work for some reason or it’s not the issue it’s possible that the problem lies with the station itself which may not be adapted to such freezing temperatures supporting this version is also the fact that in Norway where it’s no warmer there are many Tesla electric cars and they somehow

Manag to charge there have been no official comments from Tesla on the matter Chinese Aerospace company ehang is gearing up to launch sales of its unmanned electric vertical takeoff and Landing aircraft the eh 216s starting April 1st this year sales of this Innovative device will begin in

China the evall capable of carrying two passengers has a flight range of 30 km and a maximum speed of 130 kmph equipped with 16 rotors the Drone operates entirely autonomously this unmanned aircraft has already been granted permission for manned flights albeit only with in China for now the eh 216s

Is proposed for sightseeing at low altitudes and other Urban tourism purposes the drones development is not new the first Trials of this air vehicle were conducted by ehang in 2017 and 2018 with more than 4,000 test flights completed since then eh- hang’s move to launch sales of its UAV is accompanied

By successful tests of the Archer Air Taxi as mentioned in our previous issue Archer has also completed its first phase of flight testing these developments pav the way for the emergence of a new mode of transportation expected to begin commercial operation in 2025 write in the comments what you

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