Boston Dynamics’ Industrial Inspection is Predictably Spot-On – Video

Boston Dynamics’ Industrial Inspection is Predictably Spot-On – Video

Predictably Spot-On Industrial Inspection | Boston Dynamics

The video titled “Predictably Spot-On Industrial Inspection | Boston Dynamics” showcases the latest hardware and software announcement from Boston Dynamics, focusing on the capabilities of their robot, Spot, to revolutionize industrial inspection. Spot has been used by hundreds of companies to tackle dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs, traversing thousands of miles and inspecting a million industrial assets worldwide. The proliferation of artificial intelligence has enabled industries like manufacturing, natural resources, power, and utilities to leverage data for operational predictability, anticipating equipment risk and uncovering inefficiencies.

The company introduces orbit, a new software tool that scales autonomous data collection and analysis, offering a top-down view of facility operations in real-time, unifying Boston Dynamics robots and providing end-to-end workflows for automated inspections. The software allows for remote operation of Spot, alerts for anomalies, and the ability to provide a constant stream of reliable data for smarter, faster decisions across the facility’s lifecycle.

Additionally, the video introduces enhancements to Spot’s capabilities, such as self-service repair options and improvements to common controls for easier operation. The video aims to highlight the potential of AI-driven autonomous industrial inspection and the role of modern software in maximizing digital transformation and return on investment.

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Introducing Orbit™, your portal for managing asset-intensive facilities through real-time and predictive intelligence. Orbit introduces a whole new suite of fleet management capabilities and will unify your ecosystem of Boston Dynamics robots, starting with Spot.

In this keynote presentation, our product experts share the details of Orbit, as well as the latest upgrades to Spot. Learn how Orbit helps you understand fleet performance and equipment health in the context of your facility.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone thank you for watching today’s hardware and software announcement over the past few years we have worked with hundreds of companies to tackle dull dirty and dangerous jobs our customers have taken our robots farther than we’ve ever imagined spot has traversed thousands of miles and inspected a million industrial assets

Around the world and it has a real impact every day we see more and more examples of improving operational efficiency keeping people out of Harm’s Way and working for brighter Futures with spot the proliferation of artificial intelligence is enabling almost everyone to approach challenges like these in new and exciting ways for

Asset intensive Industries like manufacturing natural resources power and utilities the promise of AI is predictability facilities enabled with AI will leverage data to eliminate the guesswork in operations they’ll be able to anticipate when a machine is at risk of failing so it can be repaired rather than replaced and they’ll uncover hidden

Inefficiencies sooner and recognize patterns or trends that are impacting the bottom line now the key to unlocking this AI enabled future it’s consistent reliable data and that’s why factories foundaries and plants across the world are using spot to gather higher quality and higher quantities of data than ever before spot Travers autonomous missions

Through production facilities with thermal acoustic and visual sensors that collect data about equipment Health now this data Powers analytical systems so the modern Workforce can better predict day-to-day operations now today we are excited to announce orbit Boston Dynamics newest tool for scaling autonomous data collection and Analysis this software

Along with some key enhancements to spot will help you go The Last Mile in your digital transformation and with that I’m going to turn it over to Amanda Carbono product manager to tell you more about orbit thanks Mary boss Dynamics orbit is a window into your robotic World a top-

Down view of your facility where you can see your robots at work in real time know exactly what’s going on at all your sites from anywhere at any time orbit is purpose-built with a whole new suite of Fleet Management capabilities to unify your ecosystem AB Boston Dynamics robots starting with

Spot orbit puts spot to work with end to-end workflows for planning editing and scheduling automated inspections that are perfectly in tune with plant operations you all your inspection routes overlaid on a facility blueprint to track spots progress and context you’ll always know where your robots are and how they’re performing The Spot

Detects an anomaly or experiences a problem orbit alerts the people who need to know via email email text or display notifications then remotely operate spot to take a closer look or you can use Orbit’s robust apis to automatically set up work orders for further diagnosis and repair orbit puts a running record of

Inspection data at your fingertips observe patterns and Trends to make smarter faster decisions across the full life cycle of your facility or if you’ve already made investments in AI tools orbit can provide a constant stream of reliable data to make it easier for you to bring orbit to your facility we’re

Pleased to offer flexible installation options orbit is available as a cloud offering that can easily integrate with your existing Wi-Fi wired or cellular networks spot securely connects to orbit but does not connect to the broader internet sight Hub our server Appliance is available for on premise installation

Of orbit our team can help you decide which option is right for your site both versions match feature to feature with cloud-based orbit adding SSO functionality and integration with your other cloud-based tools today cloud-based orbit is only available for North American customers but will be expanding to additional geography soon

Sigh Hub is available everywhere the future of industrial inspection is autonomous and absolutely essential to make artificial intelligence work for you orbit represents a big step towards this future and we couldn’t be more excited for you to maximize your digital transformation or turn on investment with mobile robots and modern software

To tell you more I’m handing it over to Brian Ringley product manager thanks Amanda when you get started with orbit the first thing you’ll notice is our new sitemap interface with your facility drawings at its core you can see where your robots are currently located monitor their inspection progress and

Even send them to recorded locations or docks all within the visual context of your site when you introduce Spa into your facility you use the tablet to record your site while autowalk Mission recording is still supported you’re no longer constrained to it you can now freely record inspections of your assets

And maps of your facility together or separately all at once or across multiple days with a single robot or with several robots simultaneously and once you’re ready to upload your recordings to orbit you can merge and edit them in the site map and even author New Missions from scratch

Using any combination of recorded site actions once you’ve planned and saved your missions you’re ready to schedule them to automatically deploy spot for custom inspection routines we’ve greatly expanded the capabilities of our mission scheduler you can schedule missions to run repetitively on specific days at specific times of the day or Loop

Emission as often as possible within launch Windows to maximize and inspection coverage over a particular asset or area of your facility you can also ensure spot doesn’t run during blackout times such as weekends or known maintenance periods and toggling scheduled missions on and off is easy so

That your schedule can update as your site changes while everything we’ve shown so far has been introduced to make it easier than ever to deploy your robots for automated inspections what you care about most of all is when these robots detect problems with your assets that’s why we’ve enhanced realtime

Alerts alerts now indicate the location of the problem in the S map so that you can address it in your facility as soon as possible you don’t have to be glued to your monitor to be alerted instead enable email and text alerts about both asset health and robot Performance Based

On what’s most relevant to you and at what severity you wish to be notified different members of your team can set their own custom alert preferences so that everyone gets the information they need to perform their job without being spammed this release also includes several improvements to Common controls

So spot is easier than ever to operate automatically manually and remotely first we’ve made adjustments to manual controls that improve comfort and command touch too now uses a hotkey to help you avoid undesired teleoperation also as you modify spot’s position the robot will now hold the position even when you release the

Tablet joysticks spot won’t return to a neutral position again until Walking In addition to these new features we’re pleased to offer some new ways for you to service our robots I’m going to turn it back over to Amanda to explain thanks Brian we know companies are making big investments in digital

Transformation and we see the value of artificial intelligence Automation and Robotics first first hand every single day with our customers if you already have a spot on site we’re making it easier for you to keep your robot operating at its best spat works hard and while our robots

Require very little care regular wear and tear might call for routine maintenance for instance spot covers a lot of ground so the foot beds need to be replaced periodically for good traction for the first time qualified customers can opt in for self-service repair about 40 parts are available

Today for order in limited quantities as always please reach out to the bot Dynamic support team if your robot needs care with that I’m handing it back to Mary who’s going to talk about what’s new and what’s next for spot spot often Works in highly trafficked and constantly changing

Spaces like factories where equipment and workers are also going about their day-to-day tasks we continue to refine how spot interacts with its environment now as always safety rules should still be observed but with this release you’ll notice improvements to the way spot behaves around moving objects and stairs

Spot has always come with obstacle avoidance now we’ve added another level of safety with audio and visual cues if spot detects a possible collision with a large fast moving object like a forklift it can react with lights and sounds we’ve also enhanced spots ability to navigate stairs when people are present

Spot can now check for stairs for clearance before ascending or descending if a person is within spots field of vision it won’t proceed onto the stairs both of these capabilities are available with EAP 2 these are small changes but they have a really big impact on your experience with our robots to ensure

That our robots are the most reliable on the market capable of walking greater distances climbing more steps and inspecting more assets than any other mobile robot we conduct rigorous testing and spend a lot of time learning from our customers we’re proud of the ways spot is making an impact

Especially when we see you introducing fleets of agile mobile robots to scale your successes with spot you are making your industrial facilities more predictable more efficient and more supportive of workers you’re keeping us safer in the spaces we share and you’re equipping the next generation of innovators to help us

All reach New Heights with your ongoing support we are moving faster and faster to deploy practical solutions for your toughest challenges thank you for putting our robots to Work

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