AI continues to surprise: Apple AI outperforms GPT-4, ChatGPT now available for free, Microsoft introduces Xbox AI Genius – Video

AI continues to surprise: Apple AI outperforms GPT-4, ChatGPT now available for free, Microsoft introduces Xbox AI Genius – Video

Apple has once again wowed the tech world with the launch of its new AI system, ReaLM, which has been hailed as even better than OpenAI’s GPT-4. This breakthrough technology is set to revolutionize the way we interact with AI, particularly through Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

The development of ReaLM is seen as a major step forward in enhancing Siri’s capabilities, allowing it to understand conversations, recognize screen content, and even identify sounds in your environment. Apple’s research paper sheds light on the innovative features of ReaLM, highlighting its ability to improve reference resolution and conversation understanding in a way that previous AI models have not achieved.

Comparisons with GPT-4 have shown that even the smallest version of ReaLM outperforms the latest language model from OpenAI. With four different sizes available, ranging from 8 million to 3 billion parameters, ReaLM offers a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing AI applications.

In addition to Apple’s AI advancements, Microsoft is also making strides in AI integration, particularly within the Xbox ecosystem. The introduction of an AI-powered Xbox chatbot aims to streamline user support tasks, providing a more interactive and efficient customer service experience.

Overall, the latest developments in AI technology are propelling us towards a future where artificial intelligence is more accessible, user-friendly, and capable of enhancing various aspects of our daily lives. With companies like Apple, Microsoft, and OpenAI leading the way, exciting advancements in AI are on the horizon.

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Video Transcript

So Apple just launched a new AI system called realm and they say it’s even better than gp4 which is pretty impressive since gp4 is one of the top language models out there this new technology could make Siri a lot smarter helping it remember what you talked about understand what’s on your iPhone

Screen and even recognize sounds around you such as music playing nearby as we get closer to the WWDC 2024 event in June there’s a lot of excitement about what apple is doing with AI especially about making Siri better this comes after people have been asking for Siri

To be improved a research paper from Apple’s AI team gives us a peak into what they’re working on including a system called realm this system is designed to help Siri get better at understanding the flow of conversations figuring out what’s being shown on the screen and noticing sounds around you

Realm stands out because it looks at solving reference resolution how Siri can refer to things correctly in conversations as a language problem which is different from older methods that focused more on the conversation itself this new way lets realm turn talk screen content and sounds into text that large language models can understand

Better using their ability to grasp the meaning of words and sentences in their research Apple’s team benchmarked the realm models against open AI GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 the Technologies behind the free chat GPT and the subscription-based chat GPT plus their studies showed that even the smallest version of Realm is as good

As GPT 4 and the bigger versions of Realm are even better the researchers explained that their smallest realm model was over 5% better at dealing with different kinds of information especially stuff that appears on your screen when compared to GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 this smallest model was on the same

Level as GPT 4 and the bigger realm models were clearly Superior realm comes in four sizes realm 8m realm 250m realm 1B and realm 3B with m standing for million and B for billion parameters to give you an idea GPT 3.5 has 175 billion parameters while GPT 4 has about 1.5

Trillion parameters the research paper highlights that realm is not only better than previous methods but also competes with gp4 which is the latest and most advanced even though realm has way fewer parameters Apple hasn’t said yet if they’ll use this new technology in iOS 18 or upcoming devices but if they do

Siri could become much smarter all right now Microsoft is also diving deep into AI specifically within the Xbox ecosystem they’re currently testing a new AI powered Xbox chatbot designed to automate support tasks making it easier for users to get help with issues like game refunds or troubleshooting without needing to navigate through traditional

Support channels what’s cool is this chatbot isn’t just a bunch of text it’s designed to be more like a character from a game with animations that make it feel alive as it helps with your Xbox questions this this smart chatbot uses Microsoft’s extensive collection of support info for Xbox so it can handle

Lots of different questions and even process refunds on the spot they’re planning to test it more which suggests it might become a regular feature for XBox support soon hayan Jang who’s in charge of gaming AI at Xbox mentioned how this chatbot is designed to make getting help simpler it can understand

What you’re asking in a natural way and find answers straight from Xbox’s support materials this effort is part of a large Vision within Microsoft to infuse AI across its gaming platforms they’re not just thinking about using AI to help with customer service but also to create parts of games make sure they

Run smoothly and make the games themselves more interesting for example they’re using AI to make game art test games and even create characters that feel real with help from a company called inworld they’re also thinking about using AI to keep games safe and friendly by helping with rules and

Making sure everyone plays nice on Xbox Microsoft might even put AI helpers in games to give players tips or make gaming more fun even though these ideas are big Microsoft hasn’t talked a lot about them in public they’re being careful because people have mixed feelings about Ai and games but the head

Of Microsoft Satya nadela is really into the idea of putting AI in all of their products including games Microsoft has a plan called Xbox everywhere which means they want you to be able to play Xbox games on lots of different devices AI is a big part of making that happen they

They even hinted at a new Xbox that would use a lot of AI to do some really cool stuff all right now amidst the flurry of AI advancements from giants like apple and Microsoft open AI just rolled out an exciting update to chat GPT now you can use it for free without

Even needing to sign in this step is all about making AI Tech easier for everyone to use kind of like how simple it is to use a search engine starting today you can jump right into using chat GPT 3.5 bringing us closer to open eyes dream of

Making AI tools available to all and sparking interest in what AI can do this update is part of a bigger Trend where Tech Giants are working hard to make AI more userfriendly and useful Apple for example is working on making Siri better at conversations with something called

Realm and Microsoft is trying out an AI chat bot to help Xbox users open ai’s move to make chat GPT easier to access is a big step towards making AI more common and puts it up against traditional search engines shaking things up in how we find and use

Information online however open AI has said that the things people talk about with chat GPT might be used to make the model better but if you don’t want that you can choose not to share your chats by changing your settings this option isn’t very clear when you just start

Using it open AI has put in more safety features and has made sure that chat GPT doesn’t talk about a wider range of topics to keep the free version safe for everyone still some features like saving your chat sharing it and using Voice or special instructions are only for people

Who sign up for an account account whether it’s free or paid here’s another interesting update Google has decided to delete any search history or data it gathers from us when we’re using incognito mode before this information wasn’t saved on our devices but Google still kept a record of it now they’re

Going to erase it giving us more privacy when we browse in incognito mode and here’s something else that’s pretty cool researchers at Oxford University have created a new AI tool called drug GPT to help improve Healthcare this tool helps doctors and healthcare workers in England by giving them a digital tool for

Prescribing medicine safely doctors can input a patient’s health issues into drug GPT and it quickly suggests medicines warns about side effects and checks for any drug conflicts what makes drug gpts special is that it doesn’t just give suggestions it also explains why using research and references to

Back it up this new development is a big step towards tackling the issue of around 237 million medication mistakes made each year in England these erors are not only expensive for the National Health Service NHS costing about 98 million a year but they also result in over

1,700 deaths in the past doctors used technology like script switch to help decide on medications but drug GPT offers a better solution it aims to improve how doctors understand prescriptions which could help patients follow their treatment plans more closely the idea is to help busy doctors by giving them detailed info about the

Drugs they prescribe this this is part of a larger Trend where AI is used in different fields to make things simpler and better for people just like chat GPT does for chatting and Xbox’s chatbot does for gamers drug GPT is designed to assist healthc Care Professionals by providing AI based insights making

Prescribing medicine safer and more informed it’s like having a digital assistant for doctors intended to support not replace them and to help reduce mistakes in prescribing medication all right don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more updates thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you in the next one

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