Agility Robotics Expands Partnership with Amazon – Video

Agility Robotics Expands Partnership with Amazon – Video

Agility Robotics has recently announced a significant milestone in their relationship with Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. The partnership has allowed Agility Robotics to showcase their robotic system, Digit, in a real-world setting at Amazon’s facilities in Seattle.

During Amazon’s key media Day event, Digit was put to the test, demonstrating its ability to perform real work tasks. The success of this demonstration has led to an expanded partnership between Agility Robotics and Amazon, providing them with the opportunity to collaborate on various use cases and projects in the coming years.

This partnership not only allows Agility Robotics to expand their reach within Amazon’s vast network but also provides them with valuable insights and knowledge on working in warehouse environments. Through this collaboration, both companies are poised to innovate and push the boundaries of technology in the e-commerce industry.

The future looks bright for Agility Robotics as they continue to strengthen their partnership with Amazon and pave the way for more advancements in robotic technology.

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Video Transcript

We are very excited about the Amazon relationship and what’s transpired recently we were part of their key media Day event and up there we demoed and showed digit uh doing real work in a use case that we were testing at up in Seattle uh at Amazon’s facilities I’m

Very exciting that we get that opportunity to have real world experience watching digit do real work in a facility like Amazon’s and uh it was very very successful the partnership with Amazon is one that allows us a great opportunity to expand our footprint in one of the largest

E-commerce companies on the planet uh we’re thrilled about the opportunity to be with them and working side by side uh the partnership allows us to not only work with them closely on expansion and and moving through different use cases that they have but also allows us a great opportunity to expand and

Understand our knowledge of working in warehouses with new learnings and use cases that we will be working with them on over the next several years it’s an incredible opportunity for us to move forward in our partnership with them

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