Watch as the Largest Ship Collisions and Mistakes Are Captured On Camera! – Video

Watch as the Largest Ship Collisions and Mistakes Are Captured On Camera! – Video

“Biggest Ship Collisions and Mistakes Caught On Camera” is a thrilling video that offers an inside look at some of the most incredible and terrifying moments at sea. From mechanical failures to human errors, this video presents dramatic footage of shipwrecks and collisions that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The video includes leaked footage of the ball carrier Arvin breaking in the Black Sea, as well as a Chinese fishing boat colliding with a Japanese patrol boat. Viewers will also witness a massive icebreaker effortlessly plowing through the frozen Yenisi River in Russia, and the horrifying moment a large fishing trawler sinks in just a few minutes with over 90 crew members on board.

The video also showcases the power of tsunami waves off the coast of Japan, as well as the unexpected encounter of a ship with a massive tsunami. From anchor drops gone wrong to cargo ships colliding with ports, this video is a compilation of jaw-dropping moments caught on camera.

“Biggest Ship Collisions and Mistakes Caught On Camera” is a must-watch for anyone fascinated by the power and unpredictability of the sea, offering a close-up look at the dangers that sailors and ships face on the open water.

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Video Transcript

Oh shipwrecks occur because of mechanical problems massive storms human mistakes or just someone’s stupidity in this video we will show you unbelievable moments at Sea and you’ll see many big terrifying accidents from the sailor’s own eyes ready to set sail let’s dive in this dramatic footage shows the ball

Carrier Arvin breaking in the black Black Sea off the Turkish Coast watch as the vessel battles waves leading to the catastrophic split in half of the entire ship with screams and Chaos on board this is leaked footage taken by the Japanese Coast Guard shows a Chinese fishing boat

First colliding with the Japanese Patrol boat and as if that wasn’t enough already the fishing boat also starts ramming into its side causing black smoke to rise from its Stern [Applause] Next up is a huge Icebreaker showcasing its Mighty power as it easily destroys and Glides through the Frozen yenisi river in Russia because of a powerful collision with ice on the ship’s Hall this large fishing trer side ruptured resulting in water flooding inside and sinking the ship in only a couple of

Minutes there were more than 90 crew members on board the ship but thanks to the brave rescue Team all of them were saved in time either the bridge was very fragile or the containership was extremely Heavy have you ever wondered how it feels to be at Sea during a tsunami well the Japanese Coast Guard released this video showing just that as massive tsunami waves can be seen swelling in the sea off the coast of Northern Japan following the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck offshore in

2011 it’s incredible how leveled and calm an aircraft carrier looks while sailing through the same waves that are thrashing a Destroyer just imagine the Vikings and pirates of the old days with their Wooden Ships and the brave men who rode in the same weather conditions these fishermen were extremely close to getting caught by a massive wave but thanks to their fast thinking and teamwork they managed to

Use their body weight to save their own lives I think the captain of this Japanese Coast Guard Patrol boat isn’t working there anymore after this expensive mistake and this Japanese Patrol vessel with a length of 880 M decided it was no problem departing in the midst of a big storm but the look of it says

Otherwise it takes about 15 months to build an oil tanker but only a bunch of giant rollers in a couple of seconds to launch It Hey this horrifying footage was taken at the koogi port in Japan during the big tsunami in 2011 the waves can be seen growing as they come closer and closer and some fishing boats can be seen still in the water probably completely unaware of the massive waves heading in their

Direction and this ship found itself roughly 15 nautical miles away from the shore when it unexpectedly encountered the same massive tsunami just moments before it caused the devastating disaster and the inventors of the water-propelled jet foil just threw out the idea of a bat being in the water and

Decided it should be traveling above it and this anchor drop goes terribly wrong here’s another terrifying moment when a the US Navy ship loses both his chain and anchor making it 104 tons that were lost to the ocean Floor the [ __ ] the end of the sh lost it and this anchor needs to sort his Attitude Here’s some footage of a massive 336 M cargo ship colliding with one of the biggest shipping container ports in India that had just completed its construction stop stop the stop the stop the are you serious right now bro in this footage it seems both captains were expecting to do something from each

Other resulting in both doing nothing F thankfully nobody was injured but the people on this yacht should seriously consider changing their profession after they somehow missed that a super tanker was heading their Direction I don’t think the SP is on the front of that [Applause] orang sale or surf well why not do both oh my

God oh J oh J oh my [Applause] God and these men must be some of the bravest to ever exist as they willingly go out into the angry sea Would you dare to do this let us know in the comments here’s the exact reason why tugboats are Needed my own a storm that was a bit too big for this container ship caused its 150 units to collapse and as you can see it was a struggle to try and save Them here’s what happens when you leave The Apprentice alone for 3 minutes because the lock securing the container to this trailer is not released in time the whole truck gets lifted with it Have you ever seen a vacuum implosion and here’s why you should never overload a barge with an unbalanced load due to an engine failure at the worst moment the Spanish cargo ship Luna was steered by incredibly harsh weather off the French coast and eventually got split in Half when a guy left his cell phone on the bus his pal tried to bring it to him but the cruise ship was already pulling away that’s when he came up with a great idea of throwing it to his balcony hit the oh my head my my went in the

Water giv it to her and here’s the moment a cargo ship ided with a Dock I don’t think hidden run is the safest way to let go of a mooring boy anchor [Applause] chain give me a hurah in 2020 the huge tanker Stella Banner grounded tilting heavily into the water the crew was evacuated and the vessel was refloated for the Salvage team to remove 3,500 tons of fuel oil and 270,000 tons of iron or cargo however it was later

Determined that the ship couldn’t be repaired leading to its intentional sinking and a spectacular sight Yeah woo this is why you should avoid taking your $39 million super yacht into bad weather because if It suffers a mechanical failure you are doomed in this footage you can see how it’s floating on its side and on the verge of sinking off the coast of Greece luckily

Our Rescue Team managed to reach them in time and save their lives if you’re going to surf make sure to do it on a surfboard and not inside a fishing Boat Allah luckily they were all safe thanks to the surrounding boats rushing to their rescue the worst thing that can happen while you’re sailing isn’t just bad weather it’s also being approached by real life Pirates thankfully he managed to scare them away peacefully and no one was harmed in 2019 the CSL Virginia irginia container ship was hit by the ferry ulissi why you may ask well because the captain of the ferry was busy talking on his phone the accident caused it to spill thick crude

Oil that washed up on nearby beaches and took 5 days until they managed to separate the two ships and cost billions of dollars in Damage in 2018 a real royal battle took place off the coast of Normandy as 40 French trollers attacked the British scallop catching competition in the English Channel the British have the right to catch shellfish in this area but according to the French they are violating all the rules and regulations

And that they are working 7 days a week scraping Everything clean at the end of August the fishermen started throwing rocks smoke bombs and even shooting flares at each other no one was injured but the defeated Brits returned home with broken windows as a result later the French government threatened to

Involve military courts to resolve the dispute but in turn the British referred to the actions of the French as just some good old ordinary piracy if you’re on a lovely Cruise don’t be this guy Fu do you think you’re doing just stop stop over here don’t click off yet if

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