Unaware of the CCTV Camera, They Were Caught on Film | 2023 Highlights! – Video

Unaware of the CCTV Camera, They Were Caught on Film | 2023 Highlights! – Video

“They Didn’t Know That CCTV Camera Was Watching Them | Best of 2023” is a hilarious and entertaining video that captures some of the most comical and unexpected moments caught on surveillance cameras. The CCTV footage showcases a variety of situations where people find themselves in amusing and bizarre predicaments, completely unaware that they are being recorded.

The video features a collection of clips that range from a cow in a hurry to get a trim at a barber shop, a clever husky throwing a party when the shelter staff goes home, to a woman attempting to rescue piglets from a mother pig. Each clip is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave the viewers in stitches.

With an array of laugh-out-loud moments, such as a loader surprising plumbers and a woman accidentally wearing a helmet, “They Didn’t Know That CCTV Camera Was Watching Them | Best of 2023” promises to keep the audience entertained and amused throughout. This video is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh and a light-hearted escape from everyday routine. So, hit that subscribe button, buckle up, and get ready for a rollercoaster of laughter as you dive into the hilarious world of unexpected surveillance footage.

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Video Transcript

Do you think people install CCTV cameras just to protect themselves against thieves oh no they do it so that I can show you the most ridiculous sweet strange situations that people find themselves in when they don’t know they’re being recorded so are you ready well then subscribe and hit that Bell

Icon to turn off all the surveillance cameras in your room folks please stop ordering everything you see on Tik Tok think of the poor postal workers they’re literally fighting for their lives out there they ask you how you are you just have to that you’re fine when you’re not

Really fine you just just a typical day in Chicago setting the tracks on fire to make sure the trains can get through the snow and no this guy isn’t to blame the ticket price for this Ferry included lunch but who would have thought that it applied to the dog

Too no woman has ever been in more of a hurry to get a trim than this cow I guess Barbers are as fast on their feet as they are with their scissors they Panic so bravely a after a bad experience at a barber shop this cow decided to visit a women’s hairdresser

But she was blacklisted I’ve got an idea for a business hit the like button right now if every serious task you take on ends up like this when all the shelter staff went home this clever husky decided to throw a party look the police even showed up to

Calm him down he’s just like a human know why this cart is smarter than both of us but when it’s overwhelmed at work it leaves my boss ran after me like that I’d stay to if you think guard dogs a stone wall and Gates will solve all your

Security problems think again this guy seems to be testing reality literally every dog’s reaction when it hears want to go for a walk except it’s a pony how do you know you’re dealing with a real Sheriff when he appears you automatically find yourself on the side of the

Road oh so this is what passive income really meant all these years okay now let’s max out the cuteness level and move on T kid just made that man’s entire day all right now place your bets are the security measures taken by this car’s owner enough to save it from thieves

Major guess now enjoy the show if you’ve ever felt useless just watch this poor guy trying to save his property from a flood with a mop don’t worry he’s fine it’s impossible to be neutral about motorcyclists you either love them or hate them guess which side the driver this tanker’s

On now imagine being this dog’s owner and finding out from a recording that your guard dog is now someone else’s good boy now let me show you the leaked version of the last mission impossible with Tom Cruz why the last one because he’s been compromised after forgetting to disarm this CCTV Camera when take your boss’s words about work being your second family too seriously and ask a truck to help you with a proposal when they say what’s so hard about driving a truck for 10 years anybody can do it plot twist it was Optimus Prime all along and this guy

Claimed in his interview to have over 5,000 hours of driving experience but he forgot to mention that it was all in Euro Truck Simulator and then you can see it before turning to Crime this guy must have been a hide and seek Champion just another 8 seconds I mean

Would have lost his wanted level oh my gosh this loader had one job but apparently he really likes to surprise people especially plumbers maybe the carpet is one of those cursed objects h I bet this guy pictured this Unforgettable gender reveal a little differently congratulations buddy you’re

Having a well you know can you get a refund somehow show this video to your therapists the next time they say you need to try to find the positive in everything your life can’t be that bad this is fine even ghosts would consider this to be too much Paranormal Activity it’s

Like the Tremors and Ghostbusters crossover no one ever asked for you’d better not even look at the cocktails if you want to pass this sobriety test to get home at least she fought till the [Applause] end you’re about to see what the world’s most effective security system looks

Like don’t worry he wasn’t bitten he just had to go change his pants now I’m no expert in cargo delivery but I think they should reconsider their methods do you agree okay this is what happens when you skimp on your child’s hobby the greed comes back to you like a

Boomerang Remember You can have anything you want just tell your wish to the universe but you do have to be very specific um get your bugout bags ready because it looks like the machine Uprising is just around the corner someone call Optimus Prime please this this guy has obviously never

Heard the phrase The Miser pays twice well technically he still managed to get a free ride and luckily came out unscathed guys never show your cat the shaw Shack Redemption especially if your cat is orange don’t worry the cat’s back but as a new person ever heard that

Black ice is the ultimate auto mechanic it’s the only thing that can transform a smart car into a sports car in just a few seconds so many questions but all I can say is run forest run and for God’s sake zip up your boots this girl wanted to be a great

Salesperson but it turns out she’s much better at being an introvert this clip is so energetic it could probably charge your phone even BTS would be impressed with their synchronization this cashier should be named employee of the month here’s a Twist she doesn’t actually work Here James Bond Perry the Platypus no this girl is my new favorite look at how expertly she takes his measurements a total spy nice why put a camera in a hallway to record Tik toks obviously can you guess which dance this is tell us in the comments visiting a private pool

Requires three things a swimming cap a towel and the ability to run fast oh she seems to have forgotten the swim cap though don’t ever show your girlfriend WWE wrestling cuz if she takes a liking to it this is what you can expect if you ever find yourself in a

Pen with a mother Pig don’t ever use the word bacon unless you want to forget how to use the gate in a hurry she just tried to help those piglets though a true gentleman always helps ladies with a 20 L water water bottle with his advice what did you

Think if these two don’t end up together after this epic rescue I don’t believe in love anymore in this Warehouse the 3 second rule lasts exactly long enough to clean everything up before the boss arrives rate their teamwork in the comments if you think a movie Life Hack

Could save you one day then look at this woman and think again ever wondered why gyms have such huge mirrors so that bad instructors can get immediate feedback from their new group not after two to three working days if you get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving you should do your best

To prove your sobriety but this woman she decided to show off her Character still think physics aren’t real and how did this woman know she needed to wear a helmet h remember the next time A salesperson recommends trying their favorite milkshake think again if you think you’re not cut out for your job just look at this person whose Destiny is screaming it in their

Face over and Over today is definitely not This Woman’s lucky day and it’s about to get even worse but no situation is hopeless when you’ve got a triple digit IQ You this could have been a normal Tom and Jerry episode but something went wrong maybe they’re both just running from something bigger here’s one of the real consequences of Netflix’s banon password sharing watch again and pay attention to the dog this is one of those videos news of an athlete celebrating Victory too Early but she didn’t regret it this time is this even legal and right now you’re going to see a happy ending to The Fast and Furious saga come on Dominic use the power of the family against the laws of the real World all would have taken was a caution wet floor sign to save this guy reputation you know that feeling when you’ve out grown your usual jean size but you’re not mentally prepared to get the next size up this truck driver had the same problem with his route this fox was prepared for

Everything but the old lady’s camouflage get away from my soup whipp a snappa every minute a tornado appears somewhere in the world I just made that up to make the appearance of this tornado seem more dramatic how was it try to guess what’s got these guys so freaked

Out admit it you weren’t expecting a ball the three worst mysteries for any man where’s the second sock what’s the date of the wedding and who bent my car door this dog is about to get a lesson on why you should always obey your owner but whether it actually learned

That lesson is still unclear this is what happens when firefighters are called in for the wrong reason he’s not angry he’s just disappointed in us have you done your homework did you clean your room did you call Aunt momu that that’s it I’m moving out oh he’ll

Be back when he runs out of Money oh humans you think that I locked in here with you it’s you who’s locked in here with [Applause] me this scene looks like a teaser for the new Final Destination ully no one got Hur I don’t know what happened to the money that was supposed to go towards this fence but it definitely didn’t reach the construction site that’s what I was talking about if you think horror movies are

Unrealistic well check out these girls trying to get away from a huge scary iguana Godzilla was right these people are crazy this is the least invasive hint that you should give the right away on the road if you care about your car of Course this guy forgot his drill at home and did the best he Could H so this is what my girlfriend meant when she said I have golden retriever Energy watch closely here something’s missing isn’t it but what exactly H oh yeah here it is this car definitely needs a tent does anyone know how to order this service instead of a window cleaning when you become a father and you have to forget about having a cool

Car when I see you again oh imagine going to your house and finding a human there the horror when your haircut is so bad you have to go back in time to prevent it don’t try this at home and all you can think about is go into the gym after

Work and this man’s about to find out why there was one extra screw left when he put this bite together this footage has more twists and turns than any of the new Marvel movies intuition test try to guess which pocket the white ball will fall into Weren’t expecting that were You the good news is that monkeys do evolve the bad news it’s bad for capitalism how many pineapples you have to put on a pizza before Boulders start hunting you in Italy asking for a friend oh no one was hurt this time have you ever had a nightmare where

You arrived on a non-existent floor and fell into hell well you will now at least the woman was able to get out well this guy will be stuck in an elevator forever come on Someone tell him that this could have ended a lot Worse try to guess what this tired mother is looking For now you better go and help your wife if you have one this delivery guy was like what do we say to the god of death not today while dogs chase after cars in America in Canada moose race them when the weather forecast says there’s a light breeze outside and a 1%

Chance of a tornado this is is what the right choice looks like and thankfully no one was hurt an urban legend has it that squirrels never forget the people who don’t give them food in the park decide for yourself whether you believe it or Not hey how you feeling today good thank you this guy couldn’t set a new record but he found another way to make Golf Club history that is how employees at this company found out that there was a secret agent among them he failed successfully when your Barber cancels

Your appointment for some stupid reason but you’re determined to spend an hour away from your family Anyway while you’re struggling to keep your dog from stealing steing food off the table this dog is already cleaning the whole house and doing his owner’s Taxes nobody has ever seen young Morgan Freeman baby pigeons or an ambulance at the car wash but now you’ve seen them all huh why hasn’t anyone moved these bottles thought the guard who then immediately got his answer all right now I’m taking your bets who was in that black van I’m thinking scol and Moulder what do you thought of meeting with the Transformers would look like and what it actually looked like here’s a unique moment showing the first feline superhero tell us in the comments if you know his name the last thing I ever expected to see was an

Aggressive Corgi someone call Supercat is he here already Batman man better watch his back after seeing this delivery person in action I could never give another Courier five stars Again in an attempt to escape from a lion a cow abandoned her baby but a farmer came to its Aid in the end no one was hurt but I don’t recommend trying this yourself you’re going to start dancing in 3 2 1 this Soldier is ready to protect the White House from

Anything except lightning a he let his soul walk in first spoiler alert Megatron is back in the new Transformers movie but his new form is questionable just do it come on it’s just glass you can do it you still have to take over the World how late do you have to come home from work for your wife to be waiting for you at home like this I’m sure he was never seen again when it came to having a high salary or a good boss this girl’s Choice was Obvious I think that pretty much sums it up the guy on the left not only creates problems in the kitchen he solves them too the hero we deserve this man’s mom never took him by the ear out of the toy store so his wife decided to give him the

Experience if this hadn’t been caught on camera no one would have believed this guy do you remember how in 2019 you would have done anything for a drop a hand sanitizer here’s proof that this girl’s boyfriend can mess up just Once the girl tells you that her parents are gone and she’s home alone no harm done but don’t try it yourself we’ve all heard of the classic train dilemma but these guys had to deal with a version of it in real life if this lifeguard jumped in after

Me like that I just fall in love with him here’s proof that there are still ninjas among us and this is why there’s always only one checkout open in stores that woman has 63 coupons 63 I refuse to scan them let me go the driver of this truck was like

Everyone gets a car wash on me the owner of this shop bought the cheapest surveillance camera ever and did not regret it I don’t know what surprises me more that this guy sleeps at work or that this girl doesn’t work here at All tip of the day if you decide to start a new life and get rid of your old stuff don’t do it like this woman no one was hurt but still here’s the greatest autopilot in Instinct in the world no matter what happened before these ladies made it home I’m proud of

Them on a scale from Formula 1 driver to this guy how fast are your reflexes leave a comment now this video is clearly staged but just appreciate how well it was made the mobile phone isn’t even turned On if you’ve ever thought that a mannequin was a real person in a store then you have no right to make fun of this wild cat I certainly don’t they told the new guy to call them all out only in case of Emergency well this seems to be an urgent matter don’t you think when you see your crush in the store and try to look cool happens every time and here’s what happens when instead of chaikovsky a ballerina has this stuck in her head You Spin Me Right Around baby

Right around like a record baby right around around around she’s fine don’t worry these Lumberjacks were told to work with their heads but the details were’t specified these restaurant workers take very odd lunch breaks but eh they seem to enjoy them you know perfume was worth the

Money when people can even smell it through their Masks whoever decided to hook all these TVs up to the same cable deserves a raise this ended up being the most expensive set of dominoes in the world so when is it time to stop drinking when a cow finds you in the middle of the street and starts to feel

Sorry for you and it’s not a hallucination If you’re as easily distracted by your phone as this woman then give this video a like when is the zombie apocalypse scheduled for wait what it already [Applause] happened Tarn missed it again when you’ve had a terrible day at work then you just don’t care what happens next the best compliment you can get in the gym is when the cleaning lady starts wiping you down cuz you just look like another machine another reason not to get a

Small dog it can literally be carried away by a bird luckily the good boy was not hurt let’s face it the last thing you’d expect while having lunch is fireworks from your noodles what the heck kind of seasoning did he put in there anyway but simply avoiding Ramen

Isn’t enough to keep you safe why is it the Asian Cuisine that keeps exploding hey what happened with a girlfriend like this you better not be in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes please don’t try this at home your joints will thank [Applause] you here’s

Johnny those who say that the Star Wars prequels have the best sword fights have never seen what these grandmas can do you underestimate my power you ever find yourself in a hopeless Situation imagine how long you would have stayed like that if there would been no one around you can try to fight it all you want but if Karma isn’t on your side you’ll have to accept defeat everyone thought a basketball Loop would be a major expense and that’s

The day basketball was banned at this House someone’s going to remember this night forever and it definitely won’t be her oh my God question what does the owner of a pickup truck do when the road is blocked by barricades and warning signs wrong he steps on the Gas oh what a day what a lovely day guess what’s wrong with this woman she had zero plan for her shoplifting strategy wait did she just go get another one did you know that if if you have enough confidence you can do anything just watch

This if you ever find a new pet in your car now you’ll know how it happened look at this setup and write in the comments how many times you think they’ve written zero on the days without incident sign a here we go again This guy definitely knows that his job is temporary but glory is Forever this delivery guy is a genius he nearly came up with the perfect plan 5 minutes later except he forgot to change the shorts and his slippers how about another check out this hungry Mega mine I think it’s safe to say this delivery service lost a couple of

Customers and one delivery person that day sure machines are convenient but what do you do when one of them starts working at the worst possible Moment time to start thinking of how you’ll explain this one to the insurance agent this man has a little secret well more like had a secret because he was never seen again admit it we’ve all tried to find out whether we have telepathic abilities but imagine if this had happened on your first

Attempt imagine reporting a theft to the police and then seeing this on camera this is the universe’s gentle way of telling you that working out wouldn’t be such a bad idea okay next time think twice before hiring an architect who got their degree online good thing this guy wasn’t

Looking at his phone and he’s all right if you have to wait a long time for your order it’s probably because your waiter is in a good mood I imagin myself in this situation every time I hear someone say don’t worry he doesn’t bite and one more thing don’t be like this

Guy this is what happens when even the ghosts in your house know it’s time to start cleaning and tell you which drawer to start with I bet she ran to call the Ghostbusters this man witnessed some Real Paranormal Activity going on in front of his home at least that’s what he thought

This is one of those Infamous glitches in The Matrix you keep hearing about if you have a slightly stupid idea but you still want to do it just remember this Guy judging by his reaction he’s definitely not a plumber this is your iPhone on 1% battery charged only a couple seconds before you plug it in wondering how to get started on an unplanned remodel well just follow this stepbystep guide when this person demanded to speak

To the chef he wasn’t expecting Remy and Ratatouille themselves you know that when no one’s looking you can be anything you want just make sure there AR aren’t any cameras around or your reputation as a tough jock might be Ruined oh excuse me but did some cats come through here just now yeah they went that way nothing strange just a typical night in the life of a security guard use this forbidden technique to defeat any opponent just confuse it with a broom they’ll back down trust me when

You’re a professional with considerable experience but the machine can’t take it anymore and is like oh come on get out I can do a fast to myself here’s a good example of why you should max out your intelligence not only in computer roleplaying games but in the real

World take a look at these furry friends and you’ll see that rescue dogs aren’t made they’re born her mother told her to never get in an elev with strangers but nobody said anything about mannequins that was a Mistake excuse me what floor are you on this is what a good mood looks like on CCTV this woman had probably already gone up to her apartment in her mind and was singing in the shower when you hear rescue dog this isn’t the first thing

That comes to mind but this girl has her own special Emergencies everyone’s heard of the 5-second rule but not many people know that it only works when no one’s looking you don’t actually have to do this this video is a perfect analogy for my luck with women hey come on ryer ouch dear visitors unfortunately the park is closed for entry today

And exit as well this gives the phrase variable working conditions a whole new [Applause] Meaning did you know that you can use the elevator buttons to make a phone Call just she just wants to spend more time with her other personalities this guy turned out to be a bad waiter but maybe he’ll at least make a good Cleaner this is what a mother is capable of when she thinks her child is in danger I’m sure a wall wouldn’t even stop her would you believe me if I told you that after Toyota Engineers saw this video they immediately began developing an automatic door closing Feature this was the final test of this man’s Faith have you ever wondered what kinds of Adventures your trash goes through after you throw it out get over here now what do they build a Coliseum around it I’ll let her take the car after all she knows how to drive what could go wrong br

We can only hope that she was using the right fuel but don’t make the same mistake please what are the chances that this driver skipped both physics in high school and the handbrake lesson at driving school oh at least his reaction time didn’t let me down luck is definitely on this girl’s side

Today here’s what truly effective therapy looks like this man is about to get a lesson on why you should always double check the road before opening the door at least he didn’t get hurt but you don’t even think about doing this yourself this guy had one job to pour the water

Carefully along the curb but he loves to surprise people especially bicyclists still think the Spaniards are the best when it comes to handling Bulls well then check out the determination of these Asian guys in any case only real pros are equipped to handle a situation like this

So it’s best you stay out of it somebody tell these Pilots that there are much cheaper ways to take down this pole now they need a new helicopter a pole and some clean pants for the traffic controller now go check the footage from your own security cameras because that’s

All I’ve got for today don’t forget to tell us in the comments which video surprised you the most then hit the like button and we’ll see see you in the next one Um

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