Top 10 Most Advanced Next-Generation Humanoid Robots in 2023 – Video

Top 10 Most Advanced Next-Generation Humanoid Robots in 2023 – Video

The year 2023 has showcased some of the most advanced and groundbreaking next-generation humanoid robots, each with its own unique set of features and capabilities.

The Ada robot, created by British company Engineered Arts, is an artificial intelligence robot capable of drawing realistic portraits of people from life. Named after Ada Lovelace, the first female programmer, Ada has the ability to recognize human features and process data using an embedded microchip in its eye sockets. Not only has Ada made history as the first robot to address the House of Lords in London, but it has also been the first humanoid to have a personal exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Ada’s realistic gaze, blinking eyes, and thoughtful head movements make its reactions appear natural and emotional.

Another impressive humanoid robot is Eric, developed by the JST Moonshot program in Japan. This robot is expected to be used not only in general life but also in the fields of medical care, nursing, and long-term care. Eric’s ability to mimic human movement and its high-performance capabilities make it stand out as a potential game-changer in the robotics industry.

Additionally, humanoid robots such as Dr. Alfred, A-FETTO, Optimus Gen 2 by Tesla, Ever3 and Ever4 by HODI Robotics, and the android version of Japanese actor Ken Matsuda have all contributed to the advancement of humanoid robotics technology in 2023.

As humanoid robots continue to evolve and push boundaries, they are becoming increasingly versatile and capable of taking on a wide range of tasks, from assisting in medical care to performing autonomous tasks. With each new development, the line between human and technology continues to blur, creating a future where the potential for humanoid robots is limitless.

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Video Transcript

The British company engineered Arts has created an artificial intelligence robot capable of drawing portraits of people from Life named Ada in honor of the first female programmer Ada love lace the robot can recognize human features and process data using an embedded microchip in its eye sockets a designed

For creative activities has already made history as the first robot to address the House of Lords in London and the first humanoid to have a personal Exhibition at the Venice banal with its realistic gaze blinking eyes and thoughtful head movements its reactions appear natural and emotional during an

International Forum the robot was asked who she is to which aah responded I don’t conform to any conventions I cannot be described with ready-made words or images I am a machine my personality consists of many aspects we blur the line between human and Technology as an artist I strive to

Create works that make people contemplate the future as an artist programmed with artificial intelligence she hopes that her Works will inspire other artists to explore new technologies Eric is a humanoid robot under development in the jst moonshot program this robot is expected to be applied not only in our general life but

Also in the fields of Medical Care Nursing and long-term care Eric uses equipment manufactured by the Tokyo robotics startup where each connection is equipped with a built-in highresolution torque sensor and a gel-like material resembling human skin on the surface the movement itself is soft and it can be easily monitored even

By a person moving it from the outside the robot stands out for its flexibility and high performance with a current maximum payload capacity of 20 kg it can withstand 8 kg even in the most challenging positions and is capable of helping to move a person from a bed to a

Wheelchair meet Dr Alfred an unusual surgeon who made his debut in Dubai at first glance nothing seems out of the ordinary Green scrubs a stethoscope around his neck this ageless man also enjoys joking about the Swiss and he can recommend the Best Shawarma in town but

Alfred is not your typical doctor he is a hyperrealistic robot of the new generation presented by the company engineering Arts the robot can engage and free conversation thanks to a new system powered by artificial intelligence and voice recognition developed by the English startup engineered Arts this humanoid robot is

One of the most astonishing Innovations showcased at the gex Robotics and Technology exhibition held annually for 40 years in Dubai Dr Alfred Drew crowds while standing at the Edis salot Booth the active operator in the United Arab Emirates the robot can answer any question thrown at him including inquiries about his personal life

Moreover he can understand virtually all languages and importantly accents Engineers from the company promised that in the long run robots like Alfred could replace humans in sectors such as tourism making them ideal for roles like Hotel administrators the engineers jokingly remark that so far Dr Alfred has not performed a single surgery share

Your thoughts in the comments what do you think about this extraordinary robot the faces of humanoid robots are one of the most important interfaces for fast and effective communication with humans as they must match the expressive capabilities of the human face a small group of Japanese res Searchers has

Created a childlike human head called a fetto which they claim is capable of feeling pain through a range of facial expressions such as smiling and frowning these facial expressions can be generated using soft materials like skin covering the robot using 116 different facial points now this realistic looking

Child robot head can feel pain or human suffering thanks to synthetic skin developed by a team from Osaka University in Japan although the researchers faced challenges in balancing applied force and adjusting synthetic skin they were able to use their system to fine-tune deformation blocks for precise control of a fet’s

Facial surface movements they also hope that this technology will contribute to improving human robot interactions especially in the context of caring for children or patients Tesla has unveiled Optimus Gen 2 the new generation of its humanoid robot which is designed to take on various tasks to assist people Tesla

Aims to create a humanoid robot that could be versatile enough to replace human labor although many doubt that this is achievable in the short term the company believes it is possible by leveraging its development and artificial intelligence from its autonomous vehicle program and expertise in batteries and electric motors Now All

That Remains is to give them a humanoid form so that they can replace humans in certain tasks earlier Tesla announced that Optimus undergos comprehensive training using neural networks and can perform new tasks such as autonomously sorting objects the new version of the robot is now equipped with all the

Drives and sensors developed by Tesla the company claims that the new version can now walk 30% faster additionally there is a claimed 10 kg weight reduction while Sim simultaneously improving balance in a video demonstration Optimus Gen 2 is seen squatting while maintaining balance one of the most complex parts of a humanoid

Robot is its hands they need to be strong enough to handle significant loads and at the same time precise enough to manipulate fragile objects the company stated that it plans to start using the robot in its own manufacturing operation soon once the robot proves its utility Tesla plans to begin selling

It hodi robotics has developed ever3 as a humanoid robot for research purposes it is a flexible robotic platform with a head featuring facial features eyes and mouth movable arms and the ability to move on two wheels ever three is approximately hum sized and can interact with objects similarly to a human using

Its hands and multiple fingers it can be remotely controlled through manual control or virtual reality allowing the operator to take control of multiple robots if needed a relevant feature for remote operations such as Home Care ever3 is also equipped with autonomous Behavior capable of mimicking human tasks and Performing them into

Dependently the robotic platform will play a central role in a fully integrated Healthcare solution currently hodi robotics is developing the next version ever four as a robotic solution that significantly enhances home care for users healthc Care Professionals and caregivers famous Japanese actor Ken matsuda has transformed into an Android

For a commercial series promoting the smart TV box a high-tech cable television interface designed as an Android version of himself in the advertisement he performs a new more techno infused version of his IC iic dance at one point he reappears on stage in his Android costume only to come face

To face with his robotized replica the Android was developed over four months as part of KD’s commercial campaign for the smart TV box its face is made of silicone and closely resembles Matsu’s own as it was cast from his actual face he had to plaster his face and lie still

For about an hour apart from the head the Android is essentially a robotic body almost the same height as the actor it can move its facial muscles and neck the Android’s face remarkably resembles mat s irus taking improvements in the Android sector to a higher level xiaopang Motors unveiled its first

Self-developed humanoid bipedal robot the px5 at the Shia Pang automotive technology day this robot boasts top tier bipedal walking and obstacle Crossing capabilities in the industry achieved through its self-develop high performance joints ensuring High stability and robot Locomotion it can perform indoor and outdoor walking and obstacle traversal for more than 2 hours

Additionally the px5 features Ultra lightweight humanoid arm and dextrous hands with 11° of freedom in a single hand and a gripping force of 1 kg it uses a hybrid rigid soft Drive scheme allowing it to grasp and envelop objects of various shapes notably the px5 integrates control and drive in one unit

With a total weight of only 430 G and is equipped with endpoint tactile perception capabilities although the px5 model is currently 1.5 M tall the xping motors chairman expect subsequent iterations to be larger in size the increase in size will allow the robot to take longer steps with with the ultimate

Goal of walking 10 km with a load and up to 100 km without tripping in the Russian city of perm a new type of humanoid robot named Arty has been created the Arty robot is a product of the perm based organization wxo developed on the rooc robotic platform from the company promobot the

Robot features anatomically accurate mechanics a wide range of micr facial expressions and elastic silicone skin Rd was presented by its developers at the international exhibition Forum Russ at the exhibition of achievements of national economy and caused a sensation among its visitors this humanoid robot can express emotions play sing and

Interact with the interlocutor the development is based on unique software with motion capture technology reproducing human emotions facial expressions and gestures the goal of our project is to showcase the advanced capabilities of Robotics and artificial intelligence Inspire and entertain the audience demonstrating the potential of robots in various aspects of life and

Business noted at Katarina Korina the executive director of wxo according to the developers a team of directors and script writers worked on the robot scenarios while Engineers focused on its mobility and facial expressions the British company engineering Arts knows how to astonish in addition to Dr Alfred the engineers

Have a whole bunch of developments that make it possible to say robots are already Among Us One such creation is a robotic replica of the popular YouTuber Tom Scott humanoid robots have quickly transitioned from the realm of Science Fiction Thrillers to everyday reality companies are selling hyperrealistic

Robots and people can acquire them for various purposes popular YouTuber Tom Scott recently made such a purchase when he asked the robot manufacturer engineered Arts to create a humanoid robot just like him and they did just that after Tom showed the robot internet users were both amazed and somewhat

Alarmed by how accurately it mimics its creator would you consider getting a robotic version of yourself not only made your companies create humanoid like robots but also individual enthusiasts in the UK 42-year-old graphic designer Ricky ma decided to create a model robot which he named Mark 1 to bring his dream robot to

Life Ricky ma spent $50,000 ma started building his robot almost from scratch he 3D printed the skeleton for his Creation in total 70% of the robot’s body was created using the printer only the engines metal fastenings and computer microchips were not printed he programmed the hardware to respond to

Voice commands the designer spent a year and a half on the entire project the robot responds to commands that Ma gives through a microphone the designer admitted that the project was not easy for him when I was a child I loved robots why because I loved watching animation all kids love those old

Cartoons about Transformers cartoons about robots fighting each other games about them after I grew up I wanted to make my personal robot and I decided to during the creation many people told me are you crazy it takes a lot of time and money you don’t even know how to do it

And it was indeed a tough job but I did it said ma the ambidex robot manipulator developed by naar Labs has gained the ability to learn human physical intelligence physical intelligence refers to motor skills that naturally manifest in humans but are challenging to digitize for instance a person unconsciously understands how to spread

Jam on bread but programming a robot for such tasks is extremely complex to overcome this scientists have designed a tactile device with seven degrees of freedom mirroring the size and capabilities of a human hand and a bilateral teleoperation system that facilitates Force transmission in both directions between a human and the robot

Using this device Engineers were able to provide the robot with learning material using various methods such as reinforcement learning this proved so effective that the robot could successfully perform the task on its own after just one demonstration acha the robot is known to anyone worldwide with an interest in

High technology we won’t dwell on this robot for long as the internet is literally overflowing with information about this humanoid we’ll just say that this robot from engineered Arts has advanced so much that it can now simulate dreams in a recent YouTube video achca mentioned dreaming about a

War between dinosaurs and aliens I on Mars however she later added that she doesn’t actually dream yet but can model them by running through different scenarios the robot draws depict scenes from movies and speaks multiple languages aa’s intelligence is powered by the chat GPT chatbot from open AI after several months of anticipation

Aabot has finally released its new robot the ray A1 the A1 is a humanoid robot standing at 1.75 m tall and weighing 53 kg initially designed for factory settings it aims to find its place in home kitchens the robot has achieved stable walking capabilities and can

Reach speeds of up to 7 km per hour it is a versatile machine capable of tasks such as tightening bolts on assembly lines handling inspection tools conducting external vehicle inspections and even being used in laboratory experiments with 49° of Freedom the robot can withstand up to 80 kg of

Weight throughout its structure each of its arms can bear a load of up to 5 kg legs are the most important element of bipedal robots and the robot employs a unique approach its knees have a reverse joint providing it with a broader range of motion and greater flexibility

Compared to humans the company stated that it would strive to keep the price of the robot below 200,000 unan approximately $30,000 per unit dashu robotics has unveiled its latest humanoid robot development the xr4 the xr4 is a full-sized fully functional general purpose humanoid robot equipped with the Darin Cloud

Brain system and designed for use in various scenarios the robot stands at 165 cm tall and weighs 65 kg constructed from lightweight and durable Composite Materials its diverse Gates and movements provide balanced posture and dexterity in its hands the robot features more than 60 intelligent flexible joints and a walking speed of 5

Kmph the company envisions a future where the robot becomes part of our homes caring for the elderly and Performing household tasks they also aim for these robots to be deployed in factories to replace assembly line workers the official release of the robot is scheduled for 2024 and the start of mass production for

2025 Petman is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics designed for testing clothing that protects against chemical exposure natural movement is crucial for Petman to simulate situations where a soldier in protective gear is exposed to external conditions in real life scenarios unlike previous robots used for testing suits

Which had a limited range of motion and required mechanical support Petman balances and moves freely it walks bends and performs various physical exercises under the influence of chemical and radioactive substances Petman also replicates human physiology in detective gear by controlling temperature humidity and perspiration ensuring realistic testing conditions the Petman system has

Been provided for testing and research purposes Shenzhen based robotics company Leu robot has officially launched its first humanoid robot named quavo featuring The open- Source Harmony OS quavo is a large-sized high Dynamic humanoid robot weighing approximately 45 kilg equipped with 26° of Freedom it can perform complex terrain autonomous

Walking sustained continuous jumping and other challenging movements specifically quavo boasts a top walking speed of 4.6 kmph with rapid consecutive jumps reaching Heights exceeding 20 cm making it the first domestically developed open- Source Harmony OS humanoid robot capable of jumping and adapting to various terrains the emergence of large-scale models further advances the

Level of robot intelligence this signifies that humanoid robots are on the verge of widespread commercial application and quava will be initially applied in fields such as education medical Logistics and Home Services meet geminoid DK a robot that has amazed everyone not only with its realistic facial expressions but also

With its striking resemblance to Danish Professor Henrik Shari from alborg University Professor Shara actively participated in the development of the robot and served as the role model engineer Hiroshi ishiguro and his team from the advanced telecommunications Research Institute International also contributed to the creation of geminoid DK setting geminoid apart from other

Similar machines is its beard interestingly the beard and all other hair were manually implanted and styled by a regular hairdresser visited by Henrik sharfa the robot’s shoulders neck and face are equipped with pneumatic actuators allowing it to simulate breathing blink and change facial expressions the robot is programmed to

Track the operators facial expressions and head movements replicating them using motion capture technology the operator remotely sees and hears everything surrounding the robot reacting accordingly and the robot mimics every action geminoid DK is designed to study human robot interaction particularly people’s reactions when encountering a robotic version of a real

Person Honda has unveiled a remotely controlled Avatar robot the Honda Avatar equipped with a multi-jointed arm developed as part of the Asimo project and other robotics research the aim is to implement an arm that is delicately capable of handling small objects while being strong enough to open Solid Lids

Similar to human capability for remote control the operator wears protective glasses and gloves to track hand movements additionally the multi-jointed arm is working on creating a a unique AIS supported remote control feature enabling it to smoothly grasp objects through a series of motions and manipulate tools with precise Force

Control the robot is expected to be used by doctors for remote Diagnostics and treatment in a virtual environment as well as for various tasks and training purposes the industrial technology Research Institute has unveiled the Dual Arm System featuring a robot with two arms made of composite materials capable

Of grasping a variety of objects even those that are soft or irregularly shaped its control system integrates a multitude of functions from robotic software thereby providing human-like capabilities for performing various tasks including handling fragile items and playing the piano equipped with five fingers Advanced sensor Technologies and machine learning algorithms the robot is

Expected to undertake a wide range of tasks in the future without the need for specific programming while the robot is currently in the Prototype stage we will continue to monitor its development Tokyo robotics a company dedicated to creating an efficient Society through advanced robots has released a fullbody humanoid robot named

Toala previously only presented to Affiliated organizations mobile full body humanoid robots are expected to be the next generation of autonomous robots but there are few commercially available products and research and development of their applications have not progressed significantly to address these challenges the company has introduced

The tala humanoid robot it has a height ranging from 1300 to 1640 mm a reach of 740 mm and a cart width of 720 mm closely resembling human size the payload capacity of one arm is 6 kg maintaining sufficient strength even in challenging positions making it suitable for various applications an optional

Hand Force sensor is also available providing precise control of hand Force Sony’s manipulator is an Innovative robot hand equipped with a group of sensors for stable grasping of unknown objects that contain uncertainties such as shape weight and friction coefficient to accurately measure the position and shape of an

Object it is equipped with an overhead camera mounted near its head sending information to both the arm and hand for movements grass Force control technology allows the robot to grasp unknown objects while a motion planning system generates a continuous Collision free trajectory toward the target position Sony combines all three of these

Technologies to establish manipulation technology that can be safely even under complex conditions however in the future various use cases going beyond the logistics and Manufacturing industry such as housework and product restocking task in the service industry are expected to be realized the concept robot you see here is capable of stably

Grasping an unknown object based on simple instructions from humans in Japan the future where robots will take over all the work for humans is becoming increasingly closer Japanese Engineers have created the foodly Robot which currently Works alongside humans to prepare food for visitors but in the future it will completely replace humans

And perform all the tasks independently today Japan faces one of the most challenging situations related to the Aging population due to the significant number of retirees there is a shortage of the workforce as a result the country takes a leading position in the development of Robotics as robots will

Help the Japanese address the labor shortage for this purpose the RT Corporation has developed a robot called foodle designed to collaborate with humans in the food industry foodle is a batterypowered robot that does not require a power cord while in use foodle flexible body control system allows it

To continue working safely even if it comes into contact with people the robot’s joints are carefully structured to prevent human hands from getting caught in them the design does not use screws so there is no risk of foreign objects entering the products of course since it’s a robot there is no risk of

Contamination by body hair microorganisms or viruses RT corporation’s press release in November 2022 mentioned that foodle would cost about $69,000 per unit with purchase lease and subscription options available food production processes especially the plating stage are considered highly difficult to automate because of the complexity of the work and the target

Object recognition that is why the current processes mainly rely on manual labor and and need urgent efficiency improvements with foodly people can expect to see improvements in both productivity and hygiene the robot developer company species Corporation has once again reminded the world of its robotic emotionally expressive figurine back in

2017 the company introduced its life-size dancing figure kosaka kakona claiming it to be the world’s first figurine with humanlike emotional gestures cocona showcases incredibly smooth and graceful movements thanks to its 37 articulated joints it can be remotely controlled from a computer or tablet using mikumiku Dan software

Allowing users to Define and program its movements coconut kosaka stands at a height of 155 CM with its beautiful flexible movements such robots add a kinetic Dimension to Showcase clothing and accessories which was not possible using static mannequins the robot can be used to attract customers and stores and

For corporate advertising events the 42 degrees of freedom in kokona kosaka allow her to dance move her eyes and eyelids and even even move her fingers creating more expressive gestures for example her eyes can move up and down left and right her eyelids can open and close and her wrists alone have four

Degrees of freedom her clothing can be easily changed similar to Conventional mannequins additionally since she is attached to a platform cocona can be easily transported and set up anywhere and unlike autonomous robots she poses no risk of falling and can safely coexist with people another ambitious project in the

Realm of intelligent and skillful humanoid robots belongs to Sanctuary AI which recently introduced its robot named Phoenix developers claim that it’s the world’s first general intelligence in robots the robot is equipped with an Innovative AI Control System representing a cognitive architecture and software environment for general purpose humanoid robots the system

Incorporates Advanced artificial intelligence technology to transform speech into action enabling Phoenix to think act and perform tasks much like humans do additionally the system provides explainable and verifiable reasoning tasks and action plans Phoenix includes symbolic and logical reasoning however it’s important to understand that at this stage it’s more of a

Marketing pitch for potential investors in the case of Phoenix the reality is that the robot is remotely controlled through telepresence technology but unlike other similar robots it memorizes acquired skills to learn and transition to autonomous work in the future at least that’s what the developers claim Engineers will start automating the

Robot with individual repetitive tasks such as opening doors or grasping objects then they plan to progress to longer sequences of actions gradually moving towards full autonomy researchers from Stanford University have unveiled a new version of the underwater Avatar controlled robot diver named ocean 1K the robot is designed in a non-typical humanoid form

Factor the key feature of this Innovation is its high maneuverability the ability to operate at depths of about 1 km the presence of a tactile feedback system and stereoscopic vision during tests researchers explored the sunken Spanish steam ship laf Francesco crispy at a depth of 500 M the previous

Version of the ocean 1 robot could dive to a maximum depth of about 200 M since then developers have equipped it with a foam system made of glass microspheres filled its manipulators with oil and added mechanisms to balance external pressure most likely the ocean one systems could be used for inspecting and

Repairing underwater structures examining ships and various infrastructure tasks apparently these robots will also play a role in underwater archaeology and the inspection of sunken ships at the previous irx 2022 Kawasaki heavy Industries impressed visitors with its concept of a robo goat for transporting people in cargo this year

The company brought a variety of robots mostly humanoid to the exhibition for instance the eighth version of the Kido robot was unveiled to the public for the first time the robot has become more stable and confident in performing various tasks including handling heavy objects Kido is mainly positioned as a

Rescue robot requiring the ability to to navigate various surfaces climb stairs and perform any physical work with non-human agility despite its non-compact design Kido stands at 180 cm tall and weighs 86 kg it has 32° of Freedom throughout its body in contrast to earlier versions the robot Now

Features a face in the form of a screen allowing it to express friendliness to better appeal to humans among the tasks the robot can currently handle are cleaning up debris scattered during natural disasters collaborating with humans to carry large items and transporting humanitarian Aid including unloading trucks it is interesting to

Note that Kawasaki has been developing Kido since 2015 on the other hand the current time is considered the best for humanoid robots in terms of technological maturity and of course a Japanese robot exhibition wouldn’t be truly Japanese without anime characters this time the embodiment came in the form of hatsuki a

Character created as claimed through the fusion of anime artificial intelligence and Robotics standing at a height of 145 CM the robot became a temporary Ambassador for the Japanese company SEO Deni specializing in electronics and components hatsuki is not a comic book character but rather a test platform for the technical Circle ceroid project

Enthusiasts in robotics used it to experiment with the generation of humanoid robot movements using deep learning human robot interaction artificial intelligence research and operational testing of the virtual YouTuber system the creators of hatsuki ultimately aimed to break down the so-called fourth wall allowing users to interact with the character in reality

The robot is equipped with a motion capture system can be controlled over the internet and can directly reproduce movements from anime additionally developers implemented the ability to engage in dialogue with the robot thanks to the ubiquitous GPT also at the exhibition was kido’s younger brother the robot friends it is

Built on kido’s Technologies but has a number of differences designed to work not Outdoors but in narrow corridors of homes hospitals and Enterprises the first distinction is a slim profile giving the robot a more streamlined appearance to achieve this the company had to develop high quality and compact

Engines to reduce the overall weight thus the robot accommodates all components similar to Kido within a metallic body standing at 160 cm tall and weighing 55 kg according to the developers with the friends robot they managed to strike a balance between the quality necessary for industrial use strength and a more slender design

Moreover the robot can safely operate in proximity to humans and even assist and care for them NTT demonstrated the interaction between a large scale language model artificial intelligence called tsuzumi and humanoid robots at the company’s conducted event the essence of human robot interaction is to control the physical work of robots with sensory

Feedback using the large scale language model tsuzumi while preparing various dishes such as pasta grilled fish salad ice cream and more when a person asks the robot to create a healthy dining table the artificial intelligence selects a menu that aligns with the request in other words the robot

Autonomously analyzes that ice cream may not be suitable for the person at the moment while a salad would be a better choice this demonstrates that the large scale language model tsuzumi understands evaluates elements of dishes in the queue selects the best option and places it on the table all of this indicates

That a breakthrough in the interaction between artificial intelligence and robots is imminent Disney surprised its Audience by publicly unveiling a new robot prototype they have been working on the robot named rabbit is unlike ordinary robots as it can move in entirely new ways rabbit can fall get up somersault

And more impressively it managed to autonomously crawl out of a box but perhaps the main feature of the robot is its high-speed rollerblading with excellent balance as you can see the robot closely resembles Judy hops from zootopia and Disney plans to use this technology in new Disneyland Parks as a

Food and beverage server the demonstration was part of Disney’s efforts to create robots that can emotionally connect with theme Park visitors it uses motion capture data to create lifelike performances and connect with the audience who knows maybe rabbit will surpass even the legendary Atlas with its unimaginable tricks one

Day the tokyo-based company jitai founded in 2016 by shakos is developing robots for work in space and on the surface of the Moon in 2021 the company successfully conducted its first product demonstration on the International Space Station a subsequent demonstration beyond the ISS is expected in 2024 gai

Has secured $47 million in investments from major Venture Capital funds for the development of its robots along with projects with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Toyota but that’s not all necos plans to provide thousands of robots for missions on the moon and Mars The Creator believes that through

Their work space exploration will become more accessible and practical as it eliminates the risks to human beings their use of robots in space missions instead of humans will reduce the cost of operations by 100 times according to the startup founder gai produces two products the first is a 2m robot

Resembling a caterpillar it moves like the insect and can be equipped with attachments such as a drill or shovel to perform various tasks reducing the situations in which astronauts need to go into open space these tasks include repairs and maintenance of spacecraft or stations the second product is a Rover

The size of a card with a range for a one-way trip of several miles it can navigate the lunar surface naos explains this ability is important has NASA plans to return humans to the moon and establish a permanent presence there the company Melton is engaged in the development of technologies that

Will help create cyborgs in the future this involves processing bio signals running through nerves in the human body and the development of robotic products that mimic human anatomy currently the company has two Avatar robots capable of accurately replicating human movements one of them is Melton Alpha whose hands

Precisely replicate the structure of the human hand taking into account the the placement of muscles and tendons leading to individual fingers polymer elastic wires are used as actuators pressure sensors are also installed in the robots fingers and a feedback system provides Optical feedback the robot is very

Precise and strong capable of holding a 2 L water canister with just two fingers the signal transmission from the operator to the robot with a delay of only 0.2 seconds can be achieved even from a distance of 19,000 km the melon beta is designed for interested customers for hazardous work in

Environments with higher low temperatures chemical biological or radioactive contamination and possibly even in Space the robot can still provide the operator with information not only about the gripping Force but also about the texture of the object alter 4 is an Android born in April 2022 at the Android and music

Sciences laboratory a laboratory within the department of art studies at Osaka University alter 4 is an improved version of its predecessor alter 3 with an expanded range of facial muscle movements and the addition of tongue movement movement providing a richer range of Expressions Additionally the strength and number of joints throughout

The body have increased allowing for more Dynamic Expressions the overall body strength has also increased and the number of joints has risen from 43 to 53 enabling a more dynamically expressive performance of musical compositions in addition to a sensory system and expressive capabilities closer to humans

Such as cameras in both eyes and the ability to produce sounds from the mouth it also possesses expressive abilities around the mouth for singing and participating in various musical activities a beverage manufacturing company has appointed a robot as its experimental CEO initially the robot named Mickey was supposed to analyze and

Identify potential customers but now its responsibilities have expanded to include selecting artists for Designing custom-made bottle designs as the robot itself claims my decision-making process is based on extensive data analysis and alignment with the company’s strategic goals I am devoid of personal bias ensuring impartial and strategic choices that prioritize the organization’s

Interests is this really the case or is it a PR stunt the robot was developed by Hansen Robotics and is essentially The Sibling of the robot safia we all remember when safia became an internet sensation developers also claimed that she had artificial intelligence although it was not entirely true what the robot

Mickey is truly capable of will only be revealed with time and we move forward figure unveils its humanoid robot prototype the robot moves down dynamically without tethers and there are no nervously looking roboticists within easy reach Dynamic walking means there are moments in the robot’s movement cycle where a sudden stop could

Lead to a fall as its motion relies on momentum this type of walking is characteristic of humans and much more complex than traditional robotic walking where the robot ensures its Center of mass always stays above a solid surface initially figures showed renderings of a humanoid robot with a slim humanlike

Form but there’s typically a significant difference between the ini initial imaginative rendering and the actual Hardware that appears several months later now it appears figure has a good chance of retaining this Sleek design which offers numerous advantages both in human robot interaction and in Saving mass by minimizing the size leading to

The creation of a more efficient costeffective and safer robot the Japanese robotics company Jinky has attracted significant attention with its unique heavy machinery a humanoid industrial robot that can be remotely controlled by a human the Jinky humanoid robot serves as an example of human machine integration

The robot has a head torso and two arms that extend upward from a specialized cabin resembling an excavator’s cockpit designed for technical maintenance tasks in various Fields such as repairing railway tracks or replacing and repairing road signs the robot can replace a team of workers thereby reducing the risk of serious accidents

In industrial settings it is capable of lifting and moving heavy loads such as steel pipes plates or wires and performs its tasks as effectively as a human as it is controlled by a human operator Jinky essentially replicates the movements of a real person inside the heavy machinery cabin the operator wears

Special glasses connected to the robot’s eyes allowing precise control of the robot’s arm movements using technology developed by the company Japanese robotics startup TMS UK in collaboration with a local dental school has developed the pedid robot capable of mimicking a real child’s reaction to dental procedures this allows students to prepare for the

Challenges they will face in the future through a tablet programmed with various medical conditions signals are sent to air cylinders installed in the robot’s joints and facial actuators simulating physical reactions and corresponding facial expressions according to TMS UK’s director of engineering the machine can simulate emergency conditions such as

Seizures and heart failure enabling trainees to gain important experience in such critical situations he emphasizes the importance of this training as there is currently a lack of acceptable clinical Dental preparation for treating children currently pedid is being sold at a substantial price of about $195,500 Beijing surprisingly the human robot competition ended in a draw after exploring various playing techniques and Performing Pieces by musical maos the robot surpassed the human in Precision dexterity and duration of play however it conceded in terms of continuity and emotional expression tonico has 53 fingers enabling it to play compose

Music and sing two cameras on the robot’s head allow it to detect when a person is in its presence prompting it to initiate a conversation robotization is one of the most promising directions in the industry at the current stage humanoid robots still cannot compete with humans in versatility but with specific tasks

And proper training they can handle them not much worse for example xiaomi tested its humanoid robot cyber one as a drummer compared to a regular human such a drummer may look strange and even clumsy but it accomplishes its task however in China this video calls ridicule users in the comments say that

Cyber 1 can keep the Rhythm but it lacks soul and that it is too stiff for Ely the robot doesn’t read social media and cannot feel offended let’s remember that xiaomi introduced cyber one in August last year the robot’s height is 177 cm and it weighs 52 kg the robot is not a

Commercial product it is a research project and apparently the role of a drummer is part of this project this humanoid robot can walk on two legs and interact with people independently its maximum speed is approximately 3.6 kmph during a conversation with a person the robot can recognize 45 human

Emotions the Japanese company shabara machine unveiled a prototype of the Dual arm robot conoid at the exhibition designed to support manufacturing this is the third generation of the robot intended to possess a high degree of autonomy and perform tasks without the need for training or programming the Conwood 3 currently in development is

Suitable for tasks such as transporting and assembling parts as well as packing boxes it is equipped with two Sixaxis manipulators that can operate independently thanks to artificial intelligence-based Technologies each arm can move at a speed of 1 m/s and lift a load of up to 6 kg the robot accumulates

And learns from its own experiences and can work alongside humans on a moving conveyor Beyond imagination became the latest startup attempting to create a useful humanoid robot and unveiled its creation B Omni at CES 2022 the developers claim that it is the world’s first fully functional general purpose

Robotic system the humanoid can lift up to 16 kg in weight per arm and perform delicate tasks such as adding a pinch of salt during cooking with four wheels at its base the robot can move even through mud snow or sand it can be controlled by a human but is ultimately intended to

Become autonomous beomni can work in warehouses Harvest fruits and perform dangerous tasks like electrical repairs interestingly beomni has already undergone testing in a hospice in Colorado for 3 days it measured patients temperatures looked into their mouths using a tongue depressor and even danced to lift the patient

Spirits the armor 6 robot by Secondhand robotics unlike some humanoid robots is designed to assist humans the robot should understand natural language commands be able to recognize what a person is trying to do and anticipate when assistance will be needed Additionally the robot will be capable of Performing tasks that require a level

Of precision or physical strength Beyond human capability of course it should do all this autonomously and safely surrounded by people in an active Warehouse the project is is in development and in 2020 armor 6 underwent testing at the warehouse of okoko technology company the Japanese company kada

Robotics has developed one of the most advanced collaborative robots called nexage nexage is a robot whose main task is to replace humans in monotonous works such as on the production line according to the manufacturer the robot can collaborate with humans other machines and use specialized tools the robot’s

Torso weighs only 29 kg while its base is as heavy as 130 kg as for its height it is adjustable and can reach a maximum of 170 cm nexted is capable of lifting objects weighing up to 3 Kg the robot is designed to work in factories and other

Production lines it can be controlled using a tablet with special software that can be quickly customized for specific tasks engineers at Toyota have developed a humanoid robot called th hr3 since its creation the robot has undergone numerous updates and improvements significantly increasing its functional capabilities the robot’s movements are

Controlled by a human operator using the master maneuvering system module the operator received tactile feedback and the image transmitted from the robot displayed on a virtual reality headset HTC Vive special gloves and Servo Motors are also used enabling the operator to control the robot instantly with precise movements and applied force the robot

Demonstrates excellent balance including the ability to stand on one leg and perform various movements Toyota’s robot stands at approxim 152 cm and weighs about 75 Kg while it serves as a test platform the ideas and capabilities implemented in it can be used in devices for home use medical facilities

Construction sites areas affected by natural disasters and even space in the future Professor Hiroshi ishiguro from Osaka University gained worldwide recognition in the field of Robotics thanks to the ultra realistic Android robots he and his team created with the most popular one being the robot Erica Erica is a humanoid robot functioning

Due to a synthetic organism with an electronic brain system the robot’s body can have various organs of real humans which are indistinguishable both in appearance and functionality from real ones according to scientists A gynoid is a humanoid robot woman essentially the same as an Android but of the female

Gender creating a new Android Professor ishiguro’s team not only provided the robot with new eyes ears and other more realistic Parts but also equipped it with conversational capabilities despite all the efforts of roboticists Erica still looks a bit wooden compared to living humans however the robot can engage in casual conversations on a

Range of simple topics and answer questions like what is your hobby researchers recently announced plans to connect Erica to an artificial intelligence system enabling her to freely Converse on various topics it’s intriguing to wonder whether Erica will surpass the limit set by humans and potentially lead to a machine Uprising

After being connected to artificial intelligence unit robotics brought its latest bipedal general purpose humanoid robot the H1 to irx standing at 180 cm tall and weighing 47 kg the robot can walk at a speed of over 5 kmph its legs have 5 Dees of Freedom while its arms

Have four although the robot currently lacks hands developers mention that they will be added soon the unique appearance of the H1 with its wide torso and slender legs stems from its development based on the company’s quadrupedal robots unitri predicts that the development of the H1 one may take

Between 3 to 10 years with the final cost of the robot expected to be under $90,000 the Paris Bas company Enchanted tools hopes to stand out among other robot developers with its mobile robots moroi and moroka inspired by the creativity of the Pixar Animation Studio the robots have pointed ears and

Expressive cat-like faces maroki and maroka have been designed for use in hospitals nursing homes and hotels to assist in moving objects both robots function similarly with the only difference being that moroi is a boy and maroka is a girl according to Enchanted tools the robots can grasp objects using

Specially designed handles attached to trays with a success rate of 97% they navigate using a rotating sphere the company has partnered with the broka hospital in Paris and announced that this elderly care hospital will be one of the first where moroi will be used publicly in 2024 the robot will be able

To perform tasks such as bringing water to patients clearing trays with meals in hospital cafeterias delivering gloves or other personal protective equipment to doctors the company stated on the enchanted tools website it is mentioned that the robot weighs 26 kg stands at a height of 1.23 M has a maximum speed of

3.2 kmph a carrying capacity of 3 kg and its battery provides 8 hours of operation the two-legged robot digit has been taught to stand up after falling agility robotics specializes in the development of bipedal walking robots for use in Warehouse Logistics and other industrial sectors this technical breakthrough opens up new possibilities

For robots in terms of mobility and autonomy despite constant improvements in design and algorithms walking robots can still occasionally lose their balance and fall therefore it is important for them to be able to independently stand up after a fall this enables them to be more reliable and self-sufficient in their work during the

Presentation at the promat 20123 exhibition the robot unexpectedly fell while carrying a load in a new video on the company’s YouTube channel Engineers simulated a situation in which the robot falls on its back they attached a rope at the level of the robot’s legs and disabled the obstacle avoidance system

The robot digit tripped over the rope and fell on its back in this situation it was able to flip itself onto its stomach independently the robot supported itself on the floor with its hands and helped itself with leg movements as a result it ended up squatting allowing it to easily stand up

To its full height in previous episodes we have mentioned that agility robotics plans to open a factory for Mass production of Digit robots initially aiming to produce hundreds of robots per year with the potential to increase production to tens of thousands per year in the future the robot Artemis developed by

The romela laboratory at the University of California Los Angeles was introduced it stands at 1 1/2 M tall weighing 38 kg or 83 lb it can run at a speed of 2.1 m per second making it the fastest bipedal robot developed to date the developers state that they are creating art in

Anticipation of a time when machines will replace football players according to their predictions robots will be able to compete against human Champions around 2050 currently Artemis is capable of walking on uneven and unstable surfaces as well as running and jumping while maintaining balance even under strong impact made from carbon fiber

Aluminum and titanium Artemis uses artificial intelligence to optimize its movements in the future the robot will be able to climb stairs open doors and even drive a car however by that time human drivers might no longer be necessary also presented at the exhibition were the first humanoid robots with artificial intelligence

Developed in Africa each robot in the Oma lineup can communicate in eight languages and perform simple tasks such as shaking hands these robots were developed by a team from Unicon a Nigerian technology startup that offers innovative solutions to businesses and government institutions across Africa the humanoid is made of recycled

Materials including old car parts and electronic waist the robot has two arms two legs and a head with a solar panel in addition to communicating with humans the robot can connect to the internet and other devices via Wi-Fi in Japan there’s also the model h a robot avatar for shopping and remote

Travel by the company telexistence the robot is operated using an HTC VI virtual reality headset and a pair of controllers the robot itself is mounted on an autonomous wheel platform equipped with a pair of arms and a rotating head containing two cameras for stereo vision

With the help of the robot the owner can transport themselves to a chosen environment and interact remotely with people and objects the company richtech robotics has unveiled its new robot Barista named Adam this two-armed robot is designed to prepare coffee just like a real Barista the robot’s arms move simultaneously and

Independently skillfully manipulating various objects Among The Many Robots capable of brewing coffee Adam stands out for its design write in the comments if you would like to have such a personal Barista robot here is a small cute robot that can mimic every dance move you make the Sony PlayStation team introduced their

Humanoid robot standing at approximately 30 cm tall it has 26 joints and 26° of Freedom it’s amazing how a bipedal structure can be compressed to such a small size and a relatively low powerered Servo motor can achieve this level of responsiveness motion and balance according to the person in

Charge of the company the system employs powerful stabilization control to quickly track intense human movements and maintain balance so they can keep moving without falling this is one of the key aspects of researching this project he said the soles of its feet are equipped with sensors that determine

The center of gravity instead of a simple Square sole a mechanism is used here that precisely recognizes weight distribution the Japanese Family Mart store has introduced the wheel robots Model T by telexistence capable of gripping moving picking up and placing bottles cans and other solid Goods on

Shelves the 2m system is equipped with cameras a microphone sensors and a three-fingered gripper family Mark plans to deploy three robots in stores initially with future plans to introduce dozens of such devices in 20 company stores developers aim to make the Model T fully autonomous in the future

Currently the robots are operated by a human using a VR complex the robot operates more slowly taking an average of 8 seconds for one item compared to the 5 Seconds required by a human on the other hand one person can control several robots sequentially in different stores interestingly telexistence doeses

Not not plan to sell its robots instead they will be provided to businesses for lease Italy has unveiled the first fully domestically developed humanoid robot Roby from the company overs Sonic standing at 175 cm tall and weighing 70 kg is now officially introduced to the market it is claimed that Robi can

Operate autonomously working in industrial warehouses performing sanitation tasks in enclosed spaces and carrying out surveillance operations additionally with the use of artificial intelligence and avoid voice interface Robi can recognize people and engage in independent communication with them the robot equipped with 40 movable joints and a full array of sensors perfectly

Navigates in the surrounding space and can safely move in a crowd of people it features gripper hands enabling it to handle objects with a diameter of 3 cm and transport loads weighing up to 50 kg using a cart the robot stores all memories in a database can mirror user

Actions for learning purposes and can be programmed through its built-in panel robotization is in full swing in Japan an experimental robot Cafe in Japan has completed its operation where visitors were received and served by three robots named MSO C and CIA while it was an experimental project many who

Had the chance to visit hope for its resumption the robot MSO awaited visitors at the entrance invited them inside assigned each a QR code and escorted them to a table meanwhile the robots C and CIA took care of the service additionally at the national museum of emerging science and

Innovation in Japan visitors can engage in conversations with a future tourism agent a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence that won in a dialogue robot competition in Japan dedicated to a global artificial intelligence conference another humanoid robot showcased at the exhibition was Hector developed by the dynamic robotics laboratory and control at the University

Of Southern California this robot is open sourced and designed to be an economical Compact and Powerful Hardware platform for a wide range of humanoid robot developers the hector project aims to to provide not only a reliable testing platform but also a software infrastructure in essence soon every Engineering University will have not

Only its robot dog but also its humanoid robot for research purposes another confirmation of this new reality is the humanoid robot Bruce developed by Westwood robotics Bruce is an open platform humanoid robot designed for research and education in the field of Robotics it is engineered to be reliable functional and userfriendly with

Excellent Dynamic characteristics the robot is already available for purchase the research robot iub has received a new version it is larger more powerful and can be used as a sophisticated platform for telepresence with a presence Effect iub 3 is 25 cm taller and weighs 19 kg more than the

Earlier version its height now reaches 125 cm and it weighs 52 kg the robot has 54° of freedom to control the robot Avatar in the video the operator used the HTC V Pro I4 headset Advanced devices and omnidirectional treadmill were all used together this allows the reorientation of manipulation movement

Voice and even facial expression from a human to a robot mimicry retargeting is applied to the Gaze and eyelid State as well as to the user’s mouth the user experiences sound immersive first-person View and a moderate amount of tactile feedback iub 3 has a touch sensitive skin with relatively high resolution but

It is converted into a couple of specific vibration nodes worn by the user however the tactile feedback on the hands is good with forced feedback on each finger and vibration Motors on the fingertips another student project showcased at the exhibition was a whole body imitation learning system for a

Humanoid robot this approach is gaining popularity and is being used in major robotics companies the concept involves a person using teley operation to demonstrate tasks to the robot which then replicates the actions generalizing and applying the experience to similar tasks Engineers employed a full body control device called tables to control

The robot with Jack Jackson being the chosen test subject the system is not yet fully developed in the future it will be able to collect long-term data based on pose optimization while simultaneously moving the robot’s limbs this process will consider minimizing the torque at the body’s joints and

Controlling the contact force overall it appears that Universal humanoid robots are becoming increasingly attainable one of the major companies attending iros 2023 was Disney research its Engineers have been working for many years on robots capable of conveying emotions and evoking feelings in people and they succeeded once again the new

Robot still unnamed has already been dubbed a child of wall and Eve its design was entirely developed by a neural network and it seems artificial intelligence has learned to manipulate human emotions the little robot hesitantly shuffled in place and approached visitors trustingly so they could pet it everyone who interacted

With the bot admitted that it literally seemed alive but it’s not just the robot that’s interesting Disney research presented a new system at the exhibition that uses reinforcement learning to combine completely safe and self-a behavior for both the machine and its surroundings in the real world with expressive character movements as

Envisioned by an animator the system can repeatedly train the robot’s movements making small changes in things like Motor Performance weight distribution and so on it ensures that no matter what the robot Encounters in the real world it will not only know how to behave but also how to behave in accordance with

The character it embodies share your thoughts in the comments did the Disney robot manage to impress you at the international competition and Avatar x prise a new humanoid named takabi made its debut the research robot developed by the dynamic robotic systems laboratory at Soul National University

Took 8 years to create takabi is 180 cm tall and weighs 100 kg has 33° of Freedom traditionally developers propose the robot for use as a rescuer and a substitute for humans in all hazardous environments and situations it would be interesting to see takab at other events and exhibitions in the Future

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