The US is Introducing its Most Advanced Fully Robotic Military Army – Video

The US is Introducing its Most Advanced Fully Robotic Military Army – Video

The United States is set to launch their most advanced fully robotic army with a range of cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize defense and military operations. The American company vcna Technologies has developed a robot known as Bear, designed to rescue soldiers wounded in combat zones. This robot is not only capable of lifting heavy weights of up to 270 kg but can also carry them over long distances using high-powered hydraulic drives with high mobility and infrared night vision.

Additionally, Ghost Robotics has created the V60, a high-endurance four-legged robot that is agile and durable in all weather conditions. This robot is intended for use in defense, homeland, and enterprise applications.

The US Army research laboratory is in collaboration with army engineers and several industrial enterprises to develop a line of autonomous mini robots for use in urban environments, mountains, and caves. These robots are equipped with various sensors for autonomous navigation and obstacle traversal.

Furthermore, Boston Dynamics has created the Big Dog, a quadruped robot designed for carrying loads and traversing challenging terrains with its dynamic stabilization system.

The future of military robotics is also seen in the creation of the giant combat robot Eagle Prime by Megabots company, which may be adopted by the US Army in the future. The US Army has also procured 350 new Flur Cobra robotic systems and the American remotely controlled track robot T360 M2 mut for a wide range of military operations.

With the implementation of these advanced robotic technologies, the US Military is at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements in the field of defense and military operations.

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Video Transcript

He this robot was developed by the American company vcna Technologies to rescue soldiers wounded in combat zones however this robot can be used not only for military purposes the robot can not only lift a significant weight of up to 270 kg but also tirelessly carry it over long distances using high-powered

Hydraulic drives the robot’s High Mobility is also noteworthy as two pairs of tracks help it overcome various obstacles in its path the initial versions of the bear were remotely controlled by a human operator who was able to see and hear through the robot sensor ERS developments to the Bear’s

Artificial intelligence have given the robot the ability to process higher level commands given by an operator such as go to this location or pick up that box if the robot is unable to execute the operator’s command it asks the operator for assistance to complete a task the latest version of the Bear

Robot has infrared night vision and Optical cameras as well as a microphone Vision 60 by ghost robotics is a midsized high endurance four-legged robot intended for use in defense Homeland and and Enterprise applications the robot is agile and durable enough to survive all weather conditions in a wide

Range of environments the ghost robotics V60 ugv has a rugged design which enables it to quickly adapt to new environments using a blind mode control core the legs and arms of the system can be interchanged the ugv weighs 51 kg and can carry payloads weighing up to 10 kg

The system can be assembled and disassembled within 15 minutes the V60 is controlled by an operator using a control pad which looks like a gaming controller the robot can walk it up to 3 m/ second second and run for 3 hours or travel 10 km on a single charge cameras

Are fitted on the front rear and sides offering 360° views and enhancing the situational awareness which is important for users to plan effective strategies the US Army research laboratory has initiated collaboration with army engineers and several Industrial Enterprises the ultimate outcome of this partnership is expected

To be a line of autonomous mini robots designed for use in urban environments mountains and caves one such robot poten ially is an autonomous reconnaissance spider robot this Min Scout will be equipped with various sensors for autonomous navigation and obstacle traversal along with standard and thermal cameras robotic reconnaissance platforms will enable gathering

Information in conditions that are potentially lethal for humans flying and walking drones May no longer surprise anyone however the United States Marine Corps is currently working on creating a drone capable of moving both on water and on rough terrain guardbot is a unique robotic system designed for comprehensive surveillance and detection of improvised

Explosive devices it features a sealed spherical construction housing observation cameras and sensors last year the Drone underwent testing in water and on land where it was deployed into a water body executed plan movements on both water and land and returned guardbot has a movement speed of approximately 6.5 kmph on water and

Up to 35 kmph on land with a surface incline of no more than 30° inside the Drone stabilization mechanisms and a movement system are located Shifting the Drone forward Ward by moving the center of gravity back and forth the sphere is powered by reliable Eagle pacher

Batteries and can operate for up to 18 hours without recharging guardbot operates in two modes remote where it can be controlled by an operator and autonomous it moves almost silently and can wait for a command to execute a task for some time a mobile sensory platform guardbot is designed for covert

Surveillance providing remote inspection and identification of various objects including chemical substances using an onboard combination laser it can also be used as an observation robot EXP explosive substance detector and a transportation vehicle for carrying bombs American company Saros robotics has unveiled its powerful exoskeleton the guardian EXO which allows for

Effortlessly carrying heavy loads weighing up to 90 kg meanwhile the operator feels like they are carrying no more than 5 kg the US military quickly expressed interest in the exoskeleton as such technology could significantly enhance a soldier’s Effectiveness on the battlefield the Saros Guardian XO is a robotic exoskeleton with 24° of freedom

And a walking speed of 1.3 m/ second the system is equipped with a battery with a run time of about 2 hours when the battery is depleted it can be quickly replaced according to the manufacturer it takes just seconds to put on and activate the exoskeleton and learning to

Use the system requires only a few minutes the guardian XO is a robot that uses a real person as its control system essentially it is not the operator carrying the exoskeleton it is the exoskeleton carrying the operator therefore despite the system appearing bulky and weighing around 70 kg the

Person practically doesn’t feel the weight of the robot and the carried load big dog is a quadraped robot developed by Boston Dynamics this robot represents an advanced solution in the field of Robotics and was created for carrying loads and traversing challenging uneven terrains an important characteristic of big dog is its ability

To maintain stability during movement thanks to Dynamic stabilization the robot has an impressive payload capacity making it valuable in situations requiring transport ation of equipment or materials in hard-to-reach places big dog is equipped with a system of flexible and Powerful legs enabling it to overcome obstacles like rocks or snow

This robot can move at a considerable speed and is equipped with sensors and cameras for environmental perception approximately 50 sensors are located on Big Dog these measure the attitude and acceleration of the body motion and force of joint actuators as well as engine speed temperature and hydraulic pressure inside the robot’s internal

Engine lowlevel control such as position and force of the joints and highle control such such as velocity and altitude during Locomotion are both controlled through the onboard computer Megabots company has created the giant combat robot Eagle Prime which will represent the United States in duels between similar machines while

Initially developed as an entertainment project the US military took notice of this creation and it is possible that such Advanced robots may be adopted by the US Army in the future this 12-ton robot standing at a height of 5 m is propelled by a tracked platform it is

Equipped with a 6 2 L V8 LS3 gasoline engine with 430 horsepower a cannon and a claw the robot will be operated by two operators who demonstrated its skills on a small obstacle course the project cost amounted to $2.3 million the US Army has procured 350 new Flur Cobra robotic systems under the

Crsh program at a total cost of $110 million developed by Endeavor robotics the multi-functional Flur Cobra robotic system is a remotely operated track cracked platform weighing 166.250 kg it has a maximum speed of 8 mph and a runtime of up to 10 hours the robot is equipped with multiple highdefinition cameras a manipulator

Weighing 60 kg and a remote control system with claimed enhanced cyber security and interference protection the robot is suitable for Missions such as explosive detection explosive ordinance disposal bomb disposal persistent observation and checkpoint or vehicle inspections can also be used to detect and identify chemical biological radiological and nuclear materials from a standoff

Distance one of the most significant military developments in robotics is the American remotely controlled track robot for military purposes the t360 M2 mut which essentially serves as a multi-functional tactical vehicle with a hybrid Drive the machine is produced in two versions wheeled and tracked after a series of successful tests the robot was

Adopted by the United States Marine Corps the robot’s platform is vers ver atile and can be equipped with several types of machine guns or a 60mm mortar it can also serve as an unarmed transport version which in addition to transporting equipment can be used for evacuating wounded from the battlefield

Reconnaissance or launching drones the robot’s payload capacity is 433 kg its autonomous operation time reaches 72 hours and during this time it can cover over 100 km we hope you found something new and interesting in this video subscribe to the Caro show channel to stay tuned for

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