China has unveiled its most advanced robots capable of performing any task. – Video

China has unveiled its most advanced robots capable of performing any task. – Video

China has released its most advanced robots that can do Anything. The manufacturer, whose beloved worldwide dream robot vacuums have been a hit with consumers, has recently introduced a range of new products including a humanoid robot and a robo dog. The company has been making significant advancements in the field of robotics, with a particular focus on developing fully functional humanoid robots with a high degree of freedom of movement.

One of their most impressive creations is a humanoid robot showcased at the WRC 2023 exhibition, standing at a height of 178cm and weighing only 56kg. The robot, known as the XR4, boasts 44° of freedom controlled by an advanced motion control algorithm and numerous sensors. The company has also introduced a robotic pet, equipped with unique features and functions, such as barking, spinning, and responsive to voice commands.

While the humanoid robot is not yet available for purchase, the robo dog can be acquired for $7,000. Despite some of its cool features, such as accurately recognizing and executing voice commands, the price difference with other competitors like the Xiaomi Cyber Dog priced at just $1,800 is significant. Additionally, the company has also unveiled a monstrous mechanical snake named Titanoboa and a state-of-the-art mobile manipulator robot known as Kobot 4.

With each new update, the company is getting one step closer to creating the perfect robot that can truly revolutionize various industries and aspects of daily life. These advancements also have significant potential in the global advertising market, with the introduction of the LED box designed for displaying advertising videos and the development of robots for cleaning staircases and inspecting and repairing offshore wind turbines.

The innovativeness of the manufacturer’s new robotic creations raises excitement and anticipation for the future of robotics and its potential impact on various sectors worldwide.

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The manufacturer of the Beloved worldwide dream robot vacuums has introduced a range of new products including a humanoid robot and a robo dog obviously the manufacturer has not been standing still in recent years it all began with the manufacturer boldly entering the race to produce a fully

Humanoid robot with a high degree of freedom of movement the robot was first showcased at the WRC 2023 exhibition impressing attendees by preparing coffee and interacting with them the company claims that this activity was chosen merely to demonstrate that their robot can perform real tasks the robot’s

Dimensions match those of a human with a height of 178 cm and a weight of only 56 kg quite light for a humanoid robot its drives provide 44° of Freedom controlled by an advanced motion control algorithm using numerous sensors greater Mobility increases the need for intellectual computations an area where the

Manufacturer has excelled by testing the best algorithms on the world’s best robot vacuums considerable attention was given to the robotic pet as the company positions its product hence the set of functions that are completely unusual for robo dogs from manufacturers dream dog can bark give a paw amusingly Stomp

And spin in place and even play music however the robot responds not only to petting but also accurately recognizes and executes voice commands reacting to human movements the new products have a drawback they cost the humanoid robot has not yet entered the market and is only being demonstrated to the public

While the robo dog is already available for purchase at a price of $7,000 despite some cool features not found in competitor’s dogs the difference with xiaomi cyber dog priced at just $1,800 $ is significant before you is the latest humanoid bip robot the xr4 also known as the seven fairies developed by the

Company data robotics with a height of 168 cm and weighing 65 kg the xr4 is crafted from lightweight high strength carbon fiber composite material featuring over 60 intelligent flexible joints the xr4 seamlessly integrates with the data Cloud brain in real time empowered by the multimodal large model robot GPT and abling multimodal Fusion

For perception cognition decision-making and behavior generation through deep reinforcement learning within its digital twin the xr4 autonomously undergoes intelligent training achieving a stable standing posture Nimble dual arm and hand manipulations and even the ability to dance in the future it aspires to be a human companion realizing the dream of a robot

Nanny this monstrous mechanical snake named titanoboa weighs more than a ton and its creators plan to eventually cover it with a dense layer of skin allowing it to move underwater here’s what the creators of this 35- ft snake robot wrote the Titanoboa project is the realization of Alternative forms of

Engines and Energy Solutions in the field of mechanics the goal is to demonstrate the use of mesmerizing snake likee movements in this experiment the enormous snake appears to be a mechanical Beast that moves at its discretion and may soon be able to swim underwater however for the snake to move

Properly in space someone from the participants must monitor it as it cannot be controlled with just one remote control a whole control complex is required to coordinate the movements of hundreds of moving Parts a task that only a skilled operator can handle looking at this robot it creates the

Feeling that it scenes from a science fiction movie the name titanoboa for the mechanical snake robot was not given randomly but in honor of the largest snake the remains of which were discovered by archaeologists the length of this snake robot is about 11 M but it may be extended to 16

M this is kobot 4 a robot that is impossible not to fall in love with mobile manipulators are robots everyone wants because they have the greatest potential to do what matters to us and they do it better faster and easier before machines achieve Perfection as consumers desire it will take some time

But with each new update we are getting one step closer today this next step is taken by the kobot 4 robot from the fronhofer IPA company this robot is a successful symbiosis of design and Engineering thinking functionality and emotions it’s Sleek design with two arms

On the sides and a head hints at a human form however the developers didn’t want it to resemble a human too much as it would lead to unjustified expectations of its capabilities its internal values remain human it always maintains a respectful distance shows that it understands and intends to do something

And can express simple gestures and emotions care robot doesn’t have a specific function it can find many applications being your personal home assistant or used as a service robot in restaurants hotels conference halls or even medical facilities those who acquire the robot can choose not only

The software but also to some extent the hardware the global advertising Market is also impressive in terms of technology and the amount of money invested in 2023 its total volume reached approximately $842 billion so the Polish company screen LED specializing in LED screens came up with

An unusual way to earn extra income they introduced the LED box a block designed for displaying advertising videos clients are offered either a car with the Box LED already installed or just the block separately advertising videos are displayed on it from a PC or laptop the screen brightness is adjusted

Automatically and there’s no need to worry about the weather as the screens can withstand rain and wind at speeds up to 20 m/ Second robots capable of cleaning staircases are gaining increasing interest and they are being prepared for release in commercial robotic environments according to rough estimates from 2015 to 2018 robots for cleaning were sold worldwide for $25.2 million however there’s a problem most of them don’t get along well with stairs

Tired of tolerating this Singapore developed s Tetro a robot that confidently moves up and down stairs the robot consists of three blocks concealing six Motors and has a clear view of its working environment thanks to a combination of cameras ultrasonic sensors and lar the robot performed

Quite well in tests but it is unclear whether it will go into production additionally the developed system was tested for the accuracy of detecting descending stairs ascending stairs and maximizing the coverage area through experimental trials in two real life scenarios Hyundai demonstrated its innovative wheel rotation system in

Action typically the wheels of modern cars turn at 30 to 40° but Hyundai Mobis a subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group has been working on a system for several years that increases wheel Mobility to 90 to 100° at the CES 2024 exhibition the company showed the results of its

Efforts the Prototype electric vehicle Moon glided swayed and almost danced on the stage the development of a system similar to The Crab mode by Hyundai Mobis became known in 2021 when the company unveiled a concept car capable of making a 180° turn in place soon after it was revealed that the EC Corner

Technology would be integrated into the serial production of all new hyundi electric cars starting from 2025 the Mobi e-c Corner technology is a module assembled from braking and steering control systems suspension and an electric motor modules are installed on each wheel and all of them are activated

By a unified control system now the wheels can be turned in unison or in different directions depending on the desired direction of movement for example to smoothly maneuver into a tight space between two cars or perform a complete turn at speed in Britain a robot has been developed for inspecting and repairing

Offshore wind turbines a team of enthusiasts has already tested their creation it has six limbs that assisted in climbing the blades while carrying a set of tools the device has an appearance reminiscent of a beetle with a significant part of its components created using a 3D printer the advantage

Of such a robot is that hazardous tasks can now be performed without a crew needing to ascend to Great Heights using ropes the robot’s body is waterproof considering the harsh weather conditions and Gusty winds often encountered at Sea this assistant can significantly reduce risks for technicians and expedite the

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