The Tragic Story of the World’s Heaviest Woman – Video

The Tragic Story of the World’s Heaviest Woman – Video

The Sad Life of the World’s Most Obese Woman is a heart-wrenching journey of survival, struggle, and triumph. Charity Pierce, the internet sensation known as the most obese woman in history, endured unimaginable hardships throughout her life. From childhood trauma to the loss of her mother and betrayal by her fiancé, Charity’s struggles seemed insurmountable.

Charity’s weight of 778 lbs made even the simplest tasks a monumental challenge. She relied on her daughter and boyfriend for assistance in everyday activities, such as cooking and bathing. Charity’s inability to drive and shame of her appearance kept her isolated from the outside world, leading to a life of suffering and humiliation.

Despite her immense weight and health risks associated with obesity, Charity found the strength to embark on a weight loss journey. With the help of medical professionals and unwavering determination, Charity underwent gastric bypass surgery and shed over 300 lbs. Through therapy and healthy habits, Charity transformed her life and inspired her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

The journey to self-improvement was not without its setbacks, including the loss of her mother and a cancer diagnosis. However, Charity’s resilience and commitment to her health enabled her to overcome every obstacle. Today, Charity is a beacon of hope and inspiration, proving that with perseverance and support, anyone can conquer their demons and achieve a better life.

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Video Transcript

For many years obesity has been one of America’s leading health concerns internet sensation Charity Pierce has had her fair share of struggles as an obese person in fact her unique weight earned her the title of the most obese woman to ever exist weighing 778 lbs at

The age of 39 you can imagine how hard doing literally anything was for her from childhood issues to her mother passing away as she neared the peak of her weight loss journey to her fiance and father of her daughter leaving her for her own sister I just never dreamed

My life could get this bad charity indeed had a very sad life until her big break today we’ll take a deep dive into the inspirational story of the world-known Survivor of several life-threatening conditions including obesity not living just surviving for the longest time charity always needed help she couldn’t move around her

House without her daughter Charlie who was only 18 years old or her boyfriend Tony who was 21 helping her up from the sofa her bed or even the toilet seat every step was pretty much a struggle and she leaned on them for support making meals for her small family well

That was a tough one for charity simple tasks like cooking became a big challenge she had to rely on Charlie and Tony to handle the kitchen and that is of course when they were having food that even needed the kitchen since most of their diet consisted of junk and fast

Food but here she gives a simple insight into what’s usually on their menu for breakfast lunch and dinner on any regular day or we’d have Chinese or we’d make chips and dip tacos ice cream for lunch we’d have like anything charity also couldn’t drive even even though she

Did have a driver’s license just imagine being unable to go where you want when you want and not even the nearest mall for a simple mother and daughter time these everyday activities that we take for granted were Herculean tasks for her her struggles went well beyond the home

She rarely left the house because she felt ashamed of how she looked it was as though she had built a mental and physical wall around yourself keeping away from the outside world things got so tough that sometimes an ambulance had to pick her up for her doctor’s appointment because she couldn’t fit

Inside of her car or really any car in fact not one or two but a team of at least six strong medical personnel had to lift her onto the mobile ambulance bed from her doorstep like the average firstborn daughter Charlie was her mom’s right-hand man not only to pick what’s

For lunch or rant about everything wrong in the house but to clean her up each and every time that she went number two Charlie ‘s living arrangements were not the usual they were custom made to fit her unique needs as you would imagine her bathing as well was a completely

Different routine she couldn’t take a regular shower under a shower head or in a bathtub so Charlie and Tony used wipes and sponges to clean her this coupled with her toilet problem was the family’s biggest Issue and if you haven’t picked up on this there weren’t clothes her size this meant that she could only wear triple XL tops and giant underwear that disappeared in the folds of her skin to cover her most important parts her condition and Associated risks now in case you don’t know what

Obesity is and how it relates to BMI here’s a quick breakdown it’s the same as that one chart in your classroom wall BMI or body mass index is a simple measure that combined findes a person’s weight and height to assess their General body fat provides an idea of whether someone is underweight normal

Weight overweight or obese and while it doesn’t directly measure body fat it’s a useful tool for screening and identifying potential health risks usually associated with weight you’ll need a bit of math for this but don’t worry it has nothing to do with an equation regardless of the country or

Region it’s calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters this calculation results in a numerical value that falls into specific categories indicating whether a person is underweight normal weight overweight or obese it’s a direct way to assess the relationship between weight and height

Providing a Dependable General indication of safe or worrisome body fatness it goes something like this so the BMI is an index that looks at somebody’s body weight divided by their height in relation to this Charity Pierce who had a body weight of 778 lbs her BMI was undoubtedly in the obese

Range which could pose serious health challenges while BMI doesn’t capture every aspect of health and doesn’t differentiate between muscle and fat in Charity’s case the exceptionally High weight contributed to her challenging situation typically when someone has a high BMI it means that they have more body fat than normal for their height

And this excess fat especially around the belly can lead to health issues a high BMI is linked to an increased risk of heart attack because the extra fat can affect the blood vessels and how the heart Works conditions like high blood pressure high cholesterol and diabetes

Can arise and they in turn put more strain on the heart and blood vessels it’s like making the heart work harder than it should and you can pretty much feel your heart screaming for help the extra fat may cause inflammation in the body which can damage the blood vessels

Over time it’s a bit like the heart and blood vessels facing extra challenges and stress when someone has a high BMI this increased workload and stress on the cardiovascular system can significantly raise the risk of having a heart attack by More than 70% and so maintaining a healthy BMI is

Not only about appearance it’s about keeping the heart and the whole body in good shape now that you’re caught up we’ll get back to ch Char it as in the case of Charity it’s great luck that her obesity did not lead to a severe case of diabetes It’s a Wonderful miracle in

Fact as a routine her physician osteopath Ben Miller had paid her regular visits to check her weight and unlike the usual routine he gave her four months to see if she could lose weight on her own during that time she had lifted hand weights at home and

Tried to reduce her sugary food intake and the Moment of Truth arrived when Ben walked through the door on on one sunny day she needs to be able to prove that she can lose weight on her own are you ready for this charity yes in tears

Weighing 765 lb charity was not ready to give up I don’t want to be like this how it all started Charity Pierce was not always overweight like many others her past had its own story to tell and when she was just a little girl at the age of 10 life dealt her a

Challenging hand growing up in Cedar Rapids Iowa her father was often violent and struggled with alcoholism each time that he got back home from work he would yell at both charity and her mother hit her mother and then pass out on the living room floor waking up the next

Morning as though nothing had happened charity did not have anyone at home to confide in and receive comfort from so that’s when she turned to food her mother mother in turn would seek comfort in cooking unintentionally contributing to her own obsession with eating it was like a lost cause really it started

Something like this her father would abuse her mother and then pass out on the floor while her mother cried herself to sleep in the middle of the night charity would sneak to the fridge and take handfuls of whatever she could find usually junk food like ice cream for

Relief it became so frequent that she began including chocolate bars potato chips and fries and before the end of 1993 it became an everyday practice right after each binge eating episode she felt a wave of shame for having eaten so much but the shame would wear off the next night this would

Continue on for years and charity had grown into a teenager with an excessive weight the year was the late ’90s and of course adolescence was pretty much torture for her she suffered bullying at school and in the neighborhood but she got through at trying to ignore what

People had to say it was a very go Queen time in her life the common teenage rebellion would be her armor but sadly that armor wore off as she entered into her early 20s and adulthood she would be advised to go on a diet but that was almost impossible she was already

Dealing with the American High School Mean Girls raging hormones and seasonal depression and Bing eating was always her go-to so going on a diet was out of the question fast forward to 20 2001 and charity was in an accident that had made her a mobile for quite a while making

Her bedridden and worsening her binge eating with completely no exercise finally help it wasn’t until 2015 that Charity Pierce had finally had enough she wanted to lose weight badly and she wanted to fit into a dress a wedding dress and Charlie had even gone window shopping

For one I like this dress it’s my dream dress it’s really really beautiful it seems like you something you’d wear she was 39 years old and wanted to become married she had plans involving a town Church a wedding bells and her favorite Man Tony I want a big wedding I want to

Be able to fit into a dress if I wanted to get married and my living here might already be married the world-renowned TLC show titled my 600 lb life dedicated to turning the lives of overweight people in the United States around the crew set out to get charity on the show

Finding her was not hard neighbors knew about Charity’s condition and perhaps someone had tipped off the doctor popularly known as doctor now and who knows viewers had first seen charity in her original episode in 2015 where she weighed 778 lbs when Charity Pierce first met with Dr n he was very

Concerned about her well-being instead of sending her home immediately he moved her from Iowa to Houston to be admitted into a hospital under the care care of a popular obesity specialist he had hoped that she would lose enough weight to undergo stomach reduction surgery that she had always wanted this was to ensure

That she was under 24-hour observation around the clock from several nurses and even doctors from around the state Dr n then created a weight loss plan for charity restricting her caloric intake to a range of 1,000 to 1200 per day everything was going according to plan medical professionals were closely monitoring her progress

And she had no access to her favorite sweets and takeout if you all want to eat you have to eat outside of this room so she right now our focus is to AWA a lifechanging situation with she began to feel confident about her growth never shying away from the cameras on set not

Even once after diligently following the plan she successfully lost over 100 lb within 3 months and everyone was happy but the doctor said I’m doing well enough to go home I’m really proud of the weight I’ve lost mhm Dr now confident in her ability to continue the journey at home while

Preparing for gastric bypass surgery allowed charity to return home the whole time she was at the hospital her daughter Charlie was rapidly gaining weight to cope with her mother’s absence from home the day for her surgery arrived and charity was excited her stomach would finally get smaller

Perhaps her urge to eat would reduce as well this surgical procedure often known as a gast bypass involved making her stomach smaller in simple terms it was like resizing the stomach to help her eat less during the surgery doctors created a smaller pouch from the upper

Part of her stomach and this new pouch was then connected directly to the small intestine bypassing a section of the stomach and the first part of the small intestine the goal was to limit the amount of food that charity could eat and also reduce her body’s rapid nutrient absorption aiding in her weight

Loss loss the surgery was a success and charity could go home but was placed on a strict 1,000 calorie diet so she could lose even more weight for her skin reduction surgery she was also ordered to exercise more frequently to speed up the weight loss process and all this

Time Dr now was monitoring her growth with obvious pride in her eyes and it’s enough to move even a grown man to tears visits to a therapist but surely like a broken record Charity’s eating habits persisted at home just the surgery would not be enough to end her

Eating habits at one point her binge eating got so bad that when she visited the hospital to have a weight check to see if she could undergo surgery to remove some of her skin she did not qualify for that surgery she needed to weigh less than 600 lb like the show’s

Title literally States however she had weighed 39.7 lb more than the 600 lb Mark Dr now was not about to let her throw all of her progress out the window and neither was charity he requested that she consider therapy and she agreed yet another major go Queen moment for

Her recommended by Dr n the therapist had a very high success streak she was widely known for helping many through their emotional challenges and eating disorders charity had meetings with a therapist multiple times a week in her home and in these sessions she informed her therapist about how her seemingly

Non-severable bond with food began her therapist guided her through discussions about triggers for over eating other healthy coping mechanisms without resorting to binge eating and strategies for developing a healthier mindset around food they even discussed underlying issues so that she could let go of past trauma for as long as her

Therapy had lasted charity gradually began implementing healthier Habits by the end of the therapy she had developed a more Mindful and balanced approach to eating and everyone could see the difference at home she fought the urge to ask for the usual slices of bread and Fries combo sandwich style and would

Choose more leafy plates instead she and Tony took it a step further by taking cooking classes from a nutritionist and Chef and they learned how to make healthy meals and draft a good health intentional meal plan that was full of soups chicken stews veggie courses fruit salads and plate sectioning with more

Protein greens and less carbs after almost a year with Dr now on the show charity could now fit into a regular vehicle on her way to the hospital to see if she finally qualified for the surgery to remove her excess skin she was confident she would receive good

News while on the scale holding her breath she stepped onto the scale and the screen loaded to reveal a reading of 5972 lb she had lost the pounds that she needed and excited she couldn’t believe her her own eyes Dr now believed that she was ready it’s going to help her to lose

More weight and be more active death and disaster strike at the beginning of her surgery Journey charity had renewed hopes to get her dream weight preparations began and the doctors in charge briefed her about the procedure the surgery involved removing excess skin on her abdomen legs pelvic area

Torso and arms in in order to reduce the physical discomfort that her weight had made for her and her experience the medical team carefully planned each step of the process and charity motivated by her desire for a healthier life embraced every treatment I know I should be nervous

Now during this period of course she couldn’t return home as she was staying in the hospital it was on her hospital bed she received the devastating news that something utterly terrible had happened her mother had passed away dying of brain cancer after hearing that her mother’s cause of death was brain

Cancer charity feared having it herself and the unexpected news hit her very hard the weight of this loss added emotional distress to her already challenging recovery process the sudden loss of her mother plunged her into a state of depression everything felt all too overwhelming and she even found herself contemplating returning to her

Old ways of binge eating as a method of Co hoping with the emotional turmoil as though that wasn’t enough around the same time period her boyfriend turned fiance broke it off with her to get with her sister that’s right her own sister and just when she

Was about to conquer her skin for the very first time nobody knows when this affair with the sister began but one thing is for sure Tony was not a real one not only did he almost ruin her progress while she was at the hospital but he practically destroyed destroyed

The Wedding Bells and dress that she had imagined for so long like a true winner charity was not about to let a cheater Rob her of her Victory neither was she going to suddenly give up I mean she was about to undergo her dream surgery she would grieve for her mother but would

She grieve for a man that was out of the question the surgery was a success cutting her weight in half from 778 to an impressive 385 lb after 10 years of Having excess skin she could now walk on her own go through doors and feel less heavy she would undergo three more

Surgeries after that and ended up losing 110 lb she was totally killing it and do now was quite proud it’s been hard but I’m proud of how far Char has come a source of inspiration back at home Charlie had decided she did not want the extra weight she had gained during her

Mother’s weight loss Journey on the the show so she wanted to lose as many extra pounds like her mom charity never thought that her body and willpower would be an inspiration to anyone not even her own daughter and that had made her heart content she had always wanted

Them both to be healthy so I’ve decided I’m going to be a patient of Dr Nows and get the surgery with her mother’s approval Charlie went ahead and underwent stomach reduction surgery dropping her weight from 385 lbs to 154 she constantly documented her progress with selfies and Facebook posts

Already garnering a devoted following on social media with fans who were viewers of the show eager to be updated on charity and her progress four years after her surgery she waited under 200 lb and looked as healthy as ever with the show coming to an end she had

Finally left the confines of the hospital walls and moved to her home in Iowa with Charlie the mother and daughter Duo was a small power team of women life recently after her time on the show charity joyfully and very intentionally continued her health Journey shedding an additional eight

Stone which is 113 lb without prior warning in December of 2019 she received a kidney cancer diagnosis confirming her fears of getting cancer like her mother but instead of turning to any coping mechanisms she urgently underwent kidney removal surgery in March of 2020 to prevent the cancer from spreading

Further to her second kidney or even worse other organs of her body the surgery was a success and charity felt brand new again posting on Facebook she would share her journey expressing big hopes for a positive future and while healing at home Charlie who had overcome her own struggles with obesity provided

An update later that Year Charlie mentioned that despite her mother’s initial struggles she was now doing very great in the midst of all of these major life changes charity even embraced grandmotherhood finding a playful site on Tik Tok you can see all of her recent updates and her videos she shares funny

Moments with Charlie and her grandchild and even jokes about being put on baby Duty a typical grandmother’s favorite role she now wears casual clothing like black hoodies and bright purple tops and she’s almost unrecognizable because the charity who existed at the beginning of her first episode on TLC usually

Unmotivated had a dangerous eating disorder and was severely obese was now an entirely different person who keeps healthy drives whenever and stays happy regardless of everything she went through Charity’s efforts and determination have paid off now she’s forever an inspiration to many other women and even young girls such as her

Fighting battles against their own bodies and again like her they can win her experience as an obese person is all in her past she’s now living a literal success story are you in charity shoes perhaps you know someone who is you should share your story with us in the

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