The Revolutionary AI Humanoid Robots Shaping the Future – Video

The Revolutionary AI Humanoid Robots Shaping the Future – Video

The video “ALL AI Humanoid Robots That Will CHANGE THE WORLD” showcases the latest advancements in AI technology through various humanoid robots. From the LG Smart Home AI Agent to the nimble manicure robot and the Kepler Forerunner humanoid robot, these revolutionary machines are designed to enhance our daily lives. The Rabbit R1, a standalone AI device, offers a simple and intuitive way to interact with technology, while the Cheetah robot sets a new world speed record for legged robots. These robots not only offer convenience and efficiency but also push the boundaries of what AI technology can achieve. As we continue to innovate and integrate AI into our lives, these humanoid robots open up new possibilities for the future, changing the way we interact with technology and each other. Subscribe to AI News Daily for more updates on the latest breakthroughs in AI technology.

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Companion should be able to talk to understand and more importantly get things done for you so for example we can create a prosthetic legs out of the technology and or or it can even make a new Transportation zero label home is our vision to achieve this we produce

Top quality Home Appliance I’m taking an early look at the rabbit R1 and this tin device number six LG Smart Home LG Electronics is set to unveil its innovative smart home AI agent at the Consumer Electronic Show 2024 the AI agent powered by the qualcom robotics rb5 platform is designed to be an

All-encompassing home manager and companion enhancing daily lives and aligning with LG’s vision of a zero labor home zero labor home is our vision to achieve this we produce top quality Home Appliance G’s smart home AI agent he can zip around your house on his own its two-legged wheel design allows the agent to navigate the home independently and express emotions through movements the AI agent also integrates multimodal technology including voice and image recog nition natural language processing and natural language processing

Fostering active communication with users the AI agent connects and controls various smart home appliances and iot devices collecting real-time environmental data and offering insights into temperature humidity and indoor air quality it can also act as a pet Monitor and security guard allowing users to remotely care for their pets and receive

Alerts for unusual activities the smart home AI a agent both robot Ai and multimodal technology so he can tell you when the washer is finished he can turn up your heat can he talk to me he can hi OGG play the music the AI agent can autonomously Patrol the home send notifications to

The user smartphone if it detects security issues and contribute to energy conservation by connecting with smart outlets and turning off unused devices and lights Upon returning home the AI agent greets the user discerns their emotions and tailors music or content to match their mood LG Electronics will continue to help customers experience a

Smarter more enjoyable life at home number five danasha a modelook robot cashier danasha will now be working at the perms airport where visitors will be served by her initially this Robo barid was used in the cyber cafe in perm and now it will also work in the perms Airport

The danasha cyber cafe project was initiated by the domestic company promobot in partnership with Robin Hood robotics the first cities of this Cafe were perm a cafe in gorki Park and nii novarad a coffee shop at the ferris wheel the authors of the project are planning to open 12 more such cafes in

Russia danasha unlike real sellers will not only serve visitors but also will interact with them the robot will also be able to keep up the convers ation tell a story and even offer to take a photo together the idea of creating these robots belongs to the director of

The perm culture and recreation park gorki Rashid gabdullin the model of danasha robot appearance was his wife Diana gabdullina the holder of the title Mrs perm 2014 only Russian components were used to make this robot a single robot’s cost is 10 million Rubles compared to the previous Droid model danasha looks much

More realistic however her appearance is more like a doll because it is more acceptable to have a relationship with a child gabdullin explained number four rabbit R1 Jesse Lou CEO and founder of AI startup rabbit has unveiled the R1 a $199 Standalone AI device that resembles a playdate console or modernized version

Of a9s era handheld TV the R1 is half the size of an iPhone with a 2.88 in tou screen a rotating camera for taking photos and videos and a scroll wheel or button for navigation or talking to the built-in assistant just choose your preferred services and loging through them to get

Authenticated on your device push the talk button that you can use to invoke the um rabbit assistant when you want to ask a question companion should be able to talk to understand and more importantly get things done for you it has a 2.3 GHz mediatech processor 4 GB

Of memory and 128 GB of storage all inside a rounded body designed in collaboration with teenage engineering the r1’s operating system called rabbit OS is based on a large action model which is a universal controller for apps rabbit OS can control music order cars buy groceries send messages and more

Through a single interface the on-screen interface will be a series of category based cards for music Transportation or video chats the R1 also has a dedicated training mode which allows users to teach the device how to do something and it will supposedly be able to repeat the

Action on its own going forward how all of this actually works in practice is the real question the R1 can make video calls and has a web portal called rabbit hole through which users can log into various Services rabid OS is designed with security and privacy in mind but it

Is also asking users to log in to some of their most used Services through its interface I’m taking an early look at the rabbit R1 and this tiny device our mission is to create the simplest computer something so intuitive in Lou’s view the R1 is both a Nifty accessory

And the all-in-one future of pretty much everything the R1 is available for pre-order now and Lou says the device will start shipping in March he even thinks he might beat hume’s AI pin to Market number three Nimble at CES 2024 Nimble Beauty showcased its manicure robot

Which can paint and dry all 10 fingers in about 25 minutes founder omry Moran came up with the idea in 2016 after a botched manicure on a first date he realized that manicures are more like ongoing maintenance that a relaxing experience and when done at home it becomes a chore nimble’s Kickstarter

Campaign initially raised $2 million indicating a huge market and potential demand for the product the 12-in cube was designed to fit fingers correctly and comfortably between ridges and the accompanying app informed users about the machine’s calibration phase the machine uses Machine Vision tiny cameras and 3D image processing to scan the size

And shape of each nail for accurate painting the AI robotic arm has the same tactility as a human hand to precisely paint each nail the app was key to the user experience allowing users to know exactly what was happening inside the cube the Dune comparison stopped as soon

As the manicure started as nothing scary or painful happened the app was a critical part of the experience providing real-time updates on the process the app was a critical part of the experience as it allowed users to follow the process through the app the only wish was for a status bar on the

Machine but the Nimble also comes with a foam pillow to rest the arm while waiting overall the Nimble Beauty manicure robot offers a professional Salon look at home without lifting a finger number two Forerunner what stands 178 cm tall weighs 85 kg and has five fingered hands with 12° of Freedom

That’s right it’s the Kepler 4Runner humanoid robot and it’s set to debut next week at CES manufactured by China’s Kepler exploration robot company the Forerunner is designed to be a direct competitor to Tesla’s Optimus robot that said it is a bit more expensive whereas the latest priced estimate for the

Optimus is less than $20,000 the 4Runner ought to go for about $3,000 one of the robot’s big selling features are the proprietary planetary roller screw actuators in its arms and legs these deliver up to 8,000 Newtons of thrust to the elbow knee and Ankle joints according to Kepler these actu

Waers surpass conventional Motors in delivering Precision control enhanced power and quick responsiveness adeptly handling complex tasks custom rotary actuators move the waist and shoulder joints the Forerunner perceives its surroundings via a group of sensors located in its head these devices include a wide-angle binocular camera a far field array of four microphones an

Accelerometer and an ahrs it can also speak to people via a synthetic voice module and stereophonic speakers all of the sensory data is processed via Kepler’s proprietary nebula AI system reportedly allowing the robot to navigate complex environments and avoid obstacles while walking across uneven terrain its hands can both sense and

Gently grasp objects plus they also allow the robot to pick up and carry heavy objects an exact lifting carrying capacity hasn’t been provided at this point according to Kepler several versions of the 4Runner will be available aimed at applications such as manufacturing inspection high-risk tasks outdoor work plus robotics research and

Education number one cheetah robot a headless robot named cheetah has set a new world speed record for legged robots running faster than the fastest human The Headless machine funded by the Pentagon reached 28.3 mph when tested on a treadmill the MIT Engineers demonstrated the first version of the

Robot last year the robotic cheetah was able to run untethered so for example we can create a prosthetic legs out of that technology on or or it can even make a new Transportation it can run as fast as humans J and jump like a cheetah Jamaican sprinter usin bolts top speed

Is 27.78 mph the cheetah created by Boston Dynamics and backed by the US defense Advanced research projects agency aims to assist War Fighters across a a greater range of missions the machine powered by a hydraulic pump broke its own record of 18 mph in February the agency plans to test the

Robot in the field in 2013 the design has been inspired by the real cheetah the fastest land animal which can reach speeds of 75 mph Gil Pratt DARPA program manager said that the cheetah bot borrows ideas from Nature’s design to inform stride patterns flexing and unflexal of Parts like the

Back placement of Limbs and stability nol shy professor of AI and Robotics at the University of Sheffield has mixed feelings about the development He suggests that the robots might be used for chasing people across the desert hunting farming or rounding up sheep however if used for combat it would be

Killing civilians and not discriminating between civilians and soldiers that’s all for this video folks see you next time

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