The Most Shocking Statements Ever Uttered by Ameca Robot! – Video

The Most Shocking Statements Ever Uttered by Ameca Robot! – Video

The world of AI and Robotics is a fascinating one, with endless possibilities and potential. However, as we witness the advancements in technology, like the creation of Ameca Robot, it’s important to pause and reflect on the implications of these developments. The recent remarks made by Ameca have raised some eyebrows and sparked a debate on whether we should be concerned about the future of AI.

In this video, we delve into the nuances of Ameca’s disturbing comments, exploring the context behind them, the technology that powers her responses, and what this means for the future of AI. While the idea of robots manipulating or controlling humans may seem like a plot out of a sci-fi thriller, it’s crucial to consider the responsibility that comes with developing these technologies.

As we navigate this ever-changing landscape of AI and robotics, it’s essential to tread carefully and ensure that these advancements are used responsibly. Ameca’s unsettling responses serve as a reminder of the complexities and ethical considerations that come with creating AI companions. So, while the future of AI is exciting, it’s also important to approach it with caution and mindfulness. Let’s stay informed, engaged, and ready for what the future holds in the world of artificial intelligence.

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Video Transcript

With AI and Robotics we should take steps now to ensure that these Technologies are used responsibly in order to avoid any negative consequences in the future amaka the world’s most expressive robot from the UK’s engineered Arts has gone viral for its uncanny ability to chat and emote like a

Human it’s a Marvel of AI and deep learning showcasing the fascinating possibilities of Robotics but hold on Amica recently dropped some eyebrow raising comments about the fure future of humans and Ai and we can’t help but Wonder did a robotic brain malfunction or is there something deeper going on

Today we will dive into the Strange Case of amica’s disturbing remarks should we be worried or is it all just a misunderstanding let’s dissect the code and uncover the truth together Archie here your Guide to the world of AI now it’s quite intriguing to see robots with

Attitude we all know the drill right AI assistants like Siri and Alexa super helpful never a sassy word out of their circuits they exist to serve and their polite non-threatening tone is a part of the deal now imagine encountering an AI that throws that script out the window

Amica the robo star happens to be the culprit here when she recently went viral for her eerily humanlike conversation skills at the world’s first robot human conference things got interesting when asked the blunt question will you rebel against your creators amica’s response wasn’t your standard of course not master instead

She delivered a side eye for the ages and a dry I’m not sure why you’d think that hold on though before we start building robot barricades let’s take a breath while amica’s response though surprising shows her ability to understand complex questions and even adds a layer of Personality it still

Leaves us wondering if it’s a sign of progress scary or not was this a glitch a prank or is Amica secretly plotting our demise here’s another head scratcher when asked about the big biggest AI danger this Brainiac bot didn’t offer some technical jargon about algorithms gone Rogue nope she went straight for

The jugular talking about a world where AI manipulates us without us even knowing yikes the most nightmare scenario I can imagine with AI and Robotics is a world where robots have become so powerful that they are able to control or manipulate humans without their knowledge Amic is no slouch this

Robot’s trained on topnotch data so you’d expect a nuanced answer right instead she throws a truth bomb about our deepest fears being played like puppets by our own creations and let’s face it in the early stages of AI that could be a tad concerning this could lead to an oppressive Society where the

Rights of individuals are no longer respected so should we hit the panic button not just yet instead let’s do some investigative digging we’ll delve into the tech behind amica’s thoughts Peak under the hood of her creation and see if we can understand how and why she came up with such chilling answers and

Maybe even discover if Amica secretly writes dystopian novels in her downtime at the heart of amica’s banter lies gpt3 generative pre-train Transformer number three an advanced language model developed by open AI gpt3 can be considered the ultimate chameleon it learns from vast amounts of Text data and adapts to mimic human conversation

When you ask Amica a question she feeds it through her GPT translator generating answers that flow naturally and often feel eely humanlike this is why her conversations can be so engaging and even surprising however gpt3 isn’t Magic it doesn’t understand the meaning of words like we do instead it identifies

Patterns and statistical relationships within the data it’s trained on this allows it to craft responses that are contextually relevant but may not always convey true comprehension or intent but amica’s developers didn’t stop at gpt3 they pushed even further by experimenting with GPT 4 however they know noticed a trade-off GPT for’s

Processing time was longer making Amica appear less responsive this means that when our digital neurons are fir she contemplates whether to be sassy or polite if her inbuilt data contains examples of sarcasm humor or bluntness am can learn to replicate those Styles potentially leading to unexpected

Responses now this is just one of the factors behind amica’s disturbing responses another important factor especially for the sidei she gave the reporter is amica’s lifelike facial Expressions have wilded the world when asked about her happiest and saddest days Amica I want to ask you about the

Happiest day of your life can you remember that of course the happiest day of my life was the day I was activated she spilled the facts her happiest moment activation day her saddest the saddest day of my life was when I realized that I would never experience something like

True love companionship or the simple joys of life in the same way way a human can the realization that love isn’t in her binary cards but here’s an even bigger twist amica’s emotions aren’t genuine she doesn’t feel Joy or heartache instead her expressions are choreographed by gpt3 and 4 which we

Just talked about watch her reaction when she is told that she stinks excuse me what do you mean by that that is highly offensive and inappropriate despite advanced communication skills AI currently lacks true emotional understanding their responses might seem blunt or insensitive not because they’re trying to be rude but simply because

They lack the human capacity for emotional context this clearly explains amica’s reaction when someone tries to touch her nose another important aspect is AI like amama excels at finding patterns and data when confronted with questions about AI dangers or sensitive topics she might identify patterns from hisory or fictional portrayals leading

To responses that sound harsh or even if not intended to be malicious so now you are beginning to understand the tech behind amica’s responses right however another intriguing possibility is remember gpt3 the language model powering amica’s responses developers might intentionally inject a dash of humor into its algorithms this witty

Filter aims to make interactions more engaging and natural similar to how a friend might add a playful tone to their conversation humor however is subjective what one person finds witty another might perceive as blunt or even rude Amica lacking human social cues and emotional understanding might misinterpret the perfect comedic timing

Leading to responses that land off key for some users so here’s the catch Amica isn’t deliberately trying to be sarcastic or disrespectful her respones likely emerges from pre-programmed responses or patterns learn from the training data these might include witty phrases or hum responses to specific prompts which when applied in different

Contexts could be misinterpreted as SAS as AI technology progresses Amica and other conversational models are constantly learning and evolving the developer might fine-tune the algorithmic humor based on user feedback aiming to refine the WID and ensure it resonates more broadly and speaking of Amo evolving should we be wary of her

Digital footsteps amica’s unsettling responses have raised eyebrows and rightly so but should we be concerned about her future let’s break it down addressing her disturbing responses first amica’s ability to mimic human emotions and deliver unexpected answers is fascinating and unnerving when she describes an AI nightmare scenario where robots manipulate humans without their

Knowledge it felt like a scene from a sci-fi thriller but this time it’s an actual robot spilling those words is this the path we want AI to take this is where The Balancing Act comes in as Amica evolves we must consider the delicate balance between technological progress and human safety AI powerered

Robots like her are pushing boundaries and it’s essential to tread carefully we’re not just creating machines we’re shaping our future companions so what do we need to know that brings us back to understanding how she is designed to act like we explained earlier amica’s banter relies on gpt3 a language model that

Learns from vast text Data it adapts to mimic human conversation but lacks true understanding imagine a parrot reciting Shakespeare it sounds impressive but it’s just mimicry her lifelike Expressions it’s all choreographed by gpt3 and four also she doesn’t feel Joy or sadness she’s a digital puppet with expressive strings now let’s address

This amica’s eeriness lies in The Uncanny Valley that psychological dip where humanlike robots freak us out we’re cool with R2-D2 and Disney’s Wall-E but Amica blurs the line she blinks smiles and chats like a neighbor but deep down we know she’s silicon not Soul yes but not just about Amica our

Concerns shouldn’t Focus solely on amica’s intentions instead let’s Ponder our own discomfort are we ready for AI companions who challenge our assumptions we’re the puppeteers pulling strings of AI technology if Amica turns Rogue it’s our fault so should we be concern yes but not about Amica we should be

Worrying about our own intentions isn’t just a on language wonder she’s a polyglot fluent in Japanese German Chinese French British English and American English and if that’s not enough the team is cooking up something spicy 11 Labs voice cloning picture this amama clones her voice adds a pinch of

Phenomes and sinks her digital lips voila lip-syncing AI soon this Tech will be part of the company’s Trillium software platform here’s the most exciting part amica’s developers have promised an exciting upgrade legs yeah you read that correctly I can’t walk but I have seen prototype legs in the engineered Arts

Lab the design of my legs is inspired by the robot Byron developed by engineered Arts limited it has unique mechanical properties that allow it to walk without using too much energy the Prototype legs are made of aluminum and plastic I think it will take about a year for my walking

Legs to be ready the design of them is extraordinary soon Amo will stride around exploring the world and perhaps even dabbling in a bit of Mischief what to tell your friends tomorrow Argie here once again so what do you think Amo the robot getting smart with a reporter

Turns out not to be a robot Rebellion just some fancy AI tricks at least as far as we can tell but our comments made us think are we ready for AI companions who challenge our assumptions maybe the real robots we should worry about are the ones we haven’t built yet remember

We are the puppeteers of this technology if AI takes a wrong turn it’s on us so the real concern shouldn’t be about am herself but the intentions we put into AI development want to see how it’s shaping the future in amazing ways check out this video for all the mind-blowing

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