Disturbing AI Predictions from the Godfather of AI – Video

Disturbing AI Predictions from the Godfather of AI – Video

The video titled “Godfather Of AI DISTURBING AI PREDICTIONS” delves into the world of artificial intelligence, focusing on the groundbreaking work of Jeffrey Hinton, the unsung hero of the digital frontier. Hinton, often referred to as the Godfather of AI, revolutionized the field with his accidental discovery of artificial neural networks – the secret sauce that allows machines to learn and grow smarter on their own.

Through a series of captivating storytelling, the video explores Hinton’s perseverance in the face of skepticism, as well as the potential risks and concerns associated with the rapid advancement of AI technology. From concerns about AI autonomy and manipulation to job displacement and the need for global regulations, Hinton’s insights urge us to take charge of the AI revolution before it spirals out of control.

Ultimately, the video challenges viewers to embrace experiments, regulations, and a world treaty on AI development as the blueprint for a responsible and beneficial AI future. As we navigate this digital era, Hinton’s wisdom serves as a guide to ensure that we shape the future of AI before it shapes us.

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Video Transcript

Well event if it gets to be much smarter than us it’ll be very good at manipulation because it will have learned that from us can’t make different biological brains behave identically so you can’t share the connection but why why wouldn’t we stick with digital computers so if I learn

Some connection strengths in a neuronet that’s being simulated on digital computers what are kind of like the next things you think this technology will do that will impact people’s lives it’s looking a lot more like AI is capable of reading our thoughts and we’re not just talking about it predicting what kind of

Tik Tok we want to see next Godfather of AI meet Jeffrey Hinton the unsung hero of the digital Frontier the man who’s basically the Godfather of AI picture this British dude in the 70s dreaming big dreams about simulating brains on computers back then folks were like nah

Can’t mimic brains mate drop it before your career goes down the drain but Hinton oh boy he didn’t back down fast forward 50 years and guess what hinton’s accidental brainchild the artificial neural network is like the rock star of AI it’s the secret sauce that makes machines learn and get smarter on their

Own you know like a robot Revolution but a friendly one so why the Godfather title well it’s not just about algorithms and computer geekery it’s about Hinton being the OG who paved the way for the AI takeover we’re witnessing today imagine a movie where a Brit takes

On Skeptics faces failure and then boom he accidentally changes the world Hollywood material right The Godfather tag isn’t just a fancy title it’s like Hinton is the wise Elder of the AI world the guy who’s been there done that and now guides us through the digital jungle

His influence goes beyond lines of code it’s the story of how we ended up with AI Wizards running the show hinton’s work isn’t just about fancy Tech it’s about turning science fic fiction into reality he’s not just a scientist he’s a Storyteller spinning tales about the evolution of AI when you hear Godfather

Think of Hinton as the wise Guru shaping the destiny of the digital Cosmos so let’s take a moment to appreciate this Brainiac Jeffrey Hinton The Godfather whose ideas echo in the algorithms and circuits steering AI into the future a 50-year journey picture this The Groovy 7s Hinton with his wild hair and Visionary

Vibes had this Grand idea he wanted to throw a neural network party on a computer to crack the secrets of the human brain but hold up the world wasn’t ready for this brainy bash skepticism was the theme of the era despite the naysayers Hinton didn’t let the Skeptics

Reign on his parade he pushed forward ready to prove them wrong spoiler alert this journey wasn’t a smooth sail nope it was more like a roller coaster with unexpected drops and Loops hint and faed setbacks that would make your worst Monday look like a walk in the park but

Guess what the man is made of grit and determination failure was just a pit stop for him not the Final Destination now let’s fast forward through time 50 years to be exact what started as a dreamy pursuit of understanding the brain turned into something colossal well event if it gets

To be much smarter than us it’ll be very good manipulation cuz it will have learned that from us this has been a week where concerns over the rapidly expanding use of artificial intelligence resonated loudly we don’t actually know what’s going on anymore than we know what’s going on in your brain it’s

Looking a lot more like AI is capable of reading our thoughts and we’re not just talking about it predicting what kind of Tik Tok we want to see next artificial neural networks were born not because Hinton meticulously planned it but because life threw him a curveball and

He swung for the fences it’s like accidentally discover covering fire while trying to cook a burger Hinton stumbled upon something huge something that changed the game The Accidental development of artificial neural networks became the backbone of modern AI so what’s the moral of this story Sometimes the best inventions come from

Unexpected detours the evolution of artificial neural networks isn’t just a tech tail it’s an adventure with unexpected twists and turns starring the indomitable Jeffrey Hinton ai’s learning process so here’s the Scoop at the heart of ai’s brain power are these things called neural networks think of them like a complex

Web of connections kind of like the synapses in our human brains now what makes this neural network dance so special is how it learns it’s like the AI version of hitting the books but on steroids when AI tackles a task let’s say scoring goals in soccer like Google’s robots it’s not a oneandone

Deal oh no it’s it’s a learning party the connections in these neural networks Flex their muscles based on what works and what doesn’t if the robot scores high fives all around and those connections get stronger if it fumbles it’s back to the drawing board and those connections take a hit it’s like

Teaching a robot to play soccer without a rulebook no coach yelling instructions the robot is in the field figuring out the game by itself this trial and error gig isn’t just for show it’s the secret sauce that makes AI a potential learning ninja even better than us humans you

Can’t make different biological brains behave identically so you can’t share the connection but why why wouldn’t we stick with digital computers announced he was quitting Google over his worries about the future of AI and what it could eventually lead to unchecked how would you describe this current moment in AI

Machine learning whatever we want to call it I think is a pivotal moment the knowledge that we learn the connection strengths are specific to our particular brains every brain is a bit different take a moment to imagine the scene Google soccer Bots running around falling getting up scoring goals and

Doing it all over again the magic happens when those neural connections get the memo this move Works keep it up or oops that didn’t fly let’s try something else in a weird way it’s like watching a baby learn to walk but instead of a tiny human it’s a

Futuristic robot with a soccer ball ai’s learning process is like having a super smart buddy that can learn from its own experiences adapt and get better at stuff over time so when we talk about the neural networks and the autonomous decision- making of AI we’re basically saying these machines aren’t just

Following a script they’re out there in the digital wild making choices learning from the consequences and becoming the next level thinkers of the tech world it’s a bit mind-blowing isn’t it concerns and risks first on the Worry List is is the autonomy of AI systems machines going all Rogue writing and

Executing code without a human babysitter Hinton is like the wise Elder warning us that this could be a recipe for chaos it’s the digital equivalent of giving your teenager the car keys and hoping they stick to the speed limit what if these AI systems start coding in

Ways we don’t understand or Worse can’t control hinton’s concerns hint at a future where the machines might run the show the humans are just along for the ride then there’s the spooky part AI playing mind games Hinton isn’t just talking about Siri or Alexa being a bit too cheeky he’s pointing at the

Potential manipulation prowess of AI these machines armed with knowledge from every nook and cranny of the internet could become the ultimate Puppet Masters picture an AI that knows human behavior Inside Out manipulating decisions opinions and maybe even emotions it’s like having a virtual Sherlock Holmes who knows your every move and can use

That info to pull your strings creepy right but hold on to your hats the roller coaster isn’t over the immediate drop is unemployment AI with its Lightning Fast processing and learning abilities is snatching jobs like a digital ninja tasks that were once in the hands of humans are getting a

Futuristic makeover the risk of certain sectors facing massive job losses is real picture assembly lines where robots are doing the heavy lifting leaving humans twiddling their thumbs it’s a scene straight out of a Sci-Fi dystopia the concerns raised by Hinton aren’t just techy nightmares they’re the challenges of a digital era hurling

Toward us the fear isn’t about the rise of the Machines it’s about us losing the reign as AI becomes more independent manipulative and job efficient hinton’s words Echo a call to action we need to figure out the rules of this Tech game set boundaries and make sure we don’t

End up being mere Spectators in the AI circus it’s a tight rope walk between Innovation and control and Hinton is nudging us to find that delicate balance before the circus tent comes crashing down um and they’re suddenly aware of stuff that people at the big companies

Have been aware of for The Last 5 Years what do you mean we don’t know exactly how it works it was designed by people so if I learn some connection strength in a neuronet that’s being simulated on digital computers World treaty on AI get ready for some serious talk about

Shaping the future before it slips out of our grasp Hinton isn’t just tossing out concerns for the fun of it nope he’s practically banging the drum urging us to take charge of the AI roller coaster that’s picking up speed first on his checklist experiments we need to get our

Hands dirty dive into the tech pool and figure out how how this AI Beast behaves it’s like taming a wild animal you can’t do it from a distance you’ve got to be in the arena experiments are our way of peeking under the hood understanding the gears and circuits that drive

AI now let’s talk about the r-word regulations Hinton isn’t saying we slap on a bunch of rules Just for kicks no it’s about steering this technological Juggernaut in a direction that won’t end in chaos think of it like traffic rules we need them to avoid crashes and keep

Things moving smoothly regulations in AI are like road signs for the digital Highway preventing a free-for-all where the consequences could be disastrous but Hinton isn’t stopping there he’s dropping a shocker a world treaty on AI development it’s not some pie in the sky idea it’s a call for a global pact to

Prevent the misuse of AI especially in the military realm imagine a world where Nations come together put pen to paper and agree to keep AI out of the hands of war machines I want to talk about a different risk which is the risk of superintelligent AI Taking Over Control

From people what are kind of like the next things you think this technology will do that will impact people’s lives brains where researchers have used AI to translate brain scans into text Hinton draws a parallel to historical figures like Robert Oppenheimer the guy behind the atomic explosive who later campaigned against the hydrogen

Explosive it’s about learning from the past recognizing the power we hold and being responsible custodians of this technological Marvel the call for a world treaty isn’t just about stopping Slayer robots it’s about safeguarding the future Hinton isn’t waving a doomsday flag he’s nudging us to be the architects of a digital era that

Benefits all not just a select few it’s about saying hey let’s not just ride this wave let’s shape it before it crashes so here’s to experiments regulations and a world treaty the blueprint for a responsible AI Adventure that’s all for this video folks see you next time

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