The Diet of People Who Live Up to 120 Years, Give Birth at 65, and Never Get Sick – Video

The Diet of People Who Live Up to 120 Years, Give Birth at 65, and Never Get Sick – Video

Blue zones are communities around the world that have discovered the secret to living a long and healthy life. These communities have residents who live to be over 100 years old, give birth at 65, and rarely get sick. What is their secret? It all comes down to their diet and lifestyle.

One such Blue zone is the Hza valley in Northern Pakistan, home to the Hza people who live up to 120 years and beyond. Their diet is plant-based, rich in apricots, vegetables, grains, and nuts. The Hza people grow their own food using organic farming methods, ensuring it is pure and free from synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Their diet is low in protein, fat, and carbohydrates but high in minerals and vitamins, providing them with all the necessary nutrients without the burden of processed foods.

Physical activity is also a crucial aspect of their lifestyle. The rugged terrain of the Hza valley requires constant physical labor, contributing to their overall fitness and longevity. The Hza people also practice seasonal fasting, which has been linked to improved metabolic health and increased longevity.

Another Blue zone is the Vilcabamba valley in Ecuador, also known as the Valley of Longevity. The residents here live long, healthy lives due to their plant-based diet, mineral-rich water, and active lifestyle. The water in Vilcabamba is naturally filtered and infused with minerals, detoxifying the body and providing essential nutrients.

Physical activity is an inherent part of daily life in Vilcabamba, with residents engaging in regular physical labor and outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding. The strong sense of community in Vilcabamba also contributes to the longevity of its residents, providing a vital support system for mental health.

Okinawa, Japan is another Blue zone known for its high number of centenarians. The Okinawan diet is low in calories but dense in nutrients, mainly consisting of plant-based foods, fish, and minimal meat and dairy products. The concept of hara hachi bu, eating until one is 80% full, promotes calorie restriction without malnutrition, linked to increased lifespan and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

The Okinawans lead an active lifestyle, integrating physical activity into their daily routines. Their strong sense of community and emphasis on social ties further contribute to their overall health and longevity.

The Blue zones around the world hold the key to living a long and healthy life. By adopting their plant-based diets, engaging in regular physical activity, and fostering strong social ties, we can all strive to live a longer, healthier life like the centenarians in these extraordinary communities.

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Video Transcript

Turns out there are communities around the world called Blue zones that may have found the secret to living a long and healthy life ever wondered if the Fountain of Youth was not a myth but a reality hidden in the daily lives of some extraordinary communities activity for the centenarians is very important

From the Serene valleys of Pakistan to the Tranquil islands of Japan join us as we uncover the secrets of people who live to see over a century healthy and Hardy the hunza phenomenon in the remote mountainous regions of Northern Pakistan lies a valley that seems to hold the

Secrets to longevity and vitality the hanza people residing here are known for their incredible lifespan with many living up to 120 years and Beyond but what is it about the hza lifestyle that contributes to their remarkable longevity at the heart of the hanza phenomenon is their diet predominantly

Plant-based it is rich in a apricots vegetables grains and nuts hanza apricots are especially famous they’re not just a staple but a superfood packed with vitamins fiber and antioxidants the hakuts consume apricots in various forms dried as Jam or as oil making it a critical component of their daily

Nutrition their diet is low in protein fat and carbohydrates but high in minerals and vitamins providing them with all the necessary nutrients without the burden of processed foods the purity of their food is ensured through organic farming methods hakuts grow their own food without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers this

Connection with the land not only guarantees a fresh supply of organic produce but also embeds physical activity into their daily routine contributing to their overall Health and Longevity physical activity is not a scheduled part of their day but an intrinsic One the rugged terrain requires the hakuts to engage in constant physical labor be It farming hering or simply traversing the Steep landscape this consistent physical activity ensures a high level of Fitness among all age groups contributing significantly to their extended Health span an interesting aspect of the hanza lifestyle is their

Practice of seasonal fasting before the summer Harvest when Food Supplies run low auts undergo a period of fasting consuming only a light broth this practice akin to intermittent fasting is now recognized for its health benefits including improved metabolic Health increased longevity and reduced disease risk the hza valley is not just a place

Of physical health but mental well-being too the community life in hunza is characterized by strong social ties and a deep sense of belonging stress known to be a significant ific factor in reducing lifespan is remarkably low their simple lifestyle close-knit community and the Serene environment contribute to a stress-free existence

The hunza valley with its pristine environment clean air and mineral Rich water plays a crucial role in the health of its inhabitants the water in particular is rich in minerals due to its Journey Through the mountainous terrain providing hakuts with essential nutrients naturally despite their isolation the hunza people are not

Devoid of healthcare they possess a rich tradition of Herbal Remedies passed down through generations which they use to treat various ailments this knowledge combined with their healthy lifestyle reduces their Reliance on modern medicine Ecuador’s VAB bambin a fountain of youth nestled in the Serene Andes mountains of Ecuador lies a small

Village that has captivated the world’s imagination as a real life Shangrila vilcabamba often referred to as the valley of longevity is home to an extraordinary number of centenarians individuals who have crossed the 100-year mark with Grace the secrets to their prolonged life expectancy are a blend of diet the purity of their

Environment and a lifestyle that promotes physical activity the diet of the VAB bambin plays a crucial role in their longevity it is is primarily plant-based consisting of locally grown organic fruits and vegetables legumes and Grains this diet is low in processed foods and sugars but high in fiber antioxidants

And essential nutrients which are key to maintaining health and preventing diseases corn potatoes beans and a variety of fruits form the staple of their meals the absence of industrialized food means lower consumption of unhealthy fats and chemicals contributing significantly to their overall health Health one cannot Overlook the importance of the local

Produce that thrives in Mineral rich soil this contributes not only to the nutritional value of the food but also to its ability to enhance the longevity of those who consume it regularly perhaps one of the most compelling secrets to the health of the VAB bomans is the water they

Drink originating from the untouched peaks of the Andes the water in vilcabamba is naturally filtered and infused with minerals researchers speculate that this mineral Rich water contributes significantly to the Health and Longevity of the local population by naturally detoxifying the body and providing essential minerals that are lacking in most modern

Diets physical activity is an inherent part of daily life in vilcabamba the villagers engage in regular physical labor whether it’s farming walking long distances or simply performing daily chores all of which contribute to their physical well-being this constant natural physical activity ensures cardiovascular health flexibility and muscle strength which are crucial for

Longevity moreover the geography of VAB bomba encourages outdoor activities the mountainous terrain and the Lush surroundings invite hiking horseback riding and walking seamlessly integrating exercise into daily life without the need for structured fitness routines the social structure of Vil kabamba also plays a pivotal role in and its inhabitants longevity the tight-knit

Community supports each other providing a strong social network that is vital for mental health this sense of belonging and purpose contributes to a lower stress level among the VAB bomans stress a known factor in aging and health problems is significantly reduced in this environment the pace of life is

Slow and deliberate allowing residents to live in the moment and enjoy a sense of peace and well-being that is rare in the fast-paced modern world the pristine environment of VAB bambba free from pollution and the hustle of urban life contributes to the health of its residence the Clean Air and the

Tranquility of nature serve as a natural therapy enhancing both mental and physical health traditional medicine using herbs and plants found in the surrounding area remains a vital aspect of healthc care this knowledge passed down through generations complements their lifestyle and diet providing natural remedies for various ailments

Okan secrets to A Century Of Life okanawa a picturesque archipelago in Japan has long been the subject of Fascination and study due to its high number of centenarians and the overall health of its population this unique longevity has been attributed to a combination of factors including diet lifestyle and social structure which

Have been examined and revered by scientists and lay people alike Central to the okan secret of longevity is their diet often described as low in calories but dense in nutrients it is predominantly plant-based rich in sweet potatoes green and yellow vegetables soy products like tofu and an abundance of

Fruits this dietary regimen is complemented by a moderate intake of fish providing essential omega-3 fatty acids and minimal consumption of meat and dairy products such a diet is low in saturated fats and high in antioxidants and phytonutrients which are critical in combating oxidative stress and inflammation key factors in aging and Disease the concept of harachi Buu is another dietary practice that contributes to their longevity this confusion teaching advises eating until one is 80% full promoting calorie restriction without malnutrition scientific Studies have linked calorie restriction to increased lifespan and and reduced risk of chronic diseases okinawans lead an inherently active lifestyle that integrates

Physical activity into daily routines gardening walking and traditional practices like Tai Chi are commonplace contributing to their cardiovascular health and Mobility this constant low intensity physical activity is sustainable and has profound benefits on longevity by maintaining metabolic health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases the social fabric of okanawa is

Character ized by strong Community ties and an emphasis on social participation regardless of age the traditional Okana Moi a social support network plays a crucial role in providing emotional and financial support among its members these close-knit communities ensure that no one feels isolated reducing stress and promoting mental health moreover the

Okan culture values respect for the elderly integrating them into the community and and recognizing their role in society this sense of purpose and belonging contributes to their mental well-being and is a vital component of their longevity while lifestyle and diet play significant roles the natural environment and genetic makeup of the

Okana aans also contribute to their longevity the subtropical climate promotes outdoor activities and the relative isolation of the islands may have led to genetic factors favorable to longevity however the lifestyle choices Remain the primary drivers that other populations can emulate okanawa has been the subject of numerous scientific studies aimed at understanding the

Secrets behind its resident longevity research has highlighted the okan diet’s role in reducing the risk of heart disease stroke cancer and diabetes the lowc calorie nutrient-rich diet along with regular physical activity contributes to low body mass index BMI and minimal obesity rates factors closely linked with extended lifespan

Studies have also focused on the okan attitude towards life including their stress reducing practices and strong Community bonds these psychosocial factors are increasingly recognized as critical components of longevity while the okan lifestyle might seem distant and difficult to replicate in fast-paced modern societies its principles offer valuable lessons incorporating more

Plant-based Foods into the diet practicing portion control integrating physical activity into daily life and fostering strong Community ties can contribute significantly to improving health and extending lifespan sardinia’s centenarian code Sardinia an enchanting island in the Mediterranean Sea Harbors one of the world’s highest concentrations of centenarians particularly in the rugged mountainous region of

Barbagia this demographic anomaly has drawn researchers and curious minds alike to uncover the secrets behind the remarkable longevity of its inhabitants the Sardinian centenarian code is a complex interplay of diet lifestyle genetic factors and social structure echoing some similarities with other longevity hotspots while retaining unique elements Central to Sardinian

Longevity is their traditional Mediterranean diet known for its health benefits and its role in preventing diseases the diet is predominantly plant-based featuring whole grains legumes vegetables fruits nuts and a significant intake of olive oil a source of healthy fats sardinians also consume a moderate amount of dairy products particularly cheese from grass-fed sheep

Which is high in omega-3 fatty acids the consumption of lean meat and fish is limited but present ensuring a balanced intake of proteins wine particularly the local Red variety known for its high levels of antioxidants is consumed in moderation these dietary habits contribute to a low prevalence of heart disease obesity and

Diabetes common ailments in Western societies physical activity is woven into the fabric of daily life in Sardinia much like in other longevity zones the mountainous terrain necessitates walking and shepherding providing natural cardiovascular Benefits farming another common occupation requires physical labor ensuring that sardinians remain active throughout their lives this lifestyle contrasts with the sedentary habits of Modern urban living underscoring the importance of regular moderate exercise in longevity the social structure in Sardinia particularly in barbagia is characterized by strong family ties and

Community networks the concept of family extends beyond the nuclear model encompassing a wide network of relations who Provide support and companionship ship this social cohesion is a critical factor in mental health reducing stress and promoting a sense of belonging and purpose elderly sardinians are respected and remain integrated within the

Community contributing to their sense of worth and reducing feelings of loneliness and depression common issues in Western societies that affect both mental and physical health research has indicated that genetics coupled with environmental factors plays a role in Sardinian longevity the the genetic isolation and homogeneity of the population have contributed to a gene

Pool that may be predisposed to longevity however it is the Synergy between these genetic predispositions and lifestyle factors that truly defines the Sardinian longevity phenomenon Sardinia shares several commonalities with other longevity zones such as a plant-based diet high physical activity levels strong Community bonds and respect for the elderly

However the emphasis on dairy products particularly cheese sets it apart from the predominantly fish-based protein intake in okanawa or the legume heavy diet of the hza valley moreover the cultural significance of wine in Sardinia consumed in moderation adds a unique aspect to their dietary habits reflecting the broader Mediterranean

Lifestyle the genetic aspect of Sardinian longevity also offers a distinct angle suggesting that while while lifestyle is Paramount genetic predispositions cannot be entirely overlooked Iaria gree’s island of long life Iaria a picturesque island in the aian sea stands out as a remarkable example of longevity where the inhabitants live significantly longer

Than average often surpassing 100 years this island of long life captivates those seeking the secrets behind its resident extended lifespans attributed to a blend of dietary habit habits lifestyle and social structures at the core of aaran longevity is the Mediterranean diet renowned for its health benefits aarans consume a diet

Rich in vegetables legumes fruits whole grains and olive oil with a minimal intake of processed foods and meats their meals are seasoned with a variety of local herbs which are not only flavor enhancers but also possess potent antioxidant properties a distinctive aspect of the acarian diet diet is the consumption of

Local honey a natural sweetener known for its health benefits and herbal teas made from wild plants which are believed to have diuretic and blood pressure lowering effects fish is eaten in moderation providing the essential omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for heart health this dietary pattern low in saturated fats and high in fiber and

Antioxidants contributes to the low incidence of cardiovascular diseases and other chronic conditions commonly seen in the West Western World physical activity in Iaria is not a scheduled part of the day but an intrinsic one much like in other longevity zones the Island’s terrain encourages walking tending to Gardens and farming ensuring

That icarians maintain a naturally active lifestyle this integration of physical activity helps in maintaining a healthy weight reducing the risk of chronic diseases and promoting overall well-being the social structure in aaria play a crucial role in its inhabitants longevity aarian enjoy strong Community ties with a culture that emphasizes

Social interaction and support regular social Gatherings Community festivals and a general sense of belonging contribute to their mental and emotional well-being effectively combating stress and isolation known factors in premature aging and health decline it soon becomes obvious that these are people who maximize social engagement the concept of time in Iaria also

Differs significantly from the rest of the world life moves at a slower Pace allowing residents to live stress-free lives with lower levels of anxiety and depression this relaxed pace of Life alongside afternoon naps which are a common practice contributes to reduced stress levels and better heart health

EA’s environment with its clean air and the Mediterranean climate contributes to the health of its residents the lifestyle on the island which combines physical activity healthy eating and strong social networks creates a holistic approach to well-being similar to other longevity hotspots EA emphasizes a plant-based diet physical activity and strong social connections

However the aaran diet stands out for its use of local honey and herbal teas reflecting the Island’s unique Flora the social fabric of Iaria with its emphasis on community and a slower pace of life also sets it apart highlighting the importance of mental and emotional health in longevity Calabria Italy’s ageless

Village nestled in the southern toe of Italy’s boot cabria is home to Villages that seem to defy the Modern Age where the concept of longevity takes on a new meaning this region with its ageless villagers offers profound insights into a lifestyle that promotes Health and Longevity focusing on diet physical

Labor and the indispensable strength of Family Ties the Cornerstone of calabrian longevity is its adherence to the Mediterranean diet characterized by a high consumption of vegetables fruits legumes whole grains and olive oil olive oil in particular is a staple in calabrian Cuisine used generously to dress salads and cook meals it’s rich in

Monounsaturated fats and antioxidants contributing to heart health and reducing the risk of chronic diseases calabrians also Al consume a significant amount of fish providing essential omega-3 fatty acids their diet is complemented by a moderate intake of wine particularly red which is consumed with meals and is known for its cardiovascular benefits unlike the

Heavier Reliance on Dairy in Sardinia calabria’s diet leans more towards plant-based protein sources such as legumes which are integral to their meals physical activity in Calabria is not a chore but a part of daily life the Region’s rugged terrain and agricultural tradition mean that many calabrians engage in farming cultivating their land

And tending to livestock this lifestyle ensures that physical labor from planting and harvesting to walking the Steep paths between Fields is a natural part of their routine such constant moderate exercise is crucial for maintaining cardiovascular health and a balanced weight contributing significantly to the Region’s longevity rates perhaps one of the most distinct

Ive aspects of calabrian longevity is the profound importance of family in calabrian society family extends beyond the nuclear unit creating a broad network of support that includes immediate and extended family members these strong familial bonds provide emotional support reduce stress and contribute to a sense of belonging and happiness family gatherings especially

Around meals are common and serve as an essential element of social life these interactions not only reinforce Family Ties but also ensure that elderly family members are integrated respected and cared for reducing the risks of loneliness and depression which can significantly impact Health and Longevity the calabrian environment with

Its clean air moderate climate and natural landscapes complements the lifestyle of its inhabitants the blend of physical activity a healthy diet and robust social structures creates a synergy energ that promotes longevity while Calabria shares the Mediterranean diet’s core components with other regions like Sardinia and acaria its unique emphasis on family as

The social fabric sets it apart the natural integration of physical labor into daily life also distinguishes Calabria highlighting a lifestyle that remains closely tied to the land Linda modern longevity in practice lomalinda California is a remarkable ception in the United States known for its significant population of 7th Day

Adventists and their notably longer lifespans compared to the national average this community offers a contemporary case study in longevity largely attributed to lifestyle choices deeply rooted in religious beliefs these choices include a plant-based diet regular physical activity abstention from smoking and alcohol and a strong sense of community and purpose Central

To the Seventh Day Adventist lifestyle is a predominantly plant-based diet recommended by their faith to maintain physical and mental health this diet is rich in fruits vegetables whole grains nuts and legumes with many adherence choosing to be vegetarian or vegan such a diet is low and saturated fats and

High in fiber and nutrients contributing to lower rates of heart disease obesity hypertension and diabetes common ailments that shorten life expectancy in the broader population the emphasis on Whole Foods and the avoidance of processed items play a significant role in their health Additionally the consumption of water as

The primary beverage along with the practice of eating nuts regularly has been associated with reduced risk of developing chronic diseases regular physical exercise is another pillar of the Adventist lifestyle whether through walking cycling gardening or participating in community sports physical activity is incorporated into daily life this commitment to stay

Staying active helps maintain a healthy weight reduces the risk of chronic disease and promotes overall well-being 7th Day Adventists abstain from smoking alcohol and the use of other substances harmful to Health in adherence to their belief in maintaining the body as a temple but our body is the

The temple of God that’s what it says you know we are his Temple this avoidance significantly contributes to their reduced risk of cancers liver disease and respiratory problems all of which are major contributors to mortality in the general population mental health and a strong social support system are integral to the

Adventist approach to longevity the community provides a network of social connections through church activities including group meals social Gatherings and volunteer opportunities these activities not only Foster a sense of belonging and purpose but also provide emotional and practical support contributing to lower stress levels and better mental health the Adventist Faith

Encourages a day of rest on the Sabbath allowing time for relaxation reflection and reconnection with family and Community this break from the weekly routine is essential for mental health offering a respite from the stresses of daily life Loma Linda boasts a world-renowned medical center emphasizing preventive care and holistic health in line with

Adventist principles the community’s focus on Healthcare not only involves treating illnesses but also promoting Healthy Lifestyles to prevent diseases before they start while the 7th Day Adventists in Loma Linda share commonalities with other longevity zones such as a focus on diet and physical activity their longevity is also heavily

Influenced by religious beliefs that dictate lifestyle choices this integration of faith and health practices sets them apart providing a unique model of longevity within a modern American context

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