The advancements in AI are becoming more and more frightening. – Video

The advancements in AI are becoming more and more frightening. – Video

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly progressed to unprecedented levels, with openAI’s Sora model being the latest example. Sora is a diffusion model that can create AI-generated videos up to a minute long with a simple text prompt. The examples shown on their landing page are quite remarkable, showing the potential of this technology. However, with great power comes great responsibility, as ethical and legal implications abound. The US Federal Trade Commission has proposed a rule to protect individuals from AI-based impersonation and fraud, a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, in the PC hardware space, NVIDIA has unveiled Eos, their AI supercomputer powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs, making it one of the fastest supercomputers for AI tasks. The cost of such technology is staggering, with the GPUs alone totaling 140 to 190 million dollars. On the other hand, there is some good news for consumers, as the RTX 4070 super has seen a $10 price drop, signaling a potential trend of video cards becoming more affordable over time.

Overall, the advancements in AI technology and PC hardware point to an exciting yet uncertain future. It’s a world where AI-generated videos could become the norm, and where new Intel CPUs may require innovative cooling solutions. As we navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, it’s essential to consider the implications and be cautious about the potential consequences of these advancements.

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[Music] Welcome back to Paul’s Tech news! it  appears that we have reached an inflection point   in the inexorable March of Technology my friends  and it is one I’ve been waiting on for a while:   we’ve got AI chat bots that feed us AI-derived  text, and we have AI still photo generation to  

Produce titillating imagery for us to feast  our eyes upon, but what about the next step   in AI evolution? No, not the singularity, when  AI becomes self aware and merges itself into   an omniscient digital hybrid being capable of  completely taking over world governments and the  

Human race in general, that already happened in  2023, media coverage was pretty light on it – I’m   talking about AI-generated video, and for more  on this we go live to our new field reporter,   a Corgi on a beach in Maui. I’m just kidding,  that Corgi video was AI-generated with a simple  

Prompt using OpenAI’s new Sora model, and who  knows – maybe my whole video is AI-generated   too. What can you trust anymore? Probably not  your eyes, but for now I say we just roll with   it and see how this plays out. Oh yeah, and  there was other PC hardware news this week  

Too about CPUs and GPUs that I’ll also talk  about. Computer: Generate Paul’s Hardware   Tech News Show for February 18th, 2024. Joe:  yeah no problem Paul. I think it’s working excellent today’s video is brought to you by  the Paul’s Hardware store on  

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Added sporadically and at random so head over to and get some of that sweet sweet   merch right now. or not right now after you  watch the video. either way. all right let’s   finish covering Sora first as revealed by open AI  on Thursday it’s a diffusion model that can create  

Videos up to a minute long with a simple text  prompt and the examples shown on their landing   page are just absolutely stunning it can also be  used to extend existing videos and while it’s not   perfect as readily admitted by openAI – there are  a handful of videos showing it spawning infinite  

Wolf puppies or Conjuring up cursed plastic chairs  at an archaeology site – the leap from previous   models that could maybe animate a still image for  a few seconds to this is quite remarkable. Sora   is not available to the public yet nor will it be  available soon according to an openAI spokesperson  

But they are gathering early feedback and let’s  call it like it is flexing pretty boldly with the   capabilities of their new model ethical and legal  implications abound of course as governmental   bodies and Regulators attempt to keep Pace with  AI’s rapid advancements and in the US at least  

The FTC has finally proposed a rule to protect  individuals from AI-based impersonation and fraud;   they have already finalized a rule about  impersonating the Government and Businesses,   so it’s nice that they’re considering some  protections for us actual people too. Once AI  

Video is perfected though, what will be next? Well  that’s “AGI”, or artificial general intelligence,   and true AGI models would be able to recreate  human ingenuity and come up with brand new   solutions to problems, versus simply mimicking  or recreating existing art or writing based on  

The data they’re trained on. And according to  the most recent news from Amazon’s AGI team,   their work is also progressing, and their  model has shown “Emergent Abilities” – as in,   exhibiting language abilities that it was not  trained on. And whether that makes you nervous  

Or excited – you’re probably right. Let’s steer  gently back towards PC hardware, with NVIDIA’s   video posted Thursday, showing off Eos, their AI  supercomputer powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs – which   makes it the 9th fastest supercomputer  in terms of raw floating point power,  

But probably the fastest or one of the fastest  for AI specific tasks. Along with the H100s,   there are 1,152 Intel Xeon Platinum 8480C 56  core processors, and nodes are connected with   Nvidia’s Mellanox Quantum-2 InfiniBand technology  that can hit transfer speeds up to 400 Gb/s,  

Which is very important for AI training purposes.  No word on how much it will cost to rent the Eos   supercomputer out so you can make your own 16k  resolution Corgi-on-a-beach videos with OpenAI’s   Sora model, but it will presumably be on the  pricey side – the overall cost of Eos, based  

Solely on the 4,608 H100 GPUs, which typically  sell for $30-$40,000 each, would be 140 to 190   million dollars, and that’s not including the  Xeon platinums, the building, and the electrical   and cooling bills. What’s even crazier is  that this seems to be a cut-down version  

Of Eos – NVIDIA says there will be multiple Eos  Supercomputers, and the specs they first revealed   back in November 2023 listed 10,752 H100 GPUs,  more than double what the supercomputer revealed   Thursday has installed. But I suppose the price is  probably worth it if you can just generate videos  

Now without having to pay actors, directors,  script writers, videographers and all those   other inconvenient expenses that come along with  content creation. speaking of expensive things:   Nvidia GPUs. sure they cost a lot but what if the  cost was $10 less? that’s the newsworthy bit of  

Info written up by the folks at  – a $10 price drop on the RTX 4070 super, now   down to $590 for Zotac twin Edge model and while  it’s a small savings it is hopefully indicative of   a continuing Trend in the PC Hardware space of  video cards becoming more affordable over time  

Rather than less so and I will say that it is nice  that this has happened within about a month or so   of the original launch date it’s nice that the  prices on Amazon and newegg are still the same  

A couple days after this article went up and that  the cards are still in stock and also notable that   amongst the 40 super cards that were announced  the 4070 super was the most highly regarded in   terms of performance per dollar and the most  affordable, relatively speaking. amd’s radon  

Cards have also seen continuing price drops with  the 7900 XT holding steady at $700 and the 7800   XT now available for less than $500 with multiple  cards at $490 (after promo code) small steps yes   but they are steps in the right direction. Intel  apparently has one more 14th gen CPU to launch and  

As usual it is the KS Flagship model, a clock  speed Juiced variant of the 14900K presumably   built on binned silicon with an S added for good  measure. these Halo tier CPUs aren’t typically   recommended for most Builders since they fetch  a price premium and often need to dramatically  

Ramp up power draw to hit Peak frequencies, and  the 14900K seems like it will continue that Trend   with an impressive 6.2 GHz Peak Turbo clock  and a much less impressive 410 W power draw,   at least according to results from The OCCT  Benchmark database that were discovered and  

Published by benchleaks. even premium 360mm and  420mm all-in-one coolers struggle to keep up with   the 14900K non-super so you might want to consider  a water chiller or moving your gaming setup to the   Frozen tundra of the great white North if you’re  at all interested in upgrading to this CPU. no  

Word on pricing either but if rumors are true it  should be available for sale in mid-march. we save   Tech briefs for the end of the show because let’s  face it sometimes it’s embarrassing to have them   right out there on display for everyone. but if  you’re feeling self-conscious never fear because  

These stories are embarrassing for pretty much  everyone involved. Nvidia has been riding high   on their CUDA platform for a long time but  at last AMD Radeon users can get in on the   action too thanks to “ZLUDA” which is available  in open- Source format as of Monday and functions  

As a drop in Cuda implementation allowing you to  run unmodified Cuda apps on Radeon gpus there’s   a bit of backstory since ZLUDA started as an Intel  project built on the Intel 1 API level zero — LZ,  

ZL, ZLUDA — but the Intel Dev for the project  was contracted by AMD to continue it in 2022   after leaving Intel and adapt it for Radeon  Hardware. AMD has decided not to release the   software themselves but instead gave the dev  a window to release it as open source which  

Was likely done to skirt legal repercussions, but  the upshot is that it works on Windows and Linux,   benchmarks show good performance (even better than  amd’s native ROCm solution for stuff like blender   which is interesting), so if you have a radeon GPU  and you want to do Cuda stuff with it head on over  

To GitHub and try out ZLUDA. amd’s ryzen 8000  apus are already out, but according to Twitter   leaker harukaze5719 they will have new 35 watt TDP  versions available soon too that’s 30 watts less   than the likes of the 65 watt 8700g with power  saved primarily thanks to reduced clock speeds  

Which of course reduces performance. this info was  revealed in the notes for some recent Asus bios   updates and while there is likely a small subset  of potential ryzen 8000G Apu buyers who would be   interested in lower TDP versions you should also  keep in mind that these will probably be OEM only  

So you’d need to buy a pre-built to get your hands  on one. Microsoft is apparently embarrassed enough   about people running Windows on older Hardware  that they’re making requirements for the dubiously   named windows 24H2 even more stringent than before  and these won’t be annoying requirements that can  

Be worked around it’s a show stopping error  based on the hardware you’re using. “popcnt”   isn’t just shorthand for what percentage of  Australia’s population is composed of douchebags,   it’s actually short for the population count  instruction, and if your CPU isn’t compatible with  

Specific sse4 instruction sets then windows 24H2  will simply refuse to install. that means no new   windows for mid-2000s Intel Core 2 Duo based PCs,  as well as earlier Athlon 64 systems — probably   isn’t that big of a deal to be honest. on the  flip side though the update is also promising  

Some functionally useful features like automatic  super resolution, with AI enhancement of course,   which probably won’t be the only AI boosted thing  that windows integrates but using upscaling to   improve performance on older Hardware (as long  as it’s not pre-to-mid 2000s CPUs of course) and  

Enhance the PC gaming experience in general makes  me cautiously optimistic about the potential for   automatic super resolution. amd’s biggest  embarrassment in 2023 was probably the roll   out of anti-lag plus, the driver level latency  reduction tool that triggered anti-cheat bans  

For quite a few Gamers after its debut back in  September. but according to amd’s Frank Azor   they will be bringing it back “Soon” (asterisk)  but hopefully they won’t be rushing it out this   time. AMD did seem to take their time with  Wednesday’s disclosure of fixes for Zen based  

CPU vulnerabilities which includes four new ones  as well as well as cumulative updates for the   dramatically named “Zenbleed” vulnerabilities from  2023. the four newly discovered vulnerabilities   require an agesa micro code update to patch and  for the bulk of consumer am4 CPUs that is now  

Version 1.2.0C so it is good that there are fixes  out now but it is also up to your motherboard’s   manufacturer to issue a bios update that includes  the new Agesa code and support for some aging  

300 400 and even 500 series am4 boards is lagging  behind so you should update your bios if you can,   and if you can’t then you should compose a  strongly worded letter to your motherboard   manufacture telling them to get on the ball  issue some newly updated bioses. intel was  

Embarrassed this week too by the spec group who  called out team blue and bulk canceled 2600 sets   of Benchmark results achieved using their  software suite, primarily for Intel Sapphire   Rapids processors tested in 2022. Intel apparently  optimized their compiler specifically for the spec  

CPU 2017 Benchmark that’s used to test high-end  servers data centers and workstations resulting   in a 9% Improvement that was not borne out in real  world testing. it’s not the first time this has   happened, but it is disappointing that Intel would  feel the need to take such an action to attempt to  

Boost the appeal of their server Hardware. when  asked for comments AMD described the situation   as an “EPYC fail” because AMD processors are  called Epyc… you don’t have to use that if   you don’t want to. finally, we showed you pink  strawberry scented thermal paste last week and  

Apparently it looked so delicious that feasting  on thermal paste and thermal pads is becoming a   thing, or at least it is for a redditor who goes  by thejus Parol who posted over on the PC Master   race subreddit about fire ants Milling about in  their PC case going into and out of their GTX  

1060 video card disassembly revealed that the  little buggers were actually chowing down on   the card’s memory thermal pads and and the gpu’s  thermal paste and they even returned for a second   helping after parol did a full alcohol cleaning  and reassembly. fire ants are already fearsome  

Enough what with their ability to breathe fire and  all so I think we should especially avoid scented   paste or anything that makes our PC Hardware  more delicious looking. thank goodness they’re   not going for the ssds I don’t even know how  You’d deal with that many bugs in your software.

That was a bad joke though I like I like this  actual joke on Reddit better “what is this,   a computer for ants?” Reddit always comes  up with better jokes than I do. but there   you have it guys Tech news for the week and if  you liked it click that like button leave me  

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To my channel is always a good call too thanks  again everyone and we’ll see you next week

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