“EXROBOTS’ Bionic Humanoid Robots” – Video

“EXROBOTS’ Bionic Humanoid Robots” – Video

Bionic humanoid robots are no longer just science fiction, they are becoming a reality in the Chinese city of Dalian, Liaoning Province. The EX Future and Science Museum has recently opened, showcasing incredibly lifelike and realistic humanoid robots created by EX Robots. These robots are so accurate that they can create a replica of any visitor to the museum with frightening realism.

The museum not only houses these incredible robots but also has a research and development department, as well as a bionic robot assembly line. The robots are designed to be as realistic as possible, with details like the pattern of veins, lines on the palms, and even goosebumps on the skin being reproduced with medical silicone on a 3D printer. The goal is to make touching the robot feel like touching a human.

The company behind these humanoid robots, EX Robots, is focusing on research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of intelligent bionic humanoid robots. Their robots have already been used in various service industries and they are now planning to focus on children’s education and early care applications.

The future of robotics looks promising, with the advancement of technology and the integration of robots into human life. If you are curious to see these incredible humanoid robots in action, visit the EX Future and Science Museum in Dalian. It’s truly a glimpse into the future of technology and robotics.

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Video Transcript

Imagine that you enter a room and see your exact replica in front of you only it does not breathe because it is made of metal and silicone this is not science fiction in china they already make rabbets that copy people down to the pattern of veins and goose goosebumps on the skin

See how the world’s most realistic humanoid robots are created and what they can do in this issue the world of the wild west where rabbits are indistinguishable from humans has been realized in the chinese city of daelian leon in province the ex-museum of science and technology of the future

Has recently opened here with all the exhibits created by axe robots it is not just a museum there is a research and development department and the bionic robots assembly line on which a realistic and incredibly accurate copy of any visitor of the museum can be made how long have you been developing

Humanoid robots the ex robots focused on the research and development of humanoid robots in italian learning province of china our company was established in 2009 in 2016 we started to research humanoid robots last year we opened the first robot museum in china where our team had 115 people in total

Among them about 30 people are developers and producers x robot specializes in the research and development manufacturing sales and service of intelligent bionic humanoid robots the company’s portfolio includes celebrity robots robot promoters with cute almost cartoonish looks and pilent handsome robots to attract customers to

Bars and clubs the latter by the way is a novelty that should be available soon what applications do you see for your robots our robots have played a role in many service industries like new retail exhibition science explanation and so on but more is to business

In the future we want to go to customers especially in the field of children education and early care every robot is unique and designed to be as realistic as possible to get your robot replica you have to be scanned with a high precision 3d scanner at the same time it

Is enough to scan the user’s head and arms because so far the robots have a general universal body different only by gender genoids or female rabbits are thinner and more elegant but on the arms face and other exposed parts of the body such as the legs of the robots and the

Cryochambers on display in the museum the detailing reaches a fantastic level the pattern of veins the lines on the palms of the hands the goosebumps on the skin all are reproduced from medical silicon on a 3d printer with frightening realism the creators are working to make touching the robot feel like touching a

Human how long does it take to create a humanoid robot that copies humans well it needs three to six months there are many procedures we need to do the first one is to collecting human voice and we need to do 3d printing and scanning and making mechanical equipment and doing bionic coating

And the last procedure is to use control system to edit the action expression what is the hardest part of building a humanoid robot well it’s definitely mechanical structure compared to many industrial robots on the market our medical equipment is very small especially female robot after getting the body shaped data we

Need to design the internal structure according to the ship how to put dozens of small equipment in a narrow space is very difficult and it is also necessary to ensure the movable is as natural and smooth as human beings robots can be controlled users can use face tracking apps to control the

Robot’s facial expressions or gloves to gesture with their hands the museum relies on an immersive experience for visitors awakening their interest in science robotics and artificial intelligence as well as demonstrating possible scenarios for robots from the worlds of the future what did you have to invent from scratch to create these robots

We independently develop humanoid control system which is used to edit the expression of the robot controlling the whole body about 16 8 moveable joints the second one is super simulated skin the medical degrade scenic gear where the usual effect or touching feelings is the most realistic to human skin

It’s difficult for robots to simulate human posture working perfectly but it’s our goal in the future and we will also keep her working to achieve it but what else do robots look like humans besides their appearance it’s not just appearance he also has a video tricking which means that even

More than when people stand in front of him he will start at the object he has joys and sorrows and he can spit our tongue and raw eyes we plan to establish two robots museum in china this year and the next five years we are going to establish more robot mutants

Also we will keep researching robots that looks more like human beings what place will humanoid robots have in the future there is no doubt that machine coexistence is a future that we need to face robots can solve problems like human beings and all walks of life in the world will

Increasingly rely on automation and robots just like mobile phones i think robots will be popular one day what breakthroughs and robotics do you expect to see in the near future well we will open the hardware platform to make our robots more intelligent and we want more people and the business to join us

Making robots integrate into human life earlier do you plan to open similar museums abroad the purpose of our company is always enrich everyone’s life so that we build the robo museum and let everyone have a chance to close to human robots it’s definitely we will happy to open them you’re just overseas

But it needs chance and which country work on us thanks to ex robots and coco for contributing to this issue would you like to visit such a museum and make your own rabbit replica subscribe to the channel like the videos and don’t miss the new releases from the world of high technology you

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