Teslas Optimus Gen-2 Sends Industry into Shock with Revolutionary Upgrades: Complete Analysis and Technical Review – Video

Teslas Optimus Gen-2 Sends Industry into Shock with Revolutionary Upgrades: Complete Analysis and Technical Review – Video

Teslas OPTIMUS GEN-2 Just SHOCKED The ENTIRE INDUSTRY! Full Breakdown + Technical Report

In the world of robotics, Tesla’s Optimus Generation 2 has just shocked the entire industry with its groundbreaking advancements. In a detailed breakdown and technical report, this video delves into the impressive features of Tesla’s Optimus 2 and why it is considered the future of AI and robotics. Unlike its predecessor, Optimus 2 showcases improved balance and full body control, demonstrating autonomous movement without the need for support. The video highlights the robot’s precise handling of delicate objects, such as placing an egg with astonishing finesse. The speed and dexterity of Optimus 2’s movements are also emphasized, setting it apart from other robots in development.

Furthermore, the video discusses the potential implications of large language models integrated into robotics, as seen with Google’s Gemini project. This technology allows robots to make decisions based on contextual understanding, paving the way for a new era of interactive and intelligent robots. With companies like Tesla leading the charge in humanoid robotics, the future holds promising breakthroughs that could revolutionize various industries.

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Video Transcript

So with the release of Tesla’s Optimus generation 2 I thought I’d make this video to show you how crazy this really is and why Tesla’s Optimus 2 is truly the future of AI and a couple of things in the field of Robotics that you ought to see if you’re a fan of Tesla

Especially in the section that is robotics so we’re going to take a look at this trailer then I’m going to break it down and then I’m going to show you some things you really didn’t know okay so with the Tesla Optimus trailer one of the first things that many people didn’t

Notice was the fact that although last time we saw Tesla Optimus doing quote unquote well in a video it did actually receive a lot of flack and that was for one thing the fact that the Tesla Optimus was actually being held up by a cable to a wall and now what we’ve seen

With the Tesla Optimus generation 2 is that this robot is completely I would say autonomous in the fact that it is walking you know without any you know guided you know string many times when we do see robots in development we do see them being held up because as you

Know like in the back right here you can see that this is usually what you see when robots are in development and if you check the last video where Tesla Optimus generation one was we actually saw that the Tesla was actually being just previously held up or before being

Released and that essentially just means that they haven’t really fixed all the balance controls and when they know that they don’t want their robot to essentially just be constantly taking beatings because of course robots are really sensitive and of course one thing that you must know about humanoid robots

Is that they’re really really expensive so some of the robots that we are going to be looking at in this video are not the price of like a computer or a phone they are hundreds and hundreds thousands of dollars and that is one of the key

Reasons why they do want to of course not break these things but if they can show us that these robots are working without any kind of you know support then that means that the development is definitely further along than we did think now what was also very interesting

Was of course like I said improved balance and full body control which of course we did talk about and this squatting here was absolutely amazing was the fact that we got these hands here now there are two things that many people did miss about this the faster

Hands and I want to talk about that because it’s really important so one of the first things that people did Miss was the fact that this isn’t sped up a lot of the times what we’ll have especially in robot demos and I’ve seen this a lot because I’ve looked at a lot

Of research papers is that these Dem demos that we do have are incredibly slow like you know if you look at Google’s uh palm e robot where they essentially put you know the Palm language into a robot and then they did certain things where they made that robot essentially use its large language

Model to do certain things I would say that it looks really really slow but this one okay and I’m talking about the previous one that looks really really slow shows us that in real time that is super super fast I don’t think I’ve seen any robot that is that quick just yet

And I’m going to show you some of the other robots that we do have now one thing that I do hope that this isn’t okay is that this is VR teleop mode and I’m going to show you some clips of VR telop because most people don’t know

What that is and B basically VR teleop is essentially where you can move robots really really fast and basically you know a VR headset like a VR meta Quest headset essentially you have that and with that VR meta Quest headset essentially you can control the robot and that is something really really

Commonly done in robotics in order to control it because it’s an easier way to control the robot in terms of you know actually getting the correct dexterity the correct movement that you do want so I do hope Tesla come out and say that that isn’t VR up and if it isn’t which

It probably isn’t that means that that is really really insane because that just shows us that the these guys are really really advanced in terms of how quickly they’re able they’re able to move the robot and the the kind of dexterity because like I said if you

Watch any other robot demos you’re going to see that it’s sped up two times or at least three times which means that if it’s not sped up that means it’s definitely going to have a really really nice amount in terms of how it’s going to be used because one of the things

That people have talked about was the fact that a lot of these robots do walk really really slowly so if we just have like a 20% Improvement where robots walk around as much as us or as fast as us that is going to be something that we

Can actually use and something that is going to be really really useful because slow walking robots that are less inefficient than us isn’t going to be something that we can use just yet but if we do manage to get to that stage where these things move really really

Quickly then that is going to be very very effective now another thing that we do have here was the delicate object manipulation and this is a key thing now I do think that people need to understand here that although other robots have done this and I’m going to

Show you some clips of other robots to doing this um because there are a lot of robots that I want to show you guys for example this sanctuary AI robot that you can see right here that is picking some stuff up the thing about this though is

That you can see that this was actually an egg okay and of course with this one okay with this robot right here no offense to the tank Sho AI team but I do believe that Tesla’s robot is pretty good because handling and placing an egg in the correct spot is very very hard

Okay and this essentially if you’re wondering what I’m comparing this to this is sanctuary ai’s robot it’s essentially a humanoid robot that another company is also developing but of course when we’re looking at Tesla being able to handle an egg with this kind of you know I guess you could say

Hair and gentleness is definitely something that shouldn’t be underappreciated and also what people didn’t realize was that it was placed in exactly the right slot so this shows us that what we have here from Tesla is really really really effective now what’s cool is going to be the next

Stage of Robotics because why this is crazy is because not that you know this is like the first time we’ve ever seen anything like this it’s not the craziness about this is the fact that this is being developed so so rapidly you know it was only a couple of months

Ago that we saw the Tesla Generation 1 and of course now we’re seeing Tesla generation 2 now what’s crazy okay is that other companies are in on this too okay what’s crazy is that literally I think it was yesterday or a couple of days ago there was a company that

Basically released their one and it looks so eerily similar to what Tesla has released I don’t think of course they have maybe the same engineering research and design AI department and stuff you know like Tesla is an insane company they have insane Minds there they have you know definitely a huge

Engine structure but this Kepler company released this robot that is very very eerily similar to to the Tesla Optimus and of course it’s sparked a little bit of debate online about how crazy humanoid robots are going to be in the future because when we do have multiple different companies all racing and

Rushing to develop their own version of a humanoid robot we can see that this is going to be something interesting now of course you can see that the walking is of course not as good but at the same time it does show us how crazy and how

Effective some of these robots can be but what I also want to show you guys is some of the other robots that are being developed because Tesla Optimus you know when I look at that video when I look at this first video I actually look at this video within reference to the other

Robot so I know how good this demo is and how effective this actually does look and one thing I do want to say and although it doesn’t really matter but I do think that the futuristic design of the Tesla robot actually does look like

The best I’ve ever seen so I do want to say hats off to the design team because if you can actually make the design look really really sleek and modern that is definitely going to be something that is a plus and of course uh you know if it’s

More aesthetic it’s definitely going to be more effective now of course we are going to be you know not going to be able to talk about a robot video without mentioning Boston Dynamics but the key here is that I do believe that this Tesla Bot Optimus is a completely

Different robot to the Boston Dynamics Atlas now atlas of course has been developed for quite some time and this is you know one of the most in fact the most advanced you know robot in the world and I would say that this isn’t as humanoid at others the thing that you

Have to understand about Atlas is that Atlas doesn’t have you know like hands and fingers and I’m pretty sure that the way that it looks at the world is definitely going to be different the Tesla bot is different in terms of what it’s going to be there for its use so

Atlas I think while it is still good one of the things that we aren’t sure of is that when it is going to go into full scale production in terms of being used into factories a lot of the times what you do have although this does look

Really cool and although this does look really good A lot of the times what you don’t realize is that these are demos and if you look on Boston Dynamics actual page you’ll see that there are many times where they have to run this simulation again and again and again to

Get this to do effectively because the robot does fail so this isn’t something that is of course you know 100% completed whilst it is good there are sections where you can see that this robot does uh do do a lot of mistakes so there is still definitely a lot of work

To be done because of course it is hardware and not software now one thing I do want to show you is another company called unry how far they’ve come in terms of getting their humanoid robot they’re able to like literally kick the robot and it’s able to like stand up

Which is definitely pretty far and although this one like I said it doesn’t have hands it doesn’t have you know like the entire figure I do think that this robot is you know something that’s quite interesting because this one is much cheaper and I think that these are the

Kind of robots that we might see in certain towns and certain areas because of the cost and flexibility to be able to have these robots uh doing certain things so I don’t know what what they’re going to be doing whe they’re going to be you know patrolling whatever it’s

Definitely going to be a truly fascinating future now one of the things that you definitely do want to see is you do want to see this so this is essentially going to be the future of llms and if you don’t believe me we we did a recent video where we talked about

Google’s Gemini and how they’re going to be using Google’s Gemini Pro in essentially large language model robots and this video basically talks about how they use large language models embed them into robots and we get a different kind of future SL interaction with these robots so I’m going to show you guys

This quick video so that you guys can see exactly how these large language models which are of course taking over the internet right now embodied into agents or physical agents will interact with the world with all the excitement surrounding large language models making my command and intereting it based on

The context of its large language model which includes pop culture references such as Darth Vader as you can see here digit has identified that Darth Vader’s lightsaber is red and that a red box exists in its environment so yeah you can see that this is why this is so cool

Is because the ne the next stage in terms of large language models and robots robotics is that these robots are going to have their own thoughts that are going to be able to help them to decide exactly what to do and having this robot you know thinking and

Thinking okay I need to figure out what you know command I should use you know it uses an llm to think okay Darth Sabers light sabers red and then of course I’m going to pick up the red box and then I’m going to go ahead here and

Use my internal engine and figure out which one is the tallest and then of course place it there this is definitely the future and essentially in this wide article this is Google’s Deep Mind demoner sis says that Gemini is a new breed of AI and if you don’t know this

Is you know Google’s Deep Mind the same company that did Alpha fold Alpha code and of course Alpha go and of course the recently Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra they essentially talked about how it says to become truly multimodal you’d want to include touch and tactile feedback there’s a lot of promise with

Applying these sort of foundation type models to Robotics and we’re exploring that and of course it talks about how Google has already taken baby steps in this direction in May 2022 the company announced an AI model called G capable of learning to do a wide range of tasks including playing Atari games captioning

Images and using a robotic arm to stack blocks and then of course they showcased a project called rt2 that involved using large language models to help robots understand and perform actions so that’s why things like this and of course Tesla’s you know bot is going to be

Super super interesting in terms of what we’re able to see because I do believe that this kind of thing is only the beginning and I mean now it’s starting to get the real attention and the real you know investment from a lot of people because people realize just how much

This stuff can truly change the world hopefully there’s going to be more several breakthroughs over the future make this a reality

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