Prepare Yourself: 10 Dangers of AI in 2024 – Video

Prepare Yourself: 10 Dangers of AI in 2024 – Video

2024 AI : 10 DANGERS Things Coming In 2024 (Prepare Yourself)

The video “2024 AI: 10 DANGEROUS Things Coming In 2024 (Prepare Yourself)” discusses the potential dangers of artificial intelligence in the upcoming year. The video emphasizes the need to be prepared for various challenges and issues that AI technology may bring.

One of the main points discussed in the video is the threat of disinformation campaigns in the 2024 US election, where AI-generated images and videos could be used to sway public opinion and influence the election outcome. The video also highlights the risk of job displacement due to AI technology, with many companies already using AI to replace human workers.

The video also covers the potential for social isolation as people rely more on AI for companionship and interactions. Additionally, the video warns of the dangers of autonomous drone technology being used for military purposes and the risk of decreased autonomy as people become overly reliant on AI for decision-making.

Overall, the video serves as a reminder to be cautious and critical in our interactions with AI technology and to be prepared for the potential challenges and risks that AI may bring in the future.

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Video Transcript

Now I don’t often usually urge people to share videos but I would urge you to share some other things going on in this video because it does actually allow you to keep yourself prepared for what is to come and a lot of the things that I did find out while researching this video

Wasn’t stuff that I did even think about that often before so let’s take a look at some of the things you need to watch out for in 2024 so one of the most important things that you need to watch out for is of course the disinformation campaigns in the US 2024 election now

This isn’t just the US 2024 election but you need to watch out for this information campaigns because this is going to be something where you really need to pay attention to what exactly you are seeing you have to understand that AI generated images not just of the presidents or political figures or you

Know members of the parliament or whichever political party are going to be you know circling around doing things that I can’t imagine there are also other images which could definitely affect the way that this process is done so there was actually an AI generated image of the Pentagon blowing up this

Image that you can currently see on screen now was in fact AI generated I know it doesn’t look it but you might be thinking okay this is just an awful image what does this even matter because I’m not going to believe that this is AI you have to understand those of you who

Are watching this channel you’re more considered the techsavvy demographic because you’re paying attention to the AI Trends so you’re more likely to know exactly what’s going on a lot of people don’t actually pay attention to AI Trends they don’t know what’s going on in terms of AI generated stuff only when

It reaches mainstream news so if an image like this which was generated in a couple of seconds on like mid Journey or something it was literally able to drop the stock market the US Stock Market by a couple of points now this was earlier this year and you can imagine what kinds

Of other things are going to be happening on later on in 2024 in terms of the kinds of images that we are going to be seeing now the problem is is not that we can’t tell that certain images are AI generated the problem is from the

Fact that by the time you realize it is AI generated the damage might already be done so this is a problem with this image okay by the time this image had C culated the person who wanted to perhaps short the stock market and exercise you know whatever position whatever put

Option it was to make money from the stock market going down they probably already executed that position and then of course by the time the news gets out the damage is already done and you have to understand the 2024 election is coming up and it is going to be a real

Real power struggle for both sides to you know sort of decipher and figure out exactly what is AI generated and what isn’t AI generated because media is one of the largest things that people can use to influence you in terms of your vote and what you think so this is

Something that even if you are Tech Ser you do need to double check what you see in addition the problem is is that AI lowers the bar for disinformation so right now there’s going to be tons and tons of stuff and even someone who considers them to be pretty techsavvy

And someone who can you know see exactly what a fake post is there have been a lot of times with AI generated stuff that even myself has been fooled so you have to really pay attention to that political data because even though you know even if you don’t watch politics a

Lot of the stuff can influence you and in terms of the choices that you might make depending on what you do see about social media and I’m going to get into some crazy statistics later on in the video that you honestly just won’t believe so essentially what it says here

The potential of harms on AI on elections can read like the greatest hits of concerns from the past Decades of election interference social media Bots that pretend to be roboter manipulated videos or images and even deceptive robocalls are easier to produce and harder to detect with the

Help of AI tools and this is crazy guys cuz I want to show you guys something after looking at a lot of research and you have to understand as well is that other countries might want to mess with your elections I’m not someone who’s too into politics but I know that sometimes

Countries do mess with other country’s politics and their elections and depending on what their motives are this could have adverse effects which means it’s important for you to stay guarded and to be like okay if I do see something you know if there is a certain claim running around on social media I

Will make sure that I do do a check to see if it is AI generated before just running off or making a rash decision based on that so this is one thing that I didn’t even know but when I was researching this video I found it to be

Absolutely you know uh pretty shocking so it says AI technology may also intensify voter suppression campaigns to Target marginalized communities and this is the point here okay it says two far right activists admitted last year to making more than 67,000 rooc calls targeting black voters in the midwest with election misinformation okay and

Experts warn as Winter’s note that AI could hypothetically be used to replicate such a campaign on a greater scale with more personalized information and this is really really insane because what you have to think about here is that this is just two people two people in a room somewhere that wanted to you

Know uh just just Spam a bunch of calls to get them misinformed about the upcoming election that is absolutely incredible because it’s only two people that were able to do it so what do you think happens if a country dedicates a small section of their military or a

Small section of their you know resources to doing this to another country like this is where you have to really realize is that what you see online might not be real like everything that you see online now is not always to be taken at face value because the

Problem is is that how you social media is that we’ll scroll down on Twitter we’ll see something and scroll past it and then you know like a week later or two weeks later we’ll figure out that oh that was actually fake so always make sure that you do like if there’s an

Important piece of information or even if you receive a calls nowadays you always have to double check that that is going to be real and later on we’re going to talk about some interesting stuff with calls and how you can actually protect yourself with that so

It also says here that during the 2016 and 2020 election Trump’s campaign leaned heavily on memes and videos made by his supporters including deceptively edited videos that made it seem like Biden was slurring his words or saying that he shouldn’t be president the I version of that strategy is creeping in

Election observers warn with Trump sharing a deep fake video of the host telling his viewers that there here just what Trump ripping us a you redacted on CNN’s Live presidential Town Hall so the point here is that you know even with AI voices it’s pretty insane now if you

Haven’t heard how good AI voices are in this video I will include a small segment to show you what literally I was able to do with 11 labs in just like literally 10 seconds of Joe Biden speaking and Donald Trump speaking so make sure you watch that and after

Hearing that you can likely see exactly why it is so easy to get this information I mean if that’s what I can do hello there this is Donald Trump giving an exclusive interview on the AI grid YouTube channel hello there this is Joe Biden giving an exclusive interview

On the AI grid YouTube channel this voice is of course AI generated so be careful out there I mean if that’s what I can do with 11 labs and 5 minutes of free time can you imagine what people who have serious resources dedicated to doing this in the entire election are

Going to be able to do now of course you can see right here that generating these images are way too easy this is the French President this is of course Donald Trump and this is Joe Biden the US president so of course initially you’re going to be like okay these

Images are AI generated but a lot of the times the problem is is like I said before how people use social media is they use it at face value which means that a lot of the times if people see stuff like this they’re not going to

Double check and be like Is that real they might be like I don’t know if that’s real because of course some people do know about AI generated images but sometimes when stuff does look real people just think wow and you know just keep scrolling on because in this Tik

Tok era in this you know social media moves quickly era a lot of people aren’t double-checking and fat checking everything not going to the comments and you have to understand that with that you need to be someone that looks at the information and critically analyzes okay

What am I looking at here where is this Source coming from where is this image pasted is this relevant and do I need to be much more skeptical and this is why I say you do need to fact check everything because this does have 6.8 million views

And you can imagine the kind of damage that this does to either party now it doesn’t really matter where you stand you have to understand that the false information being sent to you isn’t good no matter which side you are on in addition there was also a deep fake

Video of zalinsky telling ukrainians to lay down their arms and this had to get debunked so with AI generated videos coming out and deep fake and stuff like that it’s really really important to make sure that whatever it is you are looking at like I said before stay

Critical in your analysis because I do really think that unfortunately this is actually something that is just the beginning then of course we have one of the most important things and I’m pretty sure that if you’re watching this this is probably the part where you’re going

To be paying most attention and this is of course job displacement So This research is quite shocking like much more shocking than I did think and it does say that 53% of companies use Ai and 24% plan to start in 2024 37% of companies using AI say the technology

Replaced workers this year 44% of companies say AI will lead to layoffs in 2024 and don’t worry this isn’t just a video that’s fear-mongering about everything with each point I make I’m going to tell you how you can actually solve the issue so it’s not just a video

That doesn’t help the situation at all so 96% of companies hiring in 2024 say candidates will benefit from having AI skills and 83% say AI skills will help current employees retain their jobs in addition this is definitely one of the best articles I have seen it says 4 in

10 companies say AI is likely to replace employees in 2024 now of course it does depend on what sector you’re in and in a moment I’m going to get into which sectors are going to be the most affected and which ones are likely to be the least affected so it says of

Companies currently using AI 37% say workers were laid off in 2023 because they were no longer needed due to the company’s use of AI and in 2024 44% of companies who use AI plan to buy next year say employees will definitely or probably be laid off due to the use of

AI and this person says I’m not surprised by these results and I hope this article is a wakeup call for anyone rejecting AI in their industry or function I would advise employees to consider all parts of their position and what they could possibly be taken over

By AI figure out what part of your position can’t be taken over by AI or where AI might need some human intervention and become the go-to person for these tasks employees need to find ways to grow their skills and stay relevant in their field if they don’t

Want their job to be given it to an AI and that is of course very very true even though AI systems are very good you have to understand that the only thing that AI systems really do is that they really do the mainly automated and repetitive autonomous tasks so this

Except from Google says that AI has already shown its capabilities in handling data analysis and basic Financial tasks but more strategic and complex roles are less likely to be fully automated ai’s capabilities in data analysis and basic Financial tasks could lead to job losses in roles that involve repetitive and routine tasks so

Essentially all they’re saying here is that if a task in your workplace is extremely routine and is data driven and is quite strategic those ones are more likely to be automated but of course the Strategic ones and the more complex ones are less likely to be automated because

They do need some human oversight it’s mainly about tasks that are repetitive and routine so now let’s take a look at the 12 jobs that AI will replace and I’ll leave a link to the article in the description this is of course something you do need to pay attention to so here

You can see number one is customer service Executives you can see that it essentially gives it a risk level rating the risk level rating it gives is 87% and it basically says that customer service roles that do not require high levels of social or emotional intelligence to perform their role

Efficiently almost all businesses will now use AI to respond to customer service questions and queries using chat Bots and with automated responses to frequently ask questions such as whereas my order this is something that already was on the way out because of simple flowchart diagrams that people could use

To figure out exactly what they were needing from the company with literally automated phone lines where they literally say press one if you want to talk to this person press one y y y I am not surprised that this is something that is of course going to be going down

So if you do work in this industry it is definitely something that is at quite a decent amount of risk in terms of AI taking that position then of course we have bookkeepers and accountants and it says it’s not uncommon for companies to use software for the bookkeeping

Practices and the softwares do come at a cost but it’s much less costly to paying an employee salary to do the same job and this is something that I’ve noticed myself because bookkeeping and accountancy is definitely something that is pretty hard to do but at the same

Time I’ve seen that AI can actually effectively calculate your taxes this was actually one of the things that they demoed in the GPT 4 demo live stream and they showed us that GPT 4 was very effective with a vision at calculating exactly the taxes that you need to pay

And of recent tests that I done in some private areas I’ve seen that its accuracy was absolutely outstanding so I do think that this is definitely going to be a sector that is of course affected in addition receptionist information and in addition receptionists and information clerks you

Can see that the risk level here is 85% you’ve already May notice that when you call to book a venue you’re often welcome with an automated voice message and this is something that is pretty normal proof readers and copy markers manufacturing and pharmaceutical work of course there’s millions of jobs with

Machinery and I’m going to show you some crazy examples in a moment that you didn’t know about so that you can understand and plan your future correctly of course you do have retail services so there’s always new automated services for self checkout we really didn’t think that we were going to get

Automated services in stores but so many stores now you walk in you literally just grab your items and you check out with a self- automated also Courier Services we are seeing the rise of AI CER services in many other countries we’re seeing AI robots delivering food we’re seeing them deliver stuff so it

Wouldn’t be a surprise if in the future this is definitely something that we see yet mainly eradicated by AI I mean a lot of the industries probably won’t go away completely but they definitely will be affected to some degree now this article does talk about how doct calls and

Surgical assistants are at the one of the lowest risk levels even though these robots are pretty good I’m pretty sure that this is quite true because human dexterity is definitely something that is pretty hard to crack I’ve looked into robotics a decent amount and that is something that they are quite struggling

With progress is definitely decent but it is one of the hardest things to do in addition I do think that soldiers and Military is going to be affected by Ai and the head of the UK military stated that autonomous robots could soon form a quarter of the British army by 2030 it

Says taxi and bus drivers I do have to slightly disagree with this one because I do think that if they there’s any AI system that does cause any harm and any kind of Crash the amount of liability that’s going to be on that company they probably going to go bankrupt and this

Is only unless there is some major breakthrough in terms of these driverless systems so what you’re seeing on screen right now you’re seeing a robot from the company Sanctuary AI they make humanoid robots and you can see that the dexterity from them is actually pretty good in terms of how they’re

Actually able to grab items and pick and pack of course you could argue that a human would able to do this in literally seconds and just you know Pick and Pack the items within seconds and not have this slow moving because this is equivalent to someone that’s pretty old

We could argue but you have to understand that whilst this is true and whilst for now these robots are no better than humans at all we have to understand that in the future they eventually will be companies are spending billions and billions of dollars developing these robots which

Means Maybe not today maybe not even 5 years from now but definitely 20 years from now we’re going to see these robots doing these tasks that are repetitive and boring with much faster robot and with much faster accuracy so I wouldn’t be surprised within maybe like I said

The next 10 to 20 years you definitely want to plan your future for what you’re doing if these robots don’t take a significant portion of the workforce now for those of you who think that that isn’t true I want to point you out with a prime example so if you don’t know

Amazon has warehouses okay warehouses where they pack their stuff and I can’t imagine that during times like this especially during times like the holidays it gets any easier on them now now a while ago I was doing some research on Amazon’s Warehouse conditions and what stumbled upon was

Absolutely incredible Amazon has one of the worst Warehouse working conditions ever and there’s been numerous reports on how badly Amazon pushes its workers in terms of making them work overtime and just putting them through inhumane conditions and I’ve seen numerous and numerous complaints however this relates to AI because Amazon recently started

Testing humanoid warehouse robots that would eventually only cost $3 per hour to operate and that won’t calm workers fear of being replaced I do think that in the future like I said the main problem with robotics now is that these are slow and expensive okay once these

Get cheap and inexpensive that’s when we see Mass job layoffs start to happen so right now the humanoid robots that Amazon is testing there’s videos of them testing these robots and I’m about to show you that but Amazon already does have tons and tons of autonomous robots in its Factory Amazon literally has

Around four to five maybe even 10 different autonomous robots that operate within their factories now do work with these robots but what’s going to happen when a large majority of Amazon’s Workforce is going to be able to be paid $3 an hour or you need to do is charge

It up and you can literally have it working 24 hours and it’s not going to be complaining about needing to take any time off it’s not going to be needing to complain about in terms of any kind of lawsuits that it might be filing it’s just going to do the work repetitively

Autonomously and it’s going to do the task with as much accuracy as it can so now I’m going to show you how other companies are actually starting to use this at this facility at outside of Atlanta where gxo manages Warehouse operations for the global women’s Weare

Brand Spanx they are using digit a human Centric robot on Logistics tasks my name is Gary greenes general manager here at the gxo span facility it’s a true Omni Channel Distribution Center so we handle returns we handle inbound outbound operations e-commerce wholesale fulfillment as well as B2B it’s basically taking the heaviest

Workload out of the process right so we’re leveraging robotics to drive efficiency and having them do the things that are most taxing to Associates right and most task or units so leveraging robotics to drive efficiency digit is very cool and it’s a great experience for our Associates so

It’s reducing repetitive tasks it’s able to take away the heavy lifting for our Associates as they work side by side it has been what we’re going to see is companies working with these robots because a lot of the times they do still need human supervision but like I said

Right now remember this is just the first iteration of these robots it was only recently that we’re starting to see companies like Tesla Pile in the billions of dollars needed to make this stuff a reality now I do think that this will take longer to develop than initial

AI based computer systems but like I said this is definitely going to be something that we do see a right of in the future because whoever does solve the issue in terms of making a robot that is I guess you could say the most widely available robot that these

Companies can use and deploy there’s definitely a huge financial incentive for whatever company that is going to be now remember Tesla’s working on it we’ve got figure working on it we’ve got agility working on it we’ve got tons and tons of different companies and that only means that with the way how the

Capitalist Society works that eventually this is going to get solved and when it does get solved there’s definitely going to be Mass job layoffs because these these companies aren’t going to be hiring people that are more expensive and less efficient than a robot that can literally work 24 hours a day so yeah

This is another excerpt from the article it says Amazon has been building up its robot Fleet for years it had 45,000 robots across 20 fulfillment centers back in 2017 Insider previously reported and now it says it has 750,000 robots working collaboratively with our employees in June 2021 the

Company introduced a fleet of four robots named after characters from Sesame Street and the Muppet Bert Ernie scooter and Kermit and a year later Amazon introduced protus a fully autonomous Warehouse robot which it said would operate alongside human employees unlike its regular robots that only operate in a caged area away from Human

Workers and in November 2022 Amazon introduced Sparrow a robot picking arm with suction cup hand that’s meant for handling individual items in the warehouse inventory so the reason that this is interesting is because this is the first time that Amazon’s testing humanoid robots definitely in the future warehouse workers is going to be

Something that is impacted now something that you also need to do as well in order to protect yourself not only from job loss is of course you need to protect yourself from fraud this is because every single level of fraud that you can think of is going to be

Increasing the problem with AI technology is that it lowers the barrier to entry in terms of information and thus so fraud now essentially what we do have here is fraud GPT and as many of you do know there might be Med GPT for medical stuff just likewise there is

Fraud GPT for frauders and there are many other AI systems that are available on the dark web that people can buy and use in order to accelerate their AI scams so you can see right here it says that fraud GPT is a product sold on the dark at web and telegram that works

Similarly to chat gbt but creates content to facilitate cyber attacks members of the threat research team at netenrich first identified and S advertised in July 2023 a major selling point point was that fraud GPT doesn’t have the built-in controls and limitations that prevent chat GPT from doing or answering inappropriate

Requests and another point that I wanted to show you that even if people don’t use for GPT to generate scam emails and stuff like that you can still achieve the same with chat GPT you can see that in this article they do talk about how they were literally able to get chat GPT

To write a email that was for like a business account manager’s name requesting funds immediately and you have to understand that the problem with this is that if you’ve ever seen a scam email you’ll know that 90% of the time the main issue with these scams emails

That we do see in our inboxes is that they’re written so poorly that you can easily tell what’s wrong with the email many times what gives it away is the lack of spelling the lack of coherence just something that we just know isn’t right but the problem is is if if you

Can use a system like chat gbt to write this and to scale it whether it be fraud GPT worm GPT I mean you’re going to have a serious serious problem which means you’re going to have to upgrade those AI systems that sort of filter out which emails are scams and which aren’t and

How’s it going to do that if those emails are going to be AI generated in addition the article goes on to state that you know it can create super realistic fishing text and if you don’t know what fishing a text is a fishing text which you should watch out for is

Essentially a text that pretends to be from your bank or an email that pretends to be from your bank or a secure website that you need and it fishes you for your sensitive data so what it might be you might see an email that appears to be

From your bank and they might ask for your bank details to just sort of verify stuff but then when you verify stuff you’re not really verifying it you’re actually giving them the information so that is something that you do need to look at so if you ever receive an email

If you ever receive a random call if you ever receive a text message make sure that on that link before you even click that link that you know you know you look at it you double check that the link is secure you also double check that the link is actually the official

Website because if you don’t you are going to be in a situation when you do give away that information to these attackers now something that I would advise you all to do and that is to get a code work so essentially the reason you need a code word is because what

They’re doing now is they are cloning people’s voices now luckily for me for some reason I’ve tried to clone my voice many times and it honestly just doesn’t work the accent just I don’t know what the problem is I think the inations and just the way I speak is just so

Inconsistent that the AI model can’t do it but it does do it well for other people so what you need to do is you need to get a code word now you might be thinking why do I need a code word what ises that even mean think about it like

This okay let’s say for example you have a brother okay and your brother calls you and he says please transfer me to Grand I’m stuck in this place and I need it right now you might go ahead and you might transfer him to two grand the problem is it wasn’t actually your

Brother it was a scammer in a basement somewhere using his voice to scam you out of that money and instead of sending it to him you send it to your brother’s quote unquote new account which was in fact the scammer the way how you deal

With this is you have a code word so of course you know you call up your family members and you say look our code word is going to be book it’s going to be 28 tree it’s going to be whatever it is whatever random you know thing you think

About you need a code word because if you ask your family member for something and they don’t ask for that code word then essentially you need to make sure that you hang up the call straight away and I would argue that if someone does call you from a number that you don’t

Know don’t say anything because the problem is is that if they call you and then you start talking they can use those few seconds of you saying hello to convert that into whatever software that they’re using and then clone your voice and then call other people with your

Speech inflections and with your actual acction so make sure that you do have a code word I do have a code word so that anytime if anyone calls me I know that instantly if it’s going to be a scam call or not and I would say it’s always

Better to be safe than sorry because trust me when I say it’s always ah that would never happen to me until it does so the article says here that that this person noted that the voice clone calls from scammers are typically shorter than this example and may try to cut off a

Potential conversation by saying something like I can’t talk right now as they relay the request for money account access or other sensitive information remember the goal of the scammer is to get you into a fight or flight to create urgency in your mind that your loved one

Is in some sort of trouble the best way to deal with these situations is to hang up immediately and CA your loved one to verify if it’s them or not of course this is always a thing to do but sometimes your loved one might not answer their phone so always just have a

Code word and that’s a way that that can actually help you now there’s actually something interesting that I did find and I think this is on two sides to the spectrum because what AI can actually do and I’m going to talk about the negative first before I do talk about the

Positive is that AI can actually cause social isolation so essentially you have to understand that right now ai has been rolled out in many different forms chat gbt isn’t just one of the popular ways to use and interact with the chatbook there are many different chat gbt

Rappers that people do use and interact with the chat B you have my AI on Snapchat you have character AI ways that interact with the chatboard and I’ve seen tons and tons of of videos on Tik Tok about people talking about how much they enjoy talking to these chat Bots

And how they spent hours on hours on end talking to these fictional characters online so essentially the problem here is that what we could have is a situation where it isolates people even further think about it like this if you are someone who’s you know just a normal

Person and then you know maybe you have a falling out with your friends and then you start talking to an AI and then you realize the AI understands you more you have better conversations with it it doesn’t get mad at you it literally listens to all of your stuff it

Remembers every piece of ation people slowly but surely over time are going to become more and more socially isolated it’s the same thing that happened when social media was introduced it didn’t really connect people it kind of ruined the in-person relationships that we did have so it says here a study found that

Americans are experiencing a friendship downturn with fewer social connections and less close relationships this is especially true for younger people according to the surgeon’s general report Americans between 15 to 24 spent significantly less time with friends in the last two decades from 2.5 hours a

Day to only 4 4 to minutes this affects social interaction and the impacts of algorithms on our relationship and decision- making so you have to understand that this is something that I would say just be aware of it to the point where you don’t spend all your

Time talking to an AI understand that for some people this is definitely a help and in those cases I do think that it is completely okay but I’m talking about a healthy relationship in AI the cases where I’m talking about where it is okay to use AI if you are socially

Isolated is in examples where a person is just extremely lonely and they don’t have absolutely anyone to talk to I think in that aspect AI actually does more good than bad but at the same time for those of you who might not be realizing it you might realize over time

That you might be spending more time talking to an AI than you do talking to real people and talking to real people and having real relationships is definitely something that actually can improve your health quite a lot so this is why I say this is definitely something to wash out for because the

Problem is is that these AI systems are only going to get more better they’re only going to get more personalized and it was even tell you today that Pi announced all of their voice features so not only do you no longer have to chat to a chatbot you can literally speak to

It like it’s a phone call and it’s definitely going to help you out a lot but at the same time sometimes you need to just have those call with your friends and make sure you’re having those social connections so one of the quotes that was actually really good it

Says that there aren’t enough therapists counselors and care providers in the United States to support every lonely person while aias Services can be scaled to poorly served regions and be offered 247 so it’s actually a pretty good thing on one side but you have to remember all

The time when there is a good outcome often times that are caveats to that outcome then what we have here is advances in autonomous drone technology and this is not something that I am actually a fan of because I do think the applications overall are going to be

Applied to more concerning matters than matters like this so what you’re seeing is essentially just a drone s which essentially just means that you know those drones those little drones that people use sometimes to record stuff you can actually have those drones to actually have drone shows before and if

You haven’t seen a drone show before I urge you to cuz they’re actually really really cool but that’s not the kind of application that I am talking about the problem is is that advances in AI are happening across the board which means that this is going to get better that

The military applications are going to get better so I saw this deep dive article and it basically says that states should plan to employ drone swarms after careful consideration of their risks and implications some literature knowledges the conceptual application of drone storms in certain strategic military contexts for example

One strategy expert theorizes that armed fully autonomous drone swarms a subset of drone starms could be considered a weapon of mass destruction and the US Army war game applied methodology to demonstrate how drone swm weapons might provide operational advantages in parallel attack essentially you have to understand here that this is something

That is pretty dangerous I mean we could be seeing the next evolution of warfare we did talk about recently in the other video where they’ve recently developed some crazy AI Interceptor drone which is fast it’s autonomous you can just deploy a swarm of them and the thing is like I

Said before the problem is with this kind of stuff is that we’re not always in the loop with this stuff if the government is developing some key insane drone swarm they’re not going to be telling us about that because it doesn’t make sense to number one they don’t want

Their competitors to figure it out and number two they’re not going to try and scare the public at all because they know they’ll be in the streets rioting so the problem is as well is that it’s not even you know for example the US government’s fault or the UK or whatever

Country you’re in Fault problem is is that as someone else might do it then you have to do it because if you don’t do it then you’re going to be at a disadvantage so it’s it’s it’s a lose lose game for everyone but this is definitely something that I’m sure they

Are developing somewhere so I wouldn’t be surprised if autonomous drones are going to be even worse we did know that in the Ukraine war that you know I’m I’m sure that there were videos being used and we can see that this is literally only going to get better now there was

Also a clip from Elon Musk where he actually does talk about this you can make a swarm of assassin drones for very little money by just taking the the the face ID chip that’s used in cell phones and uh having a small explosive charge and a and a standard drone and have them

Just do a grid sweep of the building until they find the person they’re looking for Ram into them and and explode you can do that right now no extra no new technolog is needed right now probably a bigger risk than than being hunted down by a drone is that uh

AI would be used to make incredibly effective propaganda uh that would not seem like propaganda these are deep FS yeah influence the direction of society influence elction so yeah this is definitely something that is a problem now I did actually struggle to find the original clip but essentially what he’s

Saying is that this technology you know you can literally make a drone swarm with basic technology and the problem is is that everyone can go on Amazon they can buy a drone it’s legal and of course with technology there’s a lot of Open Source stuff now and with that which is

Good because of course it means that everyone can use it a few bad actors could ruin that for the rest of us now this is is going to be the part of the video that I want you guys to pay attention to most because I do believe

That this is something that will affect us in next year if not probably tomorrow I mean any day and I really hope that this doesn’t affect anyone but I know that right now you need to be very careful with what you post on online the problem is that these AI systems that

We’re developing are really really smart and because they’re really really smart because they’re trained on a lot of data the problem is is that when they do CP of data they’re going to be really good at identifying that piece of data so for example and this is just the beginning

Um AI can guess where Reddit users live and how much they earn so it says here that large language models like GPT 4 can identify a person’s age location gender and income with up to 85% accuracy simply by analyzing their posts on social media this means that we need

To be very very careful about what we Post online because I can guarantee you out there someone’s probably developing a system where they can literally put in a username and it uses ai2 scan images probably scan the Reddit post and then sort of quantify who they are give you

Like a pie chart on what they post about you know they they kind of mood the kind of emotions and then how best to you know trigger that person I wouldn’t be surprised if there was someone developing that right now because if they were able to get this up to 85%

Accuracy imagine where we’re going to be in a year or a model that’s specific just for that so that is something that we really really need to be very careful about because with AI systems that are really good someone could literally take a vase they can literally take your

Voice they can literally figure out who you are and that’s all with the help of these AI systems so really really make sure that you are very careful about what you post online very careful about what you post with your loved ones ideally if you are someone that is

Concerned about this definitely just make sure that your account is private and that you only share stuff like that with like maybe your family and maybe that people that you actually know definitely go through your followers and go and see who’s really looking at your

Stuff because a lot of the times we do have situations where there are really really really strange people that are looking looking at your stuff online and this is a video here that goes into this um and I think you all should watch this video because it’s absolutely crazy and

The thing is I can’t play clips from that video because it’s a little bit disturbing but it’s definitely one of the videos of the year that you should watch regarding AI stuff because this is probably the one that’s going to affect most common people most even if they

Don’t realize it then of course we have something that’s pretty interesting and this is decreased autonomy so this is something that has actually happened to me not a lot but just enough to the fact that I’ve noticed it and essentially this means that AI is good but don’t be

Overly reliant on it and what this means is that a lot of times since there’s technology that we think oh my God this is so amazing it’s so much better than me we immediately rely on it and then we essentially lose our base skill in terms of critical thinking so for example you

Might be thinking okay I’ve got a new marketing campaign to come up with what I’m going to do oh I’m going to use chat GPT to generate these ideas and if chat GP doesn’t generate these ideas then I guess I’m out of luck but the problem

With that is that you you lose your critical thinking skills and you lose that brain power if you aren’t constantly figuring out ways to make yourself smarter constantly you know testing your brain mental exercises you’re going to lose that guys and of course it’s great to combine that with

AI but you have to understand really really not to just be like a really lazy person in terms of using an AI system because although AI systems are good they are even better with a person that can think critically to prompt them and essentially what this clip is of this is

Of someone who is essentially using an API with whisper and essentially what they’re doing is getting you know real time responses from this interview so that they could uh potentially do it now of course this is from a video but essentially it was a demonstration of

What the software is capable of and I’m sure that people out there are probably wanting to use this maybe some people have I’m pretty sure that they’re not going to disclose it problem is is that if you’re too reliant on AI I can promise you your quality is definitely

Going to slip because I did see this happen to myself quite a decent amount and for me now in terms of working I would always say that AI is something that I use the last because a lot of the times although AI is good in certain categories in other categories it’s just

Not as good and when the AI does generate some stuff it’s always cookie cutter and very very basic so unless you’re using a extreme fine tune model like Med GPT or something like that I would say that AI is good but always combine it with your own human judgment

To make sure because a lot of the times I’ve seen so many times where people just use chat GPT based responses and this is a real problem for you moving into the future if you are trying to move into the future trying to increase your career trying to increase your

Earnings yes use an AI but don’t become so reliant on it that it is your one skill and then in the future you know maybe the AI goes down maybe you know the API goes down for a week like you know opening I nearly imploded the other

Week like what would happen to you if you were completely dependent on that we know that other models although they’re catching up they’re not nearly as good and even Google’s Gemini which is just as good isn’t out yet you don’t want to be left out in the dark you have to

Remember that your brain is one of the assets you do have and you want to make sure that you keep that in tiptop shape and you’re going to be even better than people who just use AI to do everything so I would say uh decreased autonomy is

One of the biggest problems that will be there there is a l of there is definitely going to be a lack of critical thinking and if you can maintain that you’re definitely going to become someone who’s valuable and useful in the future

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