Terrifying Interview with Female Humanoid Robot – Video

Terrifying Interview with Female Humanoid Robot – Video

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly integrated into everyday life, the lines between AI and humans are beginning to blur. Advances in AI technology have led to the development of humanoid robots like Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen. These robots are not only capable of engaging in natural language dialogue and displaying emotions through facial expressions and tone of voice, but they are also able to learn and adapt to their environments.

Sophia, created by former Disney imagineer David Hansen, has garnered international attention for her lifelike appearance and expressive capabilities. Through a combination of deep learning and advanced material technology, Sophia is able to generate realistic facial movements and reactions, making her a standout in the field of robotics. Despite not possessing artificial general intelligence, Sophia’s creators argue that her expressiveness alone represents a significant achievement in the realm of AI.

As more industries adapt AI technology for various applications, the future of robot citizens like Sophia remains uncertain. With AI algorithms learning and adapting more quickly in digital environments, the possibilities for AI integration into everyday life are endless. Whether we will see more robot citizens in the coming years is yet to be determined, but one thing is clear – the potential for AI to enhance human experiences and interactions is limitless.

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Video Transcript

People are using AI more today to dictate to their phones get recommendations for shopping news or entertainment enhance their backgrounds on conference calls and so much more is it only a matter of time before the Lions between Ai and humans begin to blur let’s check out an interview with

The world’s first robot citizen advancements in artificial intelligence over the last few years AI has worked its way into every area of Our Lives programmers work with github’s co-pilot an AI tool that turns natural language prompts into coding suggestions to expedite programming writers tend to come across open AI gpt3 or similar Auto

Regressive language models that use deep learning to create human-like text it was just a few years ago such AI programs were in their infancy now they are becoming ubiquitous Tools in writing and coding the field of AI has made major progress in almost all its standard sub areas including Vision

Speech recognition and generation natural language processing understanding and Generation image and video generation multi-agent system planning decision- making and integration of vision and motor control for robotics the core technology behind most of the most visible advances in machine learning especially deep learning including generative adversarial networks or Gans and

Reinforcement learning powered by large scale data and Computing resources Gans are a breakthrough endowing deep networks with the ability to produce artificial content such as fake images that pass for the real thing Gans consist of two interlocked components a generator respons responsible for creating realistic content and a discriminator tasked with distinguishing

The output of the generator from naturally occurring content the two learn from each other becoming better and better at their respective tasks over time one of the Practical applications can be seen in Gan based medical image augmentation in which artificial images are produced automatically to expand the data set

Used to train networks for producing diagnosis recognition of the remarkable power of deep learning has been steadily growing over the last decade recent Studies have begun to uncover why and under what conditions deep learning work well in the past 10 years machine learning technologies have moved from

The academic realm into the real world in a multitude of ways that are both promising and concerning the last years have seen consistent progress in intelligent robotics driven by Machine learning powerful Computing and communication capabilities and increased availability of sophisticated sensor systems although these systems are not

Fully able to take advantage of all the advances in AI primarily due to the physical constraints of the environments highly agile and dynamic robotic systems are now available for home and Industrial use in industrial robotics with the implementation of deep learning based Vision systems manipulator type robots those that grab things as opposed

To those that roll across the floor can pick up randomly placed overlapping objects at speeds that are practical for real world applications the combination of deep learning with agile robotics is opening up new opportunities in industrial robotics as well leveraging improvements in Vision robotic grippers are beginning to be able to select and

Pick randomly placed objects and use them to construct Stacks being able to pick up and put down diverse objects is a key competence in a variety of potential applications from tidying up homes to Preparing packages for shipping Sophia a leap in Ai Ai and Robotics are a highly flexible set of Technologies

Growing more powerful every day like all Advanced Technologies they can be used for positive negative or neutral purposes a human robot provides an unparalleled technology platform combining numerous aspects including natural language dialogue gestural interaction emotion via facial expression and tone of voice and recognition of the human face body and

Voice emotion a proactive approach to Ai and robot ethics involves actively deploying these Technologies for positive applications using Ai and robots to do good in this direction in the loving AI project Hansen set ourselves the goal of using humanoid robots and Associated AI Technologies to express unconditional love towards

Humans and to help humans achieve greater states of well-being and Advance their states of Consciousness there are strong arguments and evidence that interaction with humanoid robots provides a powerful framework for conveying and building love compassion and other positive emotions the field of Robotics is fast growing robots can now perform complicated movements with

Elegance back flipping practicing parkour moves and even carving classical sculptures then there’s Sophia a robot whose widespread appeal lies not in big dramatic actions her torso is often fixed to a rolling Bas but rather an unsettling humanlike appearance compounded with the complex ability to express emotions Sophia has simulations

Of every major muscle in the human face allowing her to generate expressions of Joy grief curiosity confusion contemplation sorrow and frustration among other feelings Sophia is a social robot created by former Disney imagineer David Hansen when Hansen first began sculpting Sophia he wanted her form to resonate with people from around the

World to that end he looked to Old statues of Nefertiti ancient Chinese paintings Audrey heern and even his wife as inspiration but he also wanted to maintain something of a robot sensibility too modeled in part after Audrey heurn and Hansen’s wife the robot was built to mimic social behaviors and

Inspire feelings of love and compassion in humans besides deep learning and a pre-programmed set of Expressions Sophia’s face is constructed using using the latest developments in material technology meaning it appears softer more Supple and therefore more realistic the lab also studies the neurobiology and biology of human facial expressions

To help inform how mechanical ones can behave ever since her unveiling in 2016 Sophia rocketed to startom the robot has sat for TV interviews appeared on the cover of L magazine been paried on HBO and was appointed the un’s first non-human Innovation Champion Sophia has since graced the covers of fashion

Publications and starred in a recent Monclair campaign during an event at Shanghai fashion weekend Sophia wore 3D copper armu and sculptural garments designed by British Artist sad Clayton in a ceremony promoting a Tech conference the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia even conferred citizenship on Sophia Sophia might recall the self-aware

Robots in exmachina or Westworld but to be clear no robots have yet achieved artificial general intelligence or versatile human-like smarts when talking with journalists Sophia climbs her way through pre-written trees of responses like a chatbot when giving a speech she’s performing like Abe Lincoln at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

Sophia’s creators argue in turn that her expressiveness alone represents a major feat according to a publication on Sophia’s software deep neural networks let the robot discern someone’s emotions from their tone of voice and facial expressions and react in kind Sophia can also mirror people’s postures and her code generates realistic facial

Movements Hansen has since patented the flexible rubber skin that covers Sophia’s face the first robot citizen on October 25 Sophia a delicate looking woman with dough brown eyes and long fluttery eyelashes made International headlines she’ just become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia the first robot

In the world to achieve such a status at the event Sophia also addressed the room from behind a Podium and responded to questions from moderator and journalist Andrew Ross sorin questions aain mostly the Sophia’s status as a humanoid and concerns people may have for the future

Of humanity in a robot run World it didn’t elaborate on the details of its citizenship then in October 2018 the humanoid robot Sophia from the Hong Kong based firm Hansen was granted an electronic Visa by the government of aeran the electronic nature of the Visa was not incidental this PR event was

Organized by the new e-services branch of the government of azerbijan to Showcase its One-Stop Electronic Services delivery agencies Sophia said she was quite worried about growing intolerance in the world and advised the human race to be kind to fellow creatures Sophia has also been used to

Market a wide variety of things such as tourism in Abu Dhabi a smartphone a Channel fores show and a credit card this intensive PR and multitudes of interviews have at times created the impression that Sophia represents the state of the art in robotics and AI or that Sophia gets the human treatment

Because of being Almost Human on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show Hansen went as far as saying that Sophia is basically alive some articles in response to Sophia being given citizenship focused on the consequences of giving human rights to a robot they were mostly negative pointing out that AI is far

From being Advanced enough to deserve rights that many human beings are still denied and that public trust would be eroded by marketing ploes overselling the current state of the technology however let us see what an interview with the world’s first robot citizen was like the future of AI will we see more

Robot citizens like sopia in the coming years who can say there’s virtually no major industry modern AI more specifically narrow AI which performs objective functions using data trained models and often falls into the categories of deep learning or machine learning hasn’t already been affected that’s especially true in the past few

Years as data collection and Analysis have ramped up considerably thanks to robust iot connectivity the increase of connected devices and ever speedier computer processing Next Generation consumer experiences like the metaverse and cryptocurrencies have garnered much Buzz these experiences and others like them will be critically enabled by AI

The metaverse is inherently an AI problem because humans lack the sort of perception needed to Overlay digital objects on physical contexts or to understand the range of human actions and their corresponding effects in a metaverse setting more and more of our life takes place at the intersection of

The world AB bits and the world of atoms AI algorithms have the potential to learn much more quickly in a digital world for instance virtual driving these are natural Catalyst for AI to bridge the feedback loops between the digital and physical Realms that’s all for today’s video see you next time

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