Sam Altmans Reveals His Plan for Achieving AGI: “Extremely Powerful AI is Within Reach” – Video

Sam Altmans Reveals His Plan for Achieving AGI: “Extremely Powerful AI is Within Reach” – Video

Sam Altmans SECRET Plan For AGI – “Extremely Powerful AI is close”

In this intriguing and mind-boggling video, the speaker delves into the reasons behind Sam Altman’s ambitious plan to raise $7 trillion for AI chip fabrication. At first, the idea seems outlandish and unbelievable, but as the speaker explains, there are significant factors at play that make this valuation more understandable.

The video delves into the global chip shortages and the crucial role of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) in producing AI chips. Not only does TSMC play a pivotal role in the AI ecosystem, but its close proximity to mainland China adds geopolitical tension that could potentially disrupt AI development.

The speaker also highlights a remarkable revelation from Reuters, where it was reported that researchers at OpenAI wrote a letter to the board warning of a powerful AI discovery that could threaten humanity. Sam Altman himself confirmed the breakthrough, hinting that OpenAI may have achieved a significant milestone in AI development.

The video speculates on the implications of this potential breakthrough, suggesting that the massive investment in chip fabrication may be a response to the imminent arrival of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). The speaker also delves into a series of cryptic tweets from Sam Altman, leading to the conclusion that AGI might be closer than we think.

Overall, this video provides an eye-opening and thought-provoking perspective on the future of AI, leaving viewers with a sense of both excitement and apprehension about the potential of AGI.

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Video Transcript

So in this video I’m going to give you guys the real reason why I think Sam Alman is Raising $7 trillion for AI chip fabrication and I genuinely think the real reason is going to shock you once you listen to the entire video because the real reason although hypothetical is

Rather surprising so it was a couple of days ago that I saw this article where it stated that Sam Alman seeks trillions of dollars to reshape business of chips and Ai and at first when I saw this I genuinely thought that this was some kind of meme I thought that this was

Some kind of joke because 7 trillion is such a high valuation that you know it’s never been recorded in the history of funding rounds for someone to raise 7 trillion for a project however this is a very new and advanced technology so this could be quite different now the article

Went on to state that this project could require raising as much as 5 trillion to 7 trillion okay and that he was in talks with investors including the UAE to raise funds for a wildly ambitious Tech initiative that would boost the world’s chip building capacity and among other things

Now essentially there are two main reasons here okay the first one is one that people have covered before that you do know about and I’m going to quickly dive into that only for about a minute or two and then the second reason is one that no one’s really covered and I’m not

Surprised why so of course quickly guys if you didn’t know there were actually just a bunch of huge chip shortages so basically the problem was is that in the pandemic there were a ton of shortages due to supply chain issues and essentially covid-19 what that led to of

Course was of course the work from home area and with a work from home era we had a much higher demand for PCs laptops smartphones a lot more online activity yada y yada that required a lot more chips which all led to a reduction in supply of course We additionally had the

Roll out of 5G Towers which are very semiconductor intensive and that additionally added to it now there’s one thing that people also weren’t thinking about okay there was an even bigger problem and that is of course the fact of tsmc now if you don’t know what this company is it’s probably the world’s

Most important company that most people have no idea exists and this two-minute clip is very important to understanding the context of why this clip is so important and then after you watch this clip and you understand half the reason like 25% of the reason I’m going to show

You guys the rest of the reason that I truly think he is raising 7 to5 trillion and why that valuation actually does make sense despite its outlandish claims the future of artificial intelligence hangs in the balance the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company or tsmc makes all of the world’s most

Advanced AI chips this includes nvidia’s gpus Google’s tpus amd’s gpus the AI chips from Microsoft Amazon Tesla cerebrus Sova and every other credible competitor modern artificial intelligence simply would not be possible without these highly specialized chips Little Wonder then that Time Magazine recently described tsmc as quote the world’s most important

Company that you’ve probably never heard of Nvidia CEO Jensen hang put it more colorfully saying quote basically there is air and tsmc tsmc’s Chip fabrication facilities or Fabs the buildings where chips are physically built is located on the western coast of Taiwan a mere 110 miles from mainland China in this map Taiwan

Is shown in Orange and China is shown in green today China and Taiwan are nearer to the brink of War than they have been in decades many policy makers in Washington predict that China will invade Taiwan within the next 5 years a China Taiwan conflict would be devastating for many reasons aside from

The heavy human toll one underappreciated consequence is that it would paralyze the global AI ecosystem put simply the entire field of artificial intelligence faces an astonishingly precarious single point of failure in Taiwan now the reason I added that clip is because most people don’t realize that that is the case and this

Was something that I saw on Ted a Ai and when I saw it I was like wow this is actually a big deal I knew tsmc was important but I also didn’t realize the geopolitical tensions that were going on in the region that could AI development so that is of course a huge

Reason why people are moving AI companies overseas in order to produce their chips in house now there is other reasons for Sam raising 7 trillion and this is where things start to get interesting so of course I’m going to talk to you guys about these comments

That Sam Alman made so he tweeted open ey now generates about 100 billion words per day all people on Earth generate 100 trillion words per day um and then he said need more people and Sam Alman responds need more gpus and then um someone else responded stating how many

Gpus can 7 trillion buy and samman stated probably a lot of effing gpus I don’t know why so it’s clear to say that you know Sam Elman is backing his statement that he does need these gpus but for what reason okay does this mean that AI is near and I personally believe

Um or I’m leaning more to towards the fact that 7 trillion isn’t just for chip Prav vacation it’s more so because AGI is either already here or just around the corner and if you don’t believe that statement just watch the next 5 to 10 minutes cuz you’re about to understand

Where that belief comes from so remember this okay so Reuters actually reported this and I’m not sure if many people did see this of course there was a lot of news going on at the time because Sam Alman was fired but Reuters actually stated that ahead of Sam alman’s firing

Several star researchers wrote a letter to the board of directors warning of a powerful AI discovery that they said could threaten Humanity to people familiar with the matter told Reuters and I’ve put at the top that Reuters is a reputable source and if you go on Google you do some research you’ll

Understand that Reuters is a reputable source and that this claim is true so we know that this claim is true that researchers wrote a letter to the board warning of a powerful discovery that could threaten Humanity so if we know that this is true and that the unreported letter and the AI algorithm

Or key developments before the Ala of Alman means that something else is going on okay and remember in addition Sam Alman did also confirm that the qstar model breakthrough in an interview I’m not sure with who I don’t remember what where this article’s from but it was um

From a very reputable Source they said no particular comment on that unfortunate leak so samman did perform that the qar leak elements of that were true so there was clearly some kind of breakthrough open AI now here’s the thing okay if there was some kind of AI

Breakthrough at open AI if we got that from Reuters if Sam alman’s then stated that look we had an unfortunate leak some people are questioning that look if they had AGI they would throw everything they have at Hardware they would hire like mad on this front due to AGI being

The end of software I don’t agree with the end of that comment but you know someone said now what are they doing currently right now 7 trillion is like huge like that is a really really huge thing now the AI breakthrough that you know open AI probably did have and qar

And all of those rumors that are floating around are probably true aren’t that big of a deal when you take a look at this crazy statement because this is a tweet that made me make this video Sam mman said thought experiment and please just screenshot this share this around

Because I don’t know why people aren’t looking at this okay it says thought experiment at what rate should you be willing to borrow money to build a data center if extremely powerful AI is close at hand and this was I think it was a month after he was fired due to I don’t

Know if it was a breakthrough or you know cuz the reason that they gave was really vague on why Sam Alman was fired so this tweet here you know coming a month after you know allegedly qar breakthrough Sam Alman being fired you know just a whole load of craziness

Going on at open AI is thought-provoking because he’s basically stating that look I’m going to be borrowing money if an extremely powerful AI is close at hand because I know that in the future the money is not going to be as valuable because we have this technology that’s

About to completely change society so saman State okay literally I think around 2 months ago or even like a month ago that what rate would you be willing to borrow money to build a Data Center and then of course next month he’s asking for $7 trillion you have to ask

Yourself is that really a coincidence okay like is that coincidence that he’s asking for $7 trillion talking about thought experiments there is definitely I would presume a extremely powerful AI close at hand and in addition take a look at this from their core values they state that scale we believe that scale

In our models our systems ourselves and our processes and our Ambitions is Magic and well in doubt scale it up so it’s clear that scale is something that they’re going to be doing when they want to increase the capability of their systems and 7 trillion is a really

Really high amount now if you aren’t convinced we’re going to keep going okay so remember okay of course there was course with the Q start that the new model was able to solve Mo math problems that hadn’t seen before and this was of course because the way that they’re able

To look at models they’re able to see that what a smaller version of the model is able to do if it’s able to do insanely well they know the larger model is going to be even better than that now of course like I said it it can’t be a

Coincidence that samman is looking to raise 7 trillion or 10% of global GDP for an AI chip company and Rowan and Rowan says here it’s hard to comprehend but no person would even consider this unless they achieve something that will fundamentally reshape the entire world and what is something that would

Fundamentally reshape the entire world it’s AGI so I don’t think that Sam raising 7 trillion is outlandish it actually makes sense considering the fact that there are many things that lead us to believe that they already have achieved AI or some really super Advanced AI system and with the Reuters

Letter stating that you know there was something that could threaten Humanity there was something that was really smart Sam Alman stating that there was an unfortunate leak and of course two people stating that this could of course you know just do unspeakable things to humanity this is no surprise now in

Addition of course there is this tweet here that said If s is actually trying to raise 7 trillion for chip Fabs there’s a good chance they actually have AGI internally you don’t raise $7 trillion with a pitch deck you got to have the goddamn McMuffin in your pocket

And essentially what that means is guys when you’re raising money for a company you have essentially a pitch deck you go to investors with you know a bright slide or whatever um I guess you could say it’s kind of like shark Tang but what you don’t do is you don’t going to

Go there and you’re going to say m we we’re probably going to be able to do this what you have is you have a demo in which you tell the investors exactly what’s going to do you have also a pitch deck where you show them what’s going to

Be on now if you don’t know what shark tank is it’s basically a show where these people you know Kevin oriri and Mark Cuban with all of these billionaires and multi-millionaires you essentially you know come with a presentation and you state why you need their investment and these people give

Your investment based on how well they believe your product or idea is going to be now how well do you think you have to be doing in order to I guess you could say get $7 trillion like what do you have to ask for you know what do you

Have to show someone in order to get $7 trillion from some of the world’s largest you know corporations and alliances okay I think you’re going to have to show a technology that will literally change the world and we the only technology that we do know that’s going to change the world that would

Require $7 trillion in chip fabrication is of course AGI now in addition to this from their website again this is from opening eyes blog they’ve stated that we seem to have been given lots of gifts relative to what we expected earlier for example it seems like creating AI will

Require huge amounts of compute and thus the world will know who is working on it and it seems the original conception of hper evolved reinforcement learning agent competing with each other in a way we can’t understand yada yada okay the point here is they stated that AGI will

Require huge amounts of compute and thus the world will know exactly who is working on it okay and of course what an opening I doing right now they are of course working on AGI and potentially they’ve achieved it and there’s also a secret reason why I think you know um

Something hasn’t changed to open a and I’m going to talk about that later but I I want to tell you guys um a little theory that I do have why I think open haven’t changed something okay so in addition we also do have this right here

Okay so AGI could happen soon in the far future takeoff speed from initial AGI to more powerful successor systems could be slow or fast many of us think the safest quadrant in this 2×2 matrix is short timelines and slow takeoff speeds shorter timelines and this is where you

Got to pay attention shorter timelines seem more amable to coordination and more likely to lead to slower takeoff due to less of a compute overhang and a slower takeoff gives us more time to figure out how to make these system safe so essentially what they’re saying here

Is that if AGI starts to improve slowly instead of all at once we have more time to figure out how to make it safe and the idea is that having less of a compute overhang and not having like ridiculous amounts of computing power waiting to be used makes a sudden and

Controllable leap in AI abilities less likely making us be able to predict the capabilities and make AI safe so if guys if if open ey is considered a safe and responsible company the concern of a compute overhang where where all of the computational Power becomes available and rapidly accelerates AI capabilities

Might be less worrisome if open AI already solved the problem of these jumps in abilities so that’s why I’m stating that they state that you know it’s less due to a compute overhang like they don’t want to have all of the compute because of course if all of that

Computer is there then people could just build these rapidly evolving systems but now they’re asking for 7 trillion to build uh huge amounts of systems does that mean that they’ve already solved the problem so the argument could be made that if they’re seeking such a large investment they may already have

The strategies in place to ensure any advancements including AGI are developed and deployed safely minimizing the risks associated with a rapid unchecked growth in AI capabilities and of course that is not the only thing that does interest now another question that we do have is of course is the 7 trillion doable okay

And I’m going to present to you the first argument and then I’m going to talk to you guys why 7 trillion is potentially doable okay so hear me out for a second because you might be thinking that this isn’t doable but I’m going to show you guys why 7 trillion is

Probably doable and I’m going to bring it back to AGI in a second so number one is of course raising money from Sovereign wealth funds and some of the largest Sovereign wealth funds such as Norway’s government pension fund Global have assets under management that are in

The range of 1 trillion but way still below the 7 trillion okay um of course we’ve got central banks and central banks manage their country’s currency Supply and monetary policy and have significant financial assets however the resources are primarily aimed at stabilizing and managing the economy not at investment in the manner proposed

These guys just want their money to of course ensure that the economy is stabilized because anything can happen they’re going to need to print money they’re going to need to you know raise rates to this they’re going to need to do many different things in addition we

Also do have private equity and venture capital and while these entities manage significant sums of money and invest in various sectors including technology and AI they combined assets under management globally don’t even approach $7 trillion and in addition to that we have the multinational corporations and the world’s largest companies like apple

Microsoft Saudi aramco Nvidia have they may have market capitalizations and cash reserves in the hundreds of billions but they aren’t in the trillions of dollars and then of course the last one is the international coalitions and Partnerships and achieving the funding of 7 trillion for a project would likely require unprecedented International

Coalitions of governments private investors and fin financial institutions pulling resources together now whilst you might think okay this is clearly impossible there’s no way he’s going to raise 7 trillion to5 trillion let alone 3 trillion or even 1 trillion but I think in one scenario it is possible in

One scenario it is possible to raise this amount of money you know which scenario that is that is scenario in which AGI has been achieved if AGI has been achieved and I’m linking back to a comment I saw on Reddit um I think you guys have no idea at the amount of money

That people would be throwing money at this technology it says here that the entire world would be throwing money hand over fist at any company that had AGI corporations would pay anything to have it they could replace companies that cost them tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per

Year meaning they would happily part with the 5K per seat access to AGI if that means they could let go of an employee they pay 40K per year to do so even regular people would be paying $99 a month or even more for access to AI I

Know I would pay whatever they asked and that that is so true and of course openi could just use the AGI itself to make tons and tons of money it could build amazing businesses invent patents true AGI would be the easiest money maker of

All time and that is so true guys if AGI had been achieved which we’re going to talk about in a moment raising 7 trillion wouldn’t be hard at all if they had a real demo of an artificial general intelligence system that was good that worked was able to you know do all of

The things that we know AI is going to be able to do that would be the most valuable product in our lifetime okay and of course one thing that I did want to check was speculative valuations asked gp4 for speculative valuations and it came conclusion that given these considerations a speculative valuation

Of AGI could easily be in the tens of trillions of dollars when considering its potential to enhance the global economic output save costs and create new value streams remember AGI will impact the global economy and essentially what they used was the global GB GDP as a baseline which was 8

4 trillion in 2020 and even a 1% increase due to AI could add 840 billion annually and with different calculations it could easily be in the tens of trillion so raising 7 trillion to 5 trillion for a technology that’s going to bring about this much economic growth

Isn’t impossible and I also did ask Gemini and it came up with a different calculation which was around 45 trillion or you know 135 trillion so these valuations aren’t completely you know insane and there was also some other stuff okay because think about it like this okay raising 7 trillion is arguably

Doable if AGI has been achieved internally but we already know that AGI was I guess you could say achieved internally in terms of some comments made by Sam Alman himself earlier this year opening I CEO Sam Alman sent the tech world into a frenzy with a five-word Reddit post AGI has been

Achieved internally and AGI stands for artificial general intelligence it’s the Holy Grail of AI research essentially the true AGI would be a brain-like intelligence capable of reasoning creative thought and perhaps even Consciousness and outman posting about achieving AGI was a huge deal it would be Ain and it’s important to a top

Scientist posting nuclear fusion works so that is why guys of course you know alman’s saying he’s meing he could just be meing he could be joking but essentially guys if AGI was achieved which there is a mountain of evidence to suspect that it has been or is at least

Very near around the corner raising 7 trillion does make sense now here’s one thing that I think most people haven’t realized okay um and this is something that nobody’s talking about okay um gp4 with darly browsing and Analysis they are limiting people to 40 messages every

3 hours okay and one reason that we know that they do this is because of course the compute demand from gp4 is very very expensive and of course it’s very computationally expensive so the thing is okay I don’t think that open aai are devoting all of their compute to GPT 4 I

Do think that if they really wanted to they could devote more of their compute and give people access you know maybe 100 messages every 3 hours like they did before but they did actually change it back down from 100 messages every 3 hours back down to 40 messages every 3

Hours and I think that’s because they’re using their compute for something else if you haven’t realized guys gpg 4 if we take a look at this GPT 4 was finished training well had finished training in August of 2022 and that is 532 days ago okay and they’ve spent you know 6 months

Fine cheting the model one when pt4 was you know done and they they were fine-tuning it we had no idea guys 2022 was quite some time ago okay and if you remember the AI systems around then that was pretty much no AI hype so um you

Know 532 days ago they were they they finished training the model and of course they spent all that time doing the alignment what do you think they have now the question is what do you think they’ve done in 532 days the top AI research Labs what have they done in

That time in that time other companies have managed to catch up near open source there have been numerous GPT 4 benchmarks which means that GPT 5 or any AI success system from open AI who arguably had the largest lead in terms of AI development is likely to be

Outstanding and we know that with software and Ai and with these Geniuses that work at open AI um these breakthroughs are definitely inevitable so from Sam elman’s tweet stating that you know what rate should you be willing to borrow money if an extremely powerful close AI is literally around the corner

And from their core values ating that you know they’re going to scale up things and from the fact that you know no person would ever consider raising 7 trillion if they hadn’t achieved something that would finally fundamentally reshape the entire world and due to the fact that they also

Stated that they probably do wanted a slower takeoff because that gives us time to figure out how to solve the problem and it’s largely better but then now actually stating that they want more compute leads me to believe that you know one AGI has probably been achieved

Or some you know kind of really really small AI has been achieved and they just really want to scale this thing and of course number two if they have achieved AGI that’s the only reason they’d be asking for $7 trillion of course there is the issue of companies like tsmc

Being you know I guess you could say the bottleneck of AI chip production but it really doesn’t justify raising $7 trillion when the global chip sales I think was around $500 to $800 billion last year so that is a ton of information and I think it all points to

One thing let me know what you think in the comment section below do you think they have AGI already do you think that this is just mere speculation do you think that these Technologies aren’t as smart as we think and I’m going to leave you guys with this tweet if Sam is

Actually trying to raise 7 trillion for chip Fabs there a good chance they have ai internally let me know what you think I think that this is something fascinating because we are about to witness the next decade of evolution in terms of society and it will be

Interesting to see if some of the early predictions made here were correct or completely off either way I’m excited

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