Russia’s First Highly Advanced Female Humanoid Robot Sparks Shock Worldwide – Video

Russia’s First Highly Advanced Female Humanoid Robot Sparks Shock Worldwide – Video

Russia’s First Most Advanced Humanoid Female Robot SHOCKED the World

The world was left in awe as Russia introduced its first most advanced humanoid female robot, named Danasha. This life-like robot has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world with its remarkable capabilities. Created by Promobot, Danasha is a cyber cafeteria cashier robot with the ability to interact with customers, pour coffee, pick up objects, and even engage in conversations and take joint selfies. This mind-boggling robot has been designed with a movable face, head, neck, and functional hands, making it highly versatile in its interactions with humans.

In addition to Danasha, Promobot also introduced a modification of its companion robot, Robo C, equipped with functional movable arms and advanced technology manufacturing silicone skin with greater elasticity. This breakthrough marks a significant stride in the field of robotics, and the company has already gained international recognition for its monumental achievements.

Furthermore, medical technology startup Forward has introduced self-service medical cabins with artificial intelligence, called care pods, that offer a wide range of medical services to patients. These pods are equipped with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize primary medical care, making it more accessible to people.

The evolving field of artificial intelligence is not just transforming the world of robotics, but it also has the potential to impact various sectors, such as politics, elections, and technology. With the rise of advanced AI technologies like GPT-4 and its integration into robots, the possibilities for human-robot interactions and advancements in various fields are endless. As we move towards the future, the influence of artificial intelligence on our daily lives and the world around us cannot be underestimated. The technological revolution that we are witnessing is shaping the way we live, work, and interact with the world. In 2024, the impact of artificial intelligence will be more pronounced than ever before, and its implications for society and politics will be profound.

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Video Transcript

The first humanoid cashier robot named  danasha has captured the hearts of   millions of men around the world startup  forward has introduced the world’s first   self-service medical cabins with artificial  intelligence how will artificial intelligence   impact politicians elections in 2024 and  why artificial intelligence might lead to  

Mass disruptions Japanese researchers have  connected the robot alter to GPT 4 and were   Amazed by the robot’s new capabilities  these and other high-tech news in one video the first humanoid cashier robot named danasha  has captured the hearts of millions of men  

Around the world in 2022 the company promobot  introduced a cyber cafeteria with a robot named   dunyasha the robot was created based on the rooc  C2 companion robot with a movable face head neck   and functional hands that help the device  interact with the interlocutor gesture pour  

Coffee pick up objects up to 1 kg and perform  various movements the cashier robot can suggest   buying ice cream soda or coffee while waiting  for an order the robot is capable of engaging in   conversation discussing news or suggesting taking  a joint selfie the cyber cafe package includes a  

Freezer for making soft ice cream a machine  for preparing carbonated drinks and a coffee   machine these modules are equipped with robotic  manipulator arms there is also a self-service   terminal and a hyperrealistic cashier robot for  communicating with the customer when placing an  

Order the developers explained that they used  a new type of Servo drives for the robot’s   hands in this version dunyasha also has a wide  range of micro expression adjustments allowing   the robot to express emotions more vividly a  new technology for manufacturing silicone skin  

With greater elasticity was used in creating  the robot Additionally the company promobot   introduced a modification of its companion  robot Robo C with functional movable arms   each Robo arm has eight Motors and 12 degrees  of freedom it can pour coffee gesture pickup   objects and perform various hand movements the  company specified that Dynamic stabilization  

Systems Servo drives and hand controllers will  form the basis for developing functional legs   for the humanoid robot promobot has already  begun their development and production the   company gained recognition in August 2021  when it unveiled the first version of the   humanoid robot Robo C capable of moving facial  muscles engaging in conversation and answering  

Questions promobot was founded in 2015 in the  Russian city of perm its robots work in 43   countries worldwide as administrators promoters  Consultants guides replacing or complimenting   traditional staff Medical Technology startup  forward has introduced care pods self-service   medical cabins with artificial intelligence  these pods conduct a comprehensive body scan  

Of the patient collect samples for analysis  and then create a personalized observation and   treatment plan according to forward patients can  enter these white cubid spaces and access a wide   range of Medical Services by selecting them on a  touchscreen these Services include biometric body  

Scanning needle-free blood collection for General  analysis weight monitoring and diabetes screening   the ability to assess the patient’s heart heart  thyroid kidneys and liver is also mentioned the   pods are equipped for diagnosing diseases such as  covid-19 and HIV and will also offer monitoring  

Of mental health issues developers promise  that over time the technology will become more   advanced forward plans to create applications  that can provide prenatal care expanded cancer   screenings and genetic analysis to identify  a patient’s risk of developing hereditary   diseases the goal of care pods is to make  Primary Medical Care More accessible it is  

Anticipated that access to these Min clinics will  be provided through a monthly subscription of $99 a team of researchers from the University of  Tokyo has employed gp4 to guide a robot through   various simulations such as taking selfies  tossing a sword eating popcorn and playing  

Air guitar previously each action required  specific coding but integrating GPT 4 opens   up new possibilities for robots learning through  natural language instructions Direct Control is   now possible by mapping linguistic expressions  and human actions using programming code explain   the scien they describ this achievement as a  paradigm shift coding the coordination of such  

A large number of joints was a complex task  involving repetitive movements thanks to the   language model the need for iterative work has  disappeared now researchers can simply provide   verbal instructions describing desired  actions and the language model generates   python code that activates the robot alter 3  remembers actions and researchers can refine  

And adjust them leading to faster smoother and  more precise movements over time equipped with   a camera alter 3 can see people researchers  found that alter 3 improves its Vision by   observing human reactions the ability of robots  connected to GPT 4 to learn could reshape the  

Interaction between humans and robots opening new  possibilities for more intelligent and adaptive robots calii Express by flippy a restaurant  where the entire staff consists of robots   is set to open soon in Pasadena California  customers can place orders at a terminal and  

Then simply observe as machines prepare their  food flippy robots will autonomously navigate   the kitchen cooking items such as grilled  fries and burgers the fully automated fast   food establishment will be located next to a  traditional Burger Joint where human staff work  

Allowing for manual intervention in case of any  glitches or errors with flippy the use of robots   enables fast food establishments to operate  with fewer personnel and in a less stressful environment in 2023 the world witnessed a  tsunami of AI technologies that futurists  

Couldn’t even dream of following the release of  open ai’s chat GPT in November 2022 chatbots and   neural networks became increasingly Advanced laws  were enacted to regulate this sphere high-profile   legal disputes emerged and there was a growing  demand for significant resources electricity   microchips and memory cards venturebeat asked  artificial intelligence experts to analyze the  

Development of the industry in 2024 political  analysts anticipate that artificial intelligence   will lead politicians to success and even play  a role in appointing presidents Ethan Bueno de   msk from the University of Chicago States  2024 will be the year of artificial IAL  

Intelligence elections much like 2016 and  2020 were years of social media elections   where information had the most significant  impact on voter opinion Society will witness   how technology influences politics deep fakes and  chat Bots will turn the US presidential elections   into complete chaos media outlets at Times May  struggle to distinguish truth from convincing  

Falsehoods leading to the dissemination of  inaccurate information people will exploit   artificial intelligence to combat their  competitors simultaneously more laws will   be introduced to regulate Technologies and the  dissemination of their products in summary the   2024 us elections will demonstrate the extent  to which artificial intelligence influences not  

Only the lives of ordinary people but also  the most influential politicians around the world CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has declared that  the recently released electric pickup truck the   Cyber truck has yet another significant  advantage over its competitors according  

To him the vehicle can Ford through water  and even swim for a distance of several   hundred met provided that the water water is not  excessively turbulent initial users of the Cyber   Tru have noticed a new setting called Wade mode  in the pickups configurations it turns out that  

The capability to forward through water is not  solely attributed to raising the suspension to   its maximum height but also to a tightly sealed  battery pack additionally during water movement   the battery pack experiences excess pressure in  light of this information videos have surfaced  

Online depicting the Cyber truck cruising along  the beach and entering the water however no   one has yet dared to demonstrate the electric  pickup’s ability to swim in real life which is   unsurprising ring considering its limitations  and high price the most important thing is to  

Avoid the issues faced by other Tesla electric  cars that experienced malfunctions due to rain   write in the comments what you liked most after  watching this video don’t forget to like this   video And subscribe to the caros show channel  also check out our previous videos see you next [Music] time

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