Russia has revealed its inaugural robot army that is set to face off against the US. – Video

Russia has revealed its inaugural robot army that is set to face off against the US. – Video

Russia has recently unveiled its first robot army that is designed to confront the US. The robots, developed by Russian specialists, are capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from rescue operations in extreme conditions to engaging in combat on the battlefield.

One of the robots, named Fodor, is a humanoid robot that can shoot with both hands and can operate autonomously or be controlled by an operator. The robot was initially intended for extreme situations and space exploration. However, it faced sanctions after it was discovered that it could shoot, leading foreign companies to cease supplying components. Nevertheless, the robot continues to evolve with the developers transitioning to domestic alternatives.

In addition to Fodor, Russia showcased an advanced development at the Army 2022 arms exhibition in Moscow, a robot dog armed with a grenade launcher. While the US believes that the Russian robot dog is a copy of a Chinese counterpart, Russia has also announced plans to create an avatar robot within the next 10 years with the potential to replace soldiers on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Russia has made significant strides in the field of unmanned combat vehicles, introducing advanced technological complexes capable of performing diverse tasks on the battlefield. The introduction of these military robots has significantly reduced the technological gap that Russia previously faced in this field. The article also discusses several other Russian combat robots, each equipped with specific capabilities to perform various tasks on the battlefield.

Overall, Russia’s development of a robot army marks a significant advancement in the field of military technology, making them a formidable force in future conflicts. The article sheds light on the potential impact of these advanced technological complexes in contemporary warfare. Subscribe to the Caro show channel to stay tuned for more updates and discussions on this topic.

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Video Transcript

He in front of you is the Russian humanoid robot Fodor who can shoot with two hands developed by Russian Specialists Fodor final experimental demonstration object research is designed for extreme situations and space exploration the robot can operate autonomously or be controlled by an operator using a specialized control suit the robot is

Intended to perform two main tasks rescue people in extreme conditions such as from collapsed buildings and undertake space missions recently it was revealed that Fodor faced sanctions after it was discovered that the robot can not only shoot but also shoot with both hands upon learning this foreign companies cease supplying components

Including gears sensors engines cameras and computers nevertheless Fodor continues to evolve with the robots developers transitioning to domestic Alternatives work on the robot began in 2014 and it was first presented to the public in 2016 according to its specifications the robot can already use a key to open doors operate a fire

Extinguisher and use a saw in addition Fodor can drive a car and even crawl on all fours furthermore the robot has mastered doing both transverse and longitudinal splits setting a world record the robot stands at a height of 180 cm and weighs between 105 and 106

Kg at the Army 2022 arms exhibition in Moscow an advanced Russian development was shown a robot dog armed with a grenade launcher the design resembling a dog belongs to the Russian company intellect machine specializing in robotics weaponry and artificial intelligence according to the developers the robot dog is capable of accurate

Shooting and weapon transportation in civilian applications it can be used in emergency situations for reconnaissance navigating through debris and delivering medical supplies in combat scenarios the robot dog can also engage in Target designation patrolling and security tasks however the US believes that the Russian robot dog with a grenade

Launcher is a copy of a Chinese counterpart the dog closely resembles the unry yushu technology dog from unitri robotics available for purchase at 2007 $100 in online stores the m81 is draped with fabric to conceal its origin the assertion in a publication suggests it seems entirely obvious that the robot

Was not developed by a Russian manufacturer share your thoughts in the comments about this Russian Development Russia plans to create an avatar robot within the next 10 years with the potential to replace soldiers on the battlefield the robot can be designed in an anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic form resembling or significantly differing from a human in the in the latter case the operator would feel for instance a leg

Functioning as a Caterpillar Track according to the developers the robot should possess functional capabilities comparable to humans the goal is to create a machine capable of independently interacting effectively within human infrastructure traversing rough terrain providing first aid and operating a vehicle in 2015 the first developments of a humanoid robot capable

Of shooting and driving Vehicles were introduced a manipulator arm controlled by an operator nearby is used for firing in the future such Avatar robots could potent po Al replace live soldiers however it is more likely that other countries such as the United States or China will be the first to implement

Such groundbreaking Technologies globally rather than Russia one of the most powerful groundbased drones in the world is the uran 9 in terms of Firepower the unmanned combat vehicle uran 9 holds the top position globally the Russian military robot visually resembles an infantry Fighting Vehicle measuring

Approximately 4.5 m in length and 2 m in width with a total combat weight reaching 10 tons the robot is equipped with a 30 mm automatic Cannon 2 a72 paired with a 7.62 mm machine gun launchers with 49m 120 ataka anti-tank missiles are installed on both sides of

The turret these can be replaced with eiga anti-aircraft missiles if needed providing air defense capabilities six reactive flamethrowers schmell are positioned at the rear of the turret currently there is no unmanned combat vehicle in the west that can match the Firepower of the urine 9 importantly this combat robot has already

Participated in real Combat operations in Syria where according to the developers it demonstrated its Effectiveness details of the uran 9 application in the Syrian conflict are unknown but the machines testing in a combat environment revealed several issues inherent to such technology while the United States the United Kingdom

France and other countries are actively developing combat robots to reduce human casualties on the battlefield Russia had faced some technological lag in this field however the introduction of the uran 9 has significantly reduced this technological Gap the armored traed vehicle sernik is designed for reconnaissance and relay patrolling guarding territories and

Important objects demining and delineation this robot operates in three control modes manual automatic and Direct Control the complex weighs no more than 7 tons and can reach speeds of up to 40 kmph with remote control and direct visibility the machine has an operational radius of up to 10 km the

Armored robot can also be used as a fire support vehicle transporting ammunition and fuel evacuating the wounded and providing guard Duty it has an armored Hull capable of withstanding gunfire up to 7.62 mm caliber the robot is equipped with interchangeable combat modules which can be armed with 7.62 and 12.7 mm

Machine guns various types of grenade launchers and cornet anti-tank missile there is also the option of installing a high-speed 30 mm Cannon and anti-aircraft missiles the combat robot ncta is a group of robotic systems United under a single control system subordinate to a human operator the operator has the

Choice to stay behind and control remotely or be with the robot on the front line to execute tasks the robotic platform with a combat module is operated from a command post which can be located anywhere even in a separate armored vehicle or at a stationary point

Before the battle the map of the area and grids of key landmarks to be eliminated are loaded into it in combat Special Forces do not need to control every movement of the telet tank it is sufficient to press a button and select one of several tasks the direct a combat

Robot as a platform is designed for reconnaissance operations adjusting fire on enemy positions and the rapid delivery of ammunition and supplies to hotspots the combat robot marker is a robotic platform that resembles a small tracked robot the developer boasted that marker can now travel 1,000 km carry loads and Evacuate the wounded the

Robots are designed for military operations not only on the battlefield but also in urban areas they have been tested both in exercises and actual com combat where they performed well marker can be used either as a remote controlled machine or carry out some functions autonomously according to the developers the combat platform can

Operate in autonomous mode consuming 30.5 lph sufficient for a 1,000 km cross country Journey or 50 hours of autonomous operation the robots developers also claim that marker can be used for automatic delivery and unloading of cargo additionally with the help of a hydraulic manipulator the system is capable of autonomously

Extracting cargo containers from Storage the Russian robotic complex platform m is a remotely controlled robot on a track chassis it is an armored robot remotely operated armed with a grenade launcher and machine gun system for engaging in combat without direct contact with the Enemy according to the developers the complex is designed for

Reconnaissance detection and engagement of stationary and moving targets providing fire support for units as well as for patrolling and guarding important objects the latest combat complex includes means of differentiated armor for the chassis and weapon platform the complex can enable conducting combat operations at night without revealing factors if you enjoyed this video

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