Robotics Revolutionizing Stair Innovation – Video

Robotics Revolutionizing Stair Innovation – Video

In the video titled “Stepping up innovation for stairs with robotics,” we are taken to East, a company in Barneveld that specializes in creating exclusive, high-quality stairs and balustrades. The company has developed a robot called Lassie, which has revolutionized their production process for the “vierkant meter trap,” or square meter stair.

Previously, these stairs were made by one person, with an average of only two being produced per day. However, with the introduction of Lassie, East is now able to produce eight stairs per day. The system utilizes a handling robot to remove the steps from a crate and hold them in place, while a welding robot measures and welds the components together. This process allows for a wide variety of sizes and configurations, as each stair is unique to the customer’s specifications.

The use of robotics has not only increased production output, but it has also reduced the manufacturing time from four hours to just one hour per stair. Additionally, the implementation of this technology has eliminated the need for workers to operate at heights, improving safety and efficiency.

East chose to work with RobWelding, who provided a solution that did not require extensive programming for each new project. Instead, they developed a system that seamlessly converts the customer’s specifications from the website’s configurator into a robot program.

Overall, the integration of robotics has greatly enhanced East’s production capabilities, allowing them to provide a customized and highly efficient solution for their customers.

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Watch how RobWelding revolutionized stair manufacturing for EeStairs, enabling them to produce eight staircases in the time it used to take to make just two. In this project, RobWelding integrated a handling and a welding robot to create an automated system that efficiently assembles a 1m2 stair, tailored to the customer’s unique preferences through an online configurator.

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