Robotic Swarms Inspired by Snails – Video

Robotic Swarms Inspired by Snails – Video

Nature Communications recently published a groundbreaking study on snail-inspired robotic swarms, introducing a novel approach to collective adaptation in unstructured outdoor environments. The research, conducted by Da Zhao, Haobo Luo, Yuxiao Tu, Chongxi Meng, and led by Tin Lun Lam, demonstrates the potential of terrestrial self-reconfigurable robot swarms in real-world applications.

The snail robotic swarm system takes inspiration from the adhesive capabilities of land snails, incorporating a two-mode connection mechanism to enhance stability and adaptability. The free mode allows for freeform mobility using magnet-embedded tracks, while the strong mode employs a vacuum sucker with directional polymer stalks for robust adhesion. By striking a balance between mobility and secure connections, the system showcases exceptional synergy within the swarm.

Outdoor experiments showcased the capabilities of individual robots, highlighting the efficiency and adaptability of the snail-inspired robotic swarm. This research paves the way for advancements in terrestrial robotic swarms, opening up possibilities for various tasks in unstructured environments.

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