Rubius reacts to the new BostonDynamics ROBOT – Video

Rubius reacts to the new BostonDynamics ROBOT – Video

Popular Spanish YouTuber Rubius recently uploaded a video to his channel reacting to the new robot from Boston Dynamics. In the video, Rubius showcases his excitement and awe at the advanced technology and capabilities of the robot. Throughout the video, Rubius makes humorous comments and predictions about where these robots will end up in the future.

Known for his energetic and entertaining videos, Rubius’s reaction to the Boston Dynamics robot is no exception. His enthusiasm and curiosity about the robot’s potential applications and advancements in technology are evident throughout the video.

As Rubius continues to explore and share his thoughts on trending topics in the tech world, his fans eagerly await his next reactions and insights. Be sure to check out Rubius’s channel and watch his entertaining reaction to the new Boston Dynamics robot.

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Video Transcript

Video “Rubius reacciona al nuevo ROBOT de BostonDynamics” was uploaded on 04/21/2024 to Youtube Channel RubiusyQuackity