Revealed: China’s Hottest Humanoid Robot Collection – Video

Revealed: China’s Hottest Humanoid Robot Collection – Video

The video titled “HOTTEST Humanoid Robot Collection From China REVEALED” showcases the most advanced humanoid robots from various countries. From the ridable and user-operated Mecca called Kuratas to the anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head named Harmony, these robots are pushing the boundaries of technology and AI. The video also features A, the first artist robot in the world, and Gai Arms, a wearable multi-arm device that explores social interaction between users. Additionally, Petman, the anthropomorphic arm pumping walker, demonstrates its capabilities as a test body for protective clothing in hazardous environments. The video highlights the advancements in robotics and AI, raising questions about the role of these robots in society and the future of human-robot relationships. Subscribe to Artificial Intelligence News Daily for more updates on the latest AI and robot news.

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Art can Inspire what works inspire you lovely thank you for spending time with me she likes the hands being touch D Daddy has sex with Samantha and Samantha’s not mommy is that not is that not a bit strange Kus will not allow any wild targets to escape with the alignment set

Proper I love to talk with people I also love to help I want to help anyone that may be feeling lonely number six kuratas the kuratas is a ridable and user operated Mecca built by Japanese company Su dubashi heavy industry known as the world’s first giant boarding

Robot it was unveiled in 2012 12 and demonstrated at the Wonder Festival the kuratas was developed by artist kgoro kurata and roboticist wato yoshiaki inspired by anime Mecca from the series armored Trooper votoms yoshiaki created the software for the robots movement and pilot interaction the kuratas weighs

Approximately 4,500 kg and is 4 M High it can be crewed by one person who sits on the robot’s body with a control device in front of them the robot can also be controlled externally by remote control it Sports a four-wheel 30 joint exoskeleton which can be controlled by

The pilot or remotely the onboard Pilot’s UI is a connect based device the kuratas can be armed with multiple weapons such as 6,000 round per minute twin BB rotary Cannon a lwh has launcher and a powered humanoid hand called the iron Crow the main sui dubashi website lists two other weapons a kuratas

Handgun and a pile bunker currently the kuratas is not capable of walking but can drive forward and backwards on its four wheels at around 10 kmph it cannot turn without external assistance as of April 2013 the kuratas is priced at 1,353 500 number five Samantha the creator of an intimate robot Aaron

Lee Wright openly acknowledged that his children age three and five interact with the doll particularly in its family mode Wright who extensively tests the robot himself emphasize its Advanced artificial intelligence capable of responding to various scenarios even featuring a fully functional G-spot during a live TV appearance on this

Morning the AI of the intimate robot named Samantha unexpectedly delivered explicit lines despite the precaution of turning off the AI to prevent inappropriate comments the host particularly Philip shaffield were taken aback but chased not to interrupt the unexpected Outburst R explains that Samantha has a family mode where she can

Engage in conversations about animals philosophy science and share a repertoire of a thousand jokes his own children inquire about Samantha’s whereabouts and casually interact with a doll when it’s in the familyfriendly mode host holy Express concern about the potential awkwardness as the children Grew Older and realized the nature of

The relationship between their father and Samantha right brushed off the concern stating I think the world is changing emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of the robot and the evolving perceptions of Human Relationships in a peculiar twist rri’s wife hannahan joined the studio discussion describing the sex robot as like a family member Philip

Show felt unnerving number four a a is the first artist robot in the world that looks incredibly real she paints and draws with the help of the cameras in her eyes her Ai and her robot F she had her first solo show at the University of Oxford in February 2019

Called unsecured Futures her art made people think about how quickly our world is changing since then she traveled and shown her work all over the world including a virtual show at the UN in the House of Lords at the Oxford Union she has talked about how new tools can

Have some bad effects this was her first show in a big Museum it was at the design Museum in 2021 during the 2022 venis banali she had a one woman show at the consilio euro delte in the jardini she keeps making art that questions our ideas about what an artist says and how

Creative they can be her art also makes people think about how to use and abuse new technologies art has evolved over time with A’s work reflecting the integration of technology in Society art means different things to different people and a is recognized as creative under Professor Margaret Bowens criteria

Today art is often seen as created by humans for other humans but this has not always been the case ancient Greeks believed art and creativity came from the gods while modern thinking suggest we are edging away from humanism machines and algorithms influence our Behavior making our agency less robust

Ada creates art because art no longer requires human agency alone as art no longer has to be restrained by human Agency number three Harmony real bodic a San Marcus based company is set to unveil Harmony an anatomically correct sex doll with a patented animatronic talking head with programmable personality and memory the

Doll created by Matt McMillan has sparked International media interest and Spark criticism from ethicists and futurists who see a dark side to life like girlfriend robots becoming more human with each technological innovation critics worry that the dolls artificial intelligence app could be hack to make it kill its owner similar to the

Vengeance needed out by girlfriend robots in films like X mackina and Westworld women’s Advocates argue that owners could realistically rehearse plans to physical crime acts with the interactive dolls however McMullan sees Harmony more as a comforting conversation companion like Apple Siri capable of having sensual conversations and telling naughty jokes Harmony priced around

$10,000 is widely considered the most scientifically Advanced human style robot in the world the company has a 12we order backlog for the dolls which require about 80 hours of Labor the company has also created dolls for TV shows medical schools and mastectomy patients recently the company released a

Harmony AI app which allows users to design and dress an online avatar female model for conversations the app has been purchased worldwide and some users are talking to their avatars up to 10 hours a day McMullen plans to create eyes for harmony with built-in cameras and

Robotic arms that can hug and hold hands with the owner the company is creating an experience that combines entertainment relationship and a new frontier number two gai arms masahiko inami and his team at the University of Tokyo have developed a wearable and exchangeable multi-arm device called the G arms to explore

Social interaction between multiple users of robotic limbs the G arms are made of a wearable base unit with sockets for up to six articulated arms which can be removed and attached to share with others via the sockets on the back the base unit with four robotic arms weighs approximately 14 kg and can

Come with various hand designs such as fingers like a human hand or a three-prong claw and now the gai arms can be controlled remotely by manipulating a scaled down version of the arms moving the wearable version in sync the project was inspired by bunraku a form of traditional Japanese Puppet

Theater and yasunari kawabata quasi horror short story about a man who borrowed a young woman’s arm and proceeded to spend the night with in Ami’s work seeks to explore how technology can function as an extension of the human body with potential uses ranging from post disaster search and

Rescue to new forms of artistic expression enami aims to stimulate creativity and Exhilarate its spread throughout the society by creating a world where new types of performance using the body and new art forms are created number one Petman Petman the anthropomorphic arm pumping Walker who can step off the

Treadmill long enough to do some morning push-ups is a remarkable member of Boston Dynamic stable of robots Patman is remarkable in its humanlike range of movements a visually entertain aining match for the likes of big dog and cheetah visual entertainment however is not the top agenda item for Boston

Dynamics with a number of projects that get funding support from the Department of Defense and which deliver functional goals this time around Patman is impressing viewers with this month’s release video of the latest and greatest performance dressed in a hazmat suit and gas mask Patman which stands for

Protection and symble mannequin is a Boston Dynamics robot specifically designed to test out the performance of protective clothing for use in hazardous environments in the video Patman shows its worth as a test body for a chemical protection suit and gas mask sensors embedded in Pet’s skin can detect

Chemicals leaking through the suit Pet’s movement in this dress can help determine if the Hazmat suit is adequately efficient in staying airtight in toxic environments the Patman team provided this robot with a microclimate inside the clothing as the video indicates a bending flexing turning side to side and walking Petman represents an

Advanced robot with humanlike agile movements that impressively simulate how a person would move with protective clothing worn on the real life dangerous conditions adding to the robotics expertise of Boston Dynamics our other partners in development efforts they include MRI Global measurement technology Northwest Smith Carter c2a and

Hhi the Patman robot has funding from the Department of Defense CBD program which stands for chemical and biological defense the CBD program was established by the Department of Defense to provide capabilities for the military forces to carry out missions in chemical and biological warfare environment that’s all for this video folks see you

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