OpenAI’s CEO Shocks the World with GPT-5 Updates (Get ready to be amazed!) – Video

OpenAI’s CEO Shocks the World with GPT-5 Updates (Get ready to be amazed!) – Video

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has recently announced some groundbreaking information about their latest venture, GPT-5. With their previous models like GPT-3 and GPT-4 already impressing the world with their capabilities, GPT-5 is set to be a complete game-changer in the field of AI.

Altman has mentioned a few fascinating aspects of GPT-5 that are sure to leave everyone amazed. One major improvement is the removal of the limit on the length of messages users can send to the model, allowing for more natural and flexible interactions. Additionally, GPT-5 aims to enhance its ability to perform mathematical calculations and logical reasoning with greater accuracy, making it even sharper and more reliable in these areas.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there – Altman has hinted at even more mind-boggling features for GPT-5, such as branching out into more modalities like audio and video inputs and outputs, as well as incorporating features like voice recognition, facial expression and emotion detection, and even gesture control. These developments will make the AI model more immersive and engaging for users, taking AI to a whole new dimension.

Altman’s vision for AI goes beyond just improving technology – he envisions using AI to tackle global challenges like climate change and transform education. With the upcoming launch of the OpenAI Academy, Altman aims to offer top-tier and affordable education to anyone, anywhere, using GPT-5 as a personal teacher, tutor, mentor, and friend.

Despite facing challenges and competition in the AI playground, Altman remains committed to ethical AI usage and ensuring that AI technology, including GPT-5, is developed and deployed safely for the benefit of humanity. With a track record of success in the tech world, Altman’s vision for the future of AI is indeed something to be amazed and excited about. So, buckle up and get ready to witness the incredible advancements that GPT-5 will bring to the world of artificial intelligence.

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Video Transcript

You know how the tech World always has something exciting going on right well this time it’s open AI Turning Heads their CEO Sam Altman has unveiled some groundbreaking information about their latest Venture gpt5 from what we’ve heard it’s shaping up to be the most sophisticated and versatile AI system

Ever built so let’s unpack all the nitty-gritty details about gbt5 and explore why it’s causing such a stir don’t forget to like this video as we move ahead the new era of AI open AI has been the force behind some truly impressive projects in the past their AIS are nothing short of revolutionary

They’ve given us gpt3 and gbt4 along with doll e and codex each of these models has its own wow factor pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible take GPT 3 and gpt4 for example these models have the power to write full-length coherent essays but that’s

Not all they are capable of generating memes in a Flash which brings an element of creativity into the mix then there’s their ability to code websites that’s right these models can actually help to build and design website platforms which is a huge leap in terms of practical

Applications of AI but here’s the thing they’re not stopping there far from it as amazing as these models are they represent just the first few steps on the path to something even more incredible currently the star of the show at open AI is gpt4 which was released in March 2023 despite it being

Their Flagship model right now it’s clear they’re not resting on their Laurels the news of gbt5 has sent ripples across the tech scene if open ai’s past work is anything to go by we can expect gbt5 to take this Innovative trajectory even further Chad gbt 5’s

Features but believe it or not gbt4 is just a stepping stone on the path to something much grander the forthcoming gbt5 according to open AI CEO Sam Altman GPT 5 is set to be a complete Game Changer let’s break down what he means by that Altman has spilled the beans on

A few fascinating aspects of gbt5 to start with he mentioned about lifting the limit of the length of messages users can send to the model you see with gpt4 you’re restricted to 2048 tokens per message which can sometimes feel a bit constraining but here’s the kicker gpt5 aims to do away with those

Boundaries users will be able to send unlimited messages to the model Paving the way for more natural and flexible interactions imagine having extended detailed conversations with the model or asking it to juggle multiple tasks in one message or even giving it complex and nuanced instructions this should make gbt5 much more user-friendly and

Adaptable then there’s another fascinating Improvement that Altman has entered at he spoke about enhancing the model’s ability to perform mathematical calculations and logical reasoning no offense to gpt4 it’s an awesome model but it sometimes fumbles when it comes to basic math and logic however with gpt5 those kinds of hiccups will be a

Thing of the past all men assure that gpt5 will tackle mathematical calculations and logical problems with greater accuracy it’s like giving the AI a math tutor and a logic Professor rolled into one so we’re looking forward to an AI That’s sharper and more reliable in these areas this is just the

Tip of the iceberg of what gpt5 promises to bring there’s more under the hood and we’re all excited to see how it unfolds if these glimpses of gbt5 are anything to go by we are in for some truly astounding developments in the world of AI make sure to subscribe to this

Channel as we move ahead greater confidence in Ai and have you noticed how AI sometimes seems to be well a bit too apologetic and self-deprecating it’s like it’s constantly underselling itself with phrases like I’m not very smart or I’m still learning or even Please Don’t Judge Me Altman is aware of this

Thankfully he’s steering gbt5 in a different direction he indicated that gbt5 will be more confident and assertive only apologizing when it’s really necessary we want our AI to exude reliability and confidence right here’s something else that’s interesting gbt5 will be better at remembering things and staying consistent today’s gbt4 can

Sometimes be a little forgetful and inconsistent for example it might tell you that its favorite color is blue one minute then say it’s green the next with gpt5 we are expecting a more consistent and rememberful AI which will make interactions more personalized and satisfying and if you’re ready for some

Real excitement Altman teased some mind-boggling new features for gpt5 he didn’t spill any beans but he suggested that gbt5 will Branch out into more modalities like audio and video inputs and outputs there were also hints about more interactivity such as voice recognition and synthesis facial expression and emotion detection and

Even gesture control this would make the AI model more immersive and engaging for users we mean seriously this sounds like it’s taking AI to a whole whole new dimension the greater vision and you know Altman isn’t just any CEO making promises he’s got a Grand Vision for AI

And a passion for using it to change the world from tackling Global challenges like climate change to transforming education he’s all in he co-founded y combinator a startup accelerator that has launched some of silicon Valley’s biggest success stories including Airbnb Dropbox stripe and Reddit before taking

On the CEO role at open AI in 2019 he was an early investor in the company with his track record we believe we have reasons to be excited about what’s coming with gpt5 the openai academy Altman has a special place in his heart for Education he’s a firm believer in

Ai’s potential to revolutionize learning and teaching offering customized and interactive educational experiences for All Case in point open AI Academy this project as Altman recently announced will harness the power of GPT E5 to offer top tier and affordable education to anyone anywhere with openai Academy you’ll have a world of knowledge at your

Fingertips covering everything from math and science to music and art plus you’ll have GPT 5 as your own personal teacher tutor mentor and friend offering real-time feedback and guidance but here’s the twist users can also create their own courses and share their knowledge with the world the plan is to

Launch openai Academy in late 2023 and guess what it’ll be free for anyone who wants to use it the challenges and competition however Altman isn’t one to sugarcoat things he knows AI isn’t all sunshine and rainbows there are significant challenges and risks including biases privacy concerns and even existential threats that’s why open

AI is staunchly committed to ethical AI usage respecting everyone’s autonomy and dignity and aiming for AI to benefit all of humanity to bring this Vision to life openai is open to collaborations with governments and Regulators they’re Keen to ensure that AI is used in a lawful and ethical manner to illustrate this

Commitment Altman recently had a Tata Tata with French president Emmanuel macron to discuss the future of AI in Europe focusing on how to regulate AI while balancing Innovative and social welfare but let’s not forget that openai and Altman aren’t alone in the AI playground their stiff competition from

The likes of Google Facebook and Microsoft Altman’s take on this he’s all for it he sees competition as a catalyst for innovation in progress with the ultimate goal being the benefit of all Humanity he’s even open to collaborations knowing that addressing the massive challenges of AI is a team

Sport and above all Altman is keenly aware of AI safety he stresses that power comes with responsibility openai is devoted to ensuring that their AI technology including gbt5 are developed in deployed safely for everyone’s benefit their pouring resources into AI Safety Research developing guidelines for AI usage and even considering ways

For their AI to refuse harmful commands they’re keen on being accountable and contributing to a global consensus on AI ethics after all when you’re at The Cutting Edge of AI it’s not just about forging ahead it’s about leading responsibly so what’s on the horizon for open Ai and gpt5 the ambition is Sky

High Altman envisions open AI leading the AI field with GPT 5 as the most powerful AI system ever he plans to make gpt5 more versatile adaptable scalable and accessible hinting at a possible public release by mid-2024 that’s not too far off what are your thoughts about

The upcoming gbt5 let us know in the comments stay tuned for more content like this foreign

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