OpenAI Five vs. OG, Game 2 in OpenAI Five Finals (4/6) – Video

OpenAI Five vs. OG, Game 2 in OpenAI Five Finals (4/6) – Video

The second game in the best-of-three series between OpenAI Five and OG was an absolute showcase of the AI’s dominance in Dota 2. The OpenAI team managed to completely outplay and outmaneuver OG, leading to a quick and decisive victory. The AI’s coordination and teamwork were impeccable, always backing each other up and never giving OG a chance to come back into the game.

Despite OG’s best efforts, they were no match for the calculated strategies and efficient gameplay of OpenAI Five. The AI’s ability to read the game and make split-second decisions was truly impressive, leaving OG struggling to keep up. The series ended with a 2-0 victory for OpenAI Five, solidifying their reputation as an unstoppable force in competitive gaming.

This match was not only a showcase of OpenAI’s capabilities but also a testament to the potential of AI technology in the world of esports. As AI continues to advance and improve, we can expect to see even more exciting developments and innovations in the gaming industry.

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Video Transcript

And we are gonna head into the draft of the second game of this best-of-three any moment now and I am really curious to see what the the priority is gonna be obviously we’ve talked about gyrocopter we know that maybe they’re shakers not the way to go we do have a change and

Look at that I mean we start a previous game up with 74% win rate our prediction for those six inside it was like 64 64 stories and this time 150 2.9 what snipers really high early yeah this means in fact yeah the fact that fifty two point nine mean table way sniper

Would have been the choice this open I would have made a night in opposition or maybe it’s something something is very close so the Viper in the which structure were on the side of a g3 news game this time a I will show him how it’s done so it’s better right what was

The percentage last game seven something it was like 75 or something yeah it should be better nice we’re gonna do it this time cut it a lot 60% flat bad we’re taking a lot of heavy harass here from this duo Lane off the gyro and crystal made it back

Towards mid Thompson she really dying here in fact what he does that the poison was too much and we’re seeing once again in these first few minutes in terms of the farm people were coming up pretty even in CS down bottom steps in trouble though gyro takes the kill set

Dig commit for the crystal maiden but open AI taking the favorable trade right and part of that is because their secret doesn’t do anything for them past the fissure usage see up salt turn here with the maledicte on to pact they do have a viper in this

Lin as well now so G have to be careful and the gyrocopter just racking up these kills he was able to kill off chair axe once more as the chase continues top south will be popped but he gets canceled there by the stun open a eyed iving past the tower with the damage

From the viper in the span they’ll claim the slag side they’ll get no tail as well the AI turning it up early here in this game to like Topsham took like 250 HP just from one poison attack in nether toxic mana is having a very tough time here on this

Top lane as he dies once more six minutes in Oh an AI taking this tier 1 tower a lot more dominantly me said he’s trying to kill this crystal maiden but the crystal mint is just baiting 7 the backups there from the gyrocopter and this combo those

Causing issues for SAP in the lane will continue to cause issues that the game continues simple try and Duke it out around the trees he’s doing a pretty good job yep will escape with a TP out he’s outplayed the AI still just being constantly torn up every single lane he

Shows up into seeing attempts a onto this man these two heroes do not have the damage output to immediately kit and they will find the follow-up wraparound kill onto towards him at least they’re trying but with that walk right out he’s able to run away another Fisher comes

Out surely this kills gonna be there but no I stun from the span holds back the shaker and he cheap he’s out on 30 HP opening I gets out of there with this man this core online to a point where he’s able to run around cutting creep

Waves but he just couldn’t really get to that I see there the side chair it’s trying to step forward but they turn immediately towards and have the viper strike out upon his shrapnel it’s down here from tops in an inter temps I hold assassinate will not get the kill over

Now again the CM goes for the old but they do it the disabled hex comes out from no tail they’ll kill up the crystal maiden but open AI 5 / diving past the tower on towards drop this fed coming back in on minimal HP to throw that

Style secure the kill as opening I again getting the favorable trade another tower taken they are playing at a ferocious speed here in the second game be able to have an impact is at the moment they’re just getting picked apart elsewhere we’re gonna see the Spang

Committing on two tops and tops it does have back us but both notes a land chair axe splitting open ai apart as Jarrett’s will focus the Viper so comes in with the TP they have surrounded this fan open our trying to stand their ground as this fan buddy

Stuck in the trees they’ll lose the Sven open AI the viper still got to fight and they’ve also now rotated in the gyrocopter said caught on the frontlines siphon will not keep him alive or will it gets a second one out it’s a good amount of sustain but surely not enough

As the poison will be there from the Viper open iiiii getting both for the kills open eye as it is they’re not going to make mistakes they’re not going to throw away this lead you have to outplay them you have to outmaneuver them and at this rate oh gee

They’re struggling to certainly do that as they’ll lose tops instead trying to move in but the crystal maiden with that massive amounts of damage coming out from the ultimate just stands her ground to dead there will be a buyback here’s Thompson trying for some open a is

Tactics to try and bring the game back around but I don’t know how much this buybacks going to do for him if they’re still without Seb and serve just failing to have any sort of impact this game as the deaf prophet after a terrible laning stage against the

Gyrocopter the crystal maiden open AI 14 minutes in there up to the high ground on to the tier 3 Tower and it will be able to jump away doesn’t even matter to kill off the courier the Viper God like diving past towers killing off tops and

It’s a die back from the sniper so he’s going to try and leave forward but the cars prances around sep stands too close to jerax jerax is in trouble as well as he’s forced away open ai taking that top tier 3 Tower they’re on to the perixx it’s only 14

Minutes in cap 15 minutes in taking a barracks an incredibly fast timing here from the AI jerax will fall she tries to get some damage out onto the Viper but the poison is too much for this underfund underleveled shaker no-tell will try and get back 7 attempting

Everything to hold them off with the siphons with the crit form but he doesn’t have the damage he does not have the HP to survive sev is dead the racks taken an open AI they are not leaving the space surely anytime soon with her

Had to back up I see because the tier 2 still stands in the middle lane Gerak’s probably died again yeah and almost certainly severs world chair acts does not have the damage sep does have an ax with him but this slug only has treads and a rave ban there’s

Nothing he can do he’s got a shadow dance papi will be able to steal up a bit of essence shift but the cast bounces out onto notel stun as well out onto the triple kill for the opening I’ve I / tops and he’s desperately looking for this crystal

Beta put the movements here of the shadow amulet dancing herself away utilizing the image to make sure the toxin cannot get that final hit on a continuous accused the amulet getting away out of this Thompson County finest he does get the vision for the assassin a but we’re sorry

The stone comes out for the class canceling the assassinate that crystal mainly kept safe and alive there looks like there’s very little chance of og turning this one around they will find the witch doctor pushing out alone they may be able to at least clean the life

Of a witch doctor can they get more they know that crystal maiden again using the old enchant owner comes out with the artichoke does cancel the Ottoman from the CM finger comes out but it’s not enough damage to kill off the crystal Maiden they’ll be buyback from both side no

Tail gets back in so does the open AI witch doctor is open now I wants to continue the aggression Leggero up onto the high ground past the Tier three past the barracks playing so aggressive his set has to be careful of potential wrap arounds they’re pushing in both lanes at

The same time the AI both the middle lane and the bottom lane under threat also the team as well of OGG getting Dover pond out past the tear falls and it’s trying to come in in open out their load but they have the heals the Voodoo restoration from the witch doctor

Meaning that Oh G cannot finish up any of these kills Anna will fall again on the slug he has got a buyback he will use it but oh gee they are just crumbling and getting entirely crushed here in this game too it looks like there’s very little chance for them to

Play anything back in response as once again AI just collapse onto OG they cannot fight back at this point their heroes their drop it does nothing when open a eyes heroes are this far ahead I mean if they can get this kill it would be an absolutely huge runner he’s 1809

At the moment but they they cannot they do not have any sort of damage to beat down this Viper has once again Oh G just getting absolutely flawed in any attempt of a teamfight a items like these ever there the trees come out the offerings as well of mangoes to try and

Keep the open AI at a at bay as OG almost certainly concealing here in this game – I’m 42 619 minutes in yeah it just looks fantastic I wonder I mean have a for staff it’s a key skill it’s worth so much and I’ll get you a bit do

It this Viper will not die every single time you mean like oh this here oh he’s too far he’s too low he’s gonna get picked off but there’s always enough heroes behind him and when the ancient falling there is no hope here for OG they have a

Fortification but with an ax dead 41k lead there are they’re asking for the finishing blow to come in from the open a eyes open out I almost playing around with them at this point finger attempting onto the gyro the stun from no tell mrs. Thompson’s afk he’s had

Enough at this one as the ancient willful and that is GG game over open AI taking game to taking a series two to zero but honestly this second game in particular this is a fantastic example of something that as a player of dota 2 as a professional you watch how open a I

Just absolutely crushed this 20 minutes of gameplay and there’s got to be a lot to learn from the way that they played this game oh absolutely I think there’s especially like positioning wise them always being able to read to play around each other right like the AI place a

True five-man they actually do not do a whole lot of splitting up after the laning phase they just always kind of play around each other at most maybe there’s like a three-man squad in a two-man squad but every single time you think that there’s a hero that’s like

Out of position there just always seems to be enough backup behind him to take that fight sort of oh geez we see just looking to be in a and so the shock after that game one of the quickest beat downs that probably ever had in dota 2

20 minutes of gameplay that they just could not get themselves in that you can I’m sure they want to try and have another go but as it stands that is it it’s to 0og will not take this series as big success here for open AI 5 but there

We have it of course so ladies and gentleman please give it up for og though for coming and trying their best it was not good enough but they tried they certainly did but open AI 5 stepping it up here and another event and playing at a level that we have not

Seen from them and I don’t think we’ve seen from many other teams as this open AI looks to be unstoppable cap truly incredible that the growth of it it really does Sam with that will pass you back over to the panel for a wrap-up of this incredible series from open air

Hey I knew that they were doing well against other teams as well and you guys said that the first game of the series normally is that’s when they Ike washes their opponent the second game will be a little bit more even yeah that’s not I guess how it worked

Out but I guess even though we won the match I feel like we’re honestly just really thrilled that we got the chance to come and be on stage with og who we know is just a really amazing team in their own right and to be able to over

The course of this last year get the bot to the get v to the point where they could sit on this stage and and play and have this amazing result I’m really like excited and grateful for and of course now also og this is over the last couple

Of months over over the lastest since t I ate so they are they are undefeated right now so scary no I think it’s dope yeah dude I become like a believer cuz I I play to get to like three times I’ve lost every time everyone always blames

Me they would say like well it’s easy because when you watch a play like it seems really basic it feels like they’re making inefficient movements like the buybacks and the weird try lanes that they do everyone I got so many messages from pros like why didn’t you just do

This it’s like we thought about that too and it just feels like at some point it gets so muddled in your head that you’re not really playing dota anymore like you’re overthinking with the bots as you’re like well do we do this because of this has it already proud of this and

At some point it just feels like it gets into your own head and utility yourself it’s hard for us to speculate also on exactly what the bot is thinking or what they’re trying to do like again a lot of what we’re doing is setting up these very general learning algorithms and

Systems and then just letting it go letting them play the games and figure out what they do you definitely notice points where they’re being kind of inefficient we’re not doing exactly the right thing but for the most part it seems like they understand the game’s really much better than then David

Tonight yeah I remember there was a turning point where when it was first training it would do something that looked dumb and we’d say that’s dumb we must have a bug somewhere we can go fix it and we would go and we fix it and then after a couple months they’d do

Something like wait that looks done and then 20 seconds later their beast up consequence we headed for a scene and it turns out I was writing to do the series 2o in favor of AI 5j what is your takeaway from the series what’s what does this result mean for you I

Think it’s really exciting general just to see the the progress that AI has made that the the kind of progress these systems can make overall and I think in general we’ll be continuing to push these capabilities further and further over the coming years and I find that really exciting because I think it

Really has a lot of potential to create positive impacts in the world

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