Open AI Sora Reaches a Terrifying New Level: The Future Is About to Change Forever – Video

Open AI Sora Reaches a Terrifying New Level: The Future Is About to Change Forever – Video

Open AI has just hit a scary new level, and it’s changing the future as we know it. Just a year ago, AI-generated video and images were easily distinguishable from real ones. The glitches and fragmenting gave it away. But now, with Open AI’s new text to video model, the line between real and AI-generated content is blurring. You can simply type a prompt, such as “People walking through a snowy Japan,” and get a realistic video.

While this technology offers incredible potential for productivity and creativity, there’s a dark side to it as well. AI is not only capable of generating art, coding, and even music, but it’s also beginning to replace real people in various industries. Game developers, artists, musicians, and even YouTubers could soon find their livelihoods at risk as AI takes over their jobs.

This has led to a debate about the ethics of AI. Is it right to use AI to replace human creativity and labor? While AI can increase efficiency and accessibility, it comes at a human cost. Big companies are already using AI to maximize profits and cut jobs, and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

The future of AI is both thrilling and terrifying. It’s reshaping the way we create and consume content, but it’s also threatening the livelihoods of many people. The question remains: when do we draw the line and how do we legislate the use of AI in various industries? As the technology continues to advance, it’s clear that we’re heading towards a future where AI will play a significant role in our lives, for better or for worse.

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Video Transcript

A year ago AI video looked something like this it was pretty terrible and there was a lot of fragmenting and glitches along the way it was very easy to tell that this was AI but what about this video open AI has a new text to video model meaning you type in a prompt

People walking through a snowy Japan and this is what you get and this isn’t the only example moist critical responded to another one saying I’m struggling to think of a single positive thing making realistic AI generated photos like this will bring it’s all just net negative

And dystopian and when I saw this I thought there’s no shot this is AI unless you look really closely a year ago we were laughing because every AI photo had these weird creepy hands but now I’m scared that there’s going to be videos of me online shaking around my

Peee and it’s going to be really hard to tell my grandma that’s not me trust me it’s not me mine smaller now I made this tweet like an idiot saying this would be kind of crazy for b-roll uh watch collection car collection stonks going up I think that this would be an insane

Tool if I wanted to be super productive however there’s a lot of comments that completely disagree with any sentiment that is positive towards this sort of AI honestly this guy kind of dunked on me saying do you even know how these AI tools are used what they could do you’re

A father you have small children don’t you understand that they could use that to generate images and photos and it got me thinking this is actually very scary now I know technology can be used to increase production even with my comments about b-roll it would make it

More efficient for me to make YouTube videos however there is a downside AI is using other people’s art and instead of learning how to draw kind of like PewDiePie did you can just type things in and get art that is going to look much better than anything you could do

Without years of practice that being said it’s stolen it’s other people’s art that’s being reused or rehashed to make new product and to be honest I did try it for a couple Diablo thumbnails but that Barbarian is essentially stolen artwork and so where do we draw the line

How do we legislate this but it doesn’t just stop with art it’s actually expanding into some areas you might not realize now if you wanted to code or program you might have to go to something like Harvard or take a 24-hour course online but now some basic coding

Could be used just using chat GPT initially this wasn’t that great but as people used it made mistakes fixed those mistakes and continued to use it the AI began to learn and the base level of coding that chat gbt can do is getting insane so I asked my cousin who is a

High-up Game Dev at a studio is this going to replace people yep it’s already happening people are getting fired because instead of hiring a bunch of basic coders they can just hire one really good guy to check over all the chat GPT work hypothetically they can go

Over all the code that’s been written automatically by Ai and say yep that’s good enough which is crazy this game is called vampire survivors the graphics are pretty basic the premise is pretty basic and I can imagine it would be very easy in the near future to use something

Like Chad GPT to code this game as long as you could do the art and you had a way to publish it yourself or get it onto steam you could make your own video game and I wouldn’t be shocked if people could turn around games like this this

Quality in days instead of months or years however if the average person could make risk of rain then risk of rain 2 with the 3D models may be the new base level a video game meaning it’s more accessible which leads to competition which leads to better products hypothetically better movies

Better games better things will be made because of AI but there’s always going to be some sort of cost and usually it’s going to be the human cost their livelihood and their jobs so if AI is good enough to make video like this if it’s able to code games if it’s able to

Make photo realistic things of me with my shirt off actually having a six-pack then there’s a lot of potential for AI for the future but is it good well when the Model T came out people were saying it was just a fad and that horse and buggy would always dominate

Because it could make its way through the mud and the snow because it’s a horse right well then the horse power started to increase and now everyone is driving cars and I mean back in the day car factories had hundreds and hundreds of people that worked in them if you go

Look at Detroit or Windsor where there was a ton of car manufacturing back in the day their economy has been completely shattered because a lot of the people got replaced with robots they don’t need the people because the robots are better at the job so what happens with artists musicians all these

Different people that are seemingly going to be getting replaced by AI J schlatt and other YouTubers have multiple AI songs coming out using their voice and there’s even deep fakes of him making extremely suspect jokes and there’s nothing he can really do about it movie studios will probably replace

Camera Crews and production Crews because they can just film stuff like this and this is the earliest models that they have it’s only going to get better people are going to lose their jobs it’s terrifying it’s terrible but the future is probably not going to stop it from happening I cannot imagine this

Slows down because there’s too many huge companies that are going to abuse it unfortunately the world is corrupt and big companies want to maximize profits if they can reduce and remove hundreds if not thousands of jobs they will do it here’s some proof embracer group is a publicly traded company that has bought

A bunch of different game studios and after laying off 1400 people they said our overruling principle is to always maximize shareholder value it’s sickening so do you not think that embracer group is going to go hey let’s fire a few more and replace them with AI That’s way easier call centers and

Customer service AI coding movies music video games everything is going to be goddamn AI in fact this is an AI photo of me trying to find a snack out of my fridge it’s not actually though I’m I’m just kidding but you can imagine it will

Be able to do do that soon oh my God is that a woolly mammoth no it’s a bunch of robots and Ai and the world is doomed okay this technology is most likely only going to continue and get even better if I was a musician or an artist and that’s

When my bills were paid on I’d be scared but heck maybe even I’ll get replaced there’s already people like quop doing it right now webble cop has already made his own AI model and is making AI videos right now automated fully automated videos of himself and arguably they’re

Pretty trash but they could get better art music YouTube videos like this I think people digest them partly for the soul behind it if the robots have no soul and they’re just leaching and stealing all this information to spit out something new maybe it doesn’t have the appeal of

A real person sitting down and talking to you or showing you that amazing piece of art but what happens when we cannot tell the difference it’s kind of dystopian kind of creepy but unfortunately I think that it is coming sooner than you might think

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