Google Gemini Bard: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Utilize the Latest AI Technology – Video

Google Gemini Bard: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Utilize the Latest AI Technology – Video

How to Use NEW Google Gemini Bard (Full Google Gemini AI Tutorial)

The video titled “How to Use NEW Google Gemini Bard (Full Google Gemini AI Tutorial)” provides a comprehensive guide on the latest updates and features of Google Bard AI. The tutorial covers various aspects of using Bard, including accessing extensions, analyzing videos, emails, web pages, and images, modifying responses, sharing conversations, finding hotels/travel information, and utilizing hidden settings. The video showcases how Bard’s real-time data analysis capabilities can be leveraged for various tasks, such as analyzing content and extracting information from different sources. Additionally, the tutorial highlights the unique features of Bard, such as the ability to customize responses, use dark theme, and choose between real-time or completion responses. The video aims to help viewers maximize their usage of Bard and explore its full potential. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations in the field of AI.

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Video Transcript

With B’s constant updates there have been some major changes to how you actually use this AI so I wanted to make a tutorial that teaches you every new thing that you can do with bod and a lot of the things that you didn’t know that

You could do with bod so let’s not waste any time let’s Jump Right In now before we do dive into all the tutorials if you do want to make sure that you get the full experience and capabilities of Bard you’re going to want to click this right here which is essentially the extensions

Tab once you click this extensions tab you can see here that they’ve got a bunch of different things that you can talk on including Google fights Google hotels Google Maps YouTube and of course Google workspace just make sure you do this to that further run in the tutorial

When you see certain things being done you aren’t wondering why B can’t do them just make sure you click this extensions and now of course these are all toggled on one of the newest things that you can do with updated B is actually check what’s going on inside a video so what

You need to do first of all is of course first just go on to YouTube and then find a link for any video now you just want to make sure that you copy and paste that video link in just like that then you just want to say what is this

Video talking about so now if you do want to use this for analyzing a video you’re going to want to use this template right here this is the official B template that Google have given us and essentially it starts by saying give me insights about this video then that’s

Where you put your video link then you follow it up by saying organize the information in a set of easy to scan bullet points then you just click submit once you click submit the internal engine uses Google to search YouTube then of course finds the video then essentially gets the transcript and then

Summarizes that really quickly now of course you do have to have a Google account for this because Bart is actually connected to all your stuff but you can see right here this is a video that we made I think around 1 to two months ago and it actually gives us some

Key information about the video so it says the video talks about a recent research paper by Microsoft research explores the potential of AI systems to improve themselves without human intervention and the key takeaways for the video are AI systems to evolve in ways that they’re not anticipated by

Developer and yada yada yada so you can see that this is a really neat feature from Google because what this actually allows us to do is if we find a video that may be an hour long and maybe we don’t have the entire time to watch that video and summarize exactly what was

Going on we can just simply ask bod hey what is this video about and what are some of the key takeaways from this video so that I can get the information from this video so that is one of the newest features that B can do and I can

Guarantee you this is something that people do want to use then of course something that’s actually really cool that many people don’t know about B that you can actually do is that you can actually hear the responses from bod so you know like how in the iPhone you do

Have Siri and when you talk to Siri you do have a response with Bard what you can actually do is you can actually talk to B and have a conversation so for example I can click use my microphone and then once I click this button I’m

Just going to click allow then I can say hello Bard how are you doing today then of course I’m going to go ahead and click enter into that and it’s going to give me a decent response but what’s also cool about that is that I can also

Listen back to this response so let’s say for example I want to hear what’s being said I click the listen button whatever you need today how can I help you hi there I’m doing well thank you for asking I am ready to help you with whatever you need today how can I help

You now of course this doesn’t sound that great if we’re truly being honest but it still is a feature that you can use for maybe a hands-off experience if you do want it to be a little bit more hands off you can use this feature because this was a feature that wasn’t

Initially there so the next thing that we do have that you can actually do is of course we did talk about how you do have extensions in the Google workspace and of course one thing that you can do is you can essentially chat with your emails so if you’re someone who doesn’t

Really stay on top of your emails you can use certain prompts which all will be linked in the description below to essentially use Google B to essentially view those emails so I typed in what emails from Uber did I have this month and this is going to be how you’re going

To want to format these emails because sometimes for some reason Google B doesn’t realize that it does have these capabilities so here you can see I asked B what emails from Uber did I have this month and you can see that it actually gave me 16 emails now I’m not going to

Show you guys these emails cuz I don’t know how personal information works and I wouldn’t want any of my personal information being out there on the internet but you can try this yourself and then what you can also do is to ask bar to summarize these emails maybe

You’re someone that works within a certain industry maybe perhaps you’ve missed an email and you wanted to know if you got that email you can simply ask bod to say look did I get any emails from X this month did I get any emails from y this month and then B should do

That if bod doesn’t give you a quick response and says I don’t have access to your emails just ask it in a way where it seems like B understands that it would have this so you can see right here I just put what emails did I have

From Uber this month I didn’t add too much information which may have confused bod which is what I’ve seen happen in other certain queries next next we have another thing that you can do with bod and that is analyze the content of a web page so what you want to do is simply

Type into bod what is this article about then you simply want to paste that in and you can see right here that I’m typing in what is this article about I simply hit enter into B and B’s going to give me a response and it’s somehow

Going to read that web page and then summarize that data so you can see right here it says this is an article about opening eyes investment in Rain a startup developing AI chips it discusses alman’s personal investment in rain and open ai’s letter of intent to buy $51

Million of its chips the rain chips are designed to be more powerful energy effic and energy efficient than current chips and you can see right here it then shows me the website that is reviewed so of course this is something that is really simple but of course I could just

Do this even further I could then do what is this article about summarized with key bullet points then I could click that in like that and as you guys can see right here it is going to give me a response based on what I put in and

Of course you could do this because this does actually help you understand the information in a much easier way just ask it for bullet points and it’s going to give you that data really quickly one thing that I do find is that bod is actually quite quicker than chat GPT

When it does come to these things if you are someone who is indeed in need of speed then Bard is definitely going to be a great choice for analyzing web pages and getting data then of course we have another feature from B that is actually really really cool so Bard is

Actually a multimodal AI meaning that you can input various different things into it one of the things that you can input into B is of course images now it isn’t as advanced as code interpreter but it still is really cool here I’m going to put in an image into B and then

I’m going to put what is the data about then essentially what bod is now going to do it’s now going to use its multimodal AI to scan the image then extract the data then summarize the data and analyze the data and present it to me you can see right here it says based

On the information you provided the image shows a graph depicting the growth of the world’s population over a period from 1950 to 2,100 and that is of course actually true on the image that you can see then it says the graph indicates that the world’s population has been

Growing steadily reaching 8 billion in 2022 which if we go to 2022 you can see that it does say 8 billion but of course it can say and projected to increasing to around 9 billion by 2058 the graph further suggests that the growth rate is expected to slow down after 2058 and you

Can see that after 2058 the graph does in fact slow down so B is one of those AIS that can extracted data from certain images if you need it to then of course I’m going to give you guys another example this is another graph you can see the most populous nations on earth

Right here then it says the image you sent me shows the population of the most populated countries on Earth in 2003 and 20123 and that is really really clear it shows that India is the most populated country in the world and of course it talks about China now of course if you

Are someone that gets confused by this you can just input images of various data sets that you do have as screenshots and then of course you can just say give me the bullet points from this but of course as always you do want to make sure that with any one of these

Responses you always do double check them because time and time again I have heard that sometimes people do as always a neat feature in B that isn’t really included in any other multimodal large language model is that they do have three different information sets you can

See right here one of the things that Google is able to do is export this in many different ways you can see that these other responses some of them are quite long that is the reason for the other drafts other large language models don’t actually do this and I’m not sure

How Google manages to afford to do this since I do know that the compute needed to be able to do this is already putting a strain on many different companies resources so if you don’t get what you want from draft one one thing you can do

With Bard and this is with any response not just with Advanced Data analysis you want to make sure that you look at the other drafts because they also do look really good you can see that this one actually manages to get the data from this and then it manages to get that out

Something that I did find that was really cool was that once I put this image in it was actually managing to get the actual true value of the number that wasn’t even in the image so you can see right here for example if we take USA we

Can see that the 2003 number is just under 300 and the 2023 number is just over 300 then you can see that United States of course it’s just over 300 and just below 300 now we don’t know if these are the official values from the document but I’m guessing that it’s

Probably done an estimate which is really really cool another thing that I do want to showcase from Bard and I might as well showcase it from this example is that you can export data to sheets so if you just click this button here after asking bar to generates any

Kind of table and you click export to Sheets it essentially creates a spreadsheet and then essentially once you’ve done that you can click open in sheets and then of course what we can see here is that in the this document which we can then export to Excel or

Whatever other platform that we need you can see we have the exact data that we need right here so this is something that you can really use and something that you can really do with any sort of image and data extraction so something that is also really cool is that bod

Actually does have certain key pieces of information on certain images everyone knows that Google Images is where you go to look around at certain different things but if you do manage to find or take a picture of something and Bard instantly recognizes it this is a key

Feature that you can have you can see here I’ve input this image of this strange looking plant essentially what I did was I went online on an article and I tried to find some of the rarest plants I could that was because I wanted to test B’s capabilities if it would be

Able to identify a rare plant you can see that here it said based on the information you provided I believe that you are looking at a spiral plant in a pot it’s not exactly clear to tell the exact exactly type of plant but it could be one of these following and then it

Does say that that this image can be found on this web pages with these titles so essentially what you can do with B here is you can do some type of reverse image search which is actually really really cool and also with the other drafts you can also see that it

Does get the information right it does say that the plant is n native to the African continent and is known for its unusual spiral shape which is actually true and then of course it does actually tell me which article these images are from so this is something that is really

Cool the B it gives you a decent amount of on rare different things that you may not have known and also in some cases it can give you location data on those images now another thing that you can do with B that most people actually didn’t know including myself was that you can

Actually modify your responses you can see here that if you go up to you know look at your view of the drafts and you see this button right here you can see that there’s this button called modify response you can see that you can modify response to make it shorter modify the

Response to make it longer change the response to make it simpler also change the response to make make it more casual or make it more professional so there’s many different things that you can do with your responses if you want to customize how they are it’s quite

Similar to chat gbt’s Bing feature where you can get creative more professional or more balanced in addition another feature that you also didn’t know about this imagine you found something really cool in a conversation with b and you wanted to share that what you can actually do is you can click the share

And Export button now of course you can draft it to Gmail export it to documents but that’s not what we’re talking about if you want to share the confirmation click the share button and you can see here you can create a public link to share so you can share the entire chat

Or you can just share the prompt and the response so you can see the headline and you can change the headline and then of course you can click create public link this is really cool because if you found something and you want to share it with

A friend all you need to do is literally click that button and then create this public link and you can share that piece of data with a friend now one of another things that you can do where B’s realtime data analysis makes real good

Use is by being able to go ahead and do this you can see that right here you can essentially find hotels in certain areas and what you can do is you can pretty much get realtime data on the best hotels to buy if you are managing to

Plan a holiday it’s got an integration with Google hotels and of course you can see right now it’s pulling up the data from 6th to the 7th of December for two adults of course I can change this it’s giving me a link to all the different hotels all the different stuff and you

Have to remember this is going to be really good data because of course this is integrated directly with Google I can go ahead and I can click these links and I can go ahead and see exactly what is going on here and of course I can ask it

You know can you do it in this price range can you do it in that price range this is definitely something that is really cool in addition with bod there are two other key small but unique features that you can use up here you can see that you can change on the

Settings you can use the Dark theme which is actually really cool cuz I didn’t know about this until I decided to make this video but this just makes it look so much cooler in addition you can change to respond once complete or respond in real time so essentially

Respond once complete so let’s say for example I just put in something random like product description essentially if I put this in it’s just going to wait and then it’s going to paste the entire text if it’s respond when complete so you’re going to see that it takes time

And boom there the text is but if I go to settings and I do respond in real time if I do regenerate draft you’re going to see that as the message is being generated it manages to write it out like that I think responding in real time is much better because it just

Seems a little bit more natural now if there any that I did miss in this video be sure to comment them down below and be sure to have a great discussion about what B is good for and what B isn’t good for hopefully we’re going to see some

Updates to B in the near future as it should be powered by Google’s new software called Gemini but for now that is it on the cool things that B can do

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