“Nikola Tesla’s Terrifying Secret Revealed Before His Death, According to Joe Rogan” – Video

“Nikola Tesla’s Terrifying Secret Revealed Before His Death, According to Joe Rogan” – Video

Joe Rogan discusses the fascinating and terrifying secret that Nikola Tesla revealed before his death, which will shock many people even today. Tesla, one of the best minds in science, received unidentified signals from space in 1899 while conducting experiments at his Colorado Springs laboratory. He believed these signals were intentionally transmitted by an intelligent source, likely from another planet, possibly Mars. Tesla’s understanding of radio and electromagnetic waves, as well as his expertise in wireless communication, led him to firmly believe in the extraterrestrial origin of these signals.

Tesla’s encounter with these mysterious signals reinforced his view that Earth was not isolated in the universe but part of a larger cosmic community. Despite skepticism from some, Tesla remained undeterred and saw his discovery as a harbinger of a new era in human understanding.

In addition to his encounter with extraterrestrial signals, the article outlines Tesla’s other groundbreaking inventions, including alternating current (AC) electrical systems, the Tesla coil, wireless communication and energy transmission, robotics and automation, and the induction motor. These inventions have had a lasting impact on the world and continue to shape modern technology and innovation.

Joe Rogan praises Tesla’s contributions to science and technology, advocating for the recognition of his genius and the widespread impact of his inventions. Tesla’s work has not only powered much of the technology we use today but has also inspired future advancements in various fields, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest scientific minds in history.

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Electric power in its present form is not only imperfect it’s unnatural Nicola Tesla was one of the best Minds to ever do science and the outcome of his work is still powering many of the technology that we use today however while discussing this great inventor Joe Rogan let it slip

That Tesla revealed a terrifying secret that will shock many people even today Mr Tesla is it true that you once received some unidentified signals from space what did Nicola Tesla reveal before he died and why is it so shocking stay tuned to find out from some other some

Other either some other planet or some other life forms he had some weird that he wrote that’s hard to decipher about what he see if you can find that CU that’s a very interesting thing Jamie see if you can find what did Tesla like Tesla had a take on receiving

Information from other galaxies he had this take on where I some some of his uh inventions were coming from it’s like what Nicola Tesla firmly believed he had been contacted by aliens The Incident occurred in 1899 while he was conducting experiments at his Colorado Springs laboratory it was during this time that

Tesla invented a magnifying transmitter which he designed to wirelessly transmit electrical energy he believed this invention could distribute free energy around the globe and also send signals and Communications to distances previously unimaginable one night as Tesla listened through through his receiver he detected what he described as rhythmic sounds unlike anything

Terrestrial in origin he likened these signals to numbers and believed they were being intentionally transmitted by an intelligent Source Tesla was convinced these signals could only have originated from another planet he theorized that Mars was a likely Source Tesla’s belief in the extra terrestrial origin of these signals was influenced

By several factors first the uniqueness of of the signals they were unlike any natural phenomena known at the time the regular mathematical nature of the sounds LED Tesla to conclude they were artificially produced he was familiar with the natural radio noise that Earth’s atmosphere could produce and what he heard was markedly different

This distinction was critical in shaping his belief that the signals were of intelligent origin second Tesla’s understanding of radio and electromagnetic waves was unparalleled he had already demonstrated the potential to send Wireless signals over long distances and his work laid the foundation for future radio technology given his expertise Tesla was confident

In his ability to distinguish between ordinary electromagnetic interference and something far more significant his encounter came at a time when the concept of radio communication was still in its infancy and Tesla was at the Forefront of this technology so the idea that he might be the first to receive

Communication a from an extraterrestrial civilization was not as farfetched to him as it might have been to others moreover the timing of Tesla’s claims intersected with a period of intense public interest in Mars and the possibility of life on other planets the late 19th and early 20th centuries saw a

Surge in speculative fiction about martians and interplanetary travel partly fueled by misinterpretations of astronomical observations such as the Canali observed by GI B shap parelli Tesla’s claim that he had intercepted signals from Mars tapped into the Zeitgeist of his time a period rif with curiosity about the cosmos and the

Potential for extraterrestrial life Tesla’s conviction was also rooted in his philosophical beliefs about the universe and Humanity’s place within it he viewed the cosmos as a vast network of interconnections with energy and information flowing across vast distances to Tesla the universe was teeming with light life and it was only

A matter of time before humans would start communicating with other intelligent beings his encounter with the mysterious signals reinforced his view that Earth was not isolated in the universe but part of a larger Cosmic Community while Skeptics questioned Tesla’s interpretation of the signals attributing them to Earthly sources or natural phenomena Tesla remained

Undeterred he saw his Discovery as a harbinger of a new era in human understanding a toward Unlocking The Mysteries of the universe his work in Colorado Springs became a pivotal moment in his career one that would shape his future endeavors and his legacy Tesla would continue to advocate for the

Potential of wireless communication with other worlds in the Years following his encounter although he was unable to replicate the experience of receiving extraterrestrial signals the incident remained a defining aspect of his legacy this is the work of Nicola Tesla and he was again this is way too much for us to get

In today that’s why we need to devote a whole session to talking about this um but this is uh this was the inspiration you know his work was suppressed a lot of his patents were yeah were taken sealed up by the US government uh for whatever reason I don’t know but this is

Some of the stuff that’s now being developed using his ideas plus some of the others um this is the man I’ve been talking to for the last 7 years Nicola Tesla might have been dead for a long time but you still use his discoveries today every day and despite the efforts

To suppress his inventions they speak for themselves this genius work spans many fields from electricity to robotics to radar to wireless communication and much more perhaps the biggest by far of Tesla’s inventions and undoubtedly of the biggest ever is is the development of alternating current or AC electrical

Systems this technology which became a subject of the famous war of currents against Thomas Edison’s direct current or DC Systems ultimately proved to be more efficient and practical for longdistance electrical transmission and today AC is the standard for the global power distribution Network lighting up homes powering Industries and energizing

The digital world it is basically due to Tesla’s vision of AC Power Systems that we can transmit power over vast distances with minimal loss Tesla’s invention of the Tesla coil in the late 19th century further demonstrates his unrivaled genius the Tesla coil is a high voltage highfrequency Transformer that creates spectacular electrical arcs

And is still used in radio technology as well as in television and other electronic equipment in fact Beyond its practical applic ations the Tesla coil has fascinated Generations often being associated with the quintessential image of mad science however its real impact lies in its contribution to understanding and harnessing the power

Of electricity Paving the way for future Wireless Technologies speaking of Wireless Technologies Tesla’s experiments in wireless communication and energy transmission were nothing short of visionary his work on the warden Cliff Tower which was meant to provide free wireless energy and Communications across the globe was far ahead of its

Time that people thought he must be crazy although the project was never completed Tesla’s dream of wireless communication has been realized in the form of modern Wi-Fi radio and satellite Communications his pioneering ideas laid the groundwork for the connected world we live in today where information and

Power can be transmitted through the air without the need for physical con connections Tesla’s contributions to the field of Robotics and automation also highlight his genius he dreamt of a future where Mechanical Devices could perform laborious tasks reducing the workload on humans Tesla’s inventions in this area including remote controlled

Boats are considered precursors to Modern robotics today Robotics and automation are integral to manufacturing medicine exploration and even household tasks reflecting Tesla’s vision of a future machines Aid in improving human life it is only fitting that Tesla Inc the company named in his honor is ahead in the game of personal and Industrial

Humanoids moreover Tesla’s work on the induction motor has had a lasting impact on the world the Tesla induction motor which operates on alternating current is highly efficient and has been used in various applications from household appliances to Industrial Machinery its principles are also applied in modern electric vehicles particularly in those

Manufactured by Tesla Inc as it leads the charge in the transition to sustainable energy you might not think of Tesla when you are getting an X-ray done but his exploration of early x-ray Imaging contributed immensely to the medical field his experiments with x-rays predated Wilhelm Conrad ronin’s official Discovery and though Tesla did

Not pursue x-ray technology extensively his initial observations and safety recommendations were invaluable today x-ray technology is crucial in Diagnostics and treatment furthermore Tesla’s vision of renewable energy sources including hydroelectric power is increasingly relevant in today’s world his work on the Niagara Falls power project where he contributed

To the design of the first major hydroelectric power plant showcased his foresight into Renewable Energy Solutions as the solution to climate change and red reducing Reliance on fossil fuels one of the inventions credited to Tesla that you might not know about has been gaining attention recently because of its practicality and

Is making scientists wonder why they never thought of it before as mentioned on Rogan’s show Tesla’s work despite the effort to suppress it gave rise the generators without moving Parts which might seem like a fantasy to some people but our ingenious application of geometry and physics to produce electrical energy unlike their

Traditional counterparts brimming with rotating turbines and mechanical components these inventions rely on static structures they use the intrinsic properties of materials and the clever manipulation of physical principles to generate power these generators employ the exploitation of phenomena such as the Poo electric effect thermoelectric effect and electromagnetic induction all

Harnessed without the need for moving Parts the pizza electric effect for instance is when certain materials produce an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress this property is ingeniously applied in generators that convert mechanical energy such as pressure or vibrations into electrical energy imagine it like

This a floor tile designed with peo electric materials that generate electricity each time someone steps on it this is as simple as an example of how geometry and Material Science come together to capture energy from everyday activities another type of motionless generator is the thermoelectric generator or teg these devices convert

Temperature differences directly into electrical voltage through the cbec effect a tag is composed of thermoelectric materials that generate electricity when there is a temperature gradient across them by designing systems that maximize the surface area in contact with heat sources and sinks Engineers can efficiently capture and convert waste heat from Industrial

Processes or even body heat into useful electrical power the geometric design of these systems is critical as it directly influences the efficiency of heat absorption and electricity generation the origin of these no moving part generators traces back to the 19th century with the discovery of the piso

Electric effect by jacqu and Pierre C in 1880 and the cbec effect by Thomas Johan cbec in 1821 these discoveries laid the foundational principles for modern thermoelectric and pel Electric Generators however it wasn’t until advances in Materials Science and the understanding of solid state physics in the 20th century that these principles

Could be effectively harnessed in Practical devices electromagnetic induction another principle utilized by these generators was discovered by Michael Faraday in the 1830s while traditional generators use motion to change the magnetic field in a coil of wire to induce a voltage static magnetic generators achieve this without moving Parts they employ time varying

Magnetic fields or utilize the relative motion between the Earth’s magnetic field and a conductor ingeniously generating electricity through purely geometric arrangements and the Strategic placement of materials the development of these Technologies has been propelled by the need for more versatile and sustainable ener Energy Solutions their applications are unbelievably vast and

Varied from powering remote sensors and electronic devices to providing energy in areas where traditional power generation methods are impractical the beauty of these generators lies not just in their silent maintenance-free operation but also in their ability to tap into previously untapped energy sources transforming everyday forces and temperature differences into power as

Material Science advances new materials with enhanced p Electric and thermoelectric properties are being developed pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with static generators Innovations in nanotechnology and the exploration of Novel materials like graphine open up exciting possibilities for more efficient and compact energy generators without moving Parts the

Geometric design of these devices is as much an art as it is a science it requires a deep understanding of the physical principles at play and a creative approach to maximizing energy conversion efficiency the design process often involves complex modeling and simulation to predict how changes in shape size and material composition will

Affect performance while Tesla’s work primarily revolved around electricity energy and the early stages of wireless communication he often ventured into the Realms of the esoteric and the ancient where he sometimes got inspiration for his groundbreaking inventions this probably led him to his deep deep fascination with the pyramids of Egypt

And his theory that they were not mere tombs but Advanced technological structures with a purpose far beyond our conventional understanding imagine Tesla with his sharp eyes and towering presence standing before the Great Pyramid of Giza his mind racing with possibilities he was known for his ability to visualize complex machinery

And experiments in his mind with precise accuracy a skill that undoubtedly would have extended to his contemplations about the pyramids Tesla would have speculated on how these ancient Architects managed to align the pyramids so perfectly with the Stars and incorporate precise mathematical constants into their design the idea

That the pyramids could be giant power plants harnessing the Earth’s natural energies would have surely appealed to Tesla’s vision of providing free energy to the world this concept of the pyramids as sources of power or knowledge is not unique to Tesla however many other influential figures and researchers have been captivated by the

Mysteries of Egypt for example Graham Hancock a renowned author and proponent of alternative archaeology has extensively explored the idea that ancient civilizations were far more advanced than we give them credit for Hancock’s work suggests that the pyramids and other megalithic structures around the world were part of a Global

Network of power sources used for everything from communication to Healing similarly John Anthony West another prominent figure in the realm of alternative egyptology challenged conventional dating of the Sphinx and the pyramids proposing that these structures are much older than commonly believed and hint at A Lost Civilization with Advanced knowledge like Tesla West

And Hancock look at the ancient world and see not just relics of a bygone era but evidence of sophisticated Technologies and knowledge that rival or even surpass our own Irvin llo a philosopher of Science and systems theorist also aligns with this perspective viewing ancient structures like the pyramids as potential nodes in

A cosmic Network connected through the fabric of the quantum World loso’s theories about the akashic field a concept suggesting that all points in space and time are interconnected Echo Tesla’s own ideas about the universe being a vast energetic Network Antoine bovis was a French ironmonger and pendulum dowsing author who developed

The idea that small models of pyramids can preserve food he claimed that he discovered this phenomenon by reasoning and experiments in Europe using a dousing pendulum he also said that he was inspired by the ancient Egyptian Pyramids which he believed were not just tombs but energy generators that could

Transmit power wirelessly bovis argued that the pyramid shape was a natural accumulator of cosmic energy also known as orgone energy he said that this energy could prevent the Decay and rotting of organic matter such as meat fish fruits and vegetables he also said that this energy could enhance the taste

And quality of food making it less bitter or acidic bovis published his findings in a self-published French language booklet in 1935 he also built and sold small cardboard pyramids that he claimed could preserve food he instructed his customers to place their food inside the pyramids and to orient them according to

The cardinal directions he also suggested that the pyramids could have other benefits such as improving Health triggering sexual urges and causing other effects bis’s idea of Pyramid Power was very popular and influential in the 20th century it inspired many other researchers and inventors to explore the properties and applications

Of pyramids such as sharpening razor blades aging wine meditating he healing and communicating with aliens some of these claims were tested and patented bis’s idea of Pyramid Power was also very controversial and disputed by historians and scientists there is no scientific evidence that Pyramid Power exists or that pyramids can preserve

Food or have any other effects the pyramids of Egypt are amazing and impressive structures but they are not magical or mystical devices they are the result of human Ingenuity created ity and perseverance and they reflect the culture religion and history of the ancient Egyptians boas’s idea of Pyramid

Power was a part of his Visionary and Innovative thinking but also his limitations and flaws he did not invent everything that was attributed to him nor did he possess any Supernatural or paranormal abilities he was simply a man who had a passion for exploring the mysteries of Nature and the potential of

Technology he was a pioneer but also a dreamer he was antoan bovis similar to Tesla was Carol dbal who patented a pharoh’s shaving device dbal was a Czech entrepreneur who invented a device that he claimed could keep razor blades sharp by placing them inside a model pyramid he called it the pharaoh’s shaving

Device and patented it in 1959 he was inspired by the writings of bovis durbal also believed that the pyramid shap was a natural accumulator of cosmic energy or orone energy he said that this energy could prevent the Decay and dulling of metal such as razor blades he also said that this energy

Could improve the quality and comfort of Shaving making it smoother and less irritating drabal published his findings in a booklet titled the secret of the pyramids and sold his device to the public he instructed his customers to place their razor blades inside the p pyramids and to orient them according to

The cardinal directions he also suggested that the pyramids could have other benefits such as enhancing Health triggering sexual urges and causing other effects draal’s device was very popular and influential in the 20th century it sparked a craze for Pyramid Power which inspired many other researchers and inventors to explore the properties and

Applications of pyramids such as sharpening knives aging wine meditating healing and communicating with aliens some of these claims were tested and patented another example is Christopher Dunn an engineer and author of the book the Giza power plant Technologies of ancient Egypt dun argues that the Great Pyramid was designed to harness the

Natural forces of the earth and the Nile to create a harmonic resonance that converted the Earth’s vibrations into microwave radiation he claims that the pyramids changed Chambers passageways and shafts were precisely positioned and aligned to maximize its acoustical qualities and to channel the water from the Nile into the Subterranean chamber

Where it was split into hydrogen and oxygen by a process called electrolysis the hydrogen gas was then compressed and stored in the upper chambers while the oxygen was vented out through the air shaft the hydrogen gas was then used as fuel for a chemical laser that emitted a powerful beam of

Light through the apex of the pyramid dun supports his theory with a detailed analysis of the pyramid’s dimensions geometry and materials as well as the evidence of advanced tools and techniques used by the ancient Builders he also cites the similarities between the pyramid and modern devices such as

Resonators wave guides and masers He suggests that the ancient Egyptians inherited this technology from A Lost Civilization that existed before the great flood and that they used it for various purposes such as communication healing defense and exploration but why did the government try to suppress Tesla’s work one of the

Main reasons put forward is the controversy surrounding his alleged death ray or particle beam weapon Tesla claimed that he had developed a device that could project a beam of energy capable of destroying any Target at a distance of hundreds of miles and that he had offered it to various governments

Including the us as a means of ensuring World Peace however he also said that his offer was rejected or ignored and that his device was either stolen or sabotaged by his enemies some theorists suggest that the US government feared that Tesla’s weapon could be used against them by their Rivals such as the

Soviet Union or that they wanted to keep it for themselves and use it for their own purposes another reason is Tesla’s works is the mystery of his missing files after his death the US government’s office of alien property seized many of his documents and belongings supposedly to prevent them

From falling into the wrong hands during World War II but some of these files were never returned or made public and their whereabouts and contents remain unknown some theorists say that these files contained Tesla’s most advanced and revolutionary inven ions and that the government hid them to prevent their

Disclosure or exploitation by others the fact though was that the government was not the only one interested in Tesla’s files Tesla had many enemies and rivals in the scientific and Industrial Fields such as Edison Westinghouse JP Morgan and Marone they had disputes and lawsuits with Tesla over the ownership

Credit and profit of his inventions such as the alternating current system the radio and the wireless transmission of power some theorists suggest that these men conspired to sabotage steal or destroy Tesla’s files to undermine his reputation and achievements could it be that Tesla’s files are still out there

Waiting to be found and unlocked could it be that Tesla’s files are the key to a new era of technological and social progress could it be that Tesla’s files are the legacy of a man who was ahead of his time and perhaps even of ours would we ever know

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