Narwal Freo X Ultra Unboxing: Is this the Best Robot Vacuum and Mop? – Video

Narwal Freo X Ultra Unboxing: Is this the Best Robot Vacuum and Mop? – Video

The Narwhal Freo X Ultra is the latest robot vacuum and mop combo to hit the market, promising to revolutionize the way we clean our homes. In a recent unboxing video by Tim Scoffield, we get a detailed look at the features and capabilities of this new device.

One of the standout features of the Freo X Ultra is its floating brush design, which promises to eliminate the common issue of hair tangling in the brushes of robot vacuums. Tim puts this feature to the test with a hair and dirt test, and the results are impressive – the brush remains completely tangle-free even after picking up a significant amount of hair and dirt.

The Freo X Ultra also boasts 8200 pas of suction power, AI dirt sense technology, and dual spinning and scrubbing mop pads. The device can automatically map out your home, recognize when the floor is still dirty, and adjust its cleaning path accordingly.

With its all-in-one base station that includes a self-cleaning mechanism for the mop pads, the Narwhal Freo X Ultra offers a convenient and efficient cleaning solution for busy households. As Tim demonstrates in the video, the device effectively cleans both solid and liquid messes, leaving your floors sparkling clean.

Overall, the Narwhal Freo X Ultra appears to be a top contender in the robot vacuum and mop market, offering advanced features and impressive cleaning capabilities. If you’re in the market for a new cleaning assistant, the Freo X Ultra may be worth considering.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone Tim scoffield here and I’m going to have the cleanest house in Chicago because we are going to check out the latest Freo X Ultra from narwhal now narwhal has released an upgrade from their previous model with the Freo X Ultra with a bunch of new features and

Added specs now just keep in mind that this has just came out so you can still get in on the early bird pricing which I would link everything down below you can even get up to $400 off as well again everything linked down below big thanks to W for sponsoring this video and

Sending over the Freo X Ultra for us to check out and speaking of those features there’s a floating brush feature which I can’t wait to try out because at the bottom the brushes on robot vacuums always get hair Tangled in the corners and dirt as well so we’ll see if this

Actually doesn’t tangle you also get 88,200 pas of suction which is what you’d expect out of a flagship you also have their AI dirt Sense Technology and of course it’s not just a vacuum it’s also a mop as well well it comes with a self cleaning mechanism in the base

Station but anyways we’re going to take a quick look what comes in the box then of course get it all set up and get some hands- on and do some testing with the new freeox Ultra let’s get started opening up the box let’s take a look at

What we get inside a quick look at everything inside the Box you’ve got your standard booklets plus two bristles for each side of the bottom of the vacuum plus your power cable that you’ll attach to the base station let’s see the extras we have attached to the base

Station inside there you get two disposable dust bags with filters built in so when it does fill up you can just throw it out you don’t have to use the disposable ones it does come with a regular dust bin that does have the filter right there and it just flips

Open the lid and you can empty it moving on to the base station at the top you do have touch controls we’ll show those off once I plug it in and speaking of those touch controls here are all of the different commands that you can learn I

Will say it’s nice not having to use the app if you don’t want to and you can just use the base station touch controls and of course clean and dirty water containers inside the dirty water container there’s something this is narwhal’s dedicated detergent that you can use when mopping your floors at the

Bottom of the base station you have your cleaning base and cleaning tray this is where your mop pads will not only get washed but also dried as well to help fight any sort of bacteria that can grow because it will automatically dry it it does detach in case you’d like to clean

It yourself after a little while and on to the very clean and polished looking narwhal fro X Ultra the top lid does pop up revealing yet another disposable dust bag here great that they have even more extras be sure to peel this off for the bumpers flipping it over on the bottom

Reveals the wheels and where you can attach those bristles a quick close look at that zero tangling floating brush when I take this off you’ll notice on the side here it doesn’t even attach at all it’s sort of just floating there and you can just take it on off and this

Actually is sort of hidden this piece to it so since it stays hidden there really aren’t any places for hair or other objects to really get tangled in the brush which is a big problem for a lot of Robot vacuum so I’ll test this out

And and really run it over a bunch of hair and see how it does the mop pads aren’t quite Circle so that it does reach a little bit more surface area around the robot vacuum and just a quick look at the outsides where it has a ton

Of the different Sensors how it’s going to do its object detection and on the front here it even says laser vision sensor not only obstacle detection but also for the mapping of your home which we will do Now setting it up was really easy just download narwhal’s app get it

Connected to the Wi-Fi and then run the mapping through your house and it did a really good job mapping my floor plan it found specific furniture and even carpets the app itself has a bunch of different options you can let it know if you have a pet there’s a lot of

Different cleaning modes if you’re only looking to vacuum vacuum and mop and different types of suction modes and amount of water used when mopping and right away I did a deep clean just the max clean of everything in my house and there’s a couple reasons I did this

First of all to test out the mopping the vacuuming and the dust bin collection Etc but also that tanglefree brush down at the bottom and the floating brush past the test I’m going to be honest I was a little skeptical at first but actually running it through multiple

Floors in my house it didn’t get tangled at all I I you can even see it it’s just completely clean there’s no tangles in the corner there’s no hair Tangled Up in the brush it’s actually really impressive and I haven’t seen that just yet and that’s not all I want to further

Test the zero tangling floating Brush by doing an actual hair test I’ve clumped a bunch of hair together I even threw some dirt from a nearby plant on the ground on carpet so running it over with a vacuum test just to wait till it sucks up all of the dirt and hair flipping

Over that vacuum let’s take a peek and sure enough there is no hair Tangled on that brush there’s also no hair Tangled where the dirt will go so it did suck up all of the hair without actually spinning around the brush I’m really impressed uh maintenance is much easier

This way next up is the big test you’ve got liquid and solid to clean in my kitchen and this highlights a couple things first of all 8200 pas of suction so really high suction out of this Vacuum Plus that AI dirt scense so it recognizes when the floor is still dirty

So it will go back and actually recan so it did and P did a really good job cleaning my kitchen floor there was coffee there was milk there was cereal there was actual coffee grounds as well so it knew it had to keep going back until it was fully cleaned it vacuumed

Up all the solids and of course mopped up all the liquids when it comes to those dual spinning and scrubbing mops it’s nice to have that triangle design so it gets a wider radius when it’s cleaning they spin really fast as well plus you also have that detergent that’s

Mixed in with the water I’ve noticed after mopping there’s really no dry spots because it’s doing a really good job mapping out its path and actually touching on all of the spots on the floor that I need mopped and after mopping the floor you’ll notice those

Mop pads can get a little dirty and that’s okay that just shows it’s picking up dirt especially if you have some sort of Darker substance on the ground and again this is an all-in-one base station so it will bring itself back it will go ahead and clean and dry those mop pads

And after the auto mop washing and drying check out those mop pads they look really clean especially after going over coffee grounds and coffee that’s really dark looks really good and have to point out that zero tangling floating brush yet again after going over a bunch of carpet and definitely going over some

Hair it did not get tangled whatsoever I don’t see any hairs in this brush it’s incredible the water tanks are very large so I don’t have to keep refilling them plus I want to point out that with the detergent there’s a specific slot to set the detergent in right next to that

Clean water and it will automatically add it for the clean you might be thinking why don’t they have aell emptying dust bin and there’s a couple reasons first of all it makes a lot of noise when it actually empties it and plus they have this new u shaped design

Of dust to get it directly into the dust bin and those disposable dust containers will last up to 7 weeks which I was pretty surprised about honestly but they do have a mechanism where it will compress The Fluffy parts of the Dust so it actually will last much longer than

You think even after running all of my tests doing a bunch of deep cleans it still didn’t really seem like there was that much in that disposable dust container there’s a try laser obstical avoidance system so in case you’ve got shoes toys cables laying around it’s

Okay it will detect them and make sure to avoid them it did a great job identifying carpet as well and the mop pads will lift up so it will avoid mopping and getting the carpet all wet and last but not least when cleaning my house I noticed the battery lasted just

A little bit longer which is kind of nice you can go through a full cleaning and then go back and charge so overall that’s everything I wanted to talk about for now on the fro X Ultra all in all I have to say a really solid package in

This Robot vacuum with the all-in-one base station but those added features that anti-tangle brush makes it so you don’t have to flip it over you know cut the hairs out of that roller all that good stuff so really good addition to their Robot vacuum again everything’s Linked In the description below of the

Narwhal fro X Ultra be sure to drop a comment let me know what you think be sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe for more a lot more content coming soon and as always thanks for watching

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