Microsoft Discusses the Capabilities of GPT-5, Google’s Recent AI Breakthrough, Chimeric Food, and Pro Robots – Video

Microsoft Discusses the Capabilities of GPT-5, Google’s Recent AI Breakthrough, Chimeric Food, and Pro Robots – Video

In a recent youtube video, Microsoft employees discussed the future capabilities of GPT-5, a language processing model that is set to revolutionize the field of AI. The fifth version of GPT is expected to have a deeper understanding of nuances and context, allowing it to express ideas better than ever before. Additionally, it will be able to autonomously learn without human input, potentially leading to groundbreaking advancements in artificial intelligence.

While Microsoft is a key shareholder in open AI, the company behind GPT, experts from other organizations have also commented on the potential of GPT-5. The neural network is expected to master ancient languages and process big data of all kinds, creating content in various formats such as audio and video.

The possibilities of GPT-5 are truly exciting, and many are looking forward to seeing how this revolutionary technology will shape the future of AI. With advancements like this on the horizon, it’s clear that the world of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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Video Transcript

Just like the fifth inning GPT 5 is a threshold of reality that we are about to cross don’t hold your breath for Less military in space since the Pentagon has an eye on musk Starship and scientists in South Korea grow beef infused rice in

A lab you know just in case you opt out of that Cricut flower pasta in this episode we talk about this plus surgery in space plus giant robots plus Google’s major breakthrough niai and more let’s get it Microsoft employees have recently revealed future possibilities of GPT 5 experts from other companies have also commented on it but bear in mind Microsoft is a key shareholder of open AI so what will the fifth version of GPT be capable of first its language capabilities will expand so much that it

Will quickly Master ancient languages including those that have not yet had been fully deciphered for example minoan the language of A Lost Civilization which existed on the island of C from 2700 to, 1400 BC secondly GPT 5 will have the ability to process Big Data of

All kinds and create content of any type audio video and anything that can be processed by the way if you still haven’t checked out open ai’s achievements and generating video we recommend you give it a go with the new Sora neural network it’s awesome the fifth version of GPT will also have a

Deeper understanding of nuances and context and will learn to express ideas better but the main assumption about its performance is that the neural network will gain the ability to autonomously learn without human input it’s hard to say whether this is a good thing or a bad thing if it doesn’t drown itself in

Adult entertainment and or mindlessly scroll through shorts Forever then there’s a pretty good chance it’ll get to something useful maybe we got our fingers crossed to date however open AI has not yet made any comments but the financial times published an interesting and ambiguous article which immediately became the subject of active

Discussion online the article entitled can open AI create a super intelligence before it runs out of money states that Sam alman’s main goal is to create an artificial super intelligence wow shocker isn’t this common knowledge at this point that is intelligent software that would surpass the intellectual capabilities of humans it sounds

Grandiose but how will this trillion dollar investment be repaid since according to Alman more financing is needed and better yet how will you get the super intelligence to do what you want it to do when it’s so much smarter than you Tony Starks Jarvis is cited online as an example if the inventor

Came up with such a perfect AI why is he making money from defense contracts perhaps even the incredible sci-fi writer Stan Lee couldn’t figure out how to use Jarvis for commercial purposes without destroying Humanity what what’s your take post your comments and let us know what you

Think Elon Musk reported that the first patient implanted with a neuralink chip is alive and well and has already learned to move the cursor of a computer mouse with the power of His thought quote progress is good the patient appears to have made a full recovery and

There are no side effects as far as we know the company is now trying to get him to click as many things as possible still waiting on that confirmation video but so far it sounds like Elon is growing a new business in the form of a click Farm chips Chinese

Scientists implanted their Neo brain chip with similar functions to neuralink into their first human test subject turns out it happened before neuralink did it according to researchers from chingua University the operation was carried out on October 24th last year the neural electronic opportunity implant allowed a patient with quadr

Leia to move their hands using a wearable prosthesis the minimally invasive implant the size of two coins is designed to be inserted into the skull but it’s not implanted into the nerve tissue itself instead its electrodes are placed in the epidural space between the brain and the bones of

The skull the electrodes pick up nerve signals and send them wirelessly to an external receiver attached to the scalp the signal is then decoded by a smartphone or a computer by the way the neoch chip has no batteries as it’s powered remotely by a nearfield wireless network via high frequency antenna China

Is on a whole different level and also do you guys know how neuralink chip is powered Google has released an update to its large language model Gemini to 1.5 with a huge 1 million token context window it can hold about 2,000 A4 Pages or the entire Lord of the Rings but with

Google sky is the limit the company is testing a dialogue box for 10 million tokens which can hold all parts of Game of Thrones the developer ERS also announced that Gemini 1.5 Pro outperformed its predecessor Gemini 1 Pro by 87% in Benchmark tests as for the neural Network’s method of work it’s

Based on the mixture of experts this means that it consists of separate expert models Each of which solve a specific task when users send a request a special algorithm distributor decides Which models to send it to the answers of the most competent models are then weighed and combined into one this makes

The answers faster and more accurate for now Gemini 1 and A2 is available to business clients and developers but will be released to the public soon apparently Google decided not to stay on the sidelines and the race started by open AI remember how there were rumors that Sam alin’s company will develop its

Own AI based search engine barging in on Google’s Turf eh get the popcorn ready it seems like the Chinese car market is one big huge episode of squid games because the Chinese car market is now in its elimination phase experts are certain due to an abundant number of new manufacturers that have recently

Mushroomed in the country the competition has become simply wild at the same time many new companies have not yet reached Break Even point but are already forced to invest serious dough into top tier R&D in order to just stay afloat a prime example is xong which

Said it will invest $486 million in AI development and increase its staff by nearly 25% hiring 4,000 AI developers in addition about 30 new or updated models of xun’s electric cars are expected to hit the market in the next 3 years the company will gradually adjust the price

Niches in which its products are not yet represented and we’re talking about both luxury and budget segments but the company doesn’t just rest on its Laurels it’s experimenting like a madman robot horses flying sedans humanoid robots you name it they got it Another let down from Tesla’s cyber truck recently we told you that the apocalypse car’s wheel fell off during a desert race while now owners of the electric pickup are complaining that it’s rusting yes the stainless steel is covered in little red marks after a regular rainstorm owners of the truck to

Elon what gives one of Tesla’s Engineers Wes moral has spoken up for the entrepreneur in his account on X he wrote that it’s not the steel used in the manufactur in of the cars that is covered with rust it’s metal particles that may have gotten onto the pickup

Truck’s body during assembly at the factory or during Transportation by rail that are the perpetrators of this debacle quote stainless steel is reactive and iron that gets on its rusts this is surface contamination that can easily be cleaned up end quote the engineer’s position albite very succinctly was echoed by Tesla’s CEO in

Response to Mor’s post he wrote only one word quote yes would you be reassured by such a response if you were a cybertruck owner a historic meeting of three giant robots was held in Yokohama Japan the 14t or 4 1/2 M tall archa transformer robot seemed tiny against the 60t or 18

M tall Gundam while the sr2 robot bus just over 8 ft or 2 and 1/2 M tall grabbed the audience atten mention the Epic event garnered a lot of media hype in the robot love in Japan but went almost unnoticed in the rest of the world as reminder the archa robot can be

Controlled from the cockpit and it can be bought for $2.7 million the sro2 vehicle Works in amusement parks and the giant Gundam is able to assume various poses akin to this character the US Department of Defense plans to use spacex’s Starship transportation system to deliver military supplies anywhere in the world

Now the Pentagon is looking for launch facilities that would allow the fully reusable system to be launched and received among the possible options is the SLC 37 launch site in Florida which could be used after the United launch Alliance Delta 4 heavy rocket makes its final launch next summer the second

Option is to build a new Launchpad called space launch complex 50 which would sit between SLC 40 and SLC 37 in an as of yet undeveloped area this process could take years since an environmental and not only review will be required in the meantime SpaceX continues to prepare for its third

Starship test flight from Star base in Bach chica Texas doctors and Engineers from virtual incision conducted a joint experiment to control a surgical robot in space first they delivered the mirror robotic surgical arm to the ISS then astronauts at the station unpacked and started the device it took six doctors on Earth to

Test control the robotic arm to simulate surgery on human tissue the experiment lasted 2 hours and was deemed successful despite a delay factor of 0.5 to 75 seconds to compensate for this delay researchers tested different scaling factors so that for example larger movements on Earth would result in

Smaller movements aboard the ISS the surgeons not only had to make a total of 20 incisions in front and back of the rubber bands mimicking issue with Precision but also had to take care not to hit the robot’s arm against the body as this could have caused the robot to

Break or the body to collapse because despite its fragile appearance the robotic arm is quite strong but everything went well which will lead to further experiments this method can be applied to surgical interventions not only in deep space but also on the other side of the Earth where there is no

Access to surgical teams for Example however in general in the rapidly developing industry of surgical robots not everything is as Dandy as a Layman might think for example the results of a massive three-year American Academy of orthopedic surgeons study were recently released to the public it looked at the effects of joint replacement surgeries

With and without the use of robotic assistance to add context previously isolated Studies have claimed that robot assisted joint replacement surgery reduces risks including infection and shorten since the recovery period however these studies were usually funded by the developers of surgical systems themselves capitalism eh now experts have conducted a revision of

Real statistics for 3 years and came up with the conclusion that robotic surgery in this case is no better than traditional surgery and does not even reduce the frequency of repeated medical interventions the results were announced at a specialized conference against the backdrop of the fact that robotic joint

Replacement in the USA is becoming a big business business in particular Orthopedic device giant Striker and its Maco robot are rapidly taking over the market for 2023 60% of knee Replacements and 34% of hip replacements in the US were performed using a surgical robot at the same time more competitors are

Entering the market and research methodologies of surgical robots are being questioned by experts more loudly at the same time robot assisted surgeries are widely advertised as safer and more reliable if you’ve ever had a surgery performed by a robot share your story in the comments below Troubles of robot surgeons do not

End there the husband of Sandra sulzer who died because of a robot malfunction during surgery sued the da Vinci Manufacturing Company the incident occurred a couple of years ago when during an operation on her abdomen the robot controlled by the surgeon made a mistake burning the woman’s small

Intestine as a result despite repeated surgery the patient did not recover from the injury and and died then everything was written off to a force meure at the same time before surgery a patient is informed that such a procedure can lead to Serious consequences and even death that is the manufacturer ures himself

Against lawsuits with a disclaimer a disclaimer of liability however the victim’s husband stated that he and his wife did not receive all the information regarding the dangers of the procedure How This Ends is yet unclear so far the company has ignored the lawsuit and failed to appear in court we’ll keep you

Updated on the trials and tribulations of the case and how this will turn out for the industry as a whole and if you’re looking for more robot fails check out our video about autonomous cabs in the description below construction robot industry seems to be on the rise though a startup

Monumental recently raised $25 million the company was founded in 2021 and its main thing is compact smart and maneuverable electric robots they can move freely around construction sites getting into and working even in narrow spaces at the same time the robots are equipped with Advanced sensors computer vision and small cranes the developers

Said Each of their robots can lay bricks and mortar in industrial and residential walls with a level of precision accuracy and efficiency comparable to human Brick Lane initial tests have already taken place in the Netherlands there the Bots laid a large scale facade of a warehouse

Building 50 ft or 15 M high now the developers say they’ve partnered with 255 major contractors the company does not sell its robots but acts as a subcontractor so as not to bother the client with training customization and maintenance of the robots Monumental said it plans to use the recent funding

To expand its team of hardware and software Engineers the startup also expects to increase its Fleet of robots in Europe where apparently there’s a significant labor shortage get this a sensational experiment was conducted by scientists from South Korea they grew chimic rice with cultured beef cells to do this they took muscle and

Fat stem cells from cows and transplanted them into rice grains using you guess it genetics the end result is a product that contains 8% animal protein and 7% animal fat it tastes like rice and beef and the appearance is unusually pink more muscle cells can be

Added to the rice to make it more medium or more fat cells can be added to the rice to make it more fatty and nutritious how’s this even possible well the principle is similar to Growing meat cells in a lab only the process took place inside the pores of rice grains

The grain structure provided a stable framework for animal cells and certain molecules in the rice help them develop according to the creators despite the strange appearance the seral grain is completely safe and quite nutricious to know more about other incredible experiments with food check out our video in the description

Zen robotics unveiled the fourth generation of aborting robots for garbage processing plants the key change was that while previously all the robots on the Belt tried to find objects made of glass plastic wood or paper now each robotic cell has its own specialization and searches with artificial intelligence for objects made of only

One type of material this has increased the accuracy of the robots by 60 to 100% the company now offers two types of machines the heavy picker for .0 which can sort objects weighing up to 90 lb or 40 kilos each producing up to 2,300 picks per hour and the fast picker 4.0

Which sorts through all remaining small trash at an even more incredible speed there’s more but we’re out of time folks if you want a robot go to our website and check out our catalog otherwise subscribe to the channel like our videos and join our news channel on telegram

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