Latest AI Updates: Sam Altman’s Unexpected Statement, Gemini Ultra Launch Date Revealed, AGI Milestone Reached? – Video

Latest AI Updates: Sam Altman’s Unexpected Statement, Gemini Ultra Launch Date Revealed, AGI Milestone Reached? – Video

Major AI News #28 – Sam Altman’s Surprising Comment, Gemini Ultra Release Date, AGI “Achieved?”

This week’s major AI news covers a range of topics, from reports of tech companies slashing jobs as they pivot towards AI, to the release date of the Google Gemini Pro. The discussion begins with a report on tech companies investing heavily in AI and the subsequent layoffs that some workers are facing. The video unpacks the nuances of this issue, pointing out that while AI is a transformative technology, it currently lacks the capability to completely replace human workers. The economic environment, including interest rates and changes in industry focus, is also identified as a significant factor in job cuts. The video reassures viewers that while some layoffs may be related to AI, they are ultimately a result of broader economic changes.

The conversation then shifts to a controversial AI software that tracks employee efficiency using visual data. The video raises concerns about the lack of context in this type of tracking and questions the ethical implications of such technology. The host encourages viewers to stay updated on AI advancements, particularly in the context of AI agents potentially changing the game and leading to more industry-related layoffs in the future. Overall, the video provides insights and analysis to help viewers understand the complex relationship between AI, job cuts, and the evolving technological landscape.

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Video Transcript

From AGI being achieved to the Google Gemini Pro release date there is a lot of things to discuss this week and artificial intelligence so without wasting any more time let’s jump right into what makes this week so special so one of the things that I did really want

To talk about was apparently tech companies are slashing thousands of jobs as they pivot towards AI now there has been some news recently stating that you know technology companies are investing heavily in AI which of course they are and some workers are already paying the price and it says that sap the latest

Big Tech player to cut jobs as it pours money into AI with the German software Giant and out saying this week that it’s investing more than two billion to integrate artificial intelligence into its business as a part of What’s called the transformation program and at the same time the company said Tuesday it

Plans to restructure 8,000 rols some of the workers will be laid off and well others are going to be trained to work with now I do want to say that um you know I’m I’m going to read this archit and then I’m going to give you guys um

My points on this cuz I actually don’t agree and I’m want to explain to you guys why so essentially it does say here that um sa ple is not an outlier in the little more than a year since generative AI tools like chat gbt based on so-called large language mod

Technologies have been available to the public a large number of tech companies have announced plans to plunge into ey and job Cuts often follow and it says that there is no doubt forthcoming work is going to show that coding and many engineering type occupations have very

High exposure levels to AI so we should take them at face value so here’s the thing that you do need to know whilst there are some layoffs right now especially in the tech industry and you know as a whole there are layoffs going on this actually isn’t due to AI now you

Might be thinking what do you mean AI is this new crazy technology that is just going to be replacing tons of people that is true but right now ai doesn’t really have the ability to completely replace an entire worker and before you say what are you talking about AI can be

Used for this it can be used for that you have to understand in certain industries in order to completely replace a human you need to be able to like verify and fact check certain things and remember one of the problems that we do have with AI is of course

Hallucination so although this article States and I’m going to show you guys with some more information why this isn’t as bad as it seems that you know tech companies are slashing thousands of jobs as they pivot towards AI this is you know while it is definitely a scary

Title to read this isn’t something as big as it is because of this image right here so what we’re currently looking at um and this is just a little bit of Economics but essentially what you’re looking at is the you know uh interest rate and essentially what this is is

This shows us the rate at which you can borrow money so if you don’t know how major tech companies works is that usually what they’ll do is you know depending on the interest rates and this is just kind of how the economic environment you know was of course after

Covid-19 essentially what happened was the economy was kind of screwed essentially remember the Federal Reserve printed loads and loads of money and then essentially what happened after that was a lot of these giant tech companies they were able to borrow money at essentially you know a 0% interest

Rate or really really low interest rate so they had a lot of of money to go around they’re hiring people on giant salaries and of course because of that now that the interest rate is hiking again and the Federal Reserves have hiked rates again essentially that means

That you know borrowing money is now harder and companies are now being forced to you know adopt a more profit focused approach which essentially means that people are not focusing on growth anymore and they’re focusing on actually prioritizing profits which means laying off people in high salary positions that

They don’t necessarily need and if you guys don’t believe what I’m saying take a look at this okay so this is an article where essentially it talks about meta’s shares surging 20% and they absolutely just killed it in the stock market and meta is a huge tech company

Recently this company has been focusing on AI and recently what they did is they decided that in 2023 that was going to be the year of efficiency so it say some investors have questioned the company’s Hefty investment into the metaverse which is costing the company billions of

Dollars a quarter and sales in meta’s reality Labs pass 1 billion in the fourth quarter but virtual reality unit recorded 4.6.5 $5 billion in losses now here’s the kicker okay it says that meta has been in deep cost cutting mode including cutting over 20,000 jobs over

The last year or so in response to changes guess what in the economic environment and Apple’s IOS update and Rising interest rate so remember Guys these cuts that we’re seeing now aren’t directly related to AI whilst yes some of these are going to be related to AI

That is of course if you’re in the writing sector for example like geol lingo which we did see those layoffs there were definitely due to that but here you can see that of course cutting 20,000 jobs over the last year these are changes due to the economy guys and

Remember these changes are completely normal so whilst yes in the future we’re probably going to be seeing some tech companies layoff people and some other Industries layoff people right now we aren’t seeing some huge huge layoffs now I do want to see some of your comments Down Below in the comment section

Because I do want to see what you guys you know want to say about this but this was definitely something that I did want to comment on because there has been so much chatter about you know companies laying off thousands and thousands of people when the reality is is that you

Know right now it’s just that you know we’re in a different economic environment and that leads to these companies um you know getting rid of jobs due to this you know the bloating nature of how companies are formed during low interest rates environment so you don’t want to be worried too much

And if there is anything that is related to Industry changes I would say stay up to date for AI agents because that would likely be when we are likely to see more layoffs due to AI because AI agents will change the game now this is something

That I did want to cover before and it is a very controversial clip but since it was going Barrel again I decided to take a look at this clip one more time and share it with you all so essentially what we are taking a look at here is a

AI software that can use visual data to track the efficiency of employees now I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of this because tracking people like this is very you know it lacks the context of what exactly is happening like yes this person might be on three cups but they

Might be actually performing different actions and I think that this kind of Technology whilst it can be used for good in some instances I think when we steer or Veer into the area where we start tracking people’s individuals activities can become a little bit dangerous if this technology does get

Into the wrong hands now I don’t need to tell you guys about all the crazy scenarios that this technology is being used in different parts of the world but um if we do have technology like this that is being rolled out in terms of you know certain offices and certain

Workplaces I can’t can’t imagine that this is going to foster a healthy environment like imagine you’re at work and they’re like oh I noticed that you’ve been at your desk for only 57 minutes you’re supposed to do an hour and 10 minutes or just you know something that’s like so invasive I’m

Not sure that this would forer a good workplace environment I mean in terms of you know what I’ve seen this AI software usually for which is like tracking you know like animals and different kinds of you know things on like a you know Farm or tracking multiple different things um

Like cars and stuff like that um this kind of application especially with some of the comments that I did see floating around does go to show that this kind of Technology isn’t going to be something that seems to be widely accepted and I can’t imagine that any company that does

Employ this is going to be one that’s going to be met with some kind of backlash because these kind of things do seem a bit over the top there was also a rather interesting video of the Tesla Optimus generation 2 bot walking but I think that there was something that we

Did also miss was the fact that if you did Slow Down the video you do see behind that there is actually a person controll in the robot with some kind of controller so it does seem that whilst this did seem like it was autonomous at first that that isn’t the case

Nevertheless this wasn’t entirely a video that was a demo or presentation it was simply a video of Elon Musk that just seemed to be passing by during the factory so I do think though one thing that is impressive about you know this robot is that they’ve moved very very

Quickly if we do take a look at the images from 2023 all the way to where we are now and I actually meant 2022 but to where we are now this definitely does look like a very good walk and now I know that also that this bot does have

Some criticisms in terms of the walking speed but you know across the board if we do look at the entire industry this is I would argue one of the faster ones especially one of the ones that are walking because a lot of the other ones that I’ve seen are actually a lot slower

Than this like they move really really slowly so I would argue that this is actually pretty fast in terms of walking pace for an actual robot that doesn’t use Wheels if you’ve ever seen them besides agility robotics this is definitely some Nifty stuff so I will be excited to see what Tesla Optimus

Generation 3 does look like if we do get that sometime in 2024 because somehow the Tesla Engineers seem to be moving at a rapid Pace now this was AI news that actually kind of shook me a little bit because of the ramifications of this now essentially right here it says that the

Mistal CEO confirms the leak of a new open source AI model nearing GPT 4 performance so it says say the past few days have been a wild ride for the growing open source air Community even by its fast moving free willing standards so quick chronology about

January 28th a user with the handle Miku Dev posted a set of files and hugging face and essentially someone leaked this on for chat now the reason I’m actually covering this is because number one this is pretty crazy that you know an open- Source llm was leaked on 4an but number

Two if you remember some time ago we did a video on the very Infamous qar and one of the claims okay was that there was a letter that was posted on forchan that showed some secret details about a crazy breakthrough that potentially occurred in opening eyes headquarters that led to

Some kind of superintelligence that could essentially end Humanity now there were so many rumors floating around and I would say it is 50/50 and whether or not that is true but I would argue that the fact that this was actually posted on foran and it was actually real and

True and the CEO actually did come out and confirmed and he did tweet that someone essentially leaked this and you can see right here that Arthur mench says an over enthusiastic employee of one of our Early Access customers leaked a quantized and watermarked version of an old model we trained and distributed

Quite openly quickly start working with a few selected customers we retrained this model from llama 2 and the minute we got access to our entire cluster the pre-training finished on the day of the mistr 7 billion parameters released and we’ve made good prices since stay tuned

And I think this whole Le of leaks does show that you know it gives even more Credence to the fact that qar the alleged letter was leaked on forchan of course it does have some absolutely insane claims if true but I think it does go to show that you know leaks on

Foran are possible and llama 2 was initially leaked there and if qar was leaked there it leads me to believe that some of the stuff in qar is potentially even more ringing true especially when we did see some of the things coming out of Reuters that told us that some

Internal open AI employees weren’t too happy with whatever was being worked on there now here’s something that didn’t get the attention it deserves because there has been so much air news every single day but there was something coming out of Google research that is pretty incredible okay and this was

Something that we knew was going to come but I didn’t think it was going to come this quickly and this in terms of the quality that we see so this is mobile diffusion rapid text to image generation on device so essentially here they’re saying that text to diffusion models all

These text to image models that we see are of course really really good like stable diffusion darly and imin but the only thing that makes them so good is that they you know have billions of parameters and are consequentially expensive to run requiring powerful desktops or even servers but essentially

They were like look we’re going to introduce a novel approach and we’re going to show you guys how you can do this on device and you can see that this is rapid text image and it’s on your device now now this is pretty groundbreaking stuff because if we are

Able to get this kind of Technology on our devices without the need for a server or without the need for it to be computationally expensive this is going to truly change the game because number one these companies are going to be much more profitable especially the smaller

Ones trying to start out in terms of their Innovative research and number two it means we’re going to be getting easier access to these models and we’re not going to have to wait as long because everything is going to be more efficient and more fast and not only

That it’s also going to be on device so I think this you know transition from having everything on a server to moving everything to being streamlined on device is going to be a complete game changer for how we use these AI models because what’s crazy about this as well

Is that if we do actually also look at the quality of some of these images although it isn’t you know groundbreaking in terms of the quality I think when we take the fact that this is on device and it’s generated in just a couple of seconds I think that is

Something that we do need to be proud of and of course as always with research and as you know the technology is going to improve in the future it’s likely that we’re going to have some really really high quality text image generators that are going to be on our

Phones and honestly that is going to be something that really does change the game because I mean are people still going to be using mid Journey if you have mid journey level quality in an app that’s literally just on device and on your phone so that will be something

That is quite interesting because of course they actually also talk about you know the latency here and of course I do think that you know 512 x 512 is a realistically small image but I do think that this kind of thing being able to be done in half a second is absolutely

Incredible and of course the fact that this is simply done on device in half a second does show us that we are moving in the right direction so it will be interesting to see if mid Journey does release some kind of app or if they do keep everything on their streamlined

Discord interface so then of course we do have some Gemini Ultra potential release dates now of course with rumors and with leaks we don’t really know if these are going to be true but it’s always fascinating to cover to see if some of this stuff does come out to be

True because even recently with the chat gbt leaks a lot of those did turn out to be true and they were actually discovered quite like with what we’re seeing here so you can see that it says Gemini Ultra is slated for a February 7th release and it shows that there is a

Version called Gemini Advanced and that seems to make sense because Google has said that the Advanced version of Gemini Pro will be released later and you can see here that the date there is of course February 7th and we can also see that the previous release date was of

Course for the very Infamous image in 2 and the entire update that Bard got to Google so I wouldn’t be surprised if Gemini Ultra was released on February the 7th because that would Mark a very new era in terms of Google’s Venture into the llm space because it now means

That hopefully based on the benchmarks that we saw that they’ve dethroned open Ai and this would lead to a Cascade of events including the release potentially of chat gbt’s Infamous gbt 4.5 or perhaps even the announcement of gbt 5 and what we can expect from that because

There has been a lot of chatter from sam1 about GPT 5 and we do know that technically we’re in a relas and we do know that technically we are in a Race So if Google does release Gemini Ultra that would be a very very big thing to compete with because we already know

That they did just release Google Gemini Pro and it is currently sitting at number two on the leaderboards so I honestly would hope that they do releasees on February the 7th because like some of the comments would say you know that this would of course push open

AI to do their release but let me know what you think about this post let me know if you think that you know they are going to release this or if you think there’s still going to be more delays there’s also this really cool feature which is called diffuse to choose and

Apparently this is going to be a feature that is coming to Amazon and I do think that this is going to be the future of online shopping because whilst everyone you know does shopping in many different ways and many different styles and although like clothing is of course

Something that is subjective based on the Styles and based on how you kind of you know want it to fit you and how things kind of look I think if we take a look at this right here where you can literally just take a picture of your

House and then of course you can simply input that image into the environment I think there something like that is going to give you much more freedom and creativity to sort of Envision how things look because a lot of the times what we do have is we do have a look for

Things especially when shopping online it can be pretty hard to see exactly how it would look on us and how it’s going to fit us and I think something like this is going to be really really effective for seeing very very quickly getting that quick feedback and I think

As long as you know these systems can run pretty quickly and efficiently this is definitely going to be the future because a lot of the times if I could just upload a few pictures of to myself you know or I was buying a sofa or if I

Was buying like a wallpaper or if I was buying like you know like a painting or something like that and then I could see how that poster SL painting SL you know table looks in the specified area that it was going to be at that would be

Pretty much a game changer because lot of times you take a picture you try and envision it you think maybe I don’t know you like cut on image sometimes so um yeah this is definitely going to be something that does really improve the online shopping experience and of course

Amazon is always trying to improve the shopping experience because they of course are the e-commerce giant so wouldn’t be surprised to see them implementing something like this and it actually does use stable diffusion to do this so um if this does roll out I will be excited to see if this does happen

And I’m pretty sure I did see a few AI app stores actually started to implement this so it will be interesting to see if this does roll out to the masses and is widely adopted and essentially we had an update to the Microsoft Bing version now something that’s important to not is

That whilst they do run on the GPT 4 version they actually do have different slightly different finer tuned versions so essentially you can see here that this is the question why is meta’s stock Rising then you can see Meta stock is rising because the company reported a strong financial performance in the

Fourth quarter y y y and then the same question is asked and then we can see that there is a completely different answer which is really really good so this person says that was there any improvements that shipped to balance mode it seems that the answers are now

Bigger and better and ironically this one was even better than Bing’s creative mode and essentially responded saying that we are continually improving Microsoft co-pilot testing a new version of the base model in a flight and fun fact its internal name is Ukon the son of the Prometheus in Greek mythology so

I’m excited to see that if this is just like some kind of early test for what the 4.5 is going to be or the next update is going to be but either way I still think that it’s always important to pay attention to the Bing updates because whilst they are different

Fine-tune versions of gbt 4 I do think that um you know these kind of versions are still pretty useful especially for browser the internet and we could potentially have some gamechanging updates here in the future so yeah I think that that comment there just goes to show how powerful

These AI systems are going to be because Sam Alman of course knows a lot about arguably the most powerful AI systems in the world based on what we do know and I think the fact that he’s saying that does show us the fact that AI agents and

Potentially gbt 5 or gbt 4.5 will host some really really tremendous capabilities if they do come to Market so I’m thinking that this is really really gamechanging because if we can get AI systems that allow us to get the amount of value out of a single system

That you would get out of you know hiring you know 500,000 employees or even a th000 employees this is going to be serious you know prosperity for the economy and also serious long-term effects because if you no longer need to hire you know a thousand people to run a

Company that then means that there is of course a thousand Less jobs in demand so that then means that of course there are a thousand less job opportunities so I mean this is of course something that is really fascinating I think this interview comment um does actually show

Us just how powerful these systems are going to be um because he did actually say um it would have been unimaginable without Ai and of course now it’s going to happen so I’m going to be excited to see um what things people are going to be building in the future when they’ve

Got like you know the reasoning abilities and all of these essentially like you know the power to build your own company with just a few AI systems I think that that is truly going to change our society um and I’ll definitely be watching it on fold then of course we

Did have this comment from Lan Leon actually about open source Ai and I think it’s a very fascinating comment because he does talk about how essentially having open source AI is very good for the Feld in terms of accelerating the entire field because it allow allows everyone to openly share

And collaborate ideas and whenever a breakthrough is made people are able to use it now I do think that open source is good but I do wish that this was the case with some of the models that we do have like gb4 and what these larger companies are working on of course

Unfortunately it is a Race So Google Deep Mind can’t share what you know they’re working on on with um with open AI of course and The Wider Community because there is of course that race that you know in terms of essentially being the top model or AI system so I

Mean it will be interesting to see how that does change in the future if these open source models do manage to catch up because of course meta’s plan is to build AGI an open source version of AGI but I think his comments here are really important because of course there are

Certain things like regulation coming into the play it it and something is viewed as a as a busic common platform it uh it it ends up being open source right that’s true for the software infrastructure of the internet um and the reason is that it’s it’s it’s safer

Um it the it progresses faster like the way the the reason why we’ve seen such a fast progress in AI over the last decade or so is because people practice open research it’s because as soon as you get a result you put it on archive um and

You open sofware code and everybody can reuse it and we have common software platforms like P torch that everybody uses and so it makes the entire field accelerate because you have a lot of people working on it uh you know that are self- selected that that’s that’s

Why that’s a magic open research and open source and so the the way to keep that that progress fast is to to keep the research open so if you um legislate open source out of existence because of fears you slow down progress when something is viewed as a as a basic

Common platform then there was this and I really didn’t want to cover this but you know at the end of the day it’s AI news so someone claimed to have achieved AGI um and proof of the first uh artificial general intelligence and long story short I am claiming that this is

Just you know with 100% pretty much skepticism here that these guys haven’t provided any proof so I really don’t get what the point of this post is I mean it just seems like an elaborate troll although it is pretty fascinating to read and it’s pretty intriguing um I’m

Pretty sure if someone really did create the first AGI and you know forgive me if I’m completely wrong but you know I just don’t see any Credence to this at all because there isn’t a full research paper it isn’t peer-reviewed um but still it did gain some traction but of

Course to No Surprise the majority of the traction it did gain was negative but like I said I’ll leave a link for you because of course it keeps you up to date with exactly what’s going on

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