Introducing the OmniCore™ V-line Computer with ABB Connect Modem – Video

Introducing the OmniCore™ V-line Computer with ABB Connect Modem – Video

The OmniCore™ V-line introduces the powerful and versatile V250 XD and V400 XT robot controllers, offering a wide range of new features and benefits. With enhanced computer capabilities and network connectivity, these controllers are designed for maximum productivity and flexibility in a variety of applications.

The inclusion of the ABB Connect 4G modem provides extra speed for connected services in Mobile mode, ensuring seamless operation. The controllers come equipped with Ethercat capability and a design change for improved performance. Various connectors and ports allow for easy connectivity to PLCs, factory equipment, and ABB devices like integrated vision and conveyor tracking systems.

The OmniCore™ V-line controllers support multiple communication protocols such as Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethercat, CC link IE, and DeviceNet, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems. The new safety function is based on the IRC 5 design, with separate inputs for general and emergency stops for added security.

Overall, the OmniCore™ V-line controllers, paired with the ABB Connect modem, offer a complete solution for optimized connectivity and performance in robotic applications.

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Take a deep dive into the new Computer and the ABB Connect 4G Modem in ABB’s latest OmniCore™ robot controllers, the …

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