Hierarchy of Cosmic Menaces – Video

Hierarchy of Cosmic Menaces – Video

The video “Tier List of Cosmic Threats” explores the various existential dangers that humanity may face from the deep void of space. The host begins by highlighting the lack of technology needed to make us a multiplanetary civilization, stressing the importance of increasing our survival chances in space.

The video goes on to discuss several potential threats, categorizing them into different tiers of danger. Some of the threats include rogue planets, rogue black holes, and the collision of the Milky Way with the Andromeda galaxy. The risks posed by extraterrestrial super pathogens and ultra-relativistic electron beams are also discussed, along with the potential dangers of AI nano swarms and star laser weapons.

The host provides in-depth explanations of each threat, discussing the likelihood and potential consequences of each scenario. While some threats are deemed unlikely or harmless, others are classified as severe risks to civilization.

Ultimately, the video underscores the importance of understanding and preparing for cosmic threats, emphasizing the need for advanced technology and proactive measures to ensure humanity’s survival in the vastness of space.

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Video Transcript

Hello Mortals Humanity has significantly Advanced itself over the past couple of Centuries with fancy chatbots doing our philosophy essays to air purifying headphones and yet we lack the technology required to make us a multiplanetary civilization the One requirement to dramatically increase our survival chances in the immense vastness

Of space there are numerous threats posed to life on Earth some close to home and visible like our son itself others having already occurred long ago but taking time to Traverse space and time like a supernova or even other yet unknown hypothetical doomsday scenarios like Cosmic Fruit Ninja let’s explore

The tier list of the existential threats to humanity specifically the ones that come from the deep void thanks to ground news for sponsoring this video Rogue planet either formed and ejected early into a star’s life or having been a failed clump of mass too small even to be considered a brown dwarf rogue

Planets roam the galaxy in the billions or even maybe trillions they will never know the warmth of being close to a star unless of course it made its way toward our solar system no matter its mass a collision with the Earth would be devastating to the trout population

However the much more likely and interesting scenario is that of a close flyby in the inner solar system if say a large superar took the path of OMW mua it would appear as a bright star rivaling even Venus at its closest approach as it got closer the Earth

Would be tugged towards the Sun forever shifting its orbit if it were a jovian Mass object it might even eject the Earth out of the solar system completely all of these scenarios are dependent on the mass of the Rogue planet and the positioning of the earth during the

Flyby such an encounter is very unlikely however especially since it wouldn’t be that hard to spot a long time beforehand hopefully we don’t notice an eye in the middle of it f tier Rogue black holes if a stellar black hole only as much as Grays the solar system it would throw

All the orbits out of whack but that would be incredibly unlikely and we would also detect the gravitational lensing of such an object centuries before it arrived to threaten us but the real threat would rather come from the smaller primordial black holes that may have formed shortly after the big bang

Their Mass may vary from slightly more than the plank Mass to much more than that of the earth however because of Hawking radiation black holes with a mass of that of the earth must have decayed by now thus the possibility of tiny almost IND discernible black holes

Ruining our day is not very high Quantum black holes may be evaporating constantly as cosmic rays but thankfully no imminent spaghettification for us F tier Andromeda Collision even though Andromeda is twice the diameter of the Milky Way they both have roughly the same mass on the same order of magnitude

Of 1 trillion Suns thus once they Collide in 4.5 billion years they will combine into one much larger elliptical galaxy it is incredibly unlikely that any stars would collide with each other in this merger a process that would take millions of years based on current calculations scientists predict a 50%

Chance that an emerged Galaxy the solar system will be swept out three times farther from the galactic core than its current distance they also predict a 12% chance that the solar system will be ejected from the new Galaxy entirely even if that were to happen such an

Event would be harmless to our system unless it gets swung Direct ly into the central super massive black hole D tier extraterrestrial super pathogen panspermia is the idea that microscopic life could survive and propagate through space using asteroids and other space objects though this hypothesis has some

Merits and troubles we’re here for the destruction of life not its Inception a small asteroid arrives and hits the Earth and makes headlines for like two days thanks to the cool Fireball that was visible unbeknownst to all life it contains a deadly pathogen that has ravaged much of Life across the Stars a

Parasite feeding off the success of countless species across countless planets this however relies on the assumption that such a pathogen is even compatible with our biology enough to infect us the assumption is that this pathogen is related to the spores that brought life to Earth allowing it to

Infect our biology if that is the case then it may not be too alien for us to respond to it whether it be our immune system or our medical system it still May pose a problem and cause a pandemic or we could end up with the common cold

From space however there is a slim chance of malicious intelligence behind it D tier Ultra relativistic Electron Beam electrons are incredibly light particles with a negative electric charge yet our little green Pals have figured out the secret that humans know well yes that’s right throwing things very hard in doing so the problems

Associated with an electron beam are solved a very long part particle accelerator is used to create an electron beam traveling at just below the speed of light thanks to the time dilation experienced by the beam the negatively charged electrons will not repel each other and will maintain their

Beam shape by the time they reach Earth once it does reach Earth all life will have its DNA irreparably damaged rendering all life sterile from tens of light years away an entire ecosystem is lost and now the civilization that built the big particle accelerator can enjoy The Spoils of War

A severe economic downturn as all of its resources were poured into building and firing a big cannon let’s just not anger type two civilizations C tier AI Nano swarms building things requires materials to be mined and processed and what are the best rocks to mine correct entire planets to solve this issue an

Alien civilization created an AI to operate swarms of self-replicating Nanobots without a Boolean fail safe and now entire en planets have been eaten by the ever expanding swarms rather than sending out a vast sea of little robots only a small handful is needed to begin the replication process with a fun

Little thing called exponential growth the earth goes from being relatively fine to having Seas of dark waves engulfing entire cities and no chance nukes can stop them soon afterward all of humanity is gone and the Earth’s mass is devoured with none left to defend it let’s just hope that the moral compass

Of aliens has them exclude populated systems from their Interstellar mining Expeditions C tier star laser weapon stars are the largest energy source in a stellar system so it is no surprise that harnessing that power is crucial for a species technological development one way to harness this power is using a

Dyson swarm a vast collection of satellites orbiting it this energy can be put to many different uses but the use that interests us is focusing a star’s energy into a point with what is essentially aund bunch of mirrors the Swarm focuses the intense radiation in One Direction and this glorified

Microwave gun travels at the speed of light to cook the Earth well done unless Humanity somehow knew in advance there would be no warning no way to see it due to its speed One Day the Earth would simply be incinerated check this kuras sagged video for a more in-depth

Explanation and for the aliens the super weapon is both a protection device and a way to harness energy a species capable of this act would potentially even be multi- Stellar C tier before we get to the higher tiers of cosmic danger one particularly severe s tier risk threatens civilization the human

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Description ground. news/ science file to get 40% off their unlimited Vantage plan or subscribe to the Pro Plan for just $1 per per month it’s about time we have a smart and datadriven way to read the news and now back to the cosmic Horrors vacuum Decay we like to think

That the empty void of space is stable it may be scary but at least it doesn’t change except when it does there is a chance that the energy state of the vacuum is not a true vacuum think of it like a roller coaster that got stuck on

The second lowest drop it may be currently stable but once given enough energy it will go to the lowest drop reach in the bottom given enough energy and assuming we are in this semi-stable energy State the new energy state would spread expanding at the speed of light

In all directions in this bubble the laws of physics are different there is no way of knowing if this has already happened as information spreads as fast as the expansion it could be happening right now Alpha centor could be gone and we would only have 4 years left or it

Could happen 13 billion light years away and nothing happens as the universe expands fast faster than the bubble B tier Strange Matter neutron stars are the collapsed cores of super giant stars that were not massive enough to become black holes instead a mass of 1 to two

Suns is compressed into a diameter of 11 km comparable to the width of a city that density causes protons and electrons to fuse into neutrons at the center of these Stars the pressure is so great that the neutrons could condense further into Quark matter made of strange quarks this hypothe iCal state

Of matter could be the ground state of matter similar to vacuum Decay it is hypothesized that when Strange Matter comes into contact with regular matter it forces the normal matter to turn into its super stable State neutron stars could potentially spew out strange lets during collisions with other stars

Drifting through space they may eventually contact a planet or a star spreading the strangeness nothing could be done if such a particle came into contact with the Earth we would irreversibly be turned turned into a super stable state of matter essentially a Nanos swarm but on steroids B tier

Cosmic strings when the universe expanded hypothetical wrinkles in the fabric of SpaceTime that were mere centimeters had been stretched to millions and billions of light years as time has passed some of these cosmic strings have been ironed out to be smaller and smaller still they remain

And as we know from Einstein gravity is caused by the geometry of SpaceTime every couple hundred M of cosmic string would be equivalent to the mass of Mars it would not take a very long Cosmic string to Simply cut the Earth in half if it decided to take a walk through the

Solar system recently there has been evidence to support their existence in the form of a Strang looking Galaxy that suggests a cosmic string could be bending light as it travels towards our instruments if proven to exist we might find ourselves in the middle of a cosmic Fruit Ninja game B tier relativistic

Missile remember Electron Beam how about instead we build and fire a lot of Big Sticks an alien race looking to eradicate us from far away may consider launching multiple kinetic projectiles at us using nuclear explosions or similar to propel itself missiles reach a significant portion of the speed of light large Shields

Protected from Interstellar dust that may damage the missile on its journey to unsuspecting Apes after Decades of travel they arrive and upon contact with the atmosphere they disintegrate transferring the kinetic energy to the blanket above us first the thermal energy incinerates all that it sees and

Then the massive shock waves hit even if a few missiles didn’t make the trip thanks to space debris those that made it are more than enough to end human civilization is what I would say if the green aliens hadn’t given the task of calculating the trajectory decades into

The future to physics undergrads a tier supernovas and gamma ray bursts of course big explosions are at the top of the list these are the largest explosions in the universe caused by the death of the largest stars and the Collision of Stellar objects the intense radiation would devastate life on Earth

If one were to occur closer than 100 light years there is some evidence that a supernova may have caused the mass extinction at the end of the devonian 360 million years ago a star 65 light years away probably destroyed 70% of invertebrate species fortunately for us no star within 1,000 light years is

Expected to explode for at least a few centuries the closest candidate is 154 light years away a binary system of a white dwarf and a main sequence star which is not expected to go Nova until the star enters its red giant stage even if it were to go Nova now its effects

Would be minor to the biosphere as the magnetosphere and upper atmosphere absorb most of the cosmic rays there is however another form of Nova that could cause the sterilization of the earth when two neutron stars or black holes collide lied they explode in a kilonova leaving behind a black hole with an

Intense magnetic field this collects and accelerates the particles Left Behind into two cones coming out at the poles a Gamay burst there are currently no known grbs in the Milky Way But there is a 50% chance that a grb within 2 kilop parex could have caused another one of the

Mass extinctions during the past 500 million years if one were to occur in the Milky Way pointing at us we would as the kids say straight up not have a good time a tier asteroids and comets I mean can you really be surprised the only entry that was confirmed to have caused

A mass extinction is the one ranked the highest as the planets formed and their orbits stabilized debris remained from failed planets and other random material that never got the chance to form anything coherent close to the Sun asteroids made of metals and rock remained in orbit in the asteroid belt

As well as scattered around the solar system farther F away lie the Comets similar to asteroids but with a fresh scoop of ice some of these interplanetary objects have orbits that pass near enough to Earth to be classified as potentially hazardous objects of which there are 234 these objects have an orbit that

Takes them less than 19.5 lunar distances as well as a size larger than 140 M 17 are not able to be excluded from being threats in the next 100 years these are only the threats that have been identified and as the 18m chabin meteor proved we can be

Blindsided NASA’s Dart mission is just the start of Humanity’s attempt to ensure that if and when another threat occurs whether endangering a city country or continent preparations to identify and respond will be ready unfortunately for mankind nature may not wait for us to be ready and as the

Dinosaurs found out complacency is fatal our defense plans seem good on paper but they’ve yet to be tested against a city-sized asteroid s tier there are many threats to human existence both self-inflicted and from outside Cosmic threats are dangerous not because of the ease with which they can

Eliminate us but rather because of their intangibility to day-to-day life it is easy to forget the world’s fragility but we must not fail to prepare it is necessary for the survival of all and if you won’t take the necessary steps I’ll do that myself evil interdimensional

Chickens again Believe It or Not s tier

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