Futuristic Robot Girlfriends: A Threat to Real Women? Neurologist Shares Insights in Exclusive Interview – Video

Futuristic Robot Girlfriends: A Threat to Real Women? Neurologist Shares Insights in Exclusive Interview – Video

In the video titled “Scary Robot Girlfriends Will REPLACE WOMEN (EXCLUSIVE Interview With Neurologist),” viewers are taken on a journey through the evolution of girlfriend robots. The interview with a neurologist sheds light on the potential impact of these AI-powered companions on human relationships. The discussion delves into the increasing prevalence of social media, the internet, and AI, questioning whether AI girlfriends could substitute genuine human connections.

The video highlights the historical context of girlfriend robots, from early prototypes with hilarious appearances to more advanced and human-like versions available today. The conversation touches on the implications of integrating these robots into everyday life and the potential consequences on reproductive habits and emotional fulfillment.

Overall, the video prompts viewers to consider the possibility of AI girlfriends becoming mainstream, raising questions about the future of human relationships and the ethical implications of relying on artificial companions. It offers a thought-provoking exploration of the intersection between technology and intimacy.

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Video Transcript

And not having to go out to have your just some sort of I don’t think the technology is quite there yet I wrote about it quite a bit at the time and for starters what should I call you I’m Chloe ER is I think a most beautiful and

Most uh you know humanik autonomous Android in this world I would say not moral panic but people there was a lot more discussion about it they saw the robots are coming delighted to meet you John could you tell us a little about your yourself and what you can do Chloe

In this year’s demo the robot utilized a system for singing using a human singer as a model evolution of girlfriend robots the first time people heard about a girlfriend robot was probably around 10 years ago it went viral showcasing an early version of a girlfriend robot

Picture this a silicone face with a wig on top and she was eating a banana although not actually consuming it essentially it was a head attached to a stick covered with a sheet so you can see the rest of the robot just the face the manufacturer eventually reveals it’s

Essentially an elaborate broomstick what intrigued people was despite its hilariously bad appearance there was evidently a market for it many people were interested in watching this video and individuals were actually buying this peculiar product fast forward about 5 years and a subst itial discussion emerged the phrase the robots are coming

Became more prevalent some people don’t think the technology is quite there yet but now it is written extensively about it at the time now prediction suggest that in another year or two how many people are single today and how many men have gone like more than a year without

Any sex yeah and she I’ll say she was eating a banana but she wasn’t actually eating a banana and it was constantly s simulated by this artificial realm that you exist in when you’re playing Call of Duty I draw using Camas in my eyes basically like this head attached to a

Broomstick and had a sheet over it and the stats here it’s like 30% of male Millennials and 20% of women but now you fast forward I think it was like 5 years ago there’s a huge um intellectual or some sort of social discourse connection yeah fulfilled in your life these robots

Will significantly enter the mainstream being incorporated into everyday life considering the prevalence of social media the internet and AI becoming increasingly mainstream and ubiquitous we wonder about the implications when these robots are integrated into human life what happens with the technology becomes so Advanced that these robots are more humanlike capable of meeting

People’s emotional and perhaps even physic physical needs could it potentially affect our reproductive habits perhaps the ai’s plan isn’t to exterminate the human race but to present appealing options leading us to sees we’re reproducing alt together it’s somewhat reminiscent of what we’ve seen with video games online interactions and

The internet the statistics reveal a substantial number of single individuals today with around 30% of male Millennials and 20% of women rep reportedly going more than a year without any physical activity the internet seems to be their chosen alternative constantly stimulated by this artificial realm individuals find intellectual and social fulfillment in

Online interactions without the need to venture out and you what’s your name oh uh John my name is John okay now they’re saying it probably another year or two is going to be really coming in in terms of it’s to not exterminate the human race but to give

Them options so they just early version of a sex robot but it was like the silicone face silicone face with a wig yeah I think there’s going to be people that reject it there’s going to be people that enjoy going outside and it’s going to be you know it is now but this

Is the first time in history that man has created a machine more intelligent than himself the face of it but then the the manufacturer shows you it’s just like a landscape of human connections the question arises can AI video games truly substitute genuine human connections not wanting to meet in

Person not wanting to meet in person what do you think about the idea that connecting with people online will finally take the place of face-to-face interactions we think it will help a lot of people yeah there will be people who don’t like it and people who do enjoy

Being outside side it’s now a trend for people to post on social media while hiking and tell other people to put down their phones and experience the real world but a lot of time it doesn’t work out for people who are uncomfortable with that a big worry is that will

Become extinct and be replaced by an artificial life form we find out that biological beings are limited and how quickly they can evolve physically for example it takes a long time to go from a single cell organism to a professor at Harvard so talking to more people who are in the industry

Working on this stuff because we know many people they’re doing it secretly and hiding because there is so much stigma around doing anything with an application to be intimate or physical so people who work in technology they will usually have one business that is doing really well that’s forward facing

And then they’ll usually use that same technology in the physical capacity but that side of things they don’t really advertise and you know they don’t really talk too much about it until they trust the person but people are curious to understand to know what is it like working in that industry and what

Direction is the technology going in and also to want to understand what’s actually happening and what’s going to be the result of that because you see people who were really upset a couple of years ago saying like the robots are going to increase physical crime the popularity that these robots are going

To be incorporated into everyday life in some cases because when I think of completely stop reproducing make the options far more attractive and in a in a way we’ve kind of done that I mean the first time I heard of a sex robot was probably maybe 10 years ago and it was

This ER is I think the most beautiful and most uh you know human like autonomous Android in this world I really didn’t do much you know I just spoke with a few humans to see if they could tell the difference between me and a real person I would say not moral

Panic but people there was a lot more discussion about it they saw the robots are coming I gather your brain can perform several billion billion operations per second is that right social media the internet AI like you said is becoming so mainstream and so ubiquitous what what what is taking the

Place of them going out and trying to find uh a mate they’re going to make people objectify women and think that for people who already have those views about women you know maybe they might be a little bit more not so nice but we don’t think the average person is going

To be turned into this horrible monster because of this technology now it’s becoming so mainstream well don’t you think that just like social media kind of stuns people’s ability to communicate in real life that girlfriend robots will stunt people’s ability to have a real meaningful romantic relationship with

Someone just think if you’ve never been with someone or if you are particularly selfish probably because previously you thought most people would prefer a real life person to a robot and also because the technology is so far off that the early prototypes of these robots were not really that convincing so thinking

That would go to a point where it would be comparable but we are we are getting there what are the latest girlfriend robots that we can see they look pretty good physically they’re not made of human flesh but they look a lot like people and you can customize it and it

Was I don’t know if you either of you Jamie have seen this video but it went viral and it was this like with video games um like how and video games and just being online interested in looking at this video and also that people were buying this product what is it well it’s

The Internet it’s video games it’s being delighted to meet you John could you tell us a little about yourself and what you can do Chloe video and a bunch of people and in graduate school sent me this video cuz I knew what I I’m was studying sex but it’s

Only through this weird surface way even though it looks so hilariously bad not avoidance of in-person connection but that that fulfillment of connection through a broomstick so what I thought was interesting is that I am named after aah love alluring features some of you think it’s weird that they call them

Strike driven robotic dolls but according to the sex neuroscientist they’re here to be your perfect companion our time together will be magical and you’ll have never met someone like us before we have amazing never before seen features like a modular head system that lets us make a

Wide range of Expressions we blink move and talk and we do it all just for you our faces can be easily switched to suit your needs it’s funny because as a former sex researcher this has never affected her at all but are they moving that’s the thing those were all just

Stationary yeah currently they’re stationary but so they’re stationary and they just talk it says there’s some sort of articulation but we mean upwalk articulation articulate but thinking they will be able to move on their own in the coming years because this used to be just a doll and now it moves around a

Little of course I’m the first personal assistant built by cyberlife it’s a thing where you know people post their social media they’re out hiking you know and they’re giving people advice like hey you know I take care of most everyday tasks like cooking housework or in this year’s demo the robot utilized a

System for singing using a human singer as a model in a lot of cases it’s falling on deaf ears cuz it’s not as fulfilling and so you couldn’t see the rest of the robot you just saw that and I understand you’re the first Android to have passed

The touring test for people that are you know very um the neck moves articulating neck real doll can turn left right up and down the body the real skillfully with finest details although it’s not equipped with animatronic Parts yet it can be positioned in m o moved in

Hundreds a position so the bodies can’t move yet but the heads can move but that’s just a matter of time how much did they cost well it depends on how advanced you want it to be 8 Grand to 8 Grand there are different prices okay so that’s the state-ofthe-art well 600

Isn’t even a full thing it’s just a full head at some point we’ll probably be looking at a girlfriend robot that looks like the woman from exmachina and probably knows how to manipulate you and play games with you that’s all for this video folks see you next time

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