Dusty Robotics partners with KHS&S on Fontainebleau Las Vegas project – Video

Dusty Robotics partners with KHS&S on Fontainebleau Las Vegas project – Video

KHS&S, a leading construction company, collaborated with Dusty Robotics to streamline the layout process for the Fontainebleau Las Vegas project. By using Dusty, a cutting-edge robot, KHS&S was able to drastically reduce the layout time from over a month to just 7 days. This not only saved time and money but also minimized risks and hazards on the job site.

The intricate nature of the project required thousands of marks and ticks on the ground, making traditional layout methods time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, with Dusty’s precision and efficiency, the process was completed in record time. The collaboration between KHS&S and Dusty Robotics proved to be a game-changer, allowing for faster framing and overall project completion.

Safety is always a top priority for KHS&S, and Dusty’s technology helped minimize the time spent in hazardous situations for workers. This innovative approach not only enhanced efficiency but also improved safety measures on the job site. Looking ahead, KHS&S plans to continue utilizing Dusty for future projects, recognizing its significant impact on their operations.

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Video Transcript

Being able to use Dusty and cut a little over a monthlong layout process down to 7 days really reduced the amount of Hazards and risk that could have potentially taken place on a job site that is moving as fast as found blue was from the high-end finishes to you know

Dusty the robot uh capturing our layout just a really really beautiful wonderful project complex project that took a lot from everybody um all mines all Hands-On deck to to accomplish it required a lot of ground layout several thousand marks and ticks on the ground most people build ground up our thought process

Though was to more or less build from the high Center Point and bring it out and around and down to the ground this would allow the other trades to install lights and mechanical and everything up above so working with our trade Partners as we’re building building yeah Dusty

Was a big part of this Dome comparing it to traditional layout incorporating Dusty in the whole picture just made it 10 times as fast I tried competing with numbers with Dusty by traditional had layout on my own and he double me every time you know what we can do with Time

Savings what we can do with cost savings now you got that layout done in you know five six times as quick now you’re ready to start framing 5 to six weeks sooner using Dusty in the first place it’s a no-brainer for me me KHS ands safety is

Our number one goal because we all want to go home at night with Dusty we have the ability to minimize the amount of time the guys are In Harm’s Way with a lot of overhead work going on it makes everyone’s life easier it’s safer it it’s less time for our guys on their

Hands and knees are up in the lift to be laying out for myself and for KHS ands if the job calls for it we’ll we’ll be using Dusty

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