Caught on Camera: Animals Going on a Rampage #2 – Video

Caught on Camera: Animals Going on a Rampage #2 – Video

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to encounter an animal going on a rampage in the wild? Well, wonder no more because we’ve put together some of the most thrilling and unusual animal encounters ever captured on camera. From bears crashing barbecues to hippos showing why you should never leave the safety of your vehicle on an African safari, this video has it all.

You’ll witness the size of the largest deer herd in the world and see just how creative nature can be. From manatees reaching super-sonic speeds to elephants sizing up cars, this video showcases the wild and unpredictable nature of animals.

But it’s not just the wild that’s featured in this video. You’ll also see unexpected encounters with animals in urban areas, like a moose surprising a tourist and ostriches trying to peer through car windows. From buffalo stampedes to vulture flights, this video will give you a newfound appreciation for the animal kingdom and remind you to always expect the unexpected when it comes to our furry and feathered friends. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we delve into the incredible world of animals on a rampage.

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Video Transcript

We all love animals and often admire them through our screens but we rarely ask ourselves what would I do if I ran into one going on a rampage in the wild but we should you might want to take a seat because we’ve put together some of the most unusual and thrilling animal

Encounters ever captured on camera so subscribe and hit that Bell because we’re about to get started when you live in Bear Country you have to remember to leave some treats out far away from your house when hosting a barbecue or they might just show up to crash the party

Luckily this little cutie didn’t hurt anyone this hippo is about to show you why you should never leave the safety of your vehicle on an African safari think fishing in a river like this might surprise you with an anaconda or a crocodile think again and never underestimate how creative nature can

Be imagine the size of the largest deer herd in the world and now now look at how incredibly huge it actually is if you’re the hero who actually managed to count them all please leave a comment hey there be sure to call the professionals to remove a beehive from

Your Terrace otherwise nature will send its own of bees right here no these aren’t Torpedoes they’re two manatees that got so scared they switched to Super Sonic Speed something tells me that this encounter wasn’t part of the Expedition but don’t worry this big guy is just showing

Off remember if you can’t chase away a snake with a fishing rod use your battlecry I bet you thought a tree was a great place to hide from an elephant but don’t worry they’re friends and just playing still think sophisticated robberies only happen in movies and now

It’s like do you mind I’m trying to finish my target things no matter where you go there’s always someone who says hey you can’t park there even if it’s a walrus ah what a perfect day to move out of your house forever but seriously always call a professionalist to handle this kind of

Stuff don’t release Alaskan cats into the wild they’re a threat to the Alaskan bear population you know there’s one country that you couldn’t pay me to live in oh my god do I have to name it the stress tolerance level you put on your resume had better be 100% true if

You’re an excavator driver in India and here’s why fortunately everyone was fine this might be the scariest day of this Mazda driver’s life but for Mr bison it’s just Tuesday whoever ever came up with the idea of open Safari cars is either the world’s greatest troll or the world’s

Greatest psychopath thank God this time the cheetah just came by to say hello and here’s how the most American game can become even more American in just a second stop filming trees and come take a photo of me and the boys okay this is exactly what you expect to

See in the ocean Abyss but definitely not something you want to encounter you can see how easy it’s at moments like these that you can thank the Lord you didn’t buy a convertible sure elephants are cute and all but they can be very unpredictable so if you’re lucky enough to encounter

One it’s best to watch from the sidelines you’ll regret not taking the day off when this beauty escapes from its enclosure closure during your shift but it seems he just wanted to stretch his legs you should never approach a bison especially one with a cal but what do

You do when they’re the ones approaching you that’s right try to negotiate since when did you start stuttering surprised ever since I started kaying I’m afraid to go to Africa because of the Predators meanwhile the one you should really be on the lookout for here’s another reason why motorcyclists

Should always wear a helmet especially in Thailand luckily this ended without any injuries you don’t know what a good workout is until you’ve run around a tree in a park trying to escape the Mov get inside get inside the house get inside the house nothing to see here just someone walk in their p coyote wait What now check out this Buffalo Stampede ASMR in Yellowstone National Park here’s the moment one guy realizes why none of the players leave their golf bags in the Cards still need proof that Humanity needs flying cars I know you don’t understand Fox language but this literally means better stay away from me you know judging by all the Bear videos we’ve seen today being a bear seems pretty fun sorry but I’m about to add an item

To your bucket list soaring the skies with a vulture you know it’s time to buy a new rug when there’s a God Zilla in your current One and this is how professionals feed blunt-nosed sharks in Fiji when an ostrich is hungry every car looks like a yummy tree does Insurance even cover bird attacks the only thing Surfers fear are a lack of waves and sharks oh and dolphins because they look like sharks

Here is even more documented proof the Dolphins have an IQ at least as high as humans because even they seem to be delighted by kittens imagine you’re sliding down a water slide and you see this above you what do you do when your tour unexpectedly turns

Into a bull run all you can do is not look back thankfully no one was hurt okay my desire to visit Bali just spontaneously evaporated some friendly advice if a kangaroo is rumaging through your bag don’t disturb it or it might chase you all the way to the Great Barrier

Reef visitors to this Cafe managed to wake up without their morning coffee this morning the next time you feel like complaining about your noisy neighbors think of these homeowners who have to put up with elephant [Applause] seals if you thought a horse in a cafe was weird how about a seore leave a

Comment if you have any idea where this pig came from if I were a resident of this town I would not wander Into the Woods After Dark considering the vocal talents of the local elk maybe this bison just wants to play and isn’t attacking the snowmobiles but

No one has dared to check oh my God oh my God it seem we found the perfect actors to play the Velociraptors in the next Jurassic world Movie everyone knows that beasts are Immortal and only vulnerable one day a year on Thanksgiving wa that’s turkeys do not mess with Geese real heroes don’t wear they just keep doing their job even after being scratched and bitten oh my gosh this tourist decided

To take a closer look at a moose but he didn’t expect it to be so to assist him you want to jump in here when you need to hurt sheep you bring a sheep dog but when facing a 400 kg muscs you have to improvise with a

Jeep just hit the gas and pray you’re fast enough these tourists just discovered that there are sudden toll barriers in the middle of the ocean for over a hundred years ostriches around the world have been sad because they can’t pinch your curious nose through the closed windows of your

Car there you go for these ladies even a tiny demo version of an alligator was enough to play the floor is lava for half an hour hello it’s my God yes yes yes yes yes must be sad to travel halfway across the Savannah to a restaurant only to be

Turned away at the entrance by pesky dogs for not passing the face test relax it isn’t a baby stroller that the man’s using to fend off feather Hooligans just a golf cart but it still looks Epic while pigeons beg for food in your city in Oslo they have squads of

Foxes you don’t have to be a professional to feed a crocodile over a fence you have to be the bravest professional to even get within a meter of this dinosaur you go in your daughter’s room I bet even an Australian would need therapy after this encounter in life

You probably know that objects in Mirror are closer than they appear but the problem is you’re not looking at this Cleary through your rear view mirror oh hi I was sent by the deer your hunt he told me to tell you that he and a rabbit have been laughing at your

Ambush for half an hour when you go whale watching be prepared because they may just be human watching at the same time You need a lot of luck to encounter a lion in the wild and even more luck to remain unharmed okay guys if you live near a forest you’ll never have breakfast alone again because deer have learned how to open [Laughter] doors oh shoot look there’s a human what

Do we do just smile and wave boys smile and wave you don’t need to rewatch The Lord of the Rings this year just take a vacation to Australia it this donkey was like hey buddy you got something for me Today Elephant is it raining or something meanwhile the guy’s on the elephant smiling nervously always keep an eye on your catch when sea lions are nearby or you won’t have a catch for long think your Doberman is the best guard for private property don’t make this turkey

Laugh is this another car insurance ad in Africa or are big cats learning to skateboard everyone was scared but no one was harmed something tells me that this was his last day as a diver and his first day as a wealthy business owner in the crabbing industry the chances of running into a

Snake hundreds of miles from Shore are incredibly slim but not zero crocodiles are very smart animals they won’t waste time on a snack when the main course is nearby but thanks to this guy’s quick reaction he was unharmed you know in this city there are no finds for parking on the road but

That’s because it’ll only happen once when you’re on the beach make sure you’re laughter doesn’t sound like a seagull’s cry or you’ll have to deal with the consequences of whatever you accidentally say to them and here’s what happens when a hunter chooses the wrong prey don’t even try to escape from

Predatory cats by swimming unless they’re as tame as these two what could be worse than not getting any bites while fishing getting bites but then some leopard just takes everything and these guys thought that chasing a moose on a Forest Road was a good idea until this moment apparently this cow has a

Personal Vendetta against cyclists but this time she just decided to scare them moral of the story if you happen upon a wild War do not test its patience luckily there was no Showdown this time crocodiles have a vice likee bite but not the patience to be messed

With the traffic police in India have slightly different methods for punishing offenders but you’ve never seen one sheep one goat and three Lambs taking people hostage this menacing little guy runs up to whisper in the man’s ear get out of my territory if you’re afraid of encountering a bear in the

Forest let me add another fear for you they can also appear from above this is Neil the seal and today he’s the sheriff of this road believe me he’s hard to negotiate with oh you’re going for for a job might if I join you they say these guys are still

Sitting on the roof waiting for this trickster to leave luckily no one was harm this is literally me the day after a party trying to reach for a bottle of water don’t worry you can still get into the holiday spirit even in countries where there’s no Snow admit it the last skill you’d expect to acquire while cycling is the ability to herd cows if you suddenly come across a stranger like this while driving on a dark Road it’s best not to shine your headlights in its face it may find that irritating pop quick is Hot Shot what

Lives in shells wrong it’s a baby octopus this little chimpanzee scares everyone with one move his relatives the snake even Himself how can an ordinary Goose be a real man but look at how this Brave One protects his family usually around rhinoceros size gives it an edge in fights but not this time everyone has a friend who attacks big guys for fun who knew there were snoody people among the kudu as

Well while Grizzlies are among the most ferocious predators in Alaskan forests locals are even more afraid of moose and here’s why which would win in a fight between a gorilla and a goose well you lose if you answer gorilla but don’t be shy share your real answer in the

Comments it’s hard to believe that in nature there’s a small furry creature that can challenge the most poisonous snake on the planet and win when your opponent is a pride of 14 Lions a happy ending is very unlikely but you shouldn’t give up Either the giraffes can be very curious but it’s best not to get too curious when you’re looking at a goose with its Family and that night all the gazel gathered around the fireplace to rewatch this video and laughed hard the cow thought it would be easy to take away food from a goose but she didn’t realize that the goose wasn’t as simple as it seemed thought you can call this lioness

A loser then think how lucky she is that this blow didn’t reach her going without lunch is better than being unconscious right it’s impossible to imagine that some goat will teach you a lesson and will prove that he’s the real goat when you’re three two ton rhinoceroses here’s what happened when

The ostrich realized that he was the same height as the giraffe apparently complaints to Mom didn’t help this time lionesses keep their lions in line so they thought this would work with all wild cat males but they were wrong rabbits are one of the few animals

Who can be badass and adorable at the same time don’t you think hold your breath because you’ll never see such gorgeous footage of two wild horses fighting despite the fact that three-on-one is often a winning strategy on this day the Lions chose the wrong Opponent if you’re a fan then take a look at a real boxing or UFC fight but in any case this bully definitely overestimated his strength it’s incredible how life can be changed in a split second in the wild you still think the cheetah is the fastest animal on

Earth those overly curious cows didn’t realize the rooster wasn’t in the mood today so he had to teach them a lesson three more Times even best friends sometimes fight especially when such a naughty Rhino won’t leave you alone This dog is not allowed to dig holes in the yard so he’s trying to stop this gopher from doing this apparently he doesn’t like it very much this orangutan thought that pestering otter is a good idea what does this remind you of imagine how Fearless you must beat to

Act like that with two camels this is a 500 kg brown bear and this is a 5 kg cat who’s not happy about being woken up during his hunt this crocodile never expected this to happen to him on his own territory this is Larry the cat he doesn’t like trespassers and he’s about

To explain it to this fox if not this then what could be the most unexpected sight you can see in your backyard at night there’s a reason why hippos are aggressive towards trespassers but these guys realize that elephants are the wrong opponent except for one this cat will teach you that it’s

Not your size that matters but your self-c Confidence peacock the guy who buys the most expensive skin turkey the guy who’s actually proficient at the Game you think fast and furious had the best chases check out this one this has to be one of the greatest Wildlife moments humans have ever captured when a mom duck spots the smallest threat to her kids she’ll do anything to protect them that’s when the the White Lion

Realized the real leader of the pride wasn’t the best sparring partner fighting over mates isn’t uncommon but when two 700 kg bison do it it’s amazing to watch if hyenas knew that because of its thick skin this honey badger doesn’t care even about a lion’s bite they would

Definitely choose a different Target oh yeah he can also bite anyone a meeting between the world’s second largest and third largest mammal proves once again that Size Doesn’t Matter why is the king of beasts so careful with this dinner well because with one precise blow the dinner can turn it into the wrong

Opponent the Rhino decided to offend the little one but his mom explained to him to choose your opponents according to their way the little calf seemed to be an easy prey for a pack of wolves but there was only one problem an angry mother bison wasn’t part of the plan and this little

Guy’s no slouch himself if you think meeting a pack of lionesses in the wild is the scariest thing ever then you’ve never seen what a desperate mother is capable of protecting her child yes lions are the king of the beasts say you say now join your pride any ill-wisher should think before

Doing anything about why the local rooster is called big Man catching fish is a necessity for dolphins but for this fish it’s like playing ketchup do you still think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just a story for kids well then how can you explain this one’s endless energy and eagerness to tackle a [Applause] cat it’s easy to make food from smaller

Animals when you are literally the size of a bulldozzer until you meet a guy like that there’s a reason why lions prefer hunting large animals you can get something out of them from these aggressive little ones hey guinea pigs hurry up I have to get over there

Fast there’s only one way for a zebra to shock a crocodile in order to escape bite it back it looks like one reptile needs a psychologist today and you consider them achievements these were the opportunities I had at least I took them and this orangutan found himself surrounded by Annoying otter but was

Totally underestimated by them I would not want to meet a hungry hyena or if a wild boar suspects you might be a threat for her kiddos and this cutie needs to learn how to butt first then find some Opponents there’s one trick zebra moms know to stop Predators for messing with their babies 3,000 lb hoof kicks this pig starts regretting his bad behavior in three two One guess this Wolverine knows that the best defense is a good offense a falcon decided to mess with the wrong rooster so he got a few blows to the back of the head An experienced Tigress is the right opponent if wild dogs are trying to learn a lesson in any other situation it’d be a bad choice lionesses are formidable Predators but even they sometimes overestimate their power today you’ve already seen a horse fight but how about a horse fight where a friend stepped in Somewhere in a parallel universe a Buffalo Calf attacks and chases an adult lion are you prey I am not in danger Skyler I am the danger unlike antelopes elephants don’t abandon their brothers and can deal with such a giant predator this peacock chose the wrong opponents but for Revenge he just needs

To wait because November will come again and turkeys won’t be happy about it if animals can have phobias this ostrich will avoid elephants for the rest of his life don’t worry he’s fine the whooshy finger oh you know this H SC do zebras also have nine lives like

Cats how else can we explain this Fearless move [Applause] owls are natural Predators smart quiet and fast but even they sometimes get into trouble he got out don’t worry I can’t think of a more desperate situation for any wild animal than this is what I would say if this Buffalo was

Alone the bite force of a crocodile can reach 2 tons and there’s no way you can get out of it but fortunately these 50 Spartans don’t abandon their buddies in the midst of trouble I’ve got something more exotic for you so pick your fighter and place your bats

Fight bet you had no idea that these adorable koalas could fight while looking so adorable check out the weasel’s revenge on the seagull which no sane person would believe without this video this is literally a fight between Vin weasel and Steven seagull in the best crossover of all

Time here’s what happens when a buffalo messes with the wrong herd all the other Cows and Bulls are there like why is this weird looking dude fighting with Uncle Joe I always knew rhinoceroses are smart animals and here’s another proof because you have to think quickly to figure out it’s time to

Run ever seen an immortal goat it’s not because it can withstand a horse’s hoof but because it gets into a fight again after That okay so what do we have here now the aosom needs deodorant and the guy needs a new camera this choice is 100% Justified only if delus has always dreamed of doing a front flip based on the honey badger calm and confidence this is probably the least

Crazy part of his day next he probably went up against a Packa Lions ate an elephant and ended up swimming with crocodiles check out this bird’s shock it literally spreads its wings and was like like dude are you crazy what did I do to you admit it where else would you see

Rat wrestling watched by a shocked cat if not on this channel huh while the eagle spends years developing speed endurance and vision for hunting this duck solved intellectual problems increasing its IQ this Goose won’t give up trying to harm you regardless of whether he can and don’t even think about doubting

Him when you’re just a French Bulldog but at heart you’re a pitbull this movement is called I’m the wrong opponent for you kitties and it works as you can see this line has changed her mind about biting the hippopotamus in time but the fact that she woke him up was enough to

Teach her a lesson although goats are badasses this pig had too much at stake during mating season this donkey overestimated his strength even if you’re the largest cat in Western Asia don’t linger near an angry horse now you’ll understand why this Eagle picked the worst animal out of all the possibilities

Did you know Africa has its own space program this is its first test launch these guys studied the wrong Stone there’s something wrong with this crocodile’s ping right this pack of wild dog’s biggest mistake was attacking zudu Antelope which had a clear plan for this Lake even if you’re a professional

Rooster trainer training horses is dangerous the shark has terrified marine life for thousands of years but not everyone’s afraid don’t worry everything will be fine this sloth knows how to control its anger the chicken must beat some liquid Terminator since it doesn’t feel anything and can’t be stopped these wolves wanted easy prey

But got the most difficult fight of their lives check out this video if you don’t know how the food chain works this dog made a huge mistake by thinking the kangaroo couldn’t swim and was helpless in the water luckily no one got hurt here’s a video that’ll surprise you if you’ve

Ever wondered which was stronger a crocodile or a python when this leopard attacked the python the outcome seemed obvious but the python turned out to be the sneaky one this unique footage of a fight between a tiger and python was even used in a 1930s

Movie well that’s all for now be sure to tell us in the comments about your most unforgettable animal encounter subscribe to our Channel and hit the Bell because there’s plenty more where this came From

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