Boston Dynamics’ Latest ATLAS UPGRADE Takes Everyone by Surprise – Video

Boston Dynamics’ Latest ATLAS UPGRADE Takes Everyone by Surprise – Video

Boston Dynamics’ latest upgrade to their Atlas robot has surprised many with its impressive capabilities. In a recent video, Boston Dynamics showcased the new features of the Atlas platform, demonstrating its ability to handle real work tasks with ease. One of the most notable upgrades is the new two-prong gripper, which offers a more gentle touch compared to previous versions. This allows the robot to handle objects more delicately and efficiently, making it better suited for a wide range of tasks.

In addition to the improved gripper, the video also showcased Atlas’s resilience and agility. The robot was able to recover from a stumble, showcasing its ability to quickly adapt to unexpected situations. This level of flexibility and adaptability is crucial for robots that are intended for real-world applications.

Despite some pre-calculated elements in the demo, such as pre-scanned objects, the overall performance of the Atlas robot is still incredibly impressive. The level of precision and understanding demonstrated by the robot is a testament to Boston Dynamics’ advanced technology and engineering capabilities.

As we look towards the future of robotics and automation, the advancements made by Boston Dynamics with the Atlas robot are certainly exciting. While the cost of such advanced robots may be high, the potential benefits they offer in terms of efficiency and productivity make them a worthwhile investment. It will be interesting to see how Atlas continues to evolve and what new tasks it will be able to perform in the real world.

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Video Transcript

So Boston dynamics’s very famous robot just got a major upgrade and many people did miss this so I’m going to be informing you all on how crazy this upgrade really is so you can see right here Boston Dynamics actually posted this short and in this short it’s a very

Very informative short about the atlas platform and what this robot is capable of doing what you’re seeing Atlas do is I’m not entirely sure what it is loading but it is clearly loading some items into some sorts of carrier and then placing them out of the carrier and

Loading them into something else now essentially what we saw here with the caption that Boston Dynamics added to this was they said that this is atlas getting ready for real work and I think that this was something many people Miss because they just thought it was a

Really cool demo but this demo actually had many different small things that many people didn’t realize including myself when I watched it the first time but after watching it back one more time I realized just how impressive this demo really was now most of you guys do know

About Boston Dynamics from their very very famous videos in which they’ve done the Parkour videos where they showcase just how crazy good this is in terms of the agility of the platform of the humanoid robot but this video actually focuses on something rather impressive the reason that this video is so

Impressive is because Boston Dynamics has actually made a very small change to this robot that many people didn’t realize you can see that one of the first changes that bosson Dynamics has made if I pause the video right here you guys are going to see that they’ve

Actually made a small change to the hand if we compare that to a video that we saw prior where bosson Dynamics was doing some other work you can see that in this video it used a different style of gripper now this style of gripper is a two prong gripper this is similar to

The style of many other robots and I’m guessing the new one is a bit more Innovative the point Point here is that you can see that this kind of gripper that they did use was very very non- gentle this was a kind of grip that was

Very very I guess you could say harsh on Whatever item it might be bringing and this is something that doesn’t have as much applications as a gripper that isn’t as tight so that was something that I did notice and what that does mean is that if Boston Dynamics have

Upgraded their Atlas platform and if they’ve said in the description of the video that look this thing is going to be getting ready for real work soon that means that they are clearly experimenting with some new style of hands for Boston Dynamics that is going

To be using in order to be doing some real work now another thing that was really really impressive about this Boston Dynamics demo was the fact that the robot actually tripped up and then somehow managed to regain its footing now you can see right here that the

Robot actually trips and what was funny enough was that this was actually like a real person you can see how a real person kind of trips and they kind of regain their footing and then they look right back at the item and then something that you do see right here is

That you do see in the back you do see someone’s reaction like whoa he actually didn’t just drop he actually managed to stay up right you can see people’s reactions right they’re like wow okay this thing is pretty crazy I’m not sure if they’re like wow it nearly fell or

Wow it stayed up but I’m going to show you later on in the video how good Boston Dynamics is because this is a truly truly Advanced humanoid robot now there was also something from an article that I did see about this demo in which they stated that you know some parts of

This were pretty pred so they said that one limitation here is that some of the smarts in the video are pre-calculated at one point we see what looks like atlas’s Vision processing and it has a perfect 3D scan of the C trut ready to go so essentially they’re talking about

This point right here you can see that as the video starts off you can see that the C strot right here is a perfect 3 scan essentially what they mean is that they mean in order to get a perfect 3D scan of a similar object you’re going to

Need to scan it in a different kind of system which means that they kind of plan this out because of course if you’re running around you’re not going to get like a perfect 3D scan of an object using lighter and some Vision sensors so clearly this was planned out

In some sense but nonetheless it’s still pretty cool you can see so it says this is either aemp number 5,000 or it has already seen the strut from all angles or Atlas was pre-programmed with graphical data for this exact model castr it says either way for all lifts

In the video Atlas is saved from trying to figure out the shape of the object in real time an atlas has a lighter sensors on its face and can generate a point cloud of what it’s looking at so it just needs to line up the pre-baked model

With the point cloud and it has perfect knowledge of the Strat topography a harder level of difficulty would be picking up an object Atlas has never seen before but you’ve got to break down the challenges into smaller parts and start somewhere and that is pretty true

A common gripe in robotics is to try and get objects that have never been seen by the robot before to be picked up by that said Robot and this is something that is hard but I don’t think that something like this is pretty bad because if this

Boston Dynamics robot is going to be working with his certain Fields I’m sure that certain items are going to be you know very very normal to this robot I mean if you’re a person who’s working in a kind of environment I’m sure there are certain items that you do see pretty

Pretty often so this is not going to be that big of a deal in the future and I’m sure that whatever Boston Dynamics are cooking up here it does mean that in the future we’re likely to see these in some kind of places now one question that

I’ve always had is you know when is the full robot automation thing going to be coming one thing that I always did realize is that this thing is very very expensive I would estimate that this is probably a quarter of a million dollars maybe that is you know a little bit of

An exaggeration in terms of the price but if we take a look at some other figures you can see that the estimate if true is a huge feat considering robots usually take years to complete and cost far more spot the four-legged robot actually sells at $74,000 and according to experts

Humanoid robots like Atlas cost at least within the $100,000 rate and I’m not surprised that this is true because I do remember that a similar projects called Eve from 1X if I remember correctly it actually cost around 250,000 and it wasn’t as agile and could move as much

As this so I’m guessing that maybe this could even be more expensive ensive but then again we have no idea what Boston Dynamics is offering because we haven’t really see spot do I mean Atlas do any kind of work just yet so it will be interesting to see how Atlas does get on

In certain environments because now that they’ve actually upgraded this robot to be able to do this and previously like I said it was just a robot platform that was just pushing the bounds of what is capable and this agile Atlas was really really good at doing these runs and

Jumps but now the fact that they’ve added these prongs to this robot and now the fact that it’s able to load things and move things with these added grippers it does mean that in the future we’re going to be getting this humanoid doing some really cool stuff now

Something that I did really see that I do want to add here was that they said something and I mean you can infer many different things from it and I did infer something from it and I don’t want to start any drama but the chief strategy officer at Boston Dynamics said we

Considered making coffee or picking up an egg but decided to focus on real world manipulation challenges instead smiley face and then he said lift heavy things recognize irregular objects recover gracefully after tripping and Atlas has what the real world requires so the car strut is actually really

Heavy so the robot’s able to lift that which is a huge huge milestone a lot of the times the robots that we’re seeing they don’t really lift stuff that’s really heavy recognizing a regular objects I’m guessing that you know considering that someone’s who’s the vice president of marketing and

Communications at Boston Dynamic stating that it’s recognizing an irregular object maybe it’s recognizing the object for the first time or something that’s irregular that it hasn’t seen that many times and of course recovering gracefully after tripping is something that is really really crazy because it’s able to deal with the dynamic nature of

The environment now something that you might not know is that this statement here picking up an egg and making coffee are two very big things if you’re someone who pays attention to the robotics area that’s because recently there were two Demos in which robots actually picked up an egg and made

Coffee the first demo in which robots picked up an egg was this demo here and this of course was the Tesla Optimus demo which was the Gen 2 demo now this you know thing is a lot faster now but essentially the bit that they’re talking

About is this now I don’t know if this was just a dig at Tesla I’m not sure what the relationship is between Boston Dynamics and some of these other top companies but I did find it funny that said we’re not going to be picking up an egg or making coffee we’re actually

Going to use it for the real world so I know that statement can be quite funny but I do think that being able to do this with a robot is important because it shows at how delicate the movement are from this robot and how great it is as dealing with delicate objects because

There are so many objects that are very very fragile that you need to be able to deal with and if you have something that just has you know it’s kind of two-pronged nature that’s really really powerful I mean it’s going to be good in some Industries but isn’t going to be

Good overall and this was the second company that it probably took a dig at and you can see that this is figur humanoid robot which is making coffee with a coffee machine and of course the chief strategy officer at Boston Dynamics saying we considered making coffee but decided to focus on something

In the real world I’m not sure if that’s hilarious or just taking a dig at these other humanoid companies but one thing I would say that these other humanoid companies do have against Boston Dynamics is that they’ve been in the game a lot less and what they’ve

Achieved in their short time scale shows us that they are moving very very rapidly compared to Boston Dynamics now I do want to say that Boston Dynamics is far ahead of these companies but it will be interesting to see how they coevolve and how the competition does so in the

Future now as for the future they’ve talked about Atlas and they’ve said well what’s next for Atlas we’ve shown that we can pick up carry and throw objects while walking running and jumping NPC lets us combine the robot’s perception of the world with high level tasks like mobility and manipulation making smart

Decisions about how to move the world and how to move the world too will soon be essential for turning Atlas into a robot that can do meaningful work outside of the lab so do you think these robots are going to be in our home soon I mean these robots are very very

Expensive they cost the price of like a Ferrari or something like that and I’m sure not the average person has one of those so that means that we are looking at potentially quite some time before these things come down in price I mean with economies of scale maybe that does

Happen but you definitely have a long way away before I think we’re seeing wild skill robots that can run like these Boston Dynamics ones can so with that being said which industry do you think Boston Dynamics Atlas is going to be jumping into next

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