3940 CyberTooth: The Making of the CRESCENDO FRC Robot – Video

3940 CyberTooth: The Making of the CRESCENDO FRC Robot – Video

The 3940 CyberTooth team has once again impressed the robotics community with their latest creation, the CRESCENDO FRC Robot. Known for their aesthetically pleasing and highly functional robots, CyberTooth’s latest robot is no exception. In a recent behind the bumpers video, viewers were treated to a detailed look at the inner workings of this impressive machine.

From the under the bumper intake to the trap mechanism, CyberTooth has thoughtfully designed every aspect of their robot. The under the bumper intake, complete with 3D printed plates for guiding notes, is a testament to the team’s dedication to efficiency and precision. The trap mechanism, essential for scoring those crucial last points, showcases the team’s strategic thinking and attention to detail.

One of the standout features of the robot is the battery housing, designed for quick and easy battery changes. The use of metal clips and springs ensures that the battery can be replaced in a flash, without any smashed fingers. This innovative solution is a great example of the team’s commitment to practicality and user-friendliness.

Overall, CyberTooth’s CRESCENDO FRC Robot is a shining example of ingenuity and excellence in robotics. With a focus on functionality, efficiency, and innovation, CyberTooth continues to set the bar high for robotics teams everywhere. Watching their robot in action is not only impressive but also inspiring for aspiring roboticists looking to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of robotics.

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Video Transcript

Everybody’s Tyler here at Finn mishak check in with defending Champions 3940 cybertooth every single year cybertooth has some of the most aesthetically pleasing robots for this robot very functional as well too a lot of great things we’ll be rolling through on this awesome under the bumper intake uh they

Got a great trap mechanism I just watched their last match scoring in the Trap is so cool to see uh with this but some other cool stuff too from their targeting system we talking about actually even how they secure their battery in so much more to learn about

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Access to our scheduled videos and more 100% of this Revenue will go back to our correspondents to help recognize their efforts click the join button in any YouTube video to pledge your support Lydia we’re going to start with the belly pan here you have a great Electronics uh setup on here so talking

About why it’s so important to mount your electronics that way and just anything else that’s cool going on with us yeah so um pretty much this is kind of one of our Staples of our robotss we really like doing our Electronics like this because it allows for really easy

Access between matches um if you see we’ve drilled out different little screws for it to go in um we also take wire management very seriously it makes it very easy to see what’s going where and how different things go together now I see a little bit of

Cheeto dust by the way underneath in here is that any considerations in regards to uh getting stuff in your electronics so um that’s been a consistent problem throughout the season uh we do we have a small vacuum that we tend to take to it all right um in

General it hasn’t caused us issues yet but it’s something we keep an eye on for sure yeah this wiring battle is just so very clean on this uh what advice you have for other teams in regards to packaging Electronics what did you learn from it um pre-plan like have we like to

Take whatever area we’re going to have and kind of draw out where we want things um it’s helpful instead of just going in with no plan to kind of just think through it first Molly now we got the robot back up uh you’re doing something cool in regards to your

Battery housing so talk to me about your battery Springs that you’re using so yeah it’s very important to us to make sure that we can have quick battery changes so one way we do that is we have these little metal clips that are super easy to take off um so and then under

Underneath we have Springs that will easily pop our battery up so that we can take it out and then get a new battery in real quick no smashed fingers it’s super easy so is this something by the way that other teams uh like have you made this publicly available or looking to

Make it publicly available cuz I think some of the other teams could really benefit from we definitely should um the Springs have been a new idea for us us um but yeah I think sharing it with some other teams would be some would be a

Great idea yeah so if you do please post on like G Del stuff I think this would be really cool uh for teams to learn from awesome let’s start to go into some of the mechanical aspects of your robot as well too we’re going to pass it back

Uh over to Lydia talk about uh your under the bumper intake we’ll be following that note journey through uh into your shooter as well too so this is such a smooth process that you have walk me through uh what you have in why did you go this route for your robot it’s

Been working so well okay uh so yeah we planned we had first actually planned to do an over the bumper intake but um as we learned more about the game we realized how kind of inefficient or at least for our design how that wouldn’t exactly work so we’ve gone with an under

The bumper intake um this of all things have been the one we’ve had the most iterations on of figuring out the exact amount of grip to put on the tube but it has gotten it’s improved so much we also have these 3D printed plates that will

Guide the note into it so that it doesn’t gets caught up so then once it comes comes through the intake it’ll come through what we call the Trapper which we’ll talk about more in a minute and then it comes into our intake this intake has a preset to be right up

Against the subwoofer and it also has uh Auto targeting with our Limelight up here once it detects the April tag uh my controller will vibrate and it tells anyone to shoot very cool can we see a note come through and uh let’s show off that process well the pillow didn’t quite

Catch it but that’s okay on there so overall very slick and very smooth uh for what you have so far when you’re looking at doing uh and approaching the crescendo game what made you uh want to go you talked about the intake but how about the shooter wise what made you

Want to go with such a slick packaging that you have um I think one of the big things one of our driving forces for this robot is we wanted to be short enough to go underneath the chain uh and that’s proven to be very beneficial so

Far um being so compact just gives us um it’s a bit harder to work on but it gives us a lot of room to experiment with and just make a design that’s very compact yeah and a lot of ver Sil and you’re starting to get your Auto uh tuned in

More and more I watched your last match getting more of that multi note Auto as well too which is really great for that one other thing we haven’t talked about yet is your trap mechanism and Zach be covering more about that your last match got the climber up and going scored in

The Trap area so cool stuff to see with that walk me through why the Trap was important for your team to go for in the first place uh and then if we can see kind of how that process works to it would be great so I think the thing that

Was uh most important about the Trap was just having that last point because you never really want to end on a tie it’s always good to win by one point rather than lose by one point so what we really thought of was just having two arms and so basically without this Trapper arm

You can’t really you can’t climb at all because it will lean up against up against the Trap and then climb up and then so so you intake it through the intake it’ll this will come up and it’ll shoot it into the amp and just like that it just pops

Out well that was uh had way less momentum than our previous speaker shot there by the way so by just a little bit um so trap wise on it you know we talked about packaging of this robot any big considerations that because you know

When you look at trap a lot of times you have to almost build a new subsystem sometimes your team is integrated quite well off what you’re doing so talk to me about how that process made or worked in regards to even making it um so pretty much when having like everything kind of

Being connected um our Trapper is not just for trapping as Zach was saying um it’s what lets us climb and it’s also our amp scoring mechanism I think that was really helpful cuz it gave us so much Freedom with our shooter of letting it be just a shooter not necessarily for

Amp and speaker so this can also do you want to do some amp presets we’re able to score on either side of the robot with the amp um it’s very helpful it’s nice to have a different subst system that’s for so many different things yeah I have that

Multi-functionality in this game I think especially when you want to do everything is so important to have and cyber truth has done it really really well here so congratulations on a great robot I think there’s a lot of cool stuff that teams can learn from in this

Uh so cyber truth once again here at missaka looking for big things good luck here and of course throughout the rest of competition season thanks a lot this video on fun is brought to you by viewers like you and also in partnership with the following anark is

Your One Stop Shop for all your box competition needs celebrating 20 years of quality robotics parts and Superior Service anark employees have over 200 years of first team experience from mechanical and electrical products to tools and Hardware head on over to anim mark.com for highquality and affordable Solutions

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