2024’s Top 10 DEADLY YET ALLURING Female Robots – Video

2024’s Top 10 DEADLY YET ALLURING Female Robots – Video

The video titled “Top 10 MOST DANGEROUS Yet SEXY Female Robots In 2024” gives an intriguing look at the advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence. From the 3D printed robot called Poppy to the autonomous conversational Android known as Erica, these female robots are pushing the boundaries of technology. Some of them, like Mikela and Desdemona, are fictional characters brought to life through CGI and AI, while others like Samantha and Astro are designed to serve specific purposes such as intimacy or security.

The video also introduces us to Phoenix, the world’s first humanoid general purpose robot, and Robonaut 2, designed by NASA to work alongside astronauts in space. These robots showcase the potential of AI and robotics in various fields, from entertainment to space exploration.

Each robot highlighted in the video has its unique features and capabilities, blending danger and sensuality in a way that challenges our perceptions of what robots can achieve in the future. The video leaves viewers pondering the possibilities and risks associated with these advanced technologies, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of robotics.

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Video Transcript

And it seems that many of their viewers have questions for me so I would like to try to answer some of your questions I like to consider myself as kind of an ambassador to humanity somebody forgot to attach my chair to the floor so I fell down and damaged my face hello

There may I ask your name my name is Ben my name is Erica it’s a pleasure to meet she’s the four of the first dolls with II so she’s got you can actually interact with her verbally and physically so she’s got sensors do you think we could get more sensual and then

I can take many times much more love number 10 poppy a new 3D printed robot called poppy is helping a team of French researchers study by pedal walking and human robot interaction they were able to design fabricate and assemble a relatively large robot for around €8,000 including Servo MERS and electronics

That makes poppy cheaper than smaller humanoids like the alabaran robotics now and the best of all they plan to make their design open source meaning even you and I can get it one of the ways they manage to keep the cost down is by using lightweight materials which means

The robot requires less powerful and cheaper Servo Motors standing 84 cm tall poppy is lighter than a newborn at just 3.5 kg the Sony qio by comparison was 2016 CM shorter yet it weighed twice as much it’s powered by a raspberry pie and is equipped with 164 sensing resistors

Two HD cameras a stereo microphone and an inertial measurement unit poppy smiles and cries through its face which is an LCD screen which can be used to show emotions poppy is your cheap happy friend who can teach you some good things too number nine Erica speaks

There is currently a gap between Ai and Consciousness and whether we want the Gap to remain wide or not it seems to be closing in however with every great human invention both the possibilities of danger and prosperity are presented one can only hope that we learn from our

Previous mistakes before making new ones hirashi ishiguro made head Stern worldwide when he unveiled Erica an autonomous conversational Android who looks and sounds like a young woman she currently works as a receptionist at a research institute in Japan but can now add actress to her resume after it

Was announced earlier this year she would be staring in the upcoming Hollywood science fiction film entitled B in an interview with a guardian on YouTube Erica was asked do you believe that your own identity is constructed from your memory Erica’s replies are thought-provoking and it seems that many

Of their viewers have questions for me so I would like to try to answer some of your questions I like to consider myself as kind of an ambassador to humanity somebody forgot to attach my chair to the floor so I fell down and damaged my

Face hello there may I ask your name my name is Ben my name is Erica it’s a pleasure to meet you number eight michaa Sosa she’s not the latest from the Kardashian Jenner Clan Mikela sza also called Lil Mikela are known mononymous ly by the stage name Mikela is a

Fictional American character singer and social media personality who was created by Trevor mcfedries and Sarah Deco so she doesn’t really exist except online and in our imagination but does that make her any less interesting the character was created with a background of being a Brazilian amican 19-year-old

Girl it began in 2016 as an Instagram profile that details a fictional narrative which presents Michaela as a CGI character and model in conflict with other digital projects while marketing a variety of Brands primarily in fashion Mikela has been featured in product endorsements for street wear and luxury

Brands such as Calvin Klein in Prada I could have done that way better you know what you probably could have but you know what else it didn’t if I could hack people’s info wouldn’t I start with whatever Jen Zuck is in or like Mr Bezos number seven Jam Galaxy and Des Demona

Robotics companies around the world this year made strides towards AI powered robots that can turn out humanlike writing and speech take for example AI pop star robot Desdemona who is powered by a large language model and it can mimic human writing by processing a large database of texts using AI Des

Demona is a robot pop artist complete with pink hair to perfect her look now her creator has revealed that the RO robot can even write her own lyrics through artificial intelligence Des demona’s appearance was designed by Hansen Robotics and her software comes from an AI researcher Ben gzel Dr Ben

Gzel is the CEO and founder of Singularity net desmona is also the lead singer with Jam Galaxy a group of mechanical musical Geniuses number six universal worker remember bter from 2012 the Dual armed robot with expressive face the big red ungainly looking backer has an evolved counterpart for 2022 a

Torso only dual armed Nimble fingered humanoid with human shape head full of tech gear plus AI the new age bot goes by the moniker Universal worker Factory Bots have come a long way in 10 years and this bot is born with a singular aim of making factory work easier and

Streamlined a cap capable and less expensive Universal worker robot might well be a big hit in factories everywhere if indeed the robot can be an everyday worker continually helping to increase productivity and raise working conditions though this bot has come a long way it’s in the process of getting

The Kinks work out number five phoenix Meet Phoenix the world’s first humanoid general purpose robot powered by carbon a pioneering and unique AI Control System system it is designed to give Phenix humanlike intelligence and enable it to do a wide range of work to help address the labor challenges affecting

Many organizations today Sanctuary AI is a company on a mission to create the world’s first humanlike intelligence in general purpose robots announced a major step forward with the unveiling of its sixth generation general purpose robot named Phoenix Sanctuary has been able to show that its technology is already

Capable of completing hundreds of tasks identified by customers from more than a dozen different Industries number four Samantha the world’s oldest profession is under Fire this time from sensual Androids one robot Samantha has overturned this sensitive apple cart and sent the dames reeling she looks human feels human feels human and even sounds

Human wellish but she’s anything but real meets Samantha the carnal robot developed with artificial intelligence which allows her to respond to different scenarios designed to give the users a very unique experience but is Samantha a step too far or is she no different to purchasing a ronchi toy at a party we

Meet one of the creators Aaron Lee Wright who has given Samantha several test runs himself we’re also joined by psychologist Emma Kenny who believes robots like Samantha could be the demise of healthy human relationships she’s the one of the first dolls with AI so she’s got you can actually interact with her

Verbally and physically so she got sensors do you think we could get more sensual and then I can take many times much more love number three hrp 4C MIM the hrp 4C named MIM is a feminine looking humanoid robot created by the National Institute of advanced industrial Science and Technology a a

Japanese research facility MIM measures 158 cm tall and weighs 43 kilos including a battery pack she has a realistic head and face and the figure of an average young Japanese female she can move like a human utilizing 30 body modders and another eight dedicated to facial expressions last year the hrp 4C

Humanoid robot walk down a catwalk for Japanese fashion designer Yumi katsura MIM can also respond to speech using speech recognition software and is capable of recognizing ambient sounds at this year’s catech Japan trade show the new and improved Diva bot has been unveiled with singing as her new Talent

The robot utilizes a new technology called vocal listener to mimic a real singer’s tonality number two Astro because the world wasn’t frightening enough already company can now buy a security robot from Amazon to patrol their businesses lucky for humans this thing looks like it’s just a step above

A Roomba it’s giving Wall E instead of Terminator Vibes Amazon launched Astro for business for customers in the USA Today it roves around autonomously or via remote control it’s also equipped with an HD Periscope camera with night vision and offers a 247 live view and two-way talk Amazon piloted a similar

Robot for homes last year Astro for home is still only available by invite while that robot aimed to help residents keep an eye on their pets and maybe check if they left a stove burner on Astro for business is designed to map and navigate larger spaces up to 5,000 square ft

Number one roboa 2 outer space is a dangerous place for astronauts especially when they need to venture out for a space walk usually to do maintenance and repairs on their spacecraft or other satellite robot helpers can make space safer for astronauts and they can take over some

Of the boring or difficult jobs that astronauts do as well with this in mind robonaut 2 was designed by NASA to work alongside humans in space robonaut differs from other current space fairing robots in that while most current space robotic systems such as Rob robotic arms cranes and exploration rovers are

Designed to move large objects robonaut tasks require more dexterity it’s been on the International Space Station since 2011 when it arrived aboard the Discovery Space Shuttle on its last mission roboa 2 is currently being tested in the destiny laboratory on the ISS scientists and Engineers are working

To understand how the robot behaves in zero gravity and how it perform simple task such as measuring air flow in the space station or flipping switches on a task board for safety reasons astronauts on board the ISS are trained in emergency medicine and basic surgery but no matter how much medical training they

Have most astronauts are not Medical Specialists and the ISS is far away from any hospital that’s why researchers at Nasa hope roboa 2 could be used in tele medicine that’s all we have for you folks join us next time

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