Warning for 2024: Oumuamua Will Return, and It Will Be Accompanied – Video

Warning for 2024: Oumuamua Will Return, and It Will Be Accompanied – Video

In 2017, a mysterious object named ‘Oumuamua made its way into our solar system, becoming the first known interstellar object (ISO) to visit. This elongated, reddish-hued rock puzzled astronomers due to its unique shape and behavior. ‘Oumuamua was not alone in its visit, as in 2019, Comet 2i/Borisov followed suit, marking the second ISO to be observed by astronomers.

While ISOs are rare, studies suggest that our solar system has likely captured many travelers from other star systems over its ancient existence. Scientists propose that these ISOs may even be orbiting around Earth. By studying these interstellar guests, astronomers gain valuable insights into the formation and evolution of distant star systems.

The Oort Cloud, a vast region on the edges of our solar system, is believed to contain numerous icy objects, possibly of interstellar origin. Through analyzing cometary compositions, experts suggest that these objects could be interlopers from other star systems.

One such recent visitor, Comet 96P/Machholz 1, has caught the attention of scientists for its unusual behavior and composition. This comet, potentially originating from outside our solar system, has sparked curiosity and excitement among researchers. As astronomers continue to study these enigmatic interstellar travelers, the mysteries of our cosmos unfold.

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Video Transcript

The very first known Interstellar object or ISO to pay a visit to our solar system was a rocky elongated interloper with a slightly reddish Hue it was spotted in 2017 and was dubbed with the Hawaiian name a mua mua it was almost 10 times as long as it was wide and it was

Extremely unusual objects in our solar system are rarely shaped this way so astronomers hoped it could provide some Clues into how other star systems Form and Function for hundreds of millions of years longer than I’ve been around this bizarre guest has been wandering through our home milkyway Galaxy not bothering to settle

Down in some star system and then it came across the solar system after the space traveler was discovered hundreds and probably even thousands of telescopes all over the world including eso’s very large telescope in Chile sprang into action they started measuring the object’s orbit its color and bright brightness that’s when it became

Apparent that the space Rock had an unusual orbit some astronomers suggested that alua mua was emitting hydrogen it had picked up during its Journey between Stars this was a simple explanation for the mystery that had evoked lots of outlandish theories when this bizarre guest was first spotted upon entering

The solar system scientists were not sure what its nature was some claimed it was a comet others disagreed saying it didn’t have the features typical for comets a visible long tail and a coma which is a clot of gases surrounding the nucleus of a comet plus its shape was

Different from that of other comets the only thing that made a mua mua more comet-like was the way it accelerated as it went away from the Sun the unusual object started to slow down on its way out but in a strange way as if not only

Gravity was in play there it seemed like something was creating a force to counter this Gra gravity but unfortunately this Theory didn’t quite fit either the problem is that comets usually have large quantities of water ice on their surface and as the sun heats this ice it gets ejected as jets

Of gas those Jets act as many rocket boosters but amoa mua not only had no tail whatsoever but it was also too small to capture enough solar energy to support this kind of activity of course this mysterious space pH caused some more outlandish theories for example some people started to claim

That a mua mua could be a spacecraft sent by a civilization living in another star system however scientists found a better explanation a comet that is traveling between Stars gets cooked by Cosmic radiation these rays penetrate thick layers of eyes converting up to 25% of water molecules into molecules of

Hydrogen and then this trapped hydrogen gets released when some star warms the comet the effects of this process are almost invisible this might be the reason why we didn’t see a spectacular taale accompanying omua mua at the same time the potential Comet was so small that this could produce enough Force to

Power its acceleration as for the amount of ice released as amua mua was coming closer to the Sun it was likely too small for astronomers to spot it now even though amua mua was the first known Interstellar object to enter our solar system it wasn’t the last in August 2019

Comet 2i borof visited us becoming the second ISO astronomers managed to spot now no one can argue that there are simply must be more visitors from far away star systems than those two isos are rare but our solar system is pretty old it must have been capturing some Interstellar Travelers over the millions

And millions of years of its existence even though they never stayed for very long one study has taken a closer look at Interstellar objects and they concluded that these space Travelers might be caught not in solar orbits but in near Earth orbits the astronomers working on this project even go as far

As to claim that there might be a lot of isos in orbit around Earth now finding tiny objects in the vastness of the cosmos is extremely tricky think about it what images of distant areas of space do we usually get mostly Stars sometimes unclear pictures of exoplanets even more

Rarely it can be discs of debris but fine detail in small space objects almost never so it’s actually lucky for us that other solar systems send their inhabitants to visit us because by studying isos we gain insight into the formation Evolution and functioning of other star

Systems have you ever heard of the orch cloud it’s the most most distant region of our solar system and it’s quite unusual you see the orbits of the planets lie mostly in the same flat disc surrounding the Sun but the or cloud is believed to resemble a spherical shell

Surrounding the entire solar system it looks like a gigantic thick walled bubble made up of chunks of ice and other space debris as large as mountains or even bigger astronomers think that the or Cloud contains billions if not trillions of different objects there might also be a connection between

The or cloud and isos because scientists think that Interstellar objects might outnumber those from the solar system in this region even though no one has ever observed the or Cloud directly astronomers are sure it does exist they made such a conclusion after observing the distribution of comets in our solar

System the or Cloud could have formed from debris in the early solar system but some experts argue that the largest part of this unusual sh shell could be Interstellar in origin if travelers from other star systems are as common as some studies suggest lots of the bodies on

The edges of the solar system are likely to have originated in other systems sadly this Theory hasn’t been proven yet now since we’ve been talking about comets not Cupid or donder or Blitzen one of them has recently approached the Sun at Breakneck speed it was 96p Mach

Holse One this comet is around 3.7 M wide and astronomers think it might have arrived from outside the solar system the NASA European Space Agency solar and heliospheric Observatory spacecraft has been monitoring the comet so look at this that’s the comet’s tail it’s mostly made up of gas it’s trickling behind

Frozen chunks of ice that are getting heated by the radiation coming from the Sun in some cases a comic can have two tails one made of dust and the other consisting of gas and each of them can reach hundreds and in some extreme situations even millions of miles in

Length in 2008 scientists analyzed the material left by 150 comets they found out that the comet we’re talking about was quite low in carbon and didn’t contain a large enough amount of some other typical materials this could only mean one thing the comet was an interloper coming from another star system

It may have been ejected from its original solar system by the gravity of a large planet after that the poor homeless thing probably spent a large amount of time wandering around space until it came across Jupiter the gas giant could have bent the comet’s trajectory trapping it in orbit around

The sun there’s one more Theory according to it the comet formed in a poorly studied region of the solar system and it has this weird composition due to its repeated Journey Jes around the Sun now scientists are watching the comet with anticipation like Christmas since it’s an atypical one both in its

Behavior and composition they don’t know what they will see which makes the whole process even more exciting most comets falling toward the sun are quite small not more than 32 ft across that’s why they burn up as soon as they come close to our star but the sheer size of maol

One which is more than 2/3 the height of Mount Everest seems to protect the comet from evaporating completely you know many different things have nothing in common at first glance the appearance of mysterious clouds over Stonehenge and the migration of wolves and Canada patterns on the wings of a Caribbean butterfly and

Strange footprints on the moon’s surface these are all random facts but people can see Connections in these events let’s see how it can happen and where it can lead to imagine reading some crazy article on one of the unreliable sites forgetting about it and then beginning to notice

Small details in the world that might indicate that the information in this article is true you realize you’ve learned something unusual but for some reason other people don’t see it or don’t want to see it you try to tell them but no one wants to listen to you

And some people even think you’ve gone mad let stop for a moment and see what kind of article you’ve R so in 2017 one not so truthful site published a story about a ship from another planet called Black Knight that had been spying on people for 12,000

Years but not long ago Agents from a secret organization managed to destroy it sounds like absolute nonsense or a plot for a cheap sci-fi movie of course you don’t believe it but a few years later you find a story about Nicola Tesla let’s fast forward to 8 1999 the

Famous scientist was sitting in his laboratory in Colorado Springs conducting radio experiments suddenly his receiver caught a strange radio signal then after a while another one the signals came in with the same time interval as if someone wanted to send a message Nicola Tesla realized it could be something from extraterrestrial

Civilizations that were trying to start a dialogue with people using the most universal language math he also reported about this event in a magazine at the beginning of the 20th century and added that he hadn’t deciphered the message okay now let’s forget about it and see what happened

Next in 1927 an engineer from Oslo who was fond of radio devices was sending signals into open space he was surprised when sometime later the same signals began to return to his receiver it was as if the signals bounced off something big and echoed back or something received these messages and then sent

Them back to the sender to make an acquaintance the man quickly reported his Discovery to Scientific journals and perhaps someone connected this event with Nicola Tesla’s words about strain signals from space all this were just prerequisites for the Black Knight but the most exciting events started decades

Later in the’ 60s Tha magazine published an article that said that the US had discovered a satellite orbiting Earth and using unknown technology a couple of years later project Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper reported that he had seen a strange object during his space flight but the Black Knight became really

Famous only in the late ’90s when NASA published a series of images of a mysterious object during the first flight to the ISS astronauts noted weirdly shaped somethings and took several pictures then someone gathered all the facts collected all the information about the black satellite and discovered that it had been flying

Around our planet for more than 10,000 years how did they figure it out people managed to calculate the age of those radio signals that Tesla and the engineer had received if this is true the Black Knight appeared much earlier than the samarians in ancient Egypt what if this satellite helped build pyramids

And Majestic temples what if it had been watching over our development all this time and transmitting this information to another plan Planet what if mysterious images ancient people drew depicted the satellite people began to suspect NASA and other space agencies of hiding information about the black object to prevent

Panic and now after having received all the data about the mysterious satellite you might begin to suspect that the bizarre article may actually be true this news is so improbable and ridiculous that no one will believe it if you want to hide something hide it in plain sight and so together with other

Enthusiasts you start hunting for any information about the mysterious ship you create forums post photos of unknown objects and become obsessed with this topic you really believe in the reality of the Black Knight moreover you don’t want to question its existence and people reading your articles do the same

Congratulations you have become an ideal candidate for creating fake news in the yellow press such myths and urban legends seem attractive the human brain feels pleasure when it finds fake secret information the feeling of mystery adrenaline and shock can cause psychological addiction that’s why the stories about the Black Knight are still

Alive mysterious facts seem logical and people stop seeing information that refutes their theories the case of the Black Knight is no exception the fans of this black object believe that Nicola Tesla received signals from some space civilization but for some reason they don’t attach importance to scientific articles which

Say that such radio signals could be sent by giant space objects like pulsars a pulsar is a rotating neutron star emitting powerful electromagnetic radiation such radiation is often found in space these radio waves don’t imply the presence of a mind and a sender the cosmos is full of such signals the

Technology for detecting such objects were created in the’ 60s or maybe Tesla’s device caught a signal coming from our planet besides the scientists didn’t see anything about the Black Knight so why did people connect these two events that story with the Norwegian engineer is still unexplained yes his

Signals returned as an echo but this had nothing to do with the flying object in question either you might as well say that the satellite somehow influenced the Titanic there’s no logic in such assumptions strangely no one connected the Black Knight with the yeti or the Kraken now let’s return to that Times

Article about a strange object flying around Earth it also stated it was a fragment of an American reconnaissance satellite but fans of myths and legends apparently didn’t notice this explanation as for astronaut Cooper who was said to spot some object during his mission he actually saw nothing he even

Showed a transcript with no reports about the black satellite however some Believers in other civilizations keep silent about this fact so the main proof of the black Knight’s existence is the photos taken during the first flight to the ISS the astronauts notied the strange object and took pictures but it

Wasn’t a surprise for them because some part of the ship broke away during some work they did outside it was a piece of thermal coating the astronauts sent the photo to NASA and the space agency assigned it a personal number as it does with all such objects a few days later

The Black Knight fell out of orbit and burned up an Earth’s atmosphere almost all this information was recorded in official protocols one of NASA’s Engineers who knew the photographer of the black satellite explained that those famous photos depicted an ordinary piece of the ship there was nothing fantastic about it but

The fans of extraterrestrial Rockets must have missed all this information inform all these myths have long been debunked and all the false facts have been refuted but the Black Knight continues to live in many people’s minds and on the pages of the yellow press it has become a link between many reports

Of strange flying objects over the years hundreds of stories have appeared about secret Laboratories with extraterrestrial Technologies about NASA hiding secrets and about creatures from other planets and many people connected these myths with the black satellite it has stopped being a real physical object now it’s a cultural phenomenon remember

How the main symbol of extraterrestrial civilizations with a flying saucer is not trending anymore today the symbol is a black weirdly shaped Stone don’t be fooled are we really by ourselves in the universe it’s a daunting question that’s been haunting us for centuries no wonder scientists have tried to come

Up with all sorts of ideas as to why one of the strangest theories concerning our lack of contact with other life forms is named The Dark Forest Theory let’s start small well sort of we’ll focus on our Milky Way for now to better understand this Theory our Cosmic neighborhood is a galactic

Wonderland sprinkled with 200 billion twinkling stars and maybe around 100 billion planets so let’s get hypothetical for a moment and say a tiny part of those habitats post life further out of those life-bearing planets a few might have evolved into intelligent beings given that you’d think we’d be kneee in weird looking

Neighbors some of whom might be actively trying to find us or might just be out there waiting to be discovered now let’s put a little science into this science fiction scenario we have something called the Drake equation which is a kind of universal roll call that estimates how

Many smart civilizations could pop up in our galaxy you can think of this equation as the super smart road map by playing around with a few important factors the equation hints that there should be around 20 civilizations just in our Galactic backyard so why haven’t we stumbled upon any

Yet this Theory isn’t an easy task it’s a a mixed bag of multiple variables like the average number of planets per solar system that could potentially host life or the rate at which stars suitable for intelligent life are formed a tricky part here is that astronomers have yet

To solidify the exact values of these variables which means our calculations are just approximations for now but back to the Milky Way shall we fit in our hypothetical assumptions crunch the numbers and you get at least 20 civilizations yet somehow our Cosmic switchboard remains weirdly silent how come this

Radio Silence has its own name too the fery Paradox named after the guy who first thought hey where is everybody over 50 years ago since then we’ve had a lot of different theories trying to solve this mystery all tinkering with different aspects of the Drake equation some folks think the appearance of life

Is a rare event others think that getting from bacteria to Advanced beings is the tricky part yet some reckon that civilizations might either wipe themselves out after a short lifespan or never even get to invent something they could communicate with but there’s one theory that tops all others in its

Creepiness the Dark Forest Theory according to it the universe is a huge Cosmic version of a haunted forest and other types of creatures are out there playing a game of hide and seek they’re intentionally keeping silent why well the Dark Forest theory was best explained in a Sci-Fi novel and

The rationale goes something like this for starters every life form wants to stay alive all by that if we go with that assumption it’s impossible to be sure whether other life forms might harm you if they get the chance so the safest bet is to take them out before they find

The right time to do the same to you Frankly Speaking it’s the universe’s version of the survival of the fittest in this scenario making contact with others becomes the most dangerous game as it could lead to your location being traced and you being wiped out how human this results in everyone keeping

Quiet a kind of universal shush where every civilization tries to hide in utter Cosmic silence but hey is this just an idea good for a thrilling novel or does it have some real world implications well the theory was suggested by scientist David Brin as a possible explanation for

The lack of radio evidence for non- earthlike life he went as far as imagining it would be robots that would do the Dirty Work of wiping out civilizations but how realistic is this Theory anyway well it doesn’t require us to assume a lot of stuff about the behavior of all foreign civilizations

Just one advanced race behaving this way could explain our observed reality and it might explain why we’ve not picked up any advanced radio chatter despite A Century of EAS dropping it’s possible that other creatures like us are too terrified of being noticed and have gone radio silent on purpose but

And it’s a big butt like mine it does base itself on the notion that other species share our level of risk aversion and logic or that there’s a rogue civilization out there picking off anyone they perceive as a threat and that’s a pretty significant assumption if that doesn’t sound creepy this next

Piece of information certainly will for about a century now we’ve been shouting our existence into the cosmos if this Theory proves to be correct every other civilization within a 100 light years of us might be getting our signals and knowing exactly where we are and if we have reasons to hide from them

As suggested by some like Steven Hawking we might already be in trouble but what if this Theory isn’t true what if sooner than we’d like to imagine weird Galactic creatures will indeed try to reach us the truth is most of us wouldn’t even know what to

Do ay let’s not get over ourselves in fact some scientists are tackling this issue head on for the first time since the 1980s Specialists are trying to cook up a how-to guide for when we inevitably bump into Cosmic neighbors for instance some researchers believe we’ve got to do more than just

Worry about how these life forms could shake up our world if they send any type of radio signals down here we’ve got to think about our reply what are we going to say hey we’re humans nice to meet you absolutely not we’ve got to do better

Than that see the only plan we’ve had till now came from a rough blueprint dating from 1989 not this guide is a bit wishy-washy on what to do when the entire world gets the outer worldly text mostly it says hey let’s share the news with everyone but then what if we

Confirm it’s legit officials will need to ask the United Nations for advice but hey does the United Nations even have a plan maybe who knows we’ve been doing loads of space exploring lately some say we’ve stumbled upon water on Mars others are sure we’ve spotted some planets that could be twins

To Earth so the idea of finding life elsewhere isn’t that far-fetched but even after a hundred years of trying to chat with Cosmic beings it’s still a one-sided conversation this new protocol isn’t just about chatting up Outsiders it’s also going to act as our Cosmic voicemail checking messages from outer

Space it aims not just to decode the external lingo it’s also planning to figure out what these messages could mean mean for us the plan is also to draft reports about how different policies could impact us and set up guidelines on how to respond to these space

Texts so will we ever get a message from our Cosmic mates only time will tell but what we do know is that we just can’t wing it we can’t be caught off guard and start a planet-wide frenzy when we get that otherworldly what’sapp we got to

Have a plan and we got to have it ready for when we’re face to face with the real deal I mean we’ve come across a lot of potential such sightings but none of them proved to be genuine on that note us authorities checked over a 100 cases

Of weird stuff going on in the skies I’ll spare you the details but not one green creature was ever found more like drones and similar stuff floating around so as we stand on the cusp of this potentially game-changing event EV we must strive to be prepared whether our Intergalactic neighbors drop us a

Text tomorrow or centuries from now we need a plan after all this could change everything we know about our universe and our place within it there are probably 36 other civilizations hanging out in the Milky Way and over 170 billion galaxies give or take in the observable universe

Condition for life are all over space so where is everybody nuclear physicist enrio fery came up with this exact same question during a lunch break with his colleagues in 1950 leading to one of the most unsettling paradoxes in the universe even though there’s a huge probability of extraterrestrial civilizations existing we still haven’t

Found any clear evidence of them when possible explanation comes from the zoo hypothesis it suggests that advanced extraterrestrial societies exist and know exactly who we are and where we are but intentionally choose to stay hidden they’re just observing human quirky behaviors as if we’re in some kind of a cosmic Wildlife

Park but their intentions could be much darker If You’re a Star Trek fan you probably remember the main rule for Federation members Starfleet officers shouldn’t contact species that are not Advanced to avoid messing with their development even if it means risking their own lives now even though it’s fiction this rule perfectly captures

What the zoo hypothesis is all about beings from other corners of the universe see our planet as a cosmic zoo with one-way bars they can watch us brushing our teeth in the morning or walking our dog but we can’t catch a glimpse of them in this Theory non-terrestrial life

Forms deliberately keep their distance from us sticking to a hands-off policy agreement in the vast Cosmic neighborhood it’s like those super smart beings agreed that we needed to have the freedom to shape our own future and Destiny following our own path of development without external contamination the idea is that these

Super Advanced civilizations could be like oh I don’t know 500 million years ahead of us which would explain why we haven’t seen any signs of them and maybe it’s better this way as humans could eventually be destroyed or even assimilated by this new cosmic power Independence Day

Style as much as things like going to an art museum might be interesting to us extraterrestrials probably wouldn’t be too thrilled watching us stare at the monalisa painting for hours interplanetary cultures might be more into buying tickets to quietly observe how we’re developing new technologies such as ultramodern

Satellites according to the zoo Theory they can’t reach out to us until we hit a certain level of development so improving our technology and wisdom could be the only way to show them that we’re mature enough and don’t need their spaceship parenting anymore there are a couple of reasons

Why it’s hard to buy into the zoo hypothesis I mean okay extraterrestrials might not visit or reach out because we’re not all that advanced but it is tough to explain why they keep ignoring all our attempts to communicate even if the zookeepers try their best not to interfere with animals lives and

Behaviors I bet they couldn’t just ignore a bear speaking in loud and clear English about its desire to communicate so that’s pretty much why humans keep trying and trying to provoke some reaction from inhabitants of other planets using radio signals in 20177 in a Valley 8 m southeast of

The Norwegian city of truma a radar antenna transmitted some specially composed electronic music to potential Intergalactic listeners the target audience was in GJ 273 also known as light and star it’s a runty red dwarf located 12 light years from our Solar System since radio waves travel at the

Speed of light we’ll have to wait more than two DEC Ates before looking for a reply but the main problem with radio WS is that we’re kind of in the dark about where to look and civilizations might be as far as 177,000 light years away plus we don’t know which radio frequency

Extraterrestrials use to chat now here on Earth we use the radio spectrum to send signals into the universe assuming that what works for us might be a common method for other civiliz ations but in fact it could be considered a somewhat old school technique for other beings that’s why

Current projects are now looking for techno signatures which are signs of technological activity from extraterrestrials like City Lights solar panels Mega structures or artificial satellites another potential clue is to study the atmospheres of planets orbiting nearby stars as an advanced civilization might be altering its atmosphere with different gases making

It detectable despite Decades of observations there is still no definitive evidence that advanced extraterrestrial civilizations are out there but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist even by expanding search Fields we’re talking about odds much Slimmer than hitting the jackpot with a roughly 1 in three billion chance of finding an

Advanced civilization within a given distance from Earth maybe space creatures are responding to our community communication attempts but in a way that we can’t understand the universe has been around for more than 13 billion years while humans showed up just 200,000 years ago and this is about

0.01% of the universe’s age it’s like we’re still learning to talk while other super smart beings might be sending us messages that are all Lost in Translation we keep waiting for a giant UFO to land on Earth and for green ETS with huge eyes to come out of it but we

Forget that our Intergalactic neighbors could be more interesting in building nanotechnologies to watch over us they could also be trying to communicate using neutrinos which are subatomic particles with an extremely small mass that could effortlessly pass through our planet without being detected by our current technological devices now the zoo hypothesis has

Another issue it is pretty tough to believe that with all these civilizations supposedly hanging out in the universe they would all decide not to reach out to humans for this to happen there would have to be a great sense of structure with a higher intelligence working as

The head of the universe giving them direct orders and clear rules to keep us isolated but we’re talking about billions of possibilities for life right more civilizations mean that there are more chances of a violation of this no contact rule so most likely at least one independent Planet would be

Just as desperate to find life in the universe as we are some scientists also believe that if such Advanced life had substantially colonized Earth and many other planets we would know it by now the zoo hypothesis has two other variations that are even more frightening in the laboratory hypothesis

Nobody contacts us because humankind is actually being subjected to experiments and Earth is essentially a giant science lab other worldly creatures could be analyzing human responses to various survival challenges such as tsunamis or massive earthquakes in this case the no contact agreement between all other space groups would make a bit more

Sense since it’s in the name of scientific research for the greater good at least for them the planetarium hypothesis proposed in 2001 suggests that we are living in an artificial Universe in some kind of virtual reality designed to give us the illusion that the universe is empty when

It’s not but no possible generator could test this hypothesis besides the zoo the laboratory and the planetarium theories there is another possible answer to the fmy Paradox nobody contacts us because humans are completely alone in the universe this is known as the rare earth hypothesis and and it emphasizes how

Earth occupies an incredibly unique position no other planet could bring life to the universe that could be more than just bacteria we may consider ourselves pretty lucky as even a small change in any of Earth’s orbital parameters like the distance from the Earth to the Sun or the rate of rotation could make

Conditions too extreme for people or life in general but again it’s hard to think that we are alone in this vast universe so we’re back to the Paradox where is everybody now I don’t want to Spook you but there’s a chance that our entire Milky Way galaxy is located in the

So-called space void it’s a region where there’s relatively little matter compared to other corners of the known universe and it’s much less dense than it is elsewhere in the universe in other words we might exist in an air bubble in a cake if that’s true it would mean that

We’re even lonely than we thought H in our universe all the galaxies are constantly moving away from each other in order to understand how far they move away scientists use something called the hubo latra constant it’s like a speedometer but for Galaxies however there’s a cosmic mystery called the

Hubble tension it’s challenging what we know about the universe’s expansion scientists used to consider the Hubble latri constant a reliable guide but our recent observations question this reliability the speeds we see in real life don’t match up with the distances we calculated and expected they aren’t sure why these measurements don’t add up

Researchers followed the moves of supernovas and saw that the Universe seems to expand faster around us than it does overall as if it’s actively avoiding us specifically H after considering this they began to assume that we might all live in a cosmic void Cosmic voids are vast empty spaces

Between galaxies kind of like between my ears they make our entire world look like a big sponge now let’s go back to the beginning just a fraction of a second after the big bang right after the beginning of everything the universe was a hot compressed plasma it only had

Very tiny variations in density called Quantum fluctuations after the big bang the universe began to expand those Quantum fluctuations grew together with it creating regions of varying matter density because of that the Universe didn’t expand everywhere uniformally instead little claps of matter began to gather together over a long period of

Time creating massive structures galaxies galaxies are arranged in huge walls and filaments with enormous gaps in between and these gaps are voids also known as dark space now these voids aren’t truly empty in fact they actually hold more than 15% of the amount of matter found on average throughout the entire universe they

Still contain gas dust dark matter and even stars and galaxies however they have less density than regions with galaxies about a tenth of the average matter density which is why we consider them nearly empty usually they’ll have a diameter ranging from about 30 to 300 million light years that is an enormous

Distance even on a space scale for comparison most planets and nebulas we found so far have a distance of hundreds and rarely thousands of light years away from us in the case of voids if you were in the middle of one it would just look like seemingly Eternal Darkness the

Closest Stars would be so far away that they would be almost invisible to you some of them are especially large they’re known as super voids the largest known one was creatively named giant void ooh it’s so big it’s impossible for us to even imagine 1.5 billion Lighty

Years away with a diameter of 1 to 1.3 billion light years yeah it’s basically a big dark vacuum but even this giant vacuum isn’t entirely empty the giant void houses 17 separate Galaxy clusters within its expanse however it might not be the biggest emptiness in our universe

There’s this thing called the CMB cold spot is this usually large and chilly area of our universe that we saw through the microwaves it really stood out on the map of our universe with its unexpectedly low temperatures and scientists have spent many years trying to figure out what the thing is in 2015

Scientists proposed that this place might be a supervoid and probably the largest one ever being even more original with this one they called it the great void if it’s true this place would be an emptiness of about 1.8 billion Lightyear in diameter about a thousand times larger than typical voids

Not everyone thinks that’s possible so scientists keep arguing over this one there’s another interesting Theory going about this place one researcher suggested that this place might have been a trace on our collision with a parallel world it’s a pretty bold hypothesis but unfortunately there’s no

Way for us to confirm or deny it with our current Technologies in any case as the universe expands these voids will grow and the walls connecting Galaxy clusters will stretch and break eventually the voids will merge leaving gravitationally bound Galaxy clusters as islands in the expanding emptiness in

Other words sooner or later the great emptiness will consume everything in our world so it turns out we might be a rare occasion in a supervoid one of the 15% of mad this would explain why we’re surrounded by relatively few galaxies this discovery if true challenges the standard model of cosmology which we

Created with Albert Einstein’s help it would mean that gravity in general behaves differently than what we expected according to the standard model such a significant under density shouldn’t exist because of that scientists will have to explore and consider this idea thoroughly it might just challenge our very basic understanding of physics the scientists

Call this the local hole the discovery of the local hole May hold Clues to explaining the FY Paradox maybe in this specific part of the universe where we hang out the chance of intelligent life developing anywhere nearby is very low perhaps all of the sensient beings hang out somewhere beyond our

Supervoid but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope or that life anywhere nearby is impossible in fact life in the universe might be much more common than than we previously thought we know that the inner planets like Mercury and Venus are inhospitable due to extreme conditions however Venus looks

Interesting because even though it’s a crazy toxic Planet scientists believe that it was very earthlike in the past it could have even hosted life unfortunately it was too close to the Sun and all the nice conditions evaporated over time but there’s a possibility of microbial life surviving

In its high altitude clouds Mars a cold desert also might have been a friendlier place in the past with rivers and lakes though now it lacks a protective atmosphere ancient life might have existed there in that case it would leave potential fossils and underground microbes could still survive we’ve

Discovered some signs of them but are still debating whether this stuff was truly organic or not the gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn and ice giants are not ideal for life but their moons offer hope euroba has an ocean beneath its icy surface making it a potential Hot Spot

Inus releases water into space carrying complex molecules that hint at interesting possibilities and Titan is especially unique it has liquid bodies on its surface rivers and laks of hydrocarbons while its frigid temperatures aren’t great for life scientists Ponder if it might host life with a different kind of chemistry

However it will take us decades to check all these cel IAL bodies and study them properly we haven’t sent anything so far since the times of Voyager 2 but if we’re lucky we might explore our solar system during the 21st century we might explore our solar system during the 21st

Century in any case there’s a lot of potential for life even in our solar system alone not even mentioning all the planets and galaxies we found nearby our estimates suggest that the observable universe the one we can see might host around 5.3 trillion habitable worlds one

Of the most likely candidates so far is Kepler 186f it’s a potential earthlike Planet just 10% larger than Earth this planet orbits a red dwarf star which is a star a bit dimmer colder but more long living than our sign and it’s only about 490 light years away which may sound

Like a lot but remember what distances we’ve discussed with super voids so even if we really are in the Super void we’re still lucky to have many galaxies and planets around and if one day we’ll find a way to travel through the universe leaving the local hole probably wouldn’t be a

Problem now think about the vastness of the universe our galaxy contains between 100 and 400 billion stars many of them can potentially host planets many of those planets might have water in them and be capable of supporting lives and this is just the Milky Way alone what’s the likelihood of other

Intelligent civilizations existing out there well there’s a famous formula called the Drake equation it’s a mathematical tool to guess how many civilizations from outer space might be able to talk to us in our Milky Way galaxy it was made by a scientist named Frank Drake in

1961 here are the variables in it n is the number of civilizations we could potentially talk to in our galaxy our star is how fast new stars are born in our galaxy f subp is the fraction of stars with planets around them N Sub is the average number of planets around

Each star that could support life F sub L is the fraction of those planets where life might actually start f subi is the fraction of planets with life that could become smart civilizations f subc is the fraction of smart civilizations that send signals into space and L is how

Long those civilizations keep sending signals of course we won’t get an exact number like this it’s more like an educated guas and we don’t have any answer to that but based on at least some information we know there might be around 100 million worlds where life should have

Evolved but if that’s the case then why haven’t we met or heard from anyone this is called the fery Paradox is named after the famous physicist enrio fery he asked a simple but very important question where where is everybody our universe should be filled with chatty extraterrestrial beings Advanced civilizations and spaceships

Zipping around yet when we look up at the night sky or listen with our radio telescopes and antennas it’s early quiet all we get is the so-called great Silence of the universe scientists from Oxford University’s future of humanity Institute are trying to answer this question and they’re not the only ones a

Group called medy for messaging extraterrestrial intelligence organized a workshop in Paris in 2019 to explore this mystery the workshop brought together experts from various Fields like astrophysics biology psychology and so on one of the ideas discussed is called the zoo hypothesis it suggests that perhaps other civilizations do exist but they’re simply not

Broadcasting their presence maybe they know that making direct contact with us could be risky for both sides so their in intentionally avoiding us because they’re watching us like observing a zoo they could be using advanced technology we can’t detect there are also some optimistic explanations like time delays

Space as you know is unimaginably Big the time it takes for signals or information to travel across the universe is enormous it’s possible that other civilizations exist but their signals haven’t reached us yet or ours haven’t reached them but some explanations aren’t very optimistic like some scientists think Earth might really

Be unique maybe the conditions that led to life and intelligent beings are so incredibly rare that there are no other planets like ours scientists point out that there are many planets similar to Earth and some are much older this means there should be plenty of planets where life could evolve Recent research also

Suggests that life might be way more resilient than we thought and well while it increases the amount of Life exist in out there it also increases the chances that intelligent life doesn’t last very long it might destroy itself before it can spread to other parts of the

Universe this is a concerning idea for the future of humanity the researchers also considered that many planets might be at a similar stage in their development that’s why it’s hard for them to explore the universe at the same time but even they agreed that this explanation is way too far-fetched and

Finally one of the big potential explanations is called the Great filter this idea was suggested in the 1990s by Robin Hansen it says that for life to develop and become Advanced like us it has to overcome some really tough challenges first of all the planet itself should have a good stable star

And good enough conditions on it then life has to start on that planet these life forms need to be able to reproduce using things like DNA simple cells must evolve into more complex cells cell more complex organisms with multiple cell must develop and eventually these organisms must figure out how to

Reproduce which increases genetic diversity and finally these organisms must be smart enough to use tools create and explore things finally they should colonize other planets and star systems without destroying themselves and maybe one of these stages is so incredibly hard that most civilizations don’t make it past that point this challenge CH

Could be something like developing intelligence in the first place or it might be the struggle to avoid self-destruction so perhaps life isn’t rare at all but most of it doesn’t go beyond simple tiny organisms like bacteria even if the universe is full of bacteria they don’t become Advanced

Enough to build spaceships the great filter might also be something from outside like a huge asteroid crashing into a planet a dangerous burst of gamma rays or a massive star going Supernova these events could destroy life on any Planet no matter how advanc they are so if we’ve already passed this challenge

It means we could be the only ones in the universe and we can explore it but if we suddenly hear from a super Advanced civilization it could mean the hard part of the challenge is still ahead of us now the fmy Paradox focuses on intelligent civilizations it just implies that there should be

Civilizations more advanced than us or at least as intelligent as us but if you think about it why should extraterrestrial life be similar to ours at all it might be completely different for many important reasons life elsewhere might have developed under completely unique conditions this could lead to forms of intelligence and

Consciousness very unlike our own for example it could have evolved into highly Advanced forms that aren’t based on biology as we know it these beings could exist as energy based entities silicon-based life forms or even as a hive mine and because they have evolved completely differently they may be

Capable of things that we aren’t capable of for example we can’t see the entire light spectrum our eyes also can’t perceive cool things like dark matter but who knows what the vision of extraterrestrial beings may be capable of their abilities might even extend beyond our three-dimensional perception

The they might be able to perceive and interact with higher Dimensions which is why they could have unique interesting insights into the nature of our world or maybe they’ve learned to think outside of time like in the movie arrival for us we still haven’t met them but for extraterrestrial beings themselves the

Concept of time doesn’t exist at all they’re simultaneously in the past present and future for humans something like this is hard to even imagine plus even on Earth we don’t fully grasp how Consciousness works or why it exists we’re not even sure when exactly we became conscious so even if we do

Encounter extraterrestrial life it will be hard for us to understand them or communicate with them we think that they might have entirely different language systems symbols and so on but they might not even have any communication systems at all as you can see the possibilities are endless evolution is a process that

Can go in many different directions it’s possible that extraterrestrial life developed in ways we can’t easily understand or even imagine these things are intriguing to think about there are still no easy answers the firmy Paradox remains one of the most exciting and mystery questions in science scientists continue to explore these Mysteries

Through a multi-disciplinary approach they’re hoping to find clues that could lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of alien intelligence and until we find a definitive answer we can keep sparking our curiosity and Imagination it was 1994 it was dark so no one saw Two Silhouettes opening the

Emergency exits of a glass Dome complex in Arizona known as Biosphere 2 they were determined to free seven people locked inside for a month risking their lives in the name of science the mission was accomplished but they got hit with trespassing and vandalism charges the vandals were Abigail aing and Mark

Vanell they were among the first eight poor Devils who lived in that place as guinea pigs and they didn’t want anyone else to go through the same Horrors they had experienced $150 million were spent to see if humans could create suitable living conditions on other planets like

Mars to do this scientists built a mini world with over 3,000 species of plants and animals Biosphere 2 was a sealed off 3 Acre habitat complete with its own mini rainforest a private beach with a coral reef a grassland Savannah a marsh and even a desert between 1991 and

1993 nothing could enter or exit that place the group of eight people locked inside called themselves biospherians rocking matching star trek-like jumpsuits growing their own food and breathing their own air they began with high hopes and a five-star hotel style breakfast but things took a darker turn

Over for the months the whole team was starving and turning orange in biosphere 1 which is the real Earth you can order a pizza in 2 minutes but inside Biosphere 2 it took them an endless 4 months to whip up a margarita style pie they had to harvest wheat for the dough

And milk goats for the cheese the goal was to be completely self-sufficient and they became part of an atmosphere quite literally when they breathed out their CO2 fed the sweet potato they were growing and those sweet potatoes became part of them since they were essentially eating the same carbons over and over

Again they had so many sweet potato feasts that their skin actually turned Orange from all the excess beta carotene what seemed like a funny situation at the time highlighted a big issue the crop yields in Biosphere 2 were a total disappointment and the crew was starving they were going crazy from

Hunger and moments of sudden anger led to doing regrettable things like stealing bananas from the basement store room at some point the freezer had to be locked over the first 6 months each of them lost between 18 and 58 lbs of weight every day someone took charge of

Weighing out fresh food for the cook logging the information about nutrients into the computer to make sure the crew hit their recommended calorie protein and fat goals initially meals were served buffet style but as the crew got hungrier the cooks started to meticulously divide their food into equal portions their diet mostly sweet

Potatoes carrots fruits and occasional meat on Sundays were supposed to keep them going during those exhausting 80-hour work weeks of heavy physical labor biospherians were leaving every meal still hungry and they had recurring dreams of McDonald’s hamburgers Sushi Snickers bars and cheesecake the air was running out the

Entire place was completely sealed with steel and glass at the top and a solid steel floor underneath managers made sure to check everything coming in to avoid synthetic materials emitting harmful gases living areas were furnished with wood and wool and they couldn’t use chemical deodorants or blow out birthday candles biospherians were

Counting on the food they grew and their many rainforce to produce enough oxygen for them to survive however they were losing oxygen very fast drowning in their own carbon dioxide emissions and worst of all they had no idea why with another 9 months of the experiment to go

Oxygen levels had dropped from 21% to around 15% which feels like living at the top of Mount Fuji they felt awful basically dragging themselves around the biosphere they couldn’t even finish a sentence without stopping to catch a breath then sleep apnea kicked in with some of them waking up gasping for air

To bring down the carbon levels inside Biosphere 2 they tried some desperate moves like growing plants like crazy cutting back on watering the soil as much as possible and even giving up on tilling nothing worked so everyone decided they had hit a dangerously low point and asked for help refrigerated

Trucks showed up to pump more pure oxygen into biosphere too as soon as the gas started flowing in they burst out laughing and began running around the ecosystem was a total mess hummingbirds and honeybees vanished after a couple of months so plants weren’t getting pollinated anymore worms and Broad mites attack crops and

Cockroaches just took over four species of cockroaches were brought inside to recycle organic matter but the regular household cockroach was The Ultimate Survivor they somehow sneaked in and multiplied becoming a serious threat to crops at night the kitchen got flooded with cockroaches as soon as the lights

Went out to combat the infestation the group greased coffee mugs with lubricant and put pieces of papaya in inside as bait roaches would climb inside but they couldn’t scale the slippery sides to escape being hungry lacking oxygen dealing with bug infestations that’s enough to make anyone go nuts heated

Arguments led to cups being thrown and people being spat at eventually the whole group just split into two they stopped talking and could walk right past one another in the hallways without even making eye contact half of them wanted more food and oxygen to continue the research with some dignity while the

Other half believed in survival without external help no matter the costs the truth is the sealed chamber had been breached long before that just 2 weeks after they got inside a biospherians named Jane pointer cut off the tip of her finger in a cooking accident while making rice the missions doctor tried

Sewing the tip back on but it didn’t work and her finger turned black within days she went to a hospital outside for surgery and a couple hours later she sneak back inside carrying a duffel bag filled with supplies like computer parts and color film reporters would only learn of that sneaky delivery months

Later and because of that many people have questioned The credibility of the entire experiment media treated the experiment like a reality show branding it as trendy ecological entertainment headline news around the world made it sound as if they were on the brink of losing their lives to the point where

Families were concerned calling the biosphere to check if they were really okay the group felt like they were in a human zoo with tourists coming from far away to peer into the glass cage in the first 6 months alone more than 150,000 people visited the place Biosphere 2

Ended up becoming a pop culture punchline inspiring a comedy movie called biodome and Decades of funny sketches you might be wondering why none of them quit the experiment and walked out the front door well none of the environmentalists wanted to be the first to admit it was too much to handle plus

They were all still hopeful they could somehow crack the puzzle of building Earth number two by the end they had managed to find seven tons of missing oxygen it had been absorbed by the concrete even though being breathless all the time might seem like the biggest challenge they face the biospherians

Said that learning how to deal with people in a closed environment was even harder it looks like the experiment was a huge failure but the group did learn learn a lot of valuable lessons they Pro that a sealed ecosystem could work for years they contributed to studies on

Reef restoration and their farm show that high productivity and full nutrient recycling could be achieved without toxic chemicals in case you wonder this wasn’t the end of the glass complex the second mission inside Biosphere 2 took place in March 1994 now you can go back to the beginning of the video to

Understand how that worked out

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