Top 10 Robotics Inventions of 2023 – Video

Top 10 Robotics Inventions of 2023 – Video

From a robotic toothbrush designed for individuals with disabilities to a groundbreaking robotic hand that doesn’t rely on vision to manipulate objects, these inventions are like something out of a sci-fi movie, but they are real and changing the way we live and work. One standout invention is the Samba robotic toothbrush by Swiss Oral Care brand Curao, designed to revolutionize dental care for individuals with disabilities. With 17 micro brushes and unique oscillations, Samba provides gentle yet efficient cleaning, empowering users to take control of their oral health.

Another innovative invention is the Moonwalkers by Shift Robotics, wheeled shoes that allow users to walk at speeds up to 7 mph, enhancing mobility and convenience. Columbia Engineering’s robotic hand, using touch sensing technology and reinforcement learning algorithms, can manipulate objects with remarkable dexterity, even without visual feedback.

These inventions, along with others like the Improved Cavity Access Machine and the Lunar Excursion Vehicle 2, are pushing the boundaries of what robots can achieve in various industries. With the advancements in robotics technology, the future looks promising for more efficient and productive ways of living and working. What are your thoughts on these top 10 robotics inventions of 2023? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more innovative technologies in the world of robotics.

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Hey welcome back to a new video in a fast changing world of Robotics 2023 brought some super cool inventions that really push the limits of what robots can do they’re not just making our daily tasks easier but they’re also changing entire Industries in this video we’re

Going to check out the top 10 best robotics inventions of 2023 there’s the robotic toothbrush designed for individual with disabilities then there’s the robotic hand the first device of its kind to not rely on Vision to manipulate objects and don’t forget about the cooworker that can work alongside humans seamlessly each of

These inventions is like something out of a sci-fi movie but they’re real and they’re making life better by helping us be more efficient and productive in different ways are you new to this channel I really appreciate you subscribing and hitting the notification Bell curaprox is Samba robotic toothbrush introducing Samba the

Groundbreaking toothbrush from Swiss Oral Care brand curao designed to revolutionize dental care for individuals with disabilities this Innovative device eliminates the need for manual hand movements making it a GameChanger for those who struggle with traditional brushing methods developed over 8 years Samba utilizes a unique combination of low and highfrequency

Oscillations propelling soft bristles along the teeth with Dynamic motion to ensure thorough plaque removal and Gum Care traditionally individuals with disabilities have had limited options for oral hygiene often relying on assistance from caregivers or settling for less effective brushing techniques however with Samba they can now achieve optimal cleaning without external help

The tooth brush features 17 micro brushes each containing 790 soft bristles designed to provide gentle yet efficient cleaning its flexible brush head adapts to any mouth size or shape ensuring a comfortable experience for users using Samba is simple and efficient with just 1 minute of brushing it covers all 36 tooth surfaces

Simultaneously 30 seconds for upper teeth and 30 seconds for lower teeth the rechargeable battery lasts up to 25 days offering long-term convenience and the waterproof design allow for use in the shower replacement brush heads are recommended every 3 months to maintain hygiene standards available at the cura proc shop SBA offers a comprehensive

Solution to dental care for individuals with disabilities priced at $299 for the toothbrush and $79 for a pack of two replacement brush heads with its innovative technology and user-friendly design Samba not only enhances oral health but also empowers individuals to take control of their Smile Care Journey shift robotics moonwalkers introducing moonwalkers the

Revolutionary Footwear created by shift robotics offering a magical new way to walk at the speed of a run these batterypowered wheeled shoes are designed to enhance your walking experience allowing you to move faster and more effortlessly without the need for skating with moonwalkers you can

Stroll at speeds of up to 7 mph which is a whopping 250% faster than your average walking pace powered by AI technology these shoes adapt to your walking Rhythm speeding up when you accelerate and slowing down when you take it easy they seamlessly integrate into your natural stride ensuring a smooth and comfortable

Experience every step of the way equipped with Advanced features moonwalkers are versatile enough to handle various terrains from dirt and gravel to concrete and beyond their brushless DC motors enable effortless hill climbing while their Automotive grade water resistant ceiling ensures durability even in rainy conditions safety is Paramount with moon Walkers

The shoes automatically lock their wheels when you encounter stairs or need to stand still providing stability and confidence in any situation with a range of approximately 6.5 M on a single charge moonwalkers offer convenience and reliability for urban commuters and adventurers alike available in one size

Fitting US men’s sizes 9 to 12 and US women’s sizes 10.5 to 13.5 moonwalkers can support a maximum user weight of 220 lb or 100 kg while they may experience slightly reduced performance for users above this weight limit moonwalkers still offer an exceptional walking experience for all experience the future

Of walking with moonwalkers available at the shift store for $1,399 say goodbye to tired feet and hello to effortless Mobility with these world’s fastest shoes Columbia engineerings robotic hand check out the latest breakthrough from Columbia engineering a robotic hand that’s breaking boundaries by combining a keen sense of touch with cuttingedge motor

Learning algorithms unlike most robot hands this one doesn’t rely on Vision to handle objects imagine a hand with five fingers and 15 joints each capable of moving independently now picture it effortlessly rotating irregularly shaped objects in its grasp all while maintaining a secure hold without even a

Glimpse of visual feedback it’s a tough task for robots but Colombia University’s creation is up to the challenge what sets this robotic hand aart is its immunity to Common Vision related hurdles like changes in lighting or objects blocking its view how does it achieve such finess well each finger is

Equipped with touch sensing Tech allowing it to navigate its surroundings solely by the magic behind its skill lies in a technique called Deep reinforcement learning supercharged with Innovative algorithms designed by the Columbia engineering team these algorithms enable the hand to explore different motor strategies using only tactile and proprioceptive data the

Result the robot hand mastered complex manipulation tasks in a fraction of the time it would take a human but here’s the real kicker the skills learned in Virtual simulations were seamlessly transferred to the physical robot hand this means it can tackle real world challenges with remarkable dexterity

Opening up a world of possibilities for Robotics and automation crg automations improved cavity access machine the Goon gun officially known as the M2 4.2in mortar a powerful weapon used by the US during World War II the Korean War and the Vietnam War this mortar had the capability to launch mustard gas shells

A type of chemical weapon Infamous for its devastating effects mustard gas can cause severe blistering and if it reaches the respiratory system it can be fatal unfort fortunately its use led to nearly 100,000 deaths prompting Global outrage in response to the outcry the Geneva protocol was established in 1925

Banning the use of chemical weapons in Warfare despite this the US accumulated a significant stockpile of mustard gas shells with over 450,000 in storage by 1997 to comply with International agreements the US committed to destroying these stockpiles by September 30th 2023 as mandated by the chemical weapons convention treaty enter the

Improved cavity access machine in short icam a Cutting Edge robotic system designed specifically for the safe and efficient destruction of these mortars the icam was instrumental in dismantling and cleaning nearly 47,000 canisters before the treaty deadline a task that would have been impossible without its Advanced capabilities the process begins

With the removal of the burster Well from the mortar round followed by rinsing the icam then moves the burster well to a punch site where holes are made to release any pressure meanwhile the I body under go a final thermal treatment process next the mortar round

Is taken to a washwater station where a wash wand removes agent from the upright mortar round wash water is sprayed inside to rinse out any remaining agent with the IC ensuring thorough cleaning of all interior surfaces the chemical agent and rinse water are piped to another area for neutralization once

Rinsing is complete the punched burster well is reattached to the mortar body the robot then transfers the mortar shell to the Munitions treatment unit for final designed to grip the vaspa and guide it back into Earth’s atmosphere for destructive re-entry destructive re-entry will destroy both the captured satellites and itself this Mission not

Only aims to clear space debris but also serves as a demonstration of the Technologies necessary for debris removal laying the ground work for a sustainable commercial space sector jaa’s lunar Excursion vehicle 2 the lunar Excursion vehicle 2 or Lev 2 a pint-sized Rover developed by jaxa in collaboration with the toy company Tomy

Sony and Dasha University weighing just 250 g and about the size of a baseball this Rover is equipped with two tiny cameras to transmit footage back to Earth what’s cool about L 2 is its unique way of getting around inspired by frogs and sea turtles it extends its shape to crawl across the

Lunar surface using two wheels on its sides it even Sports a tail stabilizer to handle bumpy terrain despite its small size alevy 2 can run for up to 2 hours autonomously this little Rover made history as the world’s first robot to independently explore the lunar surface mounted on the smart Lander for

Investigating moon or slim which touched down on January 19th 2024 Japan become the fifth Nation to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon following in the footsteps of the Soviet Union United States China and India one of l2’s first images captured the slim spacecraft Landing upside down on the slope of the

Shioli crater despite this Rocky start Japan’s lunar vehicle is still going strong sending back valuable data from the moon’s surface now masses Osiris RX Osiris RX short for Origins spectral interpretation resource identification and security regolith Explorer a NASA Mission focused on studying and bringing back samples from the asteroid Vu which

Orbits close to Earth this spacecraft is about 2.4x 2.4 M and stands 3.15 M tall when all folded up for launch it’s made up of a few main parts there’s the spacecraft bus which holds everything needed to run and control the vehicle the tagum which is basically a robotic

Arm used to grab samples and the sample return capsule or SRC a container with a heat shield and parachutes where the collected samples are stored Osiris RX set off on its Journey on September 8th 2016 and swung by Earth on September 22nd 2017 then on October 20th 2020 it

Touched down on Banu and successfully scooped up a sample this made it the first US spacecraft to grab a piece of an asteroid and bring it back to Earth which it did on September 24th 2023 after dropping off the sample Osiris RX got a name change to Osiris Apex short

For Osiris apus Explorer and headed off for another mission it’s now on its way to the asteroid apice where it’s set to arrive in 2029 for more exploration simbi robotics tally 3.0 retail stores often struggle with managing their inore operations efficiently in traditional brick and mortar setups keeping track of

Inventory is a manual task for store employees and the analytical data available is limited to to sales recorded at the register with little change in retail operations over time businesses are seeking ways to leverage new technology to enhance their profitability enter tally 3.0 the most advanced autonomous inventory robot on

The market developed by simbi robotics tally is an autonomous shelf scanning robot designed to streamline Inventory management processes it stands out as the industry leader in retail robotics being the only fully autonomous robot capable of navigating a store multiple times a day and docking at its charging station without any assistance from

Store staff the latest version tally 3.0 represents a significant advancement in the sleek and tall robots capabilities as it moves along store Isles tally reads RFID tags intelligent barcodes that identify products and captures images using upgraded two and three-dimensional computer vision cameras these cameras automatically adjust focus and offer improved depth

Perception enabling tally to identify product details such as barcodes from a greater distance according to the company this enhances the systems accuracy to nearly 99% the data collected by tally is then transmitted to the cloud where an algorithm processes the information it alerts store staff to items requiring restocking or those inaccurately

Positioned or priced unlike human clerks tally remains consistently focused on its task without succumbing to boredom with Tally 3.0 retail stores have a powerful tool at their disposal to revolutionize instore operations ensuring efficient inventory management and ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers agility robotics digit introducing digit

The state-of-the Art Mobile manipulation robot developed by agility robotics leading the pack as the most advanced robot of its kind on the market standing at 155 cm tall with a length of 20 cm and weighing 42.2 kg digit boasts a carrying capacity of 35 lb unlike your

Typical robots digit is designed to move dynamically thanks to its Nimble Limbs and sensor torso these features enable it to navigate through complex environments and perform tasks such as package delivery with Precision what sets digit apart is its backward legs allowing it to maneuver effortlessly in tight spaces and get closer to shelves

Conveyors and other infrastructure its unique design also grants digit the ability to reach Heights of nearly 6 fet maintaining an operational pick range from the floor up in a demonstration video digit is seen being instructed to pick up a box resembling Darth Vader’s lightsaber and move it to the the

Tallest tower although the process may seem slow and deliberate in this early stage demo digit successfully completes the task as described another video showcases digit learning to navigate different terrains and climb stairs while digit may not match the overall capabilities of a human as it’s primarily designed for automated tasks

It proves to be highly efficient in fact it can keep up with and even slightly surpass the speed of an average human worker without the limitations of a human body to consider with its groundbreaking technology and versatility digit represents the future of mobile manipulation robotics promising to revolutionize various Industries with its capabilities

Sanctuary AIS Phoenix Phoenix the latest creation from Sanctuary AI a humanoid robot built for a variety of tasks standing at 170 cm tall and weighing 70 kg Phoenix boasts human-like general intelligence complete body mobility and hands with refined dexterity with a Max payload of 25 kg and a top speed of 3

Mph Phoenix is Paving the way as the world’s first humanoid general purpose robot powered by carbon an Innovative AI Control System designed to tackle the labor challenges faced by many organizations today Phoenix is equipped with advanced technology to perform a wide range of tasks efficiently its standout feature is its extraordinary

Hydraulic hands capable of mimicking every movement of a human hand with exceptional strength speed and Precision in a video demonstration Phoenix autonomously completes simple tasks at a speed equivalent to that of a human far outpacing other robots this impressive performance led to Phoenix being recognized as a Time 2023 best invention

Notably it was praised for its ability to seamlessly handle tasks like picking packing tagging labeling and folding clothes at a clothing store in Langley Canada with its groundbreaking capabilities and versatile design Phoenix is set to redefine the role of robots in various Industries offering innovative solutions to modern-day

Challenges and that completes our list of the 10 best robotics inventions of 2023 which of those cool robots amazes you the most and for you what’s the best robot on the list let me know your thoughts in the comments thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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