The Unfortunate Life of the Heaviest Teenager in the World – Video

The Unfortunate Life of the Heaviest Teenager in the World – Video

Untitled: The Sad Life Of The Fattest Teenager In The World

Casey King’s story is nothing short of a miracle. Weighing in at over 800 pounds, Casey’s life was at a critical point when his surgeon warned him of his nearing demise. Spending hours a day in his room, binging on cheeseburgers and playing video games, Casey was facing a bleak future. However, after appearing on the TLC show, Family by the Ton, Casey found a new sense of motivation to turn his life around and lose weight.

Despite the show’s focus on the struggles of morbidly obese individuals, it often fails to give updates on their lives after they undergo weight loss surgery. However, Casey King’s story goes beyond the show. He has taken it upon himself to inspire and motivate others to make healthier choices and address the underlying causes of their unhealthy eating habits.

Casey’s struggles began in high school when he found himself isolated and unable to connect with others. These challenges led him to turn to food for comfort, resulting in uncontrollable binge eating and a significant weight gain.

However, by sharing his story and experiences, Casey has become an inspiration for those struggling with similar issues. His journey from morbid obesity to a healthier lifestyle serves as a reminder that it’s possible to overcome the odds and take control of one’s life. Through his online platform, Casey has become a beacon of hope for those looking to make positive changes and reclaim their health.

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Video Transcript

I’m Casey King and I’ve lost almost 600 lb weighing at over 800 lb the world of Casey King came to a jolt when his surgeon informed him of his nearing demise the young man was literally eating himself to death until the terrifying news forced him to get out of

His room where he would spend hours a day playing video games in the buff as he binged on cheeseburgers but today King has turned his life around for the better and it’s nothing short of a miracle join us as we give you a tour of the life of Casey King the biggest

Teenager in the world why is Casey King an inspiration there’s been a lot of drama about the controversial TLC show Family by the ton the nerve-wracking show walks us through the lives of morbidly obese American individuals whose lives depend on going on a strict diet or opting for a bypass

Surgery either way they have to make a choice to save their already shortened lives while TLC makes entertainment out of the very tough times of Their Stars we all get to see the heart-wrenching conditions of obese people that force them to binge eat or find refuge in food

At the end of the day a doctor regretfully informs them that they’re nearing death and believe it or not that’s the entire premise of the show while sitting in our living rooms we’d watch an episode or two and call it a day and we hardly ever hear from the

Stars who opt into bariatric surgery we hardly ever wonder about their lives and how they’ve panned out after what could be an incredibly risky option and to be fair TLC doesn’t bother giving updates on their handpicked patients either but that brings us to Casey King it’s possible that you may have seen King’s

YouTube videos that are dedicated to his hard work of losing weight today the star of family by the ton looks fit because he shredded weight has toned his muscles and has continued with his strict exercise regime but before he could flaunt his incredible weight loss he was driven by depression and sadness

Of being a dysfunctional adult whose daily diet solely consisted of eating fast food after appearing on the controversial TLC show he had found a new sense of motivation to keep up with his weight loss routine after all appearing on television was a blessing in disguise and he quickly turned it

Into an even more visceral nightmare sure the show had given him the right tools to access healthc care and surgery that saved his life while at the same time it publicized his lazy routine and it also placed him in the worst trenches of the internet even though the show did

A decent job of explaining his eating habits and how they were linked to his rough teenage years it was not enough for the barricade of bullying that would follow people began to blame him for his own predicament many comments online seem to cite that his obsession with

Fast food had gotten the worst of him and instead of blaming his tough life for his binge eating he was responsible for making healthy and correct choices in his teenage years Casey was not deflecting any accountability but he also wanted to see that there was more

To his story than meets the eye die this is why outside of the show he began an online career to motivate people to get healthy by coming to terms with the very factors that caused them to eat a lot and before they could jump on risky alternative methods to lose weight they

Had to be more honest and genuine about their own broken family lives and potential mental health issues of course the actual weight loss routine requires strict measures and a very disciplined relationship with food but Casey was able to Showcase an incredible outlook on his life that wasn’t only motivating

But also brought a sympathetic outlook for people suffering from unregulated eating habits how Casey began to gain weight for the most part Casey was an average typical child in Middle School his eating habits were a bit Reckless but the situation was not out of hand the trouble largely began in high school

When he looked bulkier than his peers unsurprisingly this was also when his personal life plummeted high school years are transformative for many reasons you’re living out your best life with your friends you go out with them on the weekends and there can be moments when you dream of a future that entails

A college or a job however Casey did not have any of that in fact he called himself a loner who didn’t have anyone in his life to call a friend the star described himself as a loner and Outcast who was pretty loud and wild the parents

Of his friends didn’t want him around as much and gradually he began to Lose Friends while he tried to reconnect with some it did not work out and he was forced to spend most of his days alone munching on whatever fast food he could afford the added problem was that the

Teenager didn’t have much to do outside of attending class he would show up do his studying and then leave and since he didn’t have a demanding extracurricular activity like sports or art he didn’t have much going on in his life there was no physical activity that could have

Helped him to lose weight that he was putting on due to his excessive eating and his only source of comfort and Company would be his mother she had tried to intervene wherever she could but then there was the bigger problem at hand she would also get sad looking at

Her son lonely abandoned so her regulation of Casey’s eating habits was minimal at best but that’s when things got out of control by the time that Casey graduated high school he had put on a considerable amount of weight that further alienated him from his peers according to the star of family by the

Ton himself he weighed 300 lb at the time of graduation the high school years were pretty turbulent and summer vacations were most likely the most tough since he didn’t have much to do with friends Hangouts and sports he made friends with fast food his old habits of

Bing eating bounce back but only this time they were about to stick with him for the years to come Casey recalled that there was one summer when his only routine consisted of eating a massive bag of fries all by himself his options and friends were limited or not at all

And so he found himself in an unhealthy leisure activity that would eventually threaten his life and well-being talking about his uncontrolled eating habits he said that from the age of 10 he would deep fry an entire bag of french fries cover them in ketchup and then that’s

What he ate all summer long he would eat super sized Big Mac Meals and when his sister couldn’t finish hers he would top it off and always wanted more and could never get enough and so there wasn’t much going on for a teenager like Casey the lack of a

Social life had prompted him to be exclusive ly online and other than food he also became addicted to social media he would spend hours on Facebook scrolling through the site and sharing mindless posts he recalled that on certain days he would share more than 10 posts on Facebook within a matter of

Minutes eventually Casey would get addicted to video games which would take a further toll on his loneliness and antisocial Behavior but before he got to that part he lived through a very turbulent portion of his life that caused a stir amongst the viewers of family by the ton there’s no doubt out

The Casey King had put on a considerable amount of weight in his high school graduation weighing more than 300 lb as a teenager is a critical Hazard to one’s health and well-being but this is exactly the time to get the help such as going to the gym Consulting a dietitian

Or seeing a therapist and more yet in his case the situation got out of control as he spent most of his time navigating conflicts with his parents even though he was on the verge of adulthood he still didn’t know any better for instance he wasn’t mature enough enough to understand that his

Eating habits would limit his employment options and instead of building skills and a resume he had spent most of his time just eating McDonald’s the fact that he wasn’t motivated by school and parents to take on healthy habits did not help and the adults in his life made recovery and Retreat incredibly

Difficult for him but of course that doesn’t mean that King himself was entirely clueless it’s just that poor decision- making on his behalf would force him to gain even more weight while he was ambitious to get a job and make a life for himself his body weight added

To his insecurities and capacity to find employment it did take him a while but he finally landed a job in a fast food restaurant of all places his mother was happy that he was earning some cash to cover expenses but the flip side was arguably the worst working in a

Restaurant specializing in fatty sugary food options meant he had everything at his disposal when he wasn’t working he was eating and his daily routine consisted of eating before and after his shift and sometimes he would find a back corner during working hours and eat then he worked at several restaurant jobs

While his social and physical habits largely remain the same and even as an adult he didn’t have any friends around he was basically eating drinking and working his shifts and lounging at home talking about this critical period in his life he remarked that as he put some

Energy into work his body felt the need to eat more and more his diet had expanded exponentially and with some disposable income on hand he was cashing out at fast food restaurants drastically that was certainly not the ideal situation yet he didn’t find a Tipping Point in his life that could have forced

Him to step back and reflect on his life critically until he lost his capacity to work allog together several years after graduation he weighed 500 lb and that had rendered him physically unfit to work his only experience was in the restaurant business and we don’t have to

Tell you how small workstations are at fast food places it was nearly impossible for him to fit in it wasn’t n’t surprising that he’d quit altogether until his major weight loss transformation which was recent he had become dependent on his parents to afford basic necessities that included

The Colossal amount of food that he had to consume his mother was initially supportive hoping that he would land another job but finding a job was contingent upon something far more pressing and critical losing the weight and fixing her son’s turbulent eating habits when Casey couldn’t find a job

His mom kicked him out the depression and loneliness that would follow would force him to eat even more and by the time he found another home with his father he weighed more than 800 lb and perhaps this is when his life went truly downhill his mother had reasonable

Grounds to be disappointed the viewers of the show would note that the experience of getting kicked out of home was the final nail in his coffin of loneliness and non-existent social life that’s not to say his mother wasn’t supportive during that time but after she made a harsh decision against her

Son’s joblessness he would turn to his father who was the only person willing to take him in without a job he couldn’t afford to eat or put a roof over his head let alone find suitable dietary and psychological help for his problems and since his family wasn’t exactly well off

They couldn’t find expensive recovery options either we can’t easily chip away at the horrible experience that he would have had at his father’s place and his life as a man weighing 843 lbs would become unlivable and tragic an average day in Casey’s life so how does a man in

His 30s spend his typical day surely any functional individual would have some sort of job and there would hardly be any rational scenario where a man sits in his room minus clothing and plays video games for 12 hours straight I’m not describing you a day in the life of

A fictional character who’s perhaps shown as a man with no path for his future this is a page out of Casey’s life while he was living with his father Believe It or Not he’d put on so much weight he was unable to fit into clothing at all when he would luckily

Find clothing that would fit putting it on would be another issue altogether with so much body weight it was impossible for him to bend over and put on trousers or pajamas obesity causes excess skin and tissue muscle in one’s body his body was growing irregularly from every fold but in particular the

Skin around his chest and stomach grew exponentially making it a jarring task just to get dressed a grown man would be forced to stay naked in his room for hours and would only go through the trouble of wearing something when he had to go out outside which was a rare

Occasion to be fair he didn’t have to make any effort to step into the real world he knew that no one was going to give him a job and he had found a world for himself in video games and social media he would wake up around noon try

To wash himself and then go back to bed again to play video games for hours his only interaction with human beings outside of his father was through the online gaming community and since he was mostly sitting naked he couldn’t even satisfy his binging habits it was his father who had indulged

Without any questions asked his father would bring him stacks of burgers pizzas and chicken wings one would not expect a father to prompt his son’s impending heart failure endlessly but when they appeared on family by the ton in 2019 that seemed like the conflict between the two the conflict between Casey and

His father the audience saw his father bringing his son cheeseburgers fried chicken and fizzy drinks for breakfast his father claimed he was solely doing what he had to do in that nightmare scenario while it would have been ideal for his son to seek remedy he could not

Leave him hungry and starved it’s just that Casey’s food intake was larger than a normal person however viewers of the show noticed that Dany was simply not being responsible with what he was giving his son he was the one who had control over the finances and the daily

Meals that he was purchasing yet in the show we see him giving his son all of the junk food he could handle in fact their fridge seemed to be stocked with all sorts of sugary drinks this is where fans of the show became divided Casey called his father an enabler who

Didn’t care much about his wellbeing and talking about the r with his father the show star mentioned that his father would bring him unhealthy cheesy frozen pizzas and fried items like chicken and wings sure he was the one who ate the biggest portion size but he didn’t have

Much say in the groceries that his father would buy every month in his view someone was irresponsible in facilitating the food coming in and that was his dad on the other hand his father maintained that he was just doing his job as a father feeding his son so that

His body would keep up with him many people found Casey unreasonable and Shifting the entire blame to his father a middleclass man who was forced to care for his adult son his father went above and beyond for Casey who could not even do the most personal of tasks such as

Cleaning up after himself after using the toilet his father had to help him with his grooming his toilet habits and everything else and he also built him a huge bathtub in the backyard because Casey could not fit in the shower of the house house there was a time when Casey

Was taking a shower and he actually got stuck in the bathroom that was too small for him he tried calling for help but nobody was there he’d be stuck for 11 hours and was forced to stay jammed in the shower until he could be removed this experience was jarring for him as

He couldn’t move limbs or breathe properly and that’s when his father facilitated the entire renovation of his own backyard to make it into a bathing space for his son and even Casey couldn’t take that kindness for granted because he was grateful to be able to clean himself thoroughly after having

Struggled for many years Casey’s epic transformation Casey and his father were able to figure out their issues and when Casey appeared on the show his surgeon Dr Charles Proctor Jr was clear about what he had to do next before he could undergo the bypass surgery he had to

Lose weight on his own Casey’s parents supported him but in particular King’s mother became personalized as his drill sergeant she put him through a strict diet and dis exercise regime and when Casey thought about cheating on his diet and Bing eating he would think about how hard his mother was working for him

Casey worked extremely hard and was eligible to undergo a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to lose the weight around his stomach area the surgery enabled him to lose a significant amount of weight and he began to eat less he experienced his weight going down from 700 to 631 lb

And when he ended the show he weighed 525 lb for the next 4 years he continued his weight loss regiment that he documented on his Instagram account TLC never followed up on his case after his surgery and this is why the star came back to social media to share his

Incredible transformation no one could believe that the fast food Enthusiast had dropped more than 600 lb to show off an epic body and as of 2023 Casey now weighs around 200 lb and has turned his life completely around he’s found employment and now supports himself and continues to follow a healthy diet most

Importantly he’s found romantic love in a supporting partner and how incredible is that thanks for watching subscribe to the channel so that you never miss a video and I’ll see you next time

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