The title is “This is SCAN&SAND™ | GrayMatter Robotics” – Video

The title is “This is SCAN&SAND™ | GrayMatter Robotics” – Video

GrayMatter Robotics introduces SCAN&SAND™, a groundbreaking robotic surface finishing system powered by GMR AI. Unlike traditional AI systems, GMR AI leverages physics-informed AI to efficiently and safely tackle complex parts without solely relying on data or CAD models.

SCAN&SAND™ seamlessly automates the sanding process for high mix, high variability parts, delivering near-perfect surface finishes with precision and consistency. The AI-based perception engine scans complex shapes and adapts to part-to-part variabilities in under a minute, eliminating the need for manual programming.

For many manufacturing workers, surface finishing tasks like sanding can lead to ergonomic issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and respiratory problems. With SCAN&SAND™, the laborious and potentially harmful manual sanding process is a thing of the past. The system offers superhuman performance at optimal speeds, minimizing consumables waste and increasing output efficiency by up to 50%.

Designed to be user-friendly and easy to scale with production needs, SCAN&SAND™ empowers operators to achieve superior results while safeguarding their health. With remote and on-site technical support, manufacturers can maximize the utilization of this revolutionary technology and redefine manufacturing standards.

Experience the future of surface finishing with GrayMatter Robotics’ SCAN&SAND™ and revolutionize your workforce’s efficiency and output. Say goodbye to manual sanding challenges and hello to a new era of manufacturing excellence.

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Video Transcript

This is scannon sand gray matter robotics revolutionary robotic surface finishing system powered by gmr ai gmr ai is a bleeding edge artificial intelligence that uses physics informed AI to tackle complex Parts safely and efficiently unlike other forms of AI ours isn’t purely riant on data or CAD

Models it exploits the known models and uses a datadriven approach to fill missing gaps scan and sand seamlessly automat sanding High mix High variability parts from start to finish the AI based perception engine scans relevant portions of complex shapes and is able to deal with part-to-part variabilities in under a minute scan and

Sand then programs itself enabling realtime optimization and eliminating tedious hours of humans programming robots every day millions of shop floor workers perform some of the most tedious and ergonomic I Ally challenging jobs in manufacturing among the worst is surface finishing carpal tunnel syndrome shoulder or back injuries and

Respiratory problems are all just part of the job for those tasked with sanding for high miix manufacturers sanding Parts by hand has been the only feasible option until now achieving a near-perfect surface finish can depend on countless factors such as speed force RPM and state of abrasives scan and sand

Replaces these variables with consistency with a push of a button unlock superhuman performance at Optimum speeds treat surfaces with consistent performance and even external parameters leave no room for error when it comes to Quality we don’t compromise and you shouldn’t either designed to make the toughest challenges feel easy scan and

Sand is easy to operate and flexible enough to scale with production after only one day of training anyone can use scan and sand and see instant results and reduce reduce consumables waste by 30 to 50% increase your output and maximize efficiency while receiving remote and on-site technical support to

Help maximize utilization say goodbye to manual sanding challenges and hello to a future where efficiency knows no bounds Unleash the Power of scan and sand and give every operator the freedom to add value by sanding better without compromising their health Empower your Workforce elevate your output and redefine manufacture uring with gray matter


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