The Case of Noah Wall: Can You Survive Without a Brain? – Video

The Case of Noah Wall: Can You Survive Without a Brain? – Video

The case of Noah Wall is a truly remarkable story that challenges the limits of what we know about the human body and its abilities. Born with only 2% of his brain and facing a myriad of health challenges, Noah Wall defied all odds to live his life to the fullest. While it is scientifically impossible to survive without a brain, Noah’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Noah’s parents, Shelly and Rob, refused to give up on their son even when doctors told them there was little hope. Despite being born with severe brain abnormalities, Noah continued to breathe, respond to stimuli, and even celebrate his 12th birthday with family and friends. His story is one of hope, perseverance, and the power of love.

While Noah’s case is extremely rare, it serves as a reminder that sometimes, miracles do happen. His journey is a testament to the strength of the human will and the unwavering belief that anything is possible. Noah Wall may live without a brain, but he has proven that he is more than just a survivor – he is a symbol of hope and inspiration for us all. Can you live without a brain? According to medical science, no. But Noah Wall’s story challenges us to reconsider what is truly possible in this world.

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Would you believe that there’s a world where it is possible to live without a brain and we’re not talking about a fictional world but rather the very real visceral life of Noah walls I had 2% of my brain wow and then it grew to who would defy All Odds to live his

Life to the fullest that even the actor Mark Hamill would celebrate join us as we narrate the story of Noah walls a kid who lives without a brain can you live without a brain according to Medical Science and biologists the brain is the essential component for

Living without it we’d be reduced to a dead body that would need to be on 100% support system to survive so even if your body exists it wouldn’t be a living entity in any autonomous sense whatsoever the brain controls the most vital bodily functions which are voluntary and non-voluntary you you can

Blink because you have a brain you can swallow and talk because of the very same reason so let’s say if the brain were detached from your nervous system your body would shut down very quickly and it would eventually die without a brain to control all of its

Functions that’s the rule for any living breathing human or at least that’s what one would assume right but oh well scientific Realms hardly ever remain unchallenged while it is still biologically impossible to survive on your own without a brain there have been certain exceptions in the world and once

You hear the stories of individuals defying the odds you’ll be both shocked and curious the miraculous Tales of living without a brain actually started from a young 12-year-old boy who was a resident of Keithville in Louisiana United States of America his name was Trevor judge Waltrip since Trevor was born on

Christmas Eve in 2001 his parents were convinced that their child was nothing short of a miracle his mother Elizabeth felt gratitude for her son’s birth and when she held her child for the first time on December 25th 2001 it felt like all of her painful experiences were

Absolved and eroded but the worst was Yet to Come Trevor was born without a brain while the child has a brain stem doctors found out that Trevor had hydron inphy an incurable brain disease it is an extremely rare condition in which the brain’s cerebral hemispheres aren’t present replaced by sax fillet with

Cerebral spinal fluid virtual why there’s no brain to control most of the functions of the body in Trevor’s case the brain stem allowed him to breathe respond to some stimuli and maintain a heartbeat un fortunately the miracle baby was born blind and didn’t have any capacity to communicate verbally it was expected

That Trevor would only live up to 12 weeks but weeks turned into months and months turned into years Trevor continued to live his life until his tragic passing at the age of 12 when he was only 17 months old Trevor was already beating the odds that were stacked against him his physician Larry

Daniels called him one of the most unique cases in medical history people with hydrin and sephy only live up to a few weeks but before Trevor passed away he celebrated his 12th birthday with family and friends and perhaps it doesn’t get more miraculous than this except it does

Believe it or not there’s an untold story of an equally brilliant child born without a brain and today he is a force to be reckoned with meet Noah wall just like Trevor Noah wasn’t destined to celebrate his 12th birthday in fact there was a huge chance that he

Wouldn’t have ever seen the light of the day Noah wall lives near wigton in Cumbria with his parents Shelly and Rob on the outside the walls are a typical happy family Noah is a typical kid who loves toys and video games and whenever he can he loves to play with his friends

But of course Noah’s life was supposed to be very short-lived before he was born doctors had informed Shelly and Rob that their beloved baby boy wouldn’t be able to walk talk or even eat without any help for the parents it was heart-wrenching news but at the same time they believed

In the sheer power of Hope believe it or not Shelly was asked to terminate her pregnancy five times but each time she refused the doctors had discovered that Noah’s brain was being destroyed by a porencephalic cyst a cavity filled with cerebros spinal fluid while he was still

In the womb so there was little doubt that Shell’s pregnancy was devastating her child’s brain wasn’t developing at all if anything the procalc cyst was constantly killing all of the prospects Noah’s body was making in order to develop brain function throughout her pregnancy Shelly was hoping for a miracle to arrive but

That was just misguided optimism the doctors couldn’t help much either he had spine Ider and the fact that you know he’d be paralyzed after all even with a very Advanced system of medical Sciences there’s no treatment for the erosion of an integral part of the nervous system so the choices in front

Of Shelly and Rob were simple but heartbreaking either Shelly could terminate the pregnancy or live through the loss of her child right after his birth her doctor wanted her to opt for the First Choice as per the medical history no child had survived an extreme case of

Hydris at a certain point Shelly and Rob lost all hope they even bought a tiny coffin to bury their unborn child but then something convinced the mother to go ahead with her pregnancy deep in her heart she believed if there was anyone who would fight the rigorous battle for

Survival it would would be her little Noah the miracle child was born in March 2012 that’s when doctors made a shocking Discovery Noah was only born with 2% of his brain plus he also had a case of spinabifida and the rare condition hydris in which the brain area is

Occupied with water that dangerous condition causes extreme pressure on the already malfunctioning nervous system and the the person is inherently unable to perform any bodily functions voluntary or non-voluntary this is precisely why Shell’s doctors had expected that Noah wouldn’t be born alive it seemed like the infant would

Only live up to a few hours the very troubled Shelly felt the desperated need to spend some time with her chield who potentially was a short-lived guest but as the clock kept ticking Noah kept breathing too seemingly from the beginning Noah was proving his doctors wrong Noah’s incredible parents but of

Course the child had to endure everything bad and then even worse Shelly and Rob had understood that living without 98% of an average human’s brain function wouldn’t be easy for their child while he seemed healthy from the outside his body was missing an essential support system that would have

Made him a fully functioning human being so it wasn’t shocking that Noah wasn’t like the other toddlers he was unable to say small words walk or play around but the most pressing concern was his capacity to breathe the brain’s function guides our breathing and its pattern while Noah’s sense of breathing and

Inhaling was natural and intuitive his body lacked the nervous signal to allow him to do so as per Shelly and Rob there were certain times when Noah would just stop breathing and then they would have to give him urgent care in his early years the miracle child slept with a mattress

Monitor that would go off every time he stopped breathing during the night and well the alarm would set off frequently shell and Rob barely had any good night’s sleep they were always running from their room to Noah’s sometimes they slept in the same room too Noah needed care and support

24/7 while talking to the mirror Shel and Rob talked about how their child needed daily physio in order to survive his body didn’t have much motor function of its own so without their support he couldn’t do even the smallest tasks like holding on to things if he didn’t have

His physio he would remain stationary in one position and his body would go numb Noah naturally couldn’t stretch his muscles his parents would do that for him that is why he also kept waking up multiple times in the the night Rob and shell would wait around his bed to turn

Him at times they wouldn’t even get a blink of sleep all in all Shelly proved herself to be a super mom you see she is disabled too in an interview she talked about the daily challenges of caring for her son she said I have a rare form of arthritis called Steel’s disease which

Limits movement and causes pain but it does doesn’t stop me and that’s what I teach Noah he never asks why I am different or gets upset about the things he can’t do what’s even more extraordinary is that Noah’s parents refused to raise him in a broken home while it is usual for

The parents of a chronically sick or disabled child to fight and eventually divorce shell why and Rob couldn’t be more in love in fact it was Rob who understood his wife’s hard and even unpopular decision to bring a child with disabilities into the world while she was mentally preparing for losing her

Child to the incurable disease Rob was her support system Noah’s parents laughed and cried during their turbulent journey and they thoroughly enjoyed each others company and well the miracle child got profoundly lucky with the parental love and support he had Shelley described him as a Carefree child who

Loved to play with stuffed toys as he grew he became obsessed with cars and listening to musicals he also has an alternative support system in his extended family who wholeheartedly supports the walls decision to bring Noah into this world but along the way the family has lost

Contact with their loved ones too and the reason behind that would leave you shocked and perhaps angry according to Shelly certain people in her family turned their back on her for deciding to give birth to Noah her family wanted her to terminate her pregnancy because she essentially had to

Give up her passions and Ambitions to raise Noah but at the end of the day it was about what Shelly truly desired and she wanted to take the chance of bringing her child into the world and making an attempt to raise him and to make sure that he was okay then we found

Out we were having a boy even if that gimmick involved playing against the colossal odds s sadly even her close friends and family couldn’t comprehend her choice or at least respect it Shelly was so distraught that she would cry herself to sleep but now she has come to

Terms with the Betrayal she felt talking about this heartbreaking experience she said I can’t believe someone in my own family would turn their back on me for loving my baby I cried myself to sleep many times but it was their loss they’ve missed out on Noah’s amazing life now I

Focus on the achievements he makes every single day so in a remarkable feat Shelly and Rob have cared for Noah by themselves even though their child has to spend hours in hospitals for checkups and surgery they’re very happy to oblige after all if the miracle child doesn’t

Have his routine surgeries he would be in immense pain and well shell why and Rob can’t see Noah in pain even for a Split Second this is why they are okay with making multiple trips to the hospital with or without their family’s support and let’s just say their sheer determination and

Love for their child has paid off in the most miraculous way possible the miracle 3 when Noah was just 3 years old his life improved marginally initially he couldn’t pick up on communication or the songs playing around him but after his third birthday he began to show signs of

Improvement even the doctors were shocked sure he had already surprised them by living the past few hours after his birth yet the idea that Noah would have improved motor function was just never on the cards so of course they did their usual gimmicks they called Noah for multiple tests and well you know

What people say always expect the unexpected after the first two years of his life Noah’s brain started started to grow and this time it wasn’t eroding or shrinking the progress was extremely slow and gradual but any progress was colossal for a child who was only born

With 2% of the brain by the age of three Noah had grown 80% of a fully functioning brain his doctors and Consultants were speechless even today the doctors don’t have a medically sound explanation of what transpired Shelli and Rob weren’t concerned with the knowhow all they knew

Was that their baby was increasing his chance of survival and regaining 80% of his brain mean that he could do many activities that he saw other children doing they couldn’t be more right it felt like Noah’s life had changed Dramatical why don’t get us wrong he still needed help in Walking eating and

Talking but he was no longer hooked to breathing monitors 247 shockingly Noah was also establishing a system to communicate with his parents whenever he felt distressed shell and Rob never left his side but after Noah turned three they knew they had a shot at getting their old life back

Too the superhero parents cried out of Happiness when they saw their child smiling for the first time for them it was nothing short of an extraordinary event and of course the star of the show was their child who wasn’t destined to live long but Noah’s shocking recovery

Had filled Ed Rob and Shelli with hope the parents were also keeping a close eye on medical developments worldwide while Noah’s condition remains incurable even today the walls were able to find stories from around the globe that exhibited Noah’s sense of endurance too in particular there was a story of a

24y old woman from China’s Shandong Province who showed great promise once you hear the story yourself you’ll also find it awe inspiring the unnamed Chinese woman decided to visit the hospital when she was struggling with extreme nausea and dizziness she was expecting to take her medicine and walk out when doctors

Shocked her with the news of her life him she was missing a huge portion of her brain just like Noah walls doctors couldn’t believe their ease a CAT scan showed that the woman was missing her interior cereum so technically the portion of the brain that controls motor

Function was never developed like no the void caused by the missing cerebellum was filled with cerebros spinal fluid for 24 years the woman had lived her life without any complications now we can’t say the same about Noah walls at this given point after all he is only 12 years old and

Had to go through multiple surgeries to survive the first few years of his life but for parents as desperate as Rob and Shelly any news transcending medical research was music to their ears so so how can someone live a fulfilling life if half of their brain doesn’t exist

Well according to the doctors the woman’s body made alternative arrangements to keep going her brain function was being carried out by her cortex which took charge in the absence of the cerebellum according to Medical journals this feature is called neuroplasticity the brain’s magical capacity to adapt to what it has been

Given it can inherently reprogram itself to cope with new demands that the body is signaling the brain can’t cope with everything the greater the loss the less it can reassign functions to the remaining pieces however neuroplasticity Still Remains a remarkable phenomenon no wonder the woman wasn’t concerned with missing half of her brain

Concern was never needed but of course Noah’s case was more intense than the story we just narrated it would be unfair to categorize the miracle kid and the Chinese woman under the same threshold yet all Rob and Shelly wanted was hope and living breathing proof that perhaps Noah also

Has a shot at Living a long life without severe medical complications and while the doctors in their vicinity called it wishful thinking another story from Virginia in the United States of America proved to be a major Triumph against the odds it felt like everything in the world was

Conspiring in favor of Noah who was about to approach his 10th birthday Michelle Mack a Virginia native was 27 years old when her life was turned upside down unlike Noah Michelle had a very normal childhood she wasn’t hooked to any machines and grew up as a healthy child with a typical

Routine it was apparent that Michelle had some sort of learning disability at times Her speech was a bit slurred or she didn’t have the same comprehension Pace as the kids around her never nevertheless she graduated high school and maintained healthy relationships with her family and friends yet her life changed drastically at the

Transformative age of 27 a regular hospital visit yielded a devastating piece of news Michelle was missing not only half of her cortex but most of the underlying brain structure on her left side as well she was left speechless it was true that she would struggle with communicar on at teams but

She understood as a speech problem never in her Wildest Dreams she had imagined that most of her brain was just not there the doctors believ that a pre-birth seizure caused her neural condition but they still stood in awe and shocked at Max’s fulfilling life it’s true that like Noah she also

Required some parental support yet she enjoyed life to the fullest this is why Rob and Shelly also began to dream the same for their Miracle child but objectively Noah has achieved so much in just 12 years of his life that he’s already on his path to becoming an awe inspiring adult whose

Story will also bring warmth and comfort to kids struggling with similar conditions not to mention his regrown brain has given him a new life altogether what’s Noah doing now so let’s see what Noah’s life looks like today and you won’t believe it when we say that he’s spending his life like a

Typical 12-year-old boy he is obsessed with Minecraft and Star Wars yet in an extraordinary feat he is also the super famous Ambassador for om interactive a uk-based company that has pioneered motion activated interactive projection technology for kids with disabilities the company makes inclusive sensory products and immersive environments for children like

Noah M interactive took Noah’s help to bring awareness to the matter of of non-inclusive education and Rehabilitation for kids who need special help since then the miracle kid has brought attention to ways to improve the lives of children who need the right technological tools to play and enjoy in their free

Time Noah’s mission is to make sure that no child is Left Behind Rob and Shel also document their child’s life on Instagram to bring hope to other kids suffering with limited motor function or neural abnormalities as a way of celebrating his 10th birthday Noah underwent a leg

Surgery that enabled him to stand and walk for the first time in 3 years talking about the experience shell y said I couldn’t believe my eyes watching my 10-year-old son standing for the first time in 3 years my Miracle boy looked so tall in his brace with his

Hand placed proudly on his wheelchair handle beaming as he saw the world just like other children of his age the ability to walk has allowed Noah to interact with kids his age this is why his intellectual capacity to hold conversations and crack jokes has increased exponentially too go then what

Do you want to say it’s good okay then okay it’s good to give good it’s good to give every day the miracle child celebrates small feets he can eat a sandwich by himself can wear a t-shirt pull up his socks and can even crack dad jokes shell has talked extensively about

Noah understanding that he might not live up to becoming an adult so in the meantime he wants to enjoy his life to the fullest for his 10th birthday Noah walls got a shout out from his hero the actor Mark HL who plays Luke Sawyer in the Star Wars franchise the family was

Dressed up in Star Wars costumes and threw a space themed party for Noah that wholesome story reached everyone including the Star Wars veteran who couldn’t help but reach out to his young fan Mark Hamill sent him a message saying May the force be with you and

Well it made Noah the happiest kid in the world in 2015 Noah defied the odds once again when he got a role in Sainsbury’s Christmas advert the kid who puts the star on the top of the tree is actually Noah walls who is the perfect embodiment of a miracle thanks for

Watching and we’ll see you in the next one

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