Shocking New 2024 AI Prediction by Bill Gates: AGI and AI Agents on the Horizon – Video

Shocking New 2024 AI Prediction by Bill Gates: AGI and AI Agents on the Horizon – Video

Bill Gates Shocking New 2024 AI Prediction ( AGI + AI Agents)

Bill Gates Shocking New 2024 AI Prediction ( AGI + AI Agents) is a thought-provoking video that delves into the predictions made by Bill Gates about the future of AI agents in 2024 and beyond. The video discusses ten key points about how AI agents will revolutionize our future, from healthcare to education, productivity to personal relationships. It raises important questions about privacy, values, and the impact of AI on human interactions. The video also highlights the potential for AI agents to enhance our everyday lives, from personalized tutoring to optimizing productivity. With the rise of AI agents, the video explores the challenges and opportunities that come with this technology, urging viewers to consider the implications of a future where AI agents play a central role in our lives.

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Video Transcript

So this is going to be one of the videos that I would say is arguably one of the most important videos that you should watch on this channel because whilst creating the resources for this video and looking through certain things I realized that Bill Gates’s predictions

For 2024 about AI agents and the future are truly truly remarkable and a lot of the things that he does talk about I really didn’t think about before so I’m going to go through around 10 or so different points about AI agents in 2024 and Beyond and exactly what Bill Gates

Has said and exact how they’re going to change our future because trust me there are some really important predictions that I think you’ll want to understand the first things that he talks about okay is the fact that you need to pay attention now of course this isn’t something that directly applies to you

As much because you’re someone that currently testing one to is actually on the AI side of the internet which means you’re engaging in artificial intelligence content you’re watching it you’re consuming it and you’re likely realizing the Monumental change that is coming now other people have but not

Many people have you can see the Bill Gates here says the early days of a new age are often marked by lots of changes if you’re old enough to remember think back to the beginning of the internet at first you probably didn’t know many people who were using it but it became

More common over time until one day you realized most people had email addresses bought things online and used search engines to answer their questions so it’s definitely something that you should pay attention to because of course it is something that is really really important not to just dig your

Head in the sand and essentially when I say dig your head in the sand it just means pluck your head into the clouds and just say you know what nothing’s happening when AI is here it’s here to stay and is a remarkable piece of technology Bill Gates also says that we

Are just at the beginning of this transition right now he says this is an exciting and confusing time and if you haven’t figured out how to make the best use of AI yet you are not alone I thought I would use AI tools for the foundation strategy reviews this year

Which require reading hundreds of pages of briefing materials that an AI could accurately summarize for me but old habits are hard to break and I ended up preparing them the same way I always do so he’s basically talking about how the fact that these AI systems can be used

To summarize you know along documents things like Claude things like chat GPT can of course do that but of course he’s talking about you know just doing things the old way like with this channel for example you know you could have an AI voice you could have an AI script but of

Course I do also prefer to do things the old way will that change in the future for other Industries and other people that is of course something we’re going to be talking about later on in the video but point he’s trying to make here is that we are at transition period

Where things are about to change and we’re about to see that rapid super takeoff like like a plane just you know taking off in the sky the plane is slowly taking off and of course we’re nowhere near the summit yet so one of the things he does talk about and this

Was something that recently we did get and this is not one of the crazy crazier things I mean it is actually kind of crazy but it’s not one of the crazier things I didn’t you know look at um it’s about the fact that AI is about to supercharge The Innovation pipeline so

He says here that my work has always been rooted in a core idea Innovation is the key to program ress it’s why I started Microsoft and it’s why Melinda and I started the Gates Foundation more than two decades ago Innovation is the reason our lives have improved so much

Over the last century from electricity and cars to medicine and planes innovation has made the world much better today we are far more productive because of the it Revolution and the most successful economies are driven by Innovative industries that EV alled to meet the needs of the changing world

What he’s basically saying here is that AI is about to you know not only just give us more productivity boost it’s going to give us like a super super charged Innovation pipeline in terms of ideas in terms of research in terms of literally everything now the first thing

That he actually does talk about was the fact that vaccine Innovation actually did help cut childhood deaths in half so you can see right here that we have you know the children death every year um and you can see it was at 10 million now it’s at around 5 million which of course

You can see the uh new vaccines new delivery mechanisms new ways to make vaccines with AI even I think yesterday it was there was a research paper where they actually used AI once again to find something to find a solution for a a antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria

That was killing around 10,000 people a year they found AI to be able to you know find the cure for that so like I said if we can get a situation where we do have you know new vaccines new delivery mechanisms new ways to make vaccines consistently done um with AI

With deep learning with you know just all different sorts of AI it’s definitely going to advance things on a ridiculous level so you can see right here was that he was talking about one of the biggest impacts so far is on creating new medicines drug Discovery requires combining through massive

Amounts of data and air towards can speed up that process significantly some companies are already working on Cancer drugs developed this way but a key priority of the Gates Foundation in AI is ensuring also all these you know tools address the health issues that disproportionately affect the world’s poorest region so basically like

Companies are trying to focus on a lot of the you know disproportionately poor countries you know these less economically developed countries they don’t necessarily have the infrastructure and the teams to be able to research you know all this stuff so we want to make sure that we can speed

Up the process so that we can focus on on the you know the the health concerns that are you know struggling in those countries rather the ones that are struggling here you know like AIDS TB and malaria because these are the ones some of the poorest countries do suffer

From so of course AI Innovation is going to speed up that massively which globally is definitely going to impact us a lot now there was another crazy thing here and I didn’t I I’m surprised like I I really miss this document because um I’m usually on the aame for

Completely anything that that is AR related but of course as always some things are going to miss you but this is where he makes a startling prediction he said if I had to make a prediction in high income countries like the United States I would guess that we are 18 to

24 months away from significant levels of AI use by the general population in African countries I expect to see a comparable level of use in 3 years or so and that’s still a gap but it’s much shorter than the lag times we’ve seen in other Innovation so for example you know

I’m guessing this is like you know the Internet it’s like the birth of the internet where of course the internet took off and of course you know lots of people were using it but but the thing is with the Internet is that it was it wasn’t expensive it’s just that you know

Of course it’s kind of like a slow roll out because you know you need to put the cables up of course you know computers were kind of expensive you know not everyone could really afford one but 18 to 24 months away you know is just like

Two years away okay and you know that we all know that time does fly by like you know you blink and it’s a year like right now it’s about to be the end of 2024 and I’m sure for a lot of people that this year did go by quickly and as

You get older this continues to happen so I mean in the next two years you know high high level of AI used by the general population it’s not going to be surprised then the thing is you might be thinking ah I don’t use AI I’m not going

To use AI at all remember um a lot of AI even Powers A system that you use without you knowing for example if you use any social media behind the scenes that is AI powering the system which all these recommendation algorithms are AI driven it’s not like a person like you

Remember even though you do follow some people on social media largely what you do consume is you know on the homepage and that is a browse section whether it be Tik Tok Instagram you know Twitter Twitter or even YouTube It’s usually the the recommended you know

When you go on your homepage that’s usually what people do want to watch so this is where he does delal further and he does say the AI is about to change how used computers completely and of course like I said before this is just a

Prediction but I do think that this is a pretty accurate prediction because like I said before I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about this stuff I mean I did talk about it a little bit in the 2024 AI video but this just dives into

Things a lot more further and it does explain things a lot more in Greater detail so one thing that he does say here is you know and this pretty much explains how we use computers now you know you have to tell your device which app to use you can use Microsoft Word

Google docs to draft the business proposal but they can’t help you send an email share a selfie analyze data schedule a party or buy movie tickets and even the best sites have an incomplete understanding of your work your personal life interest and relationships and a limited ability to

Use this information to do things for you that’s the kind of thing that’s only possible today with another human being like a close friend or personal assistant however in the next 5 years so after these 2-year period where everyone’s using AI you know in 5 years

We’re going to have these AI agents that where you know you won’t have to use different apps for different tasks you’re simply going to tell your device so basically Siri on steroids in everyday language what we want to do and depending on how much information we choose to share with it the software

Will be able to respond personally because it’s going to have Rich understanding of your life and this is true because think about it like this we’re all going to have Pas Pi you know their inflection 2 model is going to be I think even bigger than gbt 4 allegedly

Now of course that allegedly we don’t know that yet until um I mean I’m talking about like you know future versions of it because inflection 2 although it is good I haven’t really seen that many people using it and I’m not sure which devices it is on but the

Point of the matter is is that this is going to change our interaction with technology because if you can just simply you know say to your computer okay I need to make a video on this can you go on this article grab me these links can you put it into a document and

Then do this can you add this music like that is a complete change from like you know using your keyboard and mouse and then you know scrolling around and even on your phone you know you want to wake up on your your your phone you wake up

You want to set an alarm you know Siri can do some things but imagine a Siri that was 100% accurate knew about your life knew about you know all the things that you needed to do it would be really really effective so he talks here about

Agents are not only going to change how everyone interacts with computers they’re going to upend the software industry bringing about the biggest revolution in Computing since he went from typing command to tapping on icons so of course this is something you know that he talked about in his book which

Is called the road ahead it’s a book that he wrote In 1995 and he actually talked about agents for nearly 30 years and he talked about basically only now you know some of his ideas are probably going to be a reality due to the advances of AI so one of the AI agents

That he does talk about and for those of you who are um I wouldn’t say old but you know for those of you who do remember uh clippy clippy was like um a digital assistant but he was like one of the first notorious digital assistants

That I don’t think he was that great but he also wasn’t awful but he was like a Microsoft Office like kind of gimmick um so uh you know like he says here some people have pointed out that software companies have offered this kind of thing before and users didn’t exactly

Embrace them so people make jokes about Clippy um but why would people use agents if people haven’t used them before but this is the thing um they’re going to be dramatically better you’ll be able to have nuanced conversations with them and they’re going to be much more personalized and they won’t be

Limited to relatively simple tasks like writing a letter and you know clippy basically has much more in common with an agent’s rotary phone than it has with a mobile device so basically what he’s saying here is that like you know clippy was just you know cuz people are like oh

What if people didn’t use clippy why are they going to use agents it’s like you know this level of technology is completely different and I’ve actually used chat GPT with voice and it is really really good so if you haven’t used chat GPT with voice before I would

Suggest you know if you’re going on a drive um and you want to talk to chat TBT brainstorm ideas that definitely something that’s really good maybe you’re cooking maybe you want to brainstorm ideas and just asking about certain things it’s having that kind of conversation is really really

Interesting like I was surprised how good is the only thing that I would say that isn’t that good is the fact that there are delays with chat GPT when you’re having a conversation with it so it doesn’t make it as realistic you know a normal person would respond instantly

But like I said latency issues are being solved we are getting local models that are much more smaller much more efficient and much more effective at you know performing these kind of tasks CU right now GPT 4 is definitely running on some kind of huge server where um they

Definitely do want to service everyone so uh they do have an issue with like dishing out every single request which is why they have those um limitations where you can only send like 40 messages every 3 hours or so so um they talk about how the fact that clippy is

Different um and it’s not an actual agent so it says to see the dramatic change the agents will bring let’s compare them to the AI tools available today so most of these are Bots they’re limited to one app and generally only step in when you write a particular word

Or ask for help because they don’t remember how you use them from time to the next they don’t get better or learn any of your preferences and this was what clippy was so agents are going to be proactive capable making suggestions before you ask for them they accomplish task across multiple applications and

They improve over time because they remember your activities recognize intent and patn in your behavior and based on this information they are able to provide you on what you think you need and always help you make final decisions and you know it’s going to be a revolution because although people can

Have personal assistance now everyone having one is a Level Playing Field which means that everyone becomes more productive so also as well we did see something like this because if you did watch yesterday’s video where we talked about project Sunshine chat gpt’s secret upgrade the next feature that we know is

Going to be coming um some you know it wasn’t leaked stuff it was stuff that’s in the source code like in the JavaScript on the website stuff that you can find yourself um there’s stuff about how they’re going to memorize certain chats improve over time um so like I

Said and this was written in November so uh we do know that stuff is definitely going to be there and it’s only a matter of how long before it’s here so he talks about this example so for example imagine you want to plan a trip a travel

Bot will identify hotels that fits your budget an agent will know what time of year you’ll be traveling and based on its knowledge about whether you’ll try a new destination it will be able to suggest locations then of course it’s going to be able to recommend Things based on your entrance and your

Propensity for adventure and it’s going to be able to book rest restaurants and reservations at the type of restaurants you’d enjoy so it’s like deeply specialized personalized planning of course a PA can do this but imagine just asking a bot to plan out a holiday that already knows your interest it already

Knows what you want it already knows where you want to go it already knows the kind of things you like it already knows you know everything about you so so I mean it’s going to be interesting because it’s going to change other things so although AI agents are going

To change us if they change us they definitely change other things because they change the way we interact with technology and that then in turn changes the way how you know we interact with businesses and of course that means businesses are forced to adapt and change which means you know the whole

Like economy and certain you know things are going to be changing which is you know why I said this is super interesting because there was certain things that I didn’t really think about as deeply but this video shows that AI agents are going to be bigger than you

Think if they are accurate which I think in five years definitely they will be 100% um and I think you know just the speed like I’ve been reading some research papers just the speed at which things are going it’s absolutely crazy so this is where we have Healthcare um

And then he talks about he says you know today’s ai’s main role of healthcare is to help with administrative tasks these are just boring tasks so he talks about these apps here um it can capture audio during an appointment and then write up notes for the doctor to review and then

He talks about how the real shift is going to come when agents can help patients who basic triage get advice about how to deal with health problems and decide whether they need to seek treatments these agents will also help healthcare workers make better decisions and be more productive um and helping

Patients and healthcare workers will be especially beneficial for people in poor countries where many never get to see a doctor at all so not only is this really good this is like just a broader better healthcare for everyone because I mean I don’t know how many people are in the

United Kingdom or in the United States but I know that in the United States if you don’t have you know health insurance sometimes certain things you know can become bigger problems than if you just went to see a doctor um and also I know that in the united K United Kingdom the

GP system isn’t very good unless you’re in private healthcare it takes up to two weeks to see a doctor which isn’t good and of course if you have a personalized AI system you know for example something that’s cheaply run that’s cheaply run on device I’m pretty sure that these

Systems are going to be much more effective than just simply you know just waiting around wondering exactly what it is or having a person you know nervously you know just scroll the internet and then just thinking they’ve got a 10 times worse condition than figuring out exactly what it is because there was

Actually something that was pretty crazy okay and I’m going to show you guys something on Twitter in a moment but um before I do get onto that point um helping patients and healthcare workers will be especially beneficial for people in poor countries where many never get

To see a doctor at all so you know there’s definitely going to be an AI that is going to be trained on vision and is going to be locally available maybe it’s going to be like a 10 billion model um a really really specific model that’s trained on you know certain

Things like a Dr gbt we’ve already seen things like Dr Claude which is a um a fine tune not fine tune version I’m pretty sure I don’t remember exactly what version it was but basically it was a version of Claude that was you know for like doctors you know students made

It um and then of course we have Med gbt we all have medp um these things do like 90% on the exams and stuff like that so I think this like some information would be better than none and being able to talk with an AI That’s specifically

Trained to help you work through your Healthcare you know one that like understands your age your height your weight cuz for example if you have an health issue right now and if you were to Google like okay um my hand turned blue like that doesn’t take into account

The fact that you might be a male you might be 6’5 you might be you know 39 rather than you know like it doesn’t it doesn’t take into account your age it doesn’t take into account any of that any of these Google searches you know so it’s like all that information gets left

Out so if you have a personal AI system or you can input that into an AI system and it can you know it’s seen millions of different things it’s going to be way more effective especially if it’s automated um like I said if it’s running locally as well and this is a crazy

Thing okay so this is a random person on Twitter probably just saved someone’s life so basically there was a tweet from this guy and this guy basically said I was sitting at my desk all day and suddenly in the middle of backtack Zoom calls my ankle starts throbbing with

Pain and swelling up huge then discoloring what how did I badly spray my ankle on a zoom call I can’t even walk that makes no sense and then this guy okay sounds like a blood clock go to the ER ASAP note I’m a former 911 paramedic so this guy former 911

Paramedic basically says look I’m lucky saw this tweet cuz I’m telling you to go to the E now you need to see the now might be thinking what does this have to do with chat GPT well the thing is I actually asked chat GPT I gave them this

Tweet I literally just put this tweet into chat GPT and I said based on the following information what would be your diagnosis and you can see chat GPT said said here you know giving the information and thinking through the possibilities methodically I would prioritize a deep ban thrombosis as a

Condition to consider first especially because it can occur without obvious injury and potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention and basically talks about why this is the thing and how they need to seek treatment as soon as possible now I just did that with gbt 4

Okay so like this is what I’m saying and gb4 got it right okay so what I’m saying here I’m not saying that you can use gbt 4 every single time to diagnose yourself but if this guy didn’t know exactly what was going on and was recommended to go

To the ER you know if it wasn’t for this guy and he used gp4 and then went to the ER his life would have been saved so the point I’m trying to make here guys is that you know this stuff has more applications than you do think and I

Would not be surprised if we do get like a localized version of this some kind of website of course there might be situations where you know people are upset because they get falsely misdiagnosed um and I think all we need to get is we need to get a robot that’s

Just better than humans like it’s just better than humans to the point where um it’s more effective so that is ideally what we do want because it’s really going to change everything and then of course we do have the um mental health stuff which is what I talked about in

Another video um you know half of all US military veterans who need mental healthare don’t get it um and an AI agent that’s going to well train well trained in mental health is going to be making therapy much more affordable and easier to get now remember it’s going to

Be an AI agent that not only you know does task for you and stuff like that it’s going to be able to talk to you in natural language so it’s not just going to be a chat B it’s going to be something that uses you know really nice

Speech and stuff like that so it’s going to sound like a human it’s going to speak quickly um and you’re going to think how effective this technology is going to be in a couple of years so I mean says if you choose to share enough information with a mental health agent

It will understand your life history and your relationships and it will be available with you when you need it and it will never get impatient it could even with your permission monitor your physical responses in responses to your therapy through your Smartwatch like if your heart starts risk when you’re

Talking about a problem with your boss it suggest when you should see a human therapist so I mean that kind of stuff is going to be crazy I wouldn’t be surprised we have things like a aura ring which essentially just measures your sleep but I wouldn’t be surprised

If you got some kind of advanced Apple watch where you know uh you know it’s some kind of AI system that talks to you about your health and it’s like your heart’s racing is everything okay do you need me to call 9911 um I can see that

Your you know your your health is just going down has it been something you started to eat you know I can order this for you like I mean that is going to be just a complete Game Changer in terms of you know the technology aspect and just the healthcare aspect especially for

Mental health you know just talking through an issue you know recommending certain exercises you’d be surprised at how much information can truly change a person’s life once they do have access to it so like I said I think this is this is why I said you know this this

These AI agents are really going to change um all of this stuff and then this is where he talks about could AI make medical information easier to access for every healthcare worker so um it’s definitely really really interesting and this is where he talks about can AI combat antibiotic

Resistance um and it it did fun enough before he wrote this um literally like the next day or next like week there was like um an AI that was able to do that so um we also do talk about education education is not something that I did

Think about that much and there was also a clip that I do want to show you guys from um some people talking at MIT CU it was really really interesting they talked about some really really interesting Concepts cuz a lot of the times when we think about AI we think

Okay AI is going to take away everything it’s going to do this it’s going to do that but I think unless you’re like an expert in the field it’s kind of hard to see how those things like all kind of in interconnect a bit so um I’m going to

Show you guys the the clip U from MIT and then I’m going to get back to you because uh it’s really eye opening on the ways that AI is definitely going to change education and although some of you might not be in it right now it’s still important to see how it interacts

With the Technologies in ways that you didn’t think about full summarized lots of things and then we invented encyclopedias it used to be a good idea to ask them to compute math problems and then we invented calculators it used to be a good idea to ask them to translate

Uh you know documents from one language to another and then we invented Google translate so schools have basically faced for decades um tools that let people bypass useful cognition um and schools then have to figure out like okay so what of that do we not need to

Do anymore like what are the kinds of I don’t know a student was telling me the other day I guess it was a year ago I was like what are you using chat GPT for and they were like to format latch in my papers I was like great never think

About that again just like if a machine can do that for you that is not useful cognition um but there are other kinds of things you know where where we’re asking students to write not just to generate a document but because writing is thinking um and bypassing that Pro

Process may be bypassing useful cognition so we’re g to have to go back you know um Math teachers figured out pretty quickly that like you can’t ban these Technologies Banning calculators was a bad idea they also figured out that there were times when wall these

Things off was quite good um to say like actually you should be able to do this without a calculator um because you won’t be able to do later kinds of math thinking um if you don’t have some automaticity with these sorts of skills so for this part of the lesson the week

The homework whatever don’t use those tools and then we’ll figure out where to bring them in later um that’s the most urgent thing that I think um School leaders are working on and I’m sure that there are ways that we could help them um think through those kinds of

Challenges um a big part of that will just be continuing to think of like what are interesting ways to to have people do useful cognition that can’t be bypassed with chat gbt anything way to figure out how do you do useful cognition you know without using Google without using spark noes without using

Calculators all these kinds of things um you know and then I think the next thing they have to figure out is like well how should their schools change um based on like what should we be teaching differently you know Mitch pointed to one sort of thing which is that a lot of

What effective schools do um is they help young people build capacities where we have comparative advantages over computers um that was work that like you know Frank Levy did here in the economics Department David Artur in the economics Department Richard Rene over at Harvard said like if a computer is a

Good at a thing um then probably you know think carefully about whether you not you want to spend a lot of time teaching humans to do that thing um because they probably can’t get a lot of work doing that um however there’s lots of things that computers and AI maybe

Are not going to be as good at and we should figure out what those things are and really try to emphasize um skill development in those areas and Mitch gave I think a pretty good list of what some of those kinds of things are um the other thing is so hopefully that clip

Helped help you out a bit then of course um you know hopefully if I included it if I’m able to um of course we have education so it says for decades I’ve been excited about all the ways that software would make teachers job um you know help students to learn of course

You know it’s not going to replace teachers but it’s going to supplement their work personalizing the work for students and liberating teachers from you know paperwork and other boring tasks now um I’m not sure if you watch that clip where they talk about you know just reducing the cognitive load or just

Just something along them lines um but basically I find this example really really cool he says for example few families can pay for tutor who works a one-on-one with a student to supplement their classroom work if AI agents can capture what makes a tutor effective they’ll unlock the supplemental

Instruction for everyone who wants it if a tutoring agent knows that a kid likes Minecraft in Taylor Swift it will use Minecraft to teach them about calculating the volume of area and shape and Taylor Swift’s lyrics to teach them about storytelling and rhyme schemes the experience will be far richer with

Graphics and sound for example and more personalized today’s text based shooter so I do think that that kind of stuff is really creative and I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens because you know if an AI agent can you know know your personalized interest it’s going to

Be better um and well more equipped than a normal teacher to be able to do that with you and this is of course when I’m talking about personalized tutoring not like a teacher in the classroom cuz I don’t think it’s going to replace teachers but yeah it’s definitely going

To be very effective and then he talks about the AI education tools being piled today are mind-blowing because they are tailored to each individual learner and the thing is everyone learns in different ways and with an a personalized AI tutor that’s going to increase your level of Education which

Increases your level of effective increasing your productivity and overall you know across the bottom line a boost for the economy and then we have productivity so there’s already a lot of competition in the field Microsoft is making co-pilot part of word excel Outlook and other services Google is

Doing similar things assistant with B uh these co-pilots can do a lot such as turn and written document into a slide deck answer questions about a spreadsheet in natural language and summarize email threads while representing each person’s point of view but of course this is where he talks

About having agents so it’s going to be like having one person dedicated helping you with a various task and doing them independently if you want cuz remember agents can go off on their own and essentially do things if you want them to and you know there’s some you know

Later on in the video I’m going to show you guys some serious questions that we need to ask about agents cuz it was stuff that I was like whoa I didn’t think about that so uh um yeah so essentially at agent productivity it does make you really really productive

So for example if your friend just had surgery your agent will offer to send flowers and be able to order them for you so it’s going to be able to go on your apps on Amazon you know check out for you find good flowers find your messages see what you guys talked about

And suggest stuff so it’s going to be really really crazy so you know if you tell it to catch up with an old college roommate it’s going to work together with their agent to find a time together and before you arrive it will remind you you know anything about them so that’s

Why I said it’s going to be crazy like how effective this is going to make people um and of course some people will opt not to use them and I mean that’s also going to be like like a I guess you could say maybe like a philosophical

Question whether or not you want to use Ai and it says you know this is another thing as well so it says already AI can help you pick out a new TV and recommend movies like I talked about recommendation algorithms before but likewise a company that I hav invested

In this is Bill Gates not me recently launched pic which lets you um ask questions so which Robert Redford movies would I like and where can I watch them and then makes recommendations based on what you liked in the past and Spotify has an air power DJ that not only plays

Songs based on your preferences but talks to you and can even call you by name now I don’t think this stuff is that crazy but what he does talk about okay that is a bit crazy is that you’ll also be able to get news and entertainment that’s been tailored to

Your interest curio AI which creates custom podcasts on any subject you ask about is a glimpse of what’s coming so I think we might be entering an era where we do get AI generated entertainment and if you aren’t familiar with the concept it’s basically like um I guess you could

Say interdimensional cable from Rick and Morty so if you guys have watched that you’ll know what I’m talking about but if you don’t basically it’s just like every version of every universe that you could ever imagine you could immediately describe so for example in the Rick and

Morty TV show they um have a universe you know that they want to watch on TV where there’s like people as pizzas or something like that I’m not sure if that’s the exact episode but the point is is that anything that you can and imagine in your head you could make into

A TV show because you could get an AI agent to use mid Journey for images make that text a video and of course you could get soundtracks with AI you know soundtracks you can get voices with 11 Labs that level of creation is going to be there and there’s going to be systems

That are going to be able to do that for you and um AI generated TV shows are something that has been explored um on Netflix so um if you aren’t familiar with Black Mirror it’s definitely something that you should take a look at because um it does have a lot of

Futuristic stuff there but it’s more realism um in terms of what could realistic happen and I would I would definitely uh watch that if you are someone who watches this channel because it’s really good in terms of exploring the kind of issues that we will face

That we haven’t seen so um what we also want to talk about is of course the shock to the tech industry so essentially you have to understand the agents are going to be the next platform just like Android iOS and windows a platform agents will be the next

Platform and of course to create any app or service you’re going to basically just tell your agent what you want we already know that there’s oneclick websites there’s oneclick web pages so you know having an agent that’s able to act as you you can just basically tell

Your agent what you want it’s going to be able to write the code design the look and feel of the app create a logo which they can already do publish app to an online store and open a eyes launch of gpts offer this offers like a glimpse

Of what we’re going to be able to see of where non-developers can easily create and share their own assistance so I mean like I said before it levels the playing field of course there’s an advanced area where you know you can use apis and callbacks and you know all that kind of

Stuff but it still levels the playing field in certain aspects where um you know you just didn’t think of before so it’s definitely something that is you know uh crazy when you really think about the level of innovation the level of products we’re really going to be

Getting so um this is where it says agents will essentially affect how we use software as well as it’s written so rather than searching for certain things they’re going to be better at finding information and summarizing it for you this is something that we’ve already seen happen quite a bit they’re going to

Replace many e-commerce sites because they’ll find the best price for you so rather than searching online for the best shoes you’ll just ask the AI agent to find the best shoes for you and it’s going to do it in like 5 Seconds they’re going to replace word processors spreadsheets other productivity apps

Because you know businesses that separate today search advertising social network networking with advertising shopping it’s all just going to become one business so AI agents you know definitely are going to like I said it’s going to change uh I think it’s going to change a lot especially if they’re

Really really effective and also what he talks about here is that I don’t think a single company will dominate the agent’s business there’s going to be many different AI engines available and of course you know like how open AI is at the you know front runner in the race I

Think other companies are going to come out um and potentially surpass them and of course he does talk about how there’s going to be an exceptional amount of competition which will make AI agents very inexpensive so of course we do need to confront a number of questions about

This technology um but this is just issues about AI agents technology so privacy is a big problem so he says but who owns the data that you share with your agent and how do you ensure that it’s being used appropriately no one wants to start getting ads related to

Something they told their therapist agent and can law enforcement use your agent as evidence against you and when will your agent refused to do something that could be harmful to you or to someone else and of course who picks the values that are built into agents so is

An agent going to help you write write write an essay on something that’s controversial is it going to help you make a business that you know might be slightly unethical because we know that some businesses are I wouldn’t I mean just depending on where you stand you might think they’re unethical for

Example you know companies that you know abuse certain policies in terms of exploitation of Labor you know AI agents going to help you you know build that company because they might think that you know um that I guess you could say ethically it’s not something that you

Should be doing I mean is that going to be a thing who picks the values that are built into agents you know are there going to be compan out there that allow you to build agents that will just do anything I mean there’s a whole range of different questions and of course

There’s also this where there’s the question of how much your agent should share you know for example is your agent going to say too much information maybe you don’t want it to say oh she’s seeing other friends on Tuesday and doesn’t want to include you and if your AI agent

Helps you write emails for work it will need to know that it shouldn’t use personal information about you or proprietary data from a previous job so um it’s definitely something like I said that we need to think about in terms of how these agents are deployed how

They’re integrated how they work and I mean it’s going to be pretty crazy so um this is another one as well AI agents could affect how we interact with friends and family today you can show someone that you care about them by remembering details about their life but

When they know that your agent is likely to remind you does it mean the same thing so for example like you know how people care about you like of course you remember their birthday you remember this about them but if it’s just your agent doing all the work does that you

Know is that still a meaningful relationship so these are the kind of questions and things that we are going to have to um face and then of course we do have this one as well and I was reading this and I was like this is really really true so in the distant

Future agents may even Force humans to face profound questions about purpose so imagine the agents become so good that everyone can have a high quality of life without working nearly as much and in a future like that what would people do with their time would anyone want to get

An education when an agent has all the answers can you live in a safe and thriving Society where most most people have a lot of free time on their hands so that I mean those these are really important questions you know can we live in a place where everyone is free to do

What they like are people just going to be getting up to Mischief because people have you know money people have uh money because of you know Ubi due to AGI and AI agents you know what would people do at their time does anyone even want to get an education because what’s the

Point I mean like I said a bunch of different questions are coming we’re going to have to answer them we’re going to have to see how things are affected and like I always said with any technology change there’s positives there’s negatives for example with social social media everyone’s more

Connected but also you do get off the back end of it you do get depression you do get you know all of these crazy other mental health issues that do stem from it you do get like these addiction dopamine like all these kind of things you know if you know what I’m talking

About like productivity issues like you know all these kind of things that do come about with the rising technology so it will be interesting to see in the next 5 years the next 18 to 12 months how everything does change and if you do have any questions um would love to see

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